Sunday, December 04, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - December 4, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This is a regular Sunday part of this blog in addition to the television posts. 

After what seems like an eternity of covering Big Brother and Big Brother Over the Top, that's done and over with until summer comes around. I might post newsy bits now and then about BB stuff in between now and BB19, but (thankfully) no juggling blog coverage of it and work at the same time. I'm live blogging Survivor episodes as they air on Wednesday evenings. Come join the blog parties! I might also post some other television-related stuff, but I'm definitely going to take a bit of a breather from other daily show posts for a bit.

Work in my real world is exhausting me. At least now I'll get a bit more rest. I hope.

I really don't have much to report on for the past week here. Nor did I even get any great photos this week. Oh well. Onto the photos anyway! Clicking on a image will bring up a larger version. 

What? No one going to Manhattan?

I could jump on that bus and head into Manhattan for the evening. Nah. When I took this shot, I just wanted to go home. Home is where the cat is. Watchung Avenue, Plainfield.

There it is! Plainfield's Christmas Tree!

While I didn't stick around in the cold and wind on Thursday for the actual lighting of the tree, I could see it on Friday from Watchung Avenue across from the police station. I had had a rough day at work and didn't feel like walking over there. I will do that someday.

Trying to stay warm

With no hawk around, the pigeons gather where the sun shines on the brick of the Chotola Apartment Building on North Avenue. 


Oh, police ...!

On Tuesday, in the rain, NJ Transit decided to close one track and I had to wait for my train on the eastbound side of the station while I wanted to go west. So, there I am, innocently sitting there. There were two Plainfield Police cars RIGHT THERE. You see them. Yet some drunken fool at noon decided to walk up to me and ramble on something about a cell phone or something. I told him to go away. I made shooing motions. Then I pointed at the police cars. "Do want me to go get them?" He went away. Sheesh. I do NOT like drunken fools!

What's left is golden

Or brown or barren. I took this shot in the parking lot of my building early in the week after it rained. By the way, that white car bit you see in the lower left corner is the now fixed smashed up car I photographed a week or two back. It's all fixed now or they bought another one just like it!

The arteest

I had photographed this signal/utility box at the corner of Berckman and East Second Streets the day after it was painted. This week, I took a closer look at the signature on it, found the artist -- Pedro Baez -- on Instagram and then on Facebook. He's done a number of the boxes throughout the city of Plainfield, all with the city's go-ahead and all different themes albeit mostly these bright colors. In checking out his artwork, I couldn't help but notice he went to Cooper Union, an art school in Manhattan with only a 5% acceptance of applicants. He's an accomplished artist and does tattooing and, obviously ... utility boxes. Plainfield is assigning him particular boxes. I hope it continues. He's turning those boxes from eyesores with graffiti and stuff stuck on them into eye-catching! He says he likes to use the bright colors to reflect Plainfield's spirit and diversity. I love to see folks doing positive things in town. Pedro Baez rocks!

The dark tree

I just couldn't stay in the cold and wind to see them light the Plainfield Christmas Tree at City Hall. They were running late and, because the weather forecast in the early morning was a bit misleading, I wasn't dressed properly for such a chilly night.

The coffee tent

I saw many boxes of Dunkin's Joe, but no one seemed to be serving them, so I had none. 

As seen at City Hall Thursday evening

Still some color in those bushes!


I think that line was the one to see Santa Claus. Kids were running around to stay warm, I think!

Berckman Street

For over a decade I chatted with the family living in this house. The older woman and I talked knee replacements. The parents and their teenage and adult kids always greeted me and we talked about life in general. They moved out last summer and new folks moved in. The first family was black; the new family is Latino. The new family, a younger couple with small children, caught me taking photos of their day lilies this past summer. Now they always talk to me when they see me. Their English is a bit limited, but they're friendly and they're making a nice little home for themselves. Maybe that house just attracts nice folks!

Free pet bed!

Someone left this under the mailboxes in our No Pets Allowed (except Vincent who is grandfathered in with the landlord's written permission) apartment building. I know there are at least two dogs in the building. I've seen them in the elevator and hallways. At least Vincent doesn't bark! As for the pet bed, it's in nice shape, but (1) Vincent doesn't need a pet bed -- he sleeps in my bed or wherever he wants to sleep and (2) I don't trust that it doesn't have fleas or some whacko pet germs on it. If I decide Vincent will get a pet bed, he'll get a brand new unused by other pets pet bed!

Dandelion don't tell no lies ...

Well, yeah, dandelion does tell lies! Dandelion is trying to fool me and tell me spring is coming! Last year had many dandelions sprouting up through December in warm temperatures (for here, at least). Then we got the Winter Wham. This one sprang up overnight in Bridgewater. It ain't gonna last!

The sad Lone Azalea

The Lone Azalea of Bridgewater is taking its last moments of glory. With a dusting of snow expected tonight, I'm sure it will be gone by tomorrow.

It must be Saturday

That's the Seamstress On a Train Day. She's definitely Polish and headed to Somerville.

Let sleeping pigeons sit

Livin' the cat life

Vincent doesn't even need catnip to do this. I think I'm jealous

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