Sunday, August 28, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 28, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. If you're here for Big Brother news, everything I have for you can be found at this link. I'll be posting another live feeds report later this morning (Paul's ongoing talking has made me crazy and late with the overnight post) and late tonight as well as live-blogging the aired show. But this ain't that. This post is a year-round regular "feature" while Big Brother is a summer obsession. Or, something like that.

While the temperature around here moderated a bit for some of this past week, the heat and humidity just doesn't want to leave.  Not only did we have one of the hottest Julys since the start of record keeping in the 1880s, we're in line for the top five of August heat, too. What's quite noticeable is that the top five for both months have been within the past thirty years. Either we've done that to our planet or it's just growing weary, as am I.

On the health front, the sciatica seems to be lessening. However, my right knee is still wanting to give out while climbing stairs and such. That worries me. There is no pain, just incredible weakness. I'm trying to exercise to build it back up, but the sciatica is interfering. What I don't want is to have to undergo a second knee replacement on the knee. I'm hoping it's just muscle weakness from the sciatica pain rather than the knee failing.

When I got home last night, I saw some people I don't know moving out of my building. This morning, there are all kinds of GOOD abandoned furniture and stuff by the dumpsters. I never understand why people just dump good stuff when moving. Hey, sell it on Craigslist, get a few bucks. Or move it with you! I did snag a huge folding frame doohickey that I want to eventually put my own photo works (blown up) in for display. I saw some nice photo frames, but they just dropped them there and the glass is broken. I didn't want to deal with that. There's a nightstand and bureau in very good shape -- almost new condition. But both pieces are too heavy for me to carry. I'm sure the furniture pieces in good shape will be gone long before the refuse hauler comes along.

I don't have much more for you other than the photos I've taken. Clicking on an image will open a larger version.

Sunflower with bees!

I'll admit I'm allergic to bee stings and my Epipen prescription is way expired. I've been following the controversy regarding the price. Perhaps because I haven't been stung in more than twenty years and the silly epipens expire within a year, I haven't bothered. Yes, I do go near bees. Most bees, like these on the sunflower, are much more interested in doing their work and aren't aggressive. Wasps and hornets are another thing. I'm very leery of them! This sunflower and more sunflower shots after the jump are growing by Bethel Presbyterian Church on the corner of Roosevelt and East 5th Street in Plainfield.

Who you gonna call?

Well, no one on that police phone! When I first started taking photos around town, I shot a lot of these call boxes. Those photos are held captive in an old hard drive which I will delve into some day. Most of them have been stolen by now, perhaps to sell on eBay or for the metal at junkyards. For me, that's a part of history lost. While this one has obviously been vandalized, it still stands at the corner of East 5th and Roosevelt in Plainfield.

Ring of red flowers

I fell into a burning ring of red flowers. Um, no. That doesn't flow very well at all. These are growing in planters in Bridgewater, NJ.

No, YOU are on camera, little sign!

Someone new has taken over Egenton's Auto Repair on the corner of East 5th and Roosevelt. I guess they have video security cameras.


Walking the plank?

It looks like these European Starlings are walking the plank, doesn't it? Perhaps they're just trying to disrupt the reception in the ploy of birds taking over the world from mankind. We won't tell them that the technology is obsolete. North Avenue in Plainfield.

Every town has characters

When I lived up in Connecticut, I got to know some of the local street characters. There was a guy named Al who would buy liquor from bootleggers, get drunk, sing loudly to me and direct traffic. He bragged about being one of the first black Navy SEALS and we all thought he was making it up or, at the very least, embellishing a bit. It turned out to be true. From what I hear, this man in the photo above, one I think of as a Plainfield character, is a very talented musician and has been roaming the city streets since the 1960s. Reportedly, his nickname is "Bugsy." He's very quiet compared to Al. But, almost every time I'm downtown, I see him on (or with) his bicycle carrying bags of stuff.

Pigeon on duty

Guarding North Avenue in Plainfield from atop the Chotola Apartments building.

Female American Goldfinch

Just sitting in a tree in Bridgewater, NJ.

Tuesday's moon

You know I always have to take the challenge when it comes to shooting the moon!

Beautiful in his own way

Pigeons tend to get mocked in life -- called roof rats and more. But, when you look at them, some have gorgeous markings or iridescent colors and they can be quite pretty. The gob on the beak is a bit off-putting, but ...! 

Purple flowers in a planter

Bridgewater, NJ

I gave him some croissant crumbs

Plainfield Train Station

Contemplating running the light

And, he did. This is on the corner of Watchung Avenue and East 4th Street, by the police station. He made it across the street safely. And, lucky for him, there weren't any police cars in back of him. I realized that, had he come to a complete stop, he'd have to get off that thing. But, still, I think he took a big risk.

Flower of an hour

The flower of an hour plants I've been shooting have now passed. But these took hold across the street in the rocks along the sidewalk leading to the eastbound platform of the Bridgewater Train Station. I caught them in bloom on Saturday and had time to go a little out of my way to shoot them.

When I say rocks, I mean rocks

Love me some sunflowers

My usual haunts for taking sunflower shots haven't worked out this season. I kept seeing these at the Bethel Presbyterian Church from the bus and decided to get out at that stop on Saturday. As you can tell, I had a productive photo session on those corners! As I was taking the sunflower shots, a couple of women were nearby. They saw my photographing the flowers and took out their phones and started shooting them, too. The beauty of nature can be contagious!

And, again with the sunflowers!

Vincent is chillaxing

He's cool like that, y'know.


Becky said...

Jackie, wonderful pictures. Please tell Vincent to get off his back end and catch those birds! They are plotting, you know.

Palmaltas said...

Jackie, I hope your knee isn't failing either. I do wish you luck with it. Sunflowers are my favorite flower!

RSchnoop said...

There was (perhaps, is) one obscure musician named "Bugsy" Maugh who had done some work with Paul Butterfield and Todd Rundgren and, to my memory, had one album of his own, I believe, was on Dot records... can't check that from here...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie, great pics as usual. FYI, you're knees acting up cause you're having to compensate for your sciatica. If your sciatica gets better the knee should, too. My mailman hubby has all that & more so his Dr. Explained it all to us. I hope it gets better fast.

Dolores in Hollywood

Petals said...

Great pics! My fave this week is the moon - it looks like a NASA pic. You are just so talented; it's... wow.

Hello Vincent! You are always the real star!