Sunday, January 24, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - January 24, 2016

Good morning! For my fellow East Coast and Mid-Atlantic Jonas veterans ... we made it and lived to tell the tale! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. Next weekend I'll be starting cast posts on both The Amazing Race and Survivor as both shows make their season debuts in about three weeks. Stay tuned for that.

Some random musings from the week:
  • That storm was ridiculous! The predictions for snowfall amounts just kept going up. We ended up getting maybe an inch or two less than 30 inches from what I've read. It's hard to tell because there was so much blowing and drifting.
  • I'm seriously crushed that my favorite store -- Trader Joe's in Westfield -- is, at the moment, no longer. The roof collapsed under the weight of the snow and major walls are buckling. It sounds like the entire building is a goner. I hope they repair or rebuild in the same location. Thankfully, when the roof went down at 2pm, they were closed due to the storm and nobody was inside the store.
  • I want to go rummage through the ruins for some Bacon Ganache bars.
  • Wah.
  • I was set for storm groceries because I got in a Peapod grocery delivery order on Wednesday.
  • But it's not the same as Trader Joe's. WAH!
  • Our high temperatures this week are predicted to be above freezing every day. Good. Make that snow go away. It was cool yesterday and it's nice to have something other than barren trees to photograph, but I want those streets and sidewalks cleared!
  • I watched a bit of the Kojak marathon on Decades TV -- oh my. That show is seriously outdated. I don't remember why I liked it in its original run.
  • On the other hand, I found Lost in Space on ME TV late last night. I still get a kick out of that one!
That's about it. Onto the photos for the week -- clicking on an image will open it in a larger gallery version. Who loves ya, baby?

That lizard hit us good!

I went out for five minutes or so yesterday in outright blizzard, at times whiteout conditions, weather. I couldn't take photos in the other direction because the snow was coming sideways from there -- I didn't want to get my lens wet. This is my street. Someone had shoveled a diagonal path to that SUV from the front door. While it was filled in by several inches of snow, it was the best way for me to go. My street, a major one in town, was down to one lane and was filling in once again with snow.

Those cars actually shouldn't be there as there are signs that it's a snow emergency route and they'll be towed. I've never seen them tow the parked cars after a storm. Many will sit there snowbound until it melts while moving vehicles vie for space on the narrowed street. More storm photos after the jump!

Aw, a deer

A small deer came within five feet of me at the Bridgewater Train Station. The photos I took aren't the best. But the deer took the flash in stride. She only frightened when a bunch of rowdy NJ Devils (hockey) fans came up to catch the train. More deer encounter photos after the jump!

Chotola chilly birds

It was very frigid early in the weeks. When it's cold and sunny like that, pigeons gather on the facade of the Chotola Apartments building across from the Plainfield Train Station on North Avenue. I guess, with the sun shining on it, the bricks heat up a bit. On this day, starlings joined the pigeons. On the lower right, where it looks like starlings are atop a pigeon's back, that's a bit deceiving. There's some sort of plant growing from the cracks there and they're on that.

Yay! It isn't generic!

They have Watchung Avenue near the Plainfield Train Station closed down as they put the end-pieces (bookends?) on the new bridge. I fussed that the same work on the Park Avenue bridge was generic and just pointed to the train station. The Watchung Avenue one has "Plainfield" and "The Queen City" on it much like the original. It's so blocked off with cranes and construction stuff that I didn't notice if the city seal was on it or not.


What's that?!?!

Despite the light snow earlier in the week and the under freezing temperatures all week, I saw this dandelion in Bridgewater on Friday. Huh. Maybe it's not really alive; maybe it's just frozen intact. I don't believe I've ever seen a dandelion near the end of January.

Our first snowstorm

While all the hubbub is about the blizzard on Saturday, we actually started our week off with a Sunday snow. We got less than an inch. But it was our first measurable snow of the season. Areas in the shade stayed with the snow all week due to frigid temperatures. I'm sure that first snow is still there ... buried under Saturday's storm. I took this shot from the westbound platform of the Plainfield Train Station.

Also last Sunday's snow

Looking out at the gnarly tree from my living room window.


I took this shot out my living room window early in the storm on Saturday morning.

The snow was blowing against my windows, not making for the best of shots.

Almost whiteout conditions at 1:15pm

He had to walk from Supremo's

That's a few really long blocks away and he's walking against the wind. There is no walking on the sidewalks. The street wasn't all that great either.


No man's land sidewalk

Or, lack thereof.

Looking out the window by the elevator

There should be a walk directly ahead

But there wasn't.

Out the window this morning


We first met across the bridge

That's the Bridgewater Train Station lighted up on the left. There was a handful of folks there awaiting the train. Behind the deer is a fenced off but broken gated ex-parking lot with weed and brush growth along with another access point for deer to come and go.

She's so darn cute!

She's quite small -- larger than a Great Dane dog, but much shorter than I am even with her head up. She had no spots, so she's not a very young fawn. She was adorable. Vincent probably wouldn't like it if I took her home.

Vincent is thrilled

He's also imbibing, but ...! He loves having me at home. I did have to tell him that I can't carry him around all the time.


JoyzJenn said...

Glad you faired well Jackie! No power outages? We got 22 inches across the river from Trenton. Hope they clear it up quickly for you. Hopefully the sun will speed the process along!
Loved the deer...can't believe how unafraid!

~~Silk said...

That deer looks in very good condition.

Palmaltas said...

Despite the storm, you got some really great photos. So sorry to hear about Trader Joe's.