Sunday, June 12, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 12, 2016

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, that means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. As for television -- you might want to keep tuned here or on my Big Brother on Jackie's TV Blog Facebook page as I watch for news on the upcoming season of Big Brother 18! I will be posting later today on the BB18 topic and the cast reveal should be tomorrow.

It's been a rather whacko weather week here in my little part of New Jersey. We had chill worthy of autumn for part of the week and then so hot and humid that flowers were wilting before my very eyes. They said it's supposed to be beautiful today. But, when I went out to get my newspaper from the front of the building, it's definitely still on the humid and muggy side. That's okay. Except for running over to the bodega around the corner a bit later today, I'm in for the duration. I had yet another hectic work week, didn't sleep properly and I foresee a bit of nap time thrown in with household chores today.

Our state primary was this past Tuesday. While we have a circus going on in the national presidential race, our local politics in Plainfield aren't much better. Thankfully, the folks with a wider vision won on the local level. Yes, Plainfield has troubles. Yes, things need to be done to stop gang violence. However, that's only a fraction of the folks living here. Plainfield is moving forward. It needs to stay on that path. The majority of folks in town are working and contributing to society. (I like to think of myself in that majority.) While we definitely need and want a safer city, new businesses and promoting higher standards for what we accept as a society will mean more in the long run than pandering only to folks who prefer to stand on street corners doing drugs, gang-banging and drinking in public. The local political race got nasty and underhanded. I'm so happy the people with a positive vision won out.

On the home front, I still haven't met my new downstairs neighbors. Except for some odd hammering in the daytime on my day off, I haven't heard any noise from down there. That could have been Super Mario (the superintendent) hammering something. As for the guy upstairs, he's been relatively quiet. Or, at least his stereo has been relatively quiet. I still wonder if he has any furniture or anything up there other than the stereo or if he's just a plain old loud guy. I know there's carpet for the first tenant ever up there since I've lived in the building. Yet, if he's on the phone or has someone over, I can practically hear every word said. With all the other tenants up there (with no carpet), I could only hear conversation if they were shouting. He's also very thumpy. I cringe if I drop something on my hardwood floor, especially late at night. But I don't think I thump when I walk!

Onto this week's photos ... clicking on an image will bring up a large version.

Over the sidewalk

I took some editing liberties with this shot. I liked the contrast of the pinks and greens against the background of the sidewalk.

A safe zone

Due to robberies (and even scattered murders!) of folks buying/selling on Craigslist and other internet sites, the Plainfield Police Department has this set up across the street from the police station on East 4th Street. I know there have been robberies of people involved in the buying and selling in nearby towns. I'm not aware of any occurring in town. But this is an excellent idea rather than meeting up with strangers while carrying money ... go to the police station!

Man vs. Nature


I see dead people

And the saga continues. Perhaps if I were taking a train across the country, I might be tempted to sleep. But I'd cover myself so that no one could take my photo! NJ Transit, Raritan Valley Line.

Unknown flowers turn to berries

And I still don't know what they are. Bridgewater Train Station.

Feet on the seat

Gah! I hate that! It's worse when they take off their shoes and make themselves all at home. Or, when it's muddy, rainy or snowy out and they stick their nasty feet up there where people might have to sit while wearing light-colored clothes. I know the lighted banner and signs on the train forbid it. But I'd like to see more of the conductors on NJ Transit actually enforce it. Oh, well. I suppose I might expect too much from them. Many don't even bother collecting tickets or enforcing the $5 surcharge for buying a ticket on the train. Meanwhile, NJ Transit is fussing about profitability (or the lack thereof). 

Throwing shade

Er, nightshade, that is! I'm not doing the slang version of the phrase -- disrespecting people. 

Contrasts in color

Growing in planters in Bridgewater.

So cute and appealing!

A home on East Second Street in Plainfield prettied up the rather bland small city street tree in front of their house. If I didn't live in a big apartment building with larger sidewalk trees and people walking all over the patches of grass, I would try to do something like this. Kudos to them for brightening their little spot on the street!

I just don't know

I'd be tempted to call it a horn flower. It's growing in a planter at the corner of East Second and Roosevelt in Plainfield.

The lilies are popping up

Reaching to the sky?

Simple, yet so intricate

Pretty in pink

Trying to break free from ...

... the chain link that confines me!

Don't fence me in!

Okay, kind of pretty

But the pansies were so much better! I was hoping they'd do the planters with hibiscus and other flowers once again this summer. That was stunning and great photo fodder all last summer. As for these, the hot weather seemed to just about kill them all yesterday. Hmm.

Here's the planter with those flowers

What chaos. Bring back the pansies!


Just in case you can't see that they're yellow, there's a small sign informing you of that fact.

The Night Train

Plainfield Train Station

Stop pretending to be asleep, Vincent!

As I readied myself to leave for work one morning this past week, Vincent threw himself on the floor in front of my door. He was staring at me in wide-eyed innocence, watching my every move. That is ... until I got out the camera.  I'm sorry, Vincent. No matter how adorable you can be, I still have to go out to make a living.


Palmaltas said...

I always look forward to your photos, especially the flower ones, and this week certainly didn't disappoint.

Jackie said...

It was mostly flowers this week! Thank you!