Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Survivor 33: Gen-X - Takali Tribe

 Bret LaBelle
 Age 42
 Police Sergeant
 Dedham, MA

He thinks he's funny/hilarious. Hmm. People who think they are often aren't. He also thinks he's most like Johnathan Penner. Well, that would be okay. Does his voice sound like Alan Alda, too? He's in it for both the adventure and the money. Maybe ...

 Ciandre "CeCe" Taylor
 Age 39
 Insurance Adjuster
 Granada Hills, CA

She enjoys reality television shows. That's probably a good thing. She's heavily influenced by strong women and thinks of herself as such. She thinks she's most like "A combination of Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox" game-wise. If she's all she thinks she is, she could be a contender.

 Chris Hammons
 Age 38
 Trial Lawyer
 Moore, OK

He seems to be big on the "pulling himself up by the bootstraps" kind of life. He went to college on a football scholarship and seems to be the big fish in his small pond hometown. He thinks he's most like Boston Rob. If only ...!

 David Wright
 Age 42
 Television Writer
 Sherman Oaks, CA

He believes in breakfast and Mr. Spock from Star Trek is his hero. If he could have them, he'd want beads, polished rocks and string to create fake idols for others to find. The man is a bit a kilter, but might be entertaining.

 Jessica Lewis
 Age 37
 Assistant District Attorney
 Vorheesville, NY

Vorheesville? Someone from Vorheesville is on television? They have probably less than 3,000 people in the village. She'll be their first big star! (I lived in Albany, near there.) Her parents were farmers. No surprise there. I'd like to see her do well!

 Ken McNickle
 Age 33
 Denver, CO

There are models in Denver? He has a non-profit, HumaneKind. And, he's into the Dalai Lama. He wishes he could bring a ukulele and a good book because he loves inspiring literature. Then he goes and likens himself to Ozzy Lusth. He also claims to be outdoorsy. My jury is out until I see him in action.

 Lucy Huang
 Age 42
 Diamond Bar, CA

She thinks she's stubborn, hardworking and controlling. Well, that might be the kiss of death on Survivor! Stubborn and controlling rarely go over well on the show. She doesn't like lazy people and whiners. Gulp. Deeper and deeper. She thinks the others will respect her. I think they might just want her out first.

Paul Wachter
Age 52
Boat Mechanic
Sugarloaf Key, FL

Whoa! He's "old" for this crowd! He thinks he's intimidating. Boo! He sings in a rock band and says David Lee Roth (Van Halen) is his hero. Yet another one likening himself to Ozzy Lusth. I'm not sure Ozzy should feel honored.

 Rachel Ako
 Age 37
 Recruiting Director
 Los Angeles, CA

She thinks she's fun, energetic and authentic. She also likes high-adventure activities. Well, she might have gone on the right show! When asked who she's most like, her reply was, "Myself, I’m bold, sexy, fun, confident, and real. At least she doesn't think she's an Ozzy or Boston Rob!

Sunday Burquest
Age 45
Youth Pastor
Otsego, MN

Uh-oh. She thinks she's "bossy, compassionate, and tenacious." Huh. Maybe there will be fisticuffs between her and Lucy! None of her interests seem to be related to the show. Well, I guess repurposing furniture maybe? She won't be able to do much thrift shopping. That said, she's been a fan since the first season, so maybe she can make it.


Judi Sweeney said...

Of this group... Jessica stands out for me... I like this group! Thanks Jackie for taking the time to give us individual player information....

monty924 said...

I have a feeling I'll be rooting for a Gen X'r. Thanks, Jackie!!

David said...

Hmmmm, Paul is technically a baby boomer, not a gen X'er. He is only a year younger than me. But like most of us on the cusp of the dividing line between the generations we feel we belong to both, and neither.

After reading a bunch of the Bio's I guess I am going to have to support the Gen X'ers. Gooooo old people. lol

Judi Sweeney said...

LOL David... I'm not on that line dang it... I am a definite Baby Boomer. So I am supporting the Gen X'ers too!

Both groups seem interesting and it should be a fun season for us watching all these different personalities!

Sharon N said...

GOOOO Gen X'ers!
No question about it... definitely a Boomer here too!
Getting closer to going "boom" every day. LMAO

Nickelpeed said...

The guy from Moore, Ok, has probably had a bad time. Their city was pretty much destroyed by tornadoes. Can't imagine how horrible that was.

Petals said...

I can tell you - there is only ONE Ozzy *sigh*