Sunday, March 27, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - March 27, 2016

Good morning! Happy Easter to you all! (Unless you don't celebrate the holiday ... then it's just Happy Sunday to you!) This is my weekly off television topic reflection of the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're a fan of Survivor or The Amazing Race, please stop by during East Coast showtimes for my live blogging of the shows. We have blog parties with fans and a good time is generally had by all!

I haven't seen any rabbits yet this spring or I'd have one leading off the photos. Oh, well. Easter is coming early this year. Since it is the holiday, I'm pretty much going to go straight into the photos.

Clicking on an image with bring up a larger version ...

Easter in my Plainfield 'hood

Buds are starting to form on the larger trees. This magnolia tree across the street is the only one in full spring mode.

Wildlife at the Bridgewater Train Station

I'd rather see the garter snake than the homeless dude who's been living there despite my complaints to NJ Transit. Although, I must admit, the homeless guy slithers away like a snake when I'm surly to him. But the snake doesn't panhandle and isn't annoying.

I'm SO confused

What holiday is this? Even though it's Easter, this home on East Second Street is perpetually in a Christmas kind of mood. As long as it doesn't invite snow and I don't live there, live and let live. 


Let there be buds on the trees

I've seen plenty of local places where this type of tree is in full bloom. That's yet to come near my workplace and home. (Although the blooms are in the towns in between!)

Um, attention US Government

It's bad enough that the general public ignores the BUS STOP - NO PARKING signs. But, the United States government vehicles as well? This car was parked there for over a half-hour as I ran errands one day this week. On a side note, I'm rather surprised that the official government vehicle is a Hyundai.

Where's the Bird Crossing sign?

I hate to have to walk through here and startle the starlings. But they're between me and where I gotta go! 


When he turned around a bit, he was very reminiscent of JFK, Jr. back in the day when he was rollerblading around Manhattan. NJ Transit, Raritan Valley Line.

Despite the weather ...

We've had some around freezing temperatures during the overnight hours. Yet the daffodils are hanging in there. The tulips on either side of them should be blooming soon.

More daffodils

These and the white/yellow ones are growing on Berckman Street in town. The homeowners haven't gotten around to their spring cleaning of the yard yet. Perhaps they might not as the home is for sale now. But daffodils are going to keep on growing!

Starling infestation

A murmur of starlings set down upon the trees near the East 4th Street side of the Plainfield Train Station. I felt like Alfred Hitchcock might be lurking about.

Magnolia blossoms

The poor magnolia tree in my neighborhood has struggled this season. Between freezing temperatures, a touch of snow, torrential rains ... it's been up and down with the blossoming.

Gotta make the nest, gotta make the nest

A sparrow is getting materials gathered for the family home.

Proper product placement

I took this shot of the poster advertising's version of the book The Girl on the Train from inside the train while stopped at the Dunellen Train Station. I guess I'm a bit too old to be classified as a girl, though.

Pink pansy

Now Park Avenue is closed again

I swear they're milking these railroad bridge replacements in Plainfield. It's been going on for over 13 months now with either Park Avenue or Watchung Avenue being closed to traffic. I hope this is the last of the closings.

Looking up

Soon the petals will fall ...

... and blow all over the neighborhood.

Fresh paint for the rowhomes

They can't undo taking the front porches from these places and uglifying them. But, at least they finally made the paint job a bit better. I hope they're attending to the inside of the buildings as well. I've walked by when doors have been open and it's looked like a field day for city code enforcement in these places. It's a shame really -- the location is in not a horrible downtown area on East Second Street, across from the Union County College, near the train station and bus routes, near a supermarket and the YWCA. 

I only saw the one

But, if it's like a few years ago, there are more around. I'd estimate this garter snake was about thirty inches long or so -- pretty long, but quite slim. 

Is this my good side?

Quiet morning on East Front Street

Soon spring will be busting out all over the place. But, for now we have to deal with barren trees downtown in Plainfield.

Of course, he's not spoiled

Vincent has yet another new scratchy thingee. This one is on a raised platform with two jingle balls in a track on the bottom. He's squished it enough so that the balls can't go all the way around. But he still will make noise with them ... most often sometime in the middle of the night!


Palmaltas said...

Great photos this week! Is the Christmas decorated house always decorated that way or just on holidays?

Jackie said...

For the last few years it's been that way!

Sharon N said...

Spring bringing such pretty pink blossoms in your area!

Meanwhile... in Colorado... we continue to be confused.
Wed was a blizzard
Thurs/Friday were nice days
Saturday gave us 9-12 inches of 'wet' snow.
Easter Sunday, we have blue sky and snow on the ground.
If you want your kids to have a challenge, don't dye the eggs and hide them outside... Ha!