Monday, February 01, 2016

Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Meeting the Cast Part Two


That term might be made a bit loosely, mind you. With some, it's evident ... like the MIT grad. Others, like the ice cream dude, might just be industrious. Some look on the brawny side. I guess we'll just have to see how it all plays out.

I think I might end up having a love/hate relationship with Debbie Wanner. She's 49 years old, a chemist residing in Reading, PA. In her bio at the CBS website, I felt she came across as having a bit of a chip on her shoulder. The previous castaway she thinks she's most like is Coach. That might be frightening. She goes on about getting out of poverty. Hmm. She must not be an esteemed chemist. She does have a military background and seems quite fit for her age. My jury is out on what might be an annoying factor about her.

Peter Baggenstos is 34 years old and an emergency room physician from Minneapolis, MN. Now, I thought Debbie had a chip on her shoulder; Peter has a hunk on his. He thinks he's the "most capable." Um. Okay. I do like his dislikes listed in his bio: "Bombastic people, "bros" and know-it-alls." I can see how he might be a bit ruthless and willing to be friends, then go for the ultimate backstab. But he's coming off as arrogant to me. And, from my own experience, arrogant people will indeed turn on others ... but often people realize they're arrogant before they get the opportunity. Physically and mentally, he should be fine. Socially he might have a tougher time than he thinks.

Aubry Bracco is 29, a social media marketer (huh? wazzat?) from Cambrige, MA. I believe she wants to embrace her own quirkiness. Will Survivor be a good place to do that? We've seen it before. It sometimes backfires. That said, I do like some of the things I read in her bio. I like that she convinced her professors at Brown that she should write a childrens book about a manatee rather than a fifty-page thesis. I like that one of her pet peeves is using scents to cover bad smells. She must ride public transit! Heh. But, overall, I think she'll probably be a whirling dervish, just whirling her way towards the snuffing of her torch. She needs to prove me wrong.

Elisabeth Markham is 27 and currently residing in New York City, NY. She's a quantitative strategist, which I'm glad she explained -- it's writing computer programs which forecast stocks and buy them automatically. Well, that sounds like a thrill a minute, eh? Unlike the chemist I first listed, this woman seems to have an inside track to being able to make money. So, yeah ... maybe her occupation IS a thrill a minute! She's a gambler (for profit), likes the outdoors and is into strategic board games. I kind of like her. She seems to be adventurous enough, not a big physical threat but will probably be okay. I think she just might do okay. Will she win? I don't know.

Neal Gottlieb, age 36, is an ice cream entrepreneur currently living in Sausalito, CA. While his claim to genius, er ... fame is ice cream, I've never heard of his company despite the fact it's supposed to be a huge thing. Three Twins Ice Cream? Anyone know this company? He wrote way too much in his bio. I find that a bit off-putting. He lists "one-upmanship" as a hobby. Oh my. That sounds a tad obnoxious. He doesn't like whiny people and hypocritical bible-thumpers. Um. Dude. You're going on Survivor. You've seen the show, right? After reading his too-lengthy bio, I don't think I want him to win. I don't want him to have bragging rights. Make him stop.

Joseph Del Campo, age 72, is a former FBI agent currently residing in Vero Beach, FL. Yes, you heard me. He's 72. He just might be interesting. He seems in great shape for his age and he has the skills in dealing with people. One thing that caught my interest in his bio's "if I could bring" section was that he mentioned the book The Art of War. That was nagging at me a bit. I know I've heard that title with Survivor before. I must Google it! Aha! The show gave the tribes that book for Survivor: China. I hope his age doesn't alienate the other castaways. I'd like to see him play the game for a while. I hate it when the tribes become divided and plots thicken due to age differences.

So, there are your 'Brains.' I'd personally like to see them require a doctorate. But that might just be me.


SueGee said...

Never heard of that ice cream either and Sausalito is just across the Golden Gate Bridge. Interesting group can't wait for the next. I'm so ready for it to start!!

SueGee on the LeftCoast

Jackie said...

He claims it's in all 50 states!

Laurie said...

It's an organic ice cream. I've seen it at Whole Foods and at a local produce store. The name caught my eye. Never tried it.