Saturday, February 06, 2016

Michael Skupin - What is Wrong With People?

I feel let down. If I feel let down, the producers and those whose livelihoods depend on Survivor must feel horrified. The news that Michael Skupin, a two-time castaway on the show, has been arrested on ELEVEN felony charges. It's bad and crooked enough that it all started with him running a Ponzi pyramid scheme. Anyone in his right mind would know that those things come crashing down no matter how much money is made at the start.

But, allegedly I might add, when the police investigated his computers during the pyramid scam, they found child pornography. I don't know what to say. We've seen numerous reality television people arrested for drugs, DWI and other things over the years. But, to me, this is horrific.

Skupin claimed that he earns a living motivational speaking and even has a self-help book out on the market. He has seven children. I can't imagine what his family is going through. I don't know what's wrong with some people. Apparently, there's a lot going wrong with Skupin.

I'm incredibly disappointed.

A few links to news articles about the arrest:
From WDIV Detroit

If you do a search, there are several articles online about his arrest. Horrible press as the new season is set to start. However, I certainly don't blame the show or its staff. I blame Skupin. What a jerk.


Sharon N said...

Ripping people (granted, stupid people) with a Ponzi scheme was bad enough, but child porn on top of that??? ick
Prison 'life' won't be good to him....

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that a lot of politicians and entertainers (of every ilk) have an inordinately high opinion of themselves. With tremendous egos continually being fanned by the general public, they never seem to think 'they' will be the ones getting caught doing [whatever] wrong.

~~Silk said...

I might get torn apart for saying this, but please keep in mind that an arrest and charges is not a conviction, and a news story is just that -- a story, and one-sided at that. I am not defending anyone, I just believe that we should reserve judgement and wait to hear the whole story before deciding he's pond scum.

Jackie said...

True, it was an arrest, not a conviction. But I still stand by what I say. I doubt he was set up for all of it.