Sunday, April 17, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - April 17, 2016

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, that means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. Please stop by on show nights for east coast live blogging (and blog parties) for both The Amazing Race and Survivor!

I don't have a lot for you this week. I've been under the weather most of the week with a stomach virus and an upper respiratory infection. I still feel icky even though the doctor gave me some antibiotics. He said since the respiratory infection is viral, that just may take time. I hate how I seem to catch more of these things and they affect me so much more as I get older.

We finally seem to have turned the page and this week was spring, albeit with a few nights of overnight freeze/frost temperatures. Of course, this was the week that for three days I was so sick I only went to the doctor's office and the drug store. Grr.

Yesterday, when I arrived at Bridgewater about a half-hour early for work, the cars were lining up along the front of the TD Ball Park stadium for a vintage car show. So, I had time to take shots and even had an interesting conversation with one of the car owners. I shot some of these same cars last year when I saw them. But, this year I had a better vantage point.

Other than that, I don't have much for you. Onto the photos! Clicking on an image will bring up a larger version.

Ron's sweet Thunderbird!

He's the only driver I talked to as the line of vintage cars drove by to park for a car show at the TD Ball Park (Somerset Patriots) adjacent to the Bridgewater Train Station. When I told him I was going to post a shot of his car on this blog and gave him the website info, he told me he owned a Yankees Stadium and gave me his YouTube. Um, right. Sure he owns a Yankees Stadium! But ... wait! He's right! He's a Yankees superfan and does indeed have his own stadium! You can see it at this YouTube video. Cool. Nice guy and you could only meet someone like him in New Jersey! (Plus a really sweet T-Bird with color-coordinated fuzzy dice!) If you're reading this, Ron ... nice to meet you!

A Chevrolet BelAir, year unknown

And what am I doing in this handbasket?

Sign at the Plainfield NJ Transit Train Station.


Love this Chevy BelAir!

I want it.

I'd like to be in the Fun Zone

But I find it harder and harder as the years go by ...

Not sure what it is other than Chevy

Yes, it is finally spring

This blossoming tree is about the only one left at the Bridgewater Train Station. They chopped down everything in sight around the eastbound tracks. Sigh. No more jasmine, hyacinth, poison ivy, forsythia and more. It's like a massacre.

Soon, soon

The azaleas will bloom.


This young dove sat at my cracked open a bit window and started making loud cooing noises. Vincent got all excited and went into mouse-stalking mode. Thankfully, there was a screen and a window between the two! 

The Friends Meetinghouse banners

Last week I had a photo of them taken from the Plainfield Train Station platform. I took this one from ground level. Welcome, Love, Justice, Peace ... from the Friends (Quakers) Meetinghouse, Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, NJ.

Purple pansy

Bearing a scar or two from the freezes, it endures.

I just don't know

I don't know what kind of tree this is in Bridgewater, NJ. But its blossoms are always nice.

After a struggle with temperatures ...

... the tulips came to life. As we've had freezing temperatures during the overnight hours so much lately, they're not quite as abundant nor vigorous as I've seen other years. Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Vincent busy being Vincent

He certainly leads the good life! While his life prior to meeting me was rough -- a stray on the streets of New York City -- he has it made living with me. Sometimes I'm jealous of him.


Palmaltas said...

Enjoyed the cars and flower pictures and, of course, the life of Vincent!

Jackie said...

Thank you, Pat!