Sunday, April 24, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - April 24, 2016

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, that means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. Please stop by on show nights for east coast live blogging (and blog parties) for both The Amazing Race and Survivor!

We've finally had a week of actual spring temperatures in the area -- perhaps a bit chilly overnights, but not below freezing. I've noticed many trees are a bit more sparse with their blossoms than they usually are. But, at least, what's blooming now has a chance of surviving the weather. Of course, with more trees blossoming and sprouting new leaves come the allergies.


Let's see ... what happened this week?
  • I slowly recovered from that illness of the previous week. I was ready to call 911 (which I've never done other than a witness at traffic accidents and such -- never for myself) at one point. I probably would have called a taxi instead if it came down to going to the emergency room. My health insurance is cost prohibitive when it comes to ambulances if you're not admitted to the hospital. I don't know how all the people who regularly call ambulances for minor things do it. Oh. Wait. They probably don't pay the bills!
  • After enduring blasting thump-thump extremely loud bass "music" from the apartment above me on Tuesday night until nearly midnight, I broke down and called the landlord's office. I hate to do that -- I don't want to be known as a "complainer." This is the second complaint I've made in the 16 years I've lived here. But, although usually quiet on weekdays, the tenant above me is ridiculous with his stereo Friday evenings through Sunday nights. I generally can't read, listen to my own music or watch television when he has his stereo cranked. You can hear it in the parking lot and in the hallway of the floor below him (my floor). I had enough. It vibrates my windows and my ceiling light fixtures. So, the Tuesday night was my breaking point. He has been quiet since I called. However, I'm not sure he's home yesterday and today. I haven't heard footsteps (which I would not complain about).
  • There has been now two manhole cover explosions and fires -- same manhole both times -- around the corner from me. While it's tying up traffic, it's not affecting my power here. They need to fix that, though.
  • If you haven't heard, Prince died. That was a shocker. He was much too young and we lost such a great talent. It makes you wonder about your own mortality when someone that energetic and seemingly healthy (vegetarian and all) passes at such a young age. I do hope it wasn't drug-related. Our generation has lost too many talented folks to that scourge.
  • Today would have been my father's 90th birthday. He's been gone for decades. I'm much older than he ever lived to be. I've lived most of my life without my parents since they both died young five months apart. The only good things about that is that they're forever young in mind (as that's the only way I ever knew them to be) and, unlike so many of my friends, I'm not dealing with aging parents medical issues today. But I still miss my father. He was a dear, dear man who worked hard and thought I was special. I think he'd get a kick out of my photography work these days!
Oh, well ... onto the photos for this week -- clicking on an image will bring up a larger version.

Dogwood trees are in bloom

Both the white and the pink dogwood trees are in their glory at the moment. This particular tree is on Berckman Street in Plainfield.

It's a magical time to behold

I really don't know what these trees are. There are several of them at the Plainfield Train Station.

Jersey Shore Soul Survivaz

... shop at Jesus Embroidery on North Avenue in Plainfield. And, no. I doubt he's a gynecologist despite what his jacket says. They ride to survive, y'know.


No, not Harleys

Gimme a head with hair ...

Afro hairstyles seem to be coming back for the teens. It could be worse -- it could be bell bottoms and platform shoes.

The pink azaleas burst from their buds

The white ones are about to break free to beauty. The red ones will be the last to bloom. I don't know why that is. All three colors of azalea bushes are planted by the TD Ball Park in Bridgewater and that's how it is every spring.

"Game Today"

The Somerset Patriots (baseball) had their season opener on Wednesday night. Then there were games on both Thursday and Friday nights. One of the teams they used to play against was the Newark Bears. Due to the lack of interest (and income to the ball park) in Newark, that stadium shut down. Meanwhile, this ball stadium and team regularly hit a home run with huge crowds for every game. I've never been to a game there, but have walked by many and heard the crowds from the adjacent Bridgewater Train Station. That ball park food certainly smells good, too! They're doing something very right at that stadium and attract families from all over the area. Kudos to them!

The beauty of pansies is underrated

The simple and prolific pansy is often passed by as there is never just one pansy in a spot. You're presented with a multitude of them at any given time. But, when you focus on one at a time, the magnificence of this flower takes hold. Each one is different. Each one is intricate.

Hey, Fred. She sees us.

No, you can't hide under the bridge, pigeons. I see you! I'll shoot you! (With my camera, of course.)

Early in the week

With gorgeous spring weather this past week, these really hit their heights by mid-week. Soon it will be all petals on the ground.

Looking up

Let it be spring!

Partial to purple

I see a red pansy and ...

... I want it to stay red.

Springing to bloom

The blossoms are more sparse on this tree this year, another victim of our winterish early spring. Thankfully, this tree was one of the few ones left after NJ Transit did the nature massacre at the Bridgewater Train Station, removing almost every bit of interesting nature in the area.

Waning tulips

The tulips had a hard time coming in this year and went away quite quickly. Our low temperatures were unkind to them. And, as we all know, they're sensitive. You don't want to know how they look today. It's all too sad.

The Mighty Vincent

No rodent, moth or housefly ever lives to tell the tale of entering my apartment. Unfortunately, he'd purr all over a burglar and lead him to treasures.


Palmaltas said...

Love the flower photos! Very pretty!

Jackie said...

Thank you, Pat! It's nice to see blossoms instead of barren landscapes!

Sharon N said...

You always manage to get several very pretty flowers/blossoms to cooperate with your camera. Unlike Colorado, your Spring must hit when it's supposed to... and sticks! lol

So far, we have very few flowers, but the trees are starting to leaf-out. I love that fresh bright green. Everything blooming has been slowed considerably because of the last 2 big snow dumps within the past week! But then, Colorado has been known to get snow up into June. Fingers crossed that it's finally over. Fortunately, since we've lived here, snow hasn't happened past the end of April, but the Spring 'dumps' in March/April are when I miss CA. Oh well... no matter where you live, there's something to contend with...

Jackie said...

Our spring hasn't been all that spring-like this season. They're saying there might be frost tonight just north of here! Thank you for the kind words about the photos. I too enjoy the fresh clean bright green of spring leaves!