Sunday, October 23, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 23, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This is a regular Sunday part of this blog in addition to the television posts. Right now I'm covering Big Brother: Over the Top daily -- you can find those posts at this link. I'm also live blogging Survivor episodes as they air on Wednesday evenings. Come join the blog parties!

Tonight is the big season premiere of The Walking Dead. Yes! Finally! I fear Lucille's target will be Glenn. But I hope I'm wrong.

We went from summer to winter this week here in New Jersey. Well, not quite winter, but close. Until late in the week, our temperatures were hitting records with a few days just a couple degrees short of the 90-degree mark. Then yesterday morning, it became raw with an at times wind-blown cold rain coming down sideways. We do need the rain. My area was one of the counties in the state listed under a drought warning this week. While we had rain on and off for about 24 hours, I doubt it put a dent in the reservoir levels.  

Work continues to be very stressful for me. I feel like I'm surrounded with people who don't care and are undependable. I swear everybody's calling out or taking vacation every other week while I have so much on my plate that I feel like I'm scrambling every minute I'm there. I've been working more hours than usual and still feel I'm not getting things done as well as I should. Oh, well. If I can make it to retirement (maybe next year at this time!), all will just be a bad memory.

That's it for now. Onto the photos! Clicking on an image will bring up a larger version ...  

The best season of all, it's FALL!

Autumn is usually my favorite season of the year. While spring is a close runner-up, fall is usually more crisp in the mornings, warmer in the afternoons with cool overnights. Generally, it's not as rainy as spring (although we need the rain this year) and it's colorful. I love the seasonal displays near my workplace. Unfortunately, I've seen some of the smaller pumpkins go missing. Why can't people just appreciate seeing them and not feel the need to steal? Sigh.

If only ...

In front of the Friends (Quakers) Meeting House on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield, if only peace on Earth could be possible. 

Golden dreams


A tall drink of water?

This is my train friend, BJ. He's probably 6'5" yet weighs maybe 150. He's always color-coordinated in dress. In this shot, he's dressed down. But he usually wears things like a white shirt with a pink tie, pink ball cap and has pink laces on his sneakers. Or, the same sort of outfit, but with neon green accessories. He's a good guy, a coach at some government facility for the disabled. I look forward to seeing what he's wearing on a daily basis!

Someone delivers this dude?!?!

This guy spends all day into the evening just sitting at the Plainfield Train Station on his fancy seated walker, bumming money, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and generally just hanging out being a nuisance to those who ride the trains. One day this week, I saw a car drop him off at the station early in the morning. Grr. The Plainfield Police run him off. But when they go away, he comes back. Can't they start issuing trespass warnings and then follow up with tickets/fines for those who are chronic loiterers at the train station?

The Saga of the North Avenue Bench


Hitting him with puppy pics?!?!

Friends again

Whatchoo lookin' at?

Although it looks like they're looking at me, they're not. Their attention is focused on someone walking by.


The hills are taking on color

Maybe I'm in the wrong business

A dollar a minute sounds good. A store front on East Front Street in Plainfield.

MS 13 gang graffiti downtown

Sigh. They need to go far away. In an alley off of Watchung Avenue in Plainfield.

Whole lotta pumpkin pie there

The large pumpkins in displays near my workplace probably weigh 50 pounds or more. They're HUGE!

Rain brings 'shrooms

Under the bridge

Where the trolls live? Well, perhaps the denizens of the night rather than trolls. This shot is under the railroad overpass on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield.

Let there be colors of autumn!

Patriotic fall foliage

Poison ivy goes colorful

The poison ivy and poison sumac spilling over the stone wall at the Bridgewater Train Station is taking on its fall colors.

Fallen leaves

When the white eagle of the North 
Is flying overhead
And the browns, reds and golds of autumn 
Lie in the gutter, dead

Remember then, the summer birds 
With wings of fire flaying
Come to witness Spring's new hope 
Born of leaves decaying

As new life will come from death
Love will come at leisure
Love of love, love of life
And giving without measure

Gives in return a wondrous yearn 
Of a promise almost seen
Live hand-in-hand 
And together we'll stand 

On the threshold of a dream....

 -- The Moody Blues - 'The Dream'

The Lone Azalea Blossom remains

A friend told me that there's one azalea blossom growing in the bushes by her home. Then I mentioned this one to her. A more common oddity than I thought, I guess.

Little fungi

When it's damp, these start looking like little barnacles in the woodchip mulch. They spring up only to shrivel by nightfall.


Sprang up overnight

Huh. I never saw mushrooms like this growing at the Plainfield Train Station in all the years I've been frequenting it. 

Pumpkins, but no pumpkin spice latte

The red mums came into play this week

About two weeks behind the gold mums for whatever reasons nature has.

Had enough catnip, Vincent?

He got stoned and he missed it. He got stoned and he missed it. He got stoned and it rolled right by ...


SueGee said...

Nice musical references this week along with your, as always, fabulous pics!! Did you mess with the colors on the shrooms? Never seen them in such psychedelic colors before.

Will keep my fingers crossed for your retirement plans. Sooner is always better than later when it comes to your health (mind & body)


Jackie said...

I just increased the contrast on them a bit. They were an odd color and, now that I think of it, they showed before the rain, not after. Weird.

Petals said...

LOVE the fall pics, Jackie!
Yes, I think Glen will finally - actually - be dead after tonight's episode. Too
bad he can't Lauren Cohen's bad southern accent with him.

Anonymous said...

You are way to young to retire! I will have to work until I drop dead