Sunday, August 14, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 14, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're here for Big Brother news, everything I have for you can be found at this link. I'll be posting another live feeds report late tonight as well as live-blogging the aired show. But this ain't that. This post is a year-round regular "feature" while Big Brother is a summer obsession. Or, something like that.

I thought the heat and humidity that has been visiting us for most of the summer was bad. It was nothing compared to this past week's temperatures and accompanying humidity levels. It's been unreal around here. I'm still having sciatica issues and now the weather is against me, as well! Help! Help! Whine! Fuss! How bad is the heat and humidity around here, you ask? It's so bad that they're saying NYC cockroaches will be able to fly! Now, I know that they (palmetto bugs) do that in the South. But it's bad enough they scurry all over the place here. We don't need them flying, too!

Disclaimer: I personally have no cockroaches in my apartment. We have a monthly exterminator coming in to keep it that way. Vincent would get them anyway if I did have them!

I've noticed that all of the street peoples' baby carriages of their life stuff have disappeared from the Plainfield Train Station and the groups of vagrants there are being moved along more regularly. However, they still gather under the trees on the westbound platform side, throwing their beer cans all over the lawn. And now I'm seeing some right up on the platforms taking benches from actual passengers PRETENDING they're train passengers. Sheesh.

I really don't have much more than the photos to share with you. For the first time ever, after leaving home or getting out of work, my camera lens covered with condensation due to the change in temperatures. Gah. It was that hot and humid! I'm used to my eyeglasses doing that, but not the camera!

Clicking on an image will open a larger version.

Just after sunset on Monday

With my unusual weirder than normal work schedule this past week, I arrived back home in Plainfield not long after sunset. I was both surprised and pleased to hear and see several bats flying around. Years back, I used to see a lot of them in the hours around dusk. When white nose syndrome decimated the population and most of their vacant buildings habitat around the Plainfield Train Station were torn down, I wasn't sure they'd ever return. Yeah, I like bats. They're good for the environment and are actually kind of cute in a mouse with wings kind of way! Plus, they like to eat mosquitoes. Yes! Plainfield Train Station.

The 59 bus

The day I took this shot, I was tempted to jump on the bus and head back home! I was on my way to work and the heat was unreal. Of course, I don't live in Newark. But that bus gets me within a block of my apartment in Plainfield. Gavett Place, Plainfield, NJ

Tuesday night's moon

As seen from the Bridgewater Train Station


Bee on knapweed

I wonder if knapweed blossoms think they'll grow up to be a thistle?

Improving the reception?

Yeah, the TV antenna is defunct, but the birds still like it! Another day, I saw a huge hawk atop of it. But, of all the timing in the world, a MAN appeared on the roof and the hawk flew away before I could get a photo! North Avenue, Plainfield.

Then a crow flew in

Just a bee

This shot was taken with a bit of re-condensation on the lens. I had cleared it off, but it was coming back. The humidity and heat have never really done this to me before -- it needs to stop. Bridgewater, NJ

Flower of an hour still growing strong!

I noticed another outcropping of these growing in the rocks across the street from this bunch. Bridgewater Train Station.

Let there be flowers


This is one of the many beautiful flowers growing in the yard at a home on the corner of Richmond and East Front streets in Plainfield. On a side note: if you take the 113 NJ Transit bus to Manhattan through there, the piped announcement calls it Richmond Avenue. It's Richmond STREET.

Trying to beat the storm home

A layer of black crowds and lightning is keeping pace with my train home one day. I took this shot and the next one out the train window in Bound Brook. I didn't quite beat the storm ... but almost!


Busy little bee

A little black bee of some type is investigating the thistle. Bridgewater, NJ

Ruling the roost

A pigeon guards over North Avenue from the Chotola Apartment Building. Plainfield, NJ

Different pigeon, same job

Train delay landscape

Because NJ Transit is doing maintenance on the rails, the Raritan Valley Line westbound trains from about 9am to 4pm have to sit and wait for the eastbound (NYC/Newark) trains to pass through on single tracking. That's because the people heading towards NYC during those hours are always more important to NJ Transit -- the shelters on that side of the train stations are bigger, etc. Even with the buses, chances are that if there's a bench or a shelter, it's the direction of Manhattan.

Out the other side

Graffiti warehouse buildings on one side, a chemical plant with graffiti train cars on the other side. Sure, NJ Transit, perpetuate the stereotypes of New Jersey!

All goodness and light

The flowers are liking all of the sudden storms and are withstanding the heat, as well. Me? Not so much. Richmond Street, Plainfield, NJ

A rare sight indeed

Twice this week I saw NJ Transit cops get off the train in Plainfield. Of course, both times were early in the day. They really NEED to be there in the evening and late night hours. The Plainfield Police are there much more often. But, technically, the train station and its grounds are supposed to be the responsibility of NJ Transit. 

Velvety goodness

This dark red flower is the only one of its kind in a planter of many flowers. Individualism rules! Bridgewater, NJ

Vincent doesn't like the heat waves

Oh, not because he's out in the weather, mind you! As a matter of fact, I even leave the air conditioning on low for him. He doesn't like the heat waves because the windows aren't open! I can't get him to understand that air conditioning and open windows don't mesh!


Palmaltas said...

Lovely photos as always, Jackie. Sorry about all the heat and humidity. We don't have it quite so bad here in Atlanta.

Nickelpeed said...

Love the bus shot!!!

Jackie said...

Thank you!