Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - January 22, 2017

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I took along the way. Right now I'm still in between seasons of the television shows I regularly cover. That's not to say I'm not watching ANY television, but ...!

I really don't have much for you this week in either words or photographs. I've been dealing with some health issues which have kept me home the past few days.

But here's what I have ... clicking on an image will open a larger version of the photos.

Taking the turn

The New Jersey Transit 59 bus turns by the Center for Islamic Enlightenment on North Avenue in Plainfield. Perhaps if all areas had diversity as we have here, more people would realize people are just people ... some good, some bad. But I truly believe there are more good people in the world than bad. 

44 Years ago, I protested in DC

If feeling well yesterday, I would have ended up at work. Had I been feeling well and scheduled off for the day, I don't believe I would have gone to DC. As I get older, I tend to not want to be in massive crowd scenes. But I would have gone to the local Sister March in Westfield! I can deal with a few thousand people, just not hundreds of thousands and being squished. I get panicky. These buttons date back to my work on the McGovern campaign during college with the big button from my trip to DC to protest Nixon's second inauguration. I entered college young and was too young to vote in that election, having just turned 17 that autumn.

My apologies to Carly Simon

A friend of mine attending yesterday's Sister March in NYC spotted a sign paraphrasing the song. I thought it quite appropriate. So, I threw the words atop a photo of the DC event. No, it isn't really about YOU ... it's about US, We the People.



Someone threw down several slices of bread attracting birds not of a feather. But there was more than enough for all. Plainfield Train Station.

Feet on the seat


Loiterers at the Plainfield Train Station

The guy in the wheelchair used to stumble through the streets of downtown Plainfield and regularly be hauled away by ambulances. He disappeared for about a year. I thought he surely passed away as he looked like walking death the last time I saw him -- skinny, drug and alcohol addicted and barely able to stand up. He returned some months ago having gained a healthy weight and able to wheel himself about in the wheelchair. He actually looked good. But now he's hanging out with the same alcohol/drug crowd loitering at the train station. Sigh. They all need to be moved along.

Cat nap

One of the rare moments Vincent chose to sleep somewhere not on me. However, he is on a piece of my clothing I left on the couch. He never sleeps in that spot on the couch. It must be the scent of me on the clothing! Now it's covered with cat fur!

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Sally said...

Those McGovern/Shriver buttons bring back memories—the first time I’d really been vocal about supporting a candidate. That’s a terrific photo of Vincent, with the many subtle shades of tan. Hope you’re feeling better soon.