Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Amazing Race: Meet the Cast

Due to my silly misconception of the season premiere's date (it's actually THIS FRIDAY and I thought it was NEXT Friday), I don't really have time to go in depth on the teams. I have looked through their videos on the CBS website. For such big social media influencers, the only one whose YouTube channel is vaguely familiar to me is the dancing tutorial one. And, it's vaguely, real vaguely familiar -- I looked up how to shuffle some time back. Don't ask me to shuffle.

While several of these teams look strong, they all look young. Only one person on the race looks over 40 and he doesn't seem to be involved in social media; his daughter is the "star." I'm not saying I won't like the teams. I often like young teams. I'm not saying I won't like the season. I probably will enjoy it. I just prefer to watch a bit more diversity in age and backgrounds.

Here's the cast introduction from Phil:

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bruce said...

As an applicant to the Amazing Race who didn't make the cut, add my name to the pool...Bruce and Ray

Anonymous said...

I will not be here tonight, am on the road. I'll peek in when I can.

Penny (nickelpeed) my phone google account is not working