Sunday, October 30, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 30, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This is a regular Sunday part of this blog in addition to the television posts. Right now I'm covering Big Brother: Over the Top daily -- you can find those posts at this link. I'm also live blogging Survivor episodes as they air on Wednesday evenings. Come join the blog parties!

Happy Halloween tomorrow to all! While many at my workplace are wearing costumes and their are costume contest prizes, I'm not partaking. I've had too much on my plate the last few months at work. Tomorrow will just be another day with too much I need to get done and not enough time to do it in. I won't have time to partake in any of the work festivities. However, I might snag some chocolate from the lunch room to keep me going!

In all the years I've lived in this apartment, I've never had a trick or treater even though children live in the building. First, I got to the point where I'd buy only Reese's peanut butter cups or, perhaps Butterfinger bars, because I like them and would eat them if no children came by. Some years went by that I bought no candy and no one came. This year, unless I pick up some tomorrow, I have nothing for kids. No kid better knock on my door!

Someone stole my Sunday newspaper. Grr. I went down relatively early for it and it was gone. I have gone several months with no Sunday newspaper thefts, now have had two in the past four weeks. Someone new in the building? If I didn't want online daily access, I wouldn't get a hard copy at all. And, subscribing to just Sunday's paper is the cheapest route, plus I can use the grocery coupons. I really hate thieves. I wish I could get them to throw the paper up on my fire escape. But, with my luck, they'd probably break the window with it or throw it onto the wrong fire escape.

AMC is showing all of the Halloween movies. I've had them on since about 6am. I wish I didn't have to work during their Stephen King marathon this past Monday. I like scary stuff although real life is a lot more scary. Speaking of horror ... wow, Walking Dead. Just wow. Rest in pieces, Abraham and Glenn.

While I don't really know any new tenants in my apartment building, some tenants (I also didn't know) moved out this past week. I can't believe the stuff people throw out when they move! They could have made several hundreds of dollars selling the stuff on Craigslist! They chucked a good condition couch and matching chairs. Now, I'd never trust that stuff due to bedbug scares. But I did grab a small metal (in brand new condition) baker's rack shelving doohickey. It perfectly fits between my table and refrigerator in the kitchen. And, it's perfect for my onions and potatoes on lower shelves, canisters on the top. Heck, I can even fit my toaster on a shelf and free up counter space.

That's about it. Onto the photos for the week! Clicking on an image will bring up a larger version.    

Downtown mums

The planters in downtown Plainfield are now sporting yellow mums. I'm talking light yellow, not the gold of the ones near my workplace. It's great to see the planters go seasonal in Plainfield -- I remember many years when they didn't have them. They're a nice touch for the aesthetics of downtown.

Autumn in the 'hood

We have touches of color mixed in with the green leaves many trees are still sporting in my neighborhood. The acorns are coming down on rapid order, making squirrels happy little critters. Where I grew up, the trees are already barren by Halloween. Here, they haven't even hit peak yet. This year many of the trees were de-leaved with heavy winds for nearly a week, though! I'm still waiting for the trees outside my windows to turn yellow.

Whole lotta pumpkin

Even though there's been frost on the pumpkin a few times during the week, the ones adorning my workplace grounds are still looking mighty good! I've noticed some of the small pumpkins have gone missing (grr). But the large ones would take a few people to pick them up.


The junk metal man's truck

I see this truck (and its man) driving all over the neighborhood, sometimes checking out my apartment building's dumpster for scrap metal. It looks like he hit the bicycle jackpot this week. I blurred the license plate to protect the scavenger.

Can you find the flower that doesn't match?

One flower among the mums here doesn't quite match the others. I realize this is a tough one. But, can you find it?

Dunellen from the train window

They say we're still in a drought here. But, this week's rains have brought it down to only around eight inches less precipitation than average. Unfortunately, the rains this past week weren't nice rains ... they were windblown COLD rains, just a few degrees from snow at times. Brr! Oh. And, Dunellen is a town my train passes through on my commute.

Pigeon summit meeting

Huh. If they do overthrow mankind, they might do better with the planet than we've done. North Avenue, atop the Chotola Apartments building.

Mulch 'shrooms

Again, very short-lived but very cool in their own way. The tallest is about an inch high. In the evening, you can just barely make out their little shriveled skeletons.

NJT train at sunset

A few days, when it wasn't raining, I left my Bridgewater workplace within a few minutes of sunset.

Another sunset NJ Transit train

Same train, different day/sunset.

Clinging to a wall

I unintentionally seem to have scared these birds into clinging on a wall with little visible means of support. Oops.

No one can just ride anymore

I caught the reflection of the woman in front of me on the train. She was watching a movie on a tablet and texting on her phone at the same time. I usually just look out the window to see what I can see. I guess I lead a boring life.

More downtown Plainfield mums

How can you leave me?!?!?

Vincent pulls this stuff as I get ready to go to work. He throws himself to the floor and apparently thinks he's so adorable that I'll stay home with him. Trust me, I would much more prefer to do so. But someone has to pay the bills here. And, he's certainly no help in that department!


Anonymous said...

Call your newspaper and let them know you did not receive the paper - they will deliver another one.

Jackie said...

I gave up on that in the past. I called them for a credit. But the redelivery bit is ridiculous. It MIGHT be there sometime by 3pm. I live on an upper floor in the back of a large apartment building. They deliver to the front. Before, when I requested redelivery I would run downstairs every half-hour only to never get the paper. Not again.