Sunday, February 12, 2017

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 12, 2017

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I took along the way. Although its season premiere is still almost a month away, CBS has announced the entire list of castaways for Survivor: Game Changers. I posted yesterday on a few of them and will continue slowly posting on the cast. The blog pool won't open up until we're a week or two away from the premiere. You can always find any Survivor posts I make at this link right here.

Welp, I was on staycation this week and I pretty much stayed home trying to keep the swelling in my leg down by elevating it a lot. I ventured downtown on Wednesday when we had record highs. On Thursday, we had a rather cruel (windy and raw) snowstorm. We got only six inches or so, but the wind and the temperatures made it quite slippery and treacherous. I stayed inside. Today we're expecting sleet, freezing rain, rain and snow. I'm so over it. Bring on spring! It felt glorious on Wednesday when I was out and about!

I saw my neighbor on the bedroom wall side of my apartment building this morning -- the one from Africa who has/had his very elderly mother living there. We've been neighbors for probably ten years or more, but I only see him in passing. I had been worried about him because his rent invoice, hanging in a packet from his doorknob, stayed on his door up until the day before the late cut-off for paying. That's not like him at all. He told me he went to his home country, Nigeria, for four weeks. He reports that it's always hot there! I'm thinking his mother must be gone, though. I didn't ask. But there's no way she could stay alone and no way she could make a trip like that. She looked over 100 the last time I saw her about six years ago. He's a good neighbor -- quiet, pleasant whenever we see each other and seems to work a lot. No, he's not the Nigerian king sending out scam emails! If he were, he wouldn't have to work as much as he does!

My neighbor on the other side -- sharing kitchen/dining room walls -- came knocking on my door one day. Now, he's only lived there for about a year. He replaced the screaming kid/thumping family. He listens to his TV a bit loud, but not to the point where it's annoying. I just can hear it when I'm in my dining room turned computer room. He came from another building the landlord owns which doesn't have an elevator. He had a knee replacement and, unfortunately, it ended up being a failed one and he's now in a wheelchair. I found out that if someone in a wheelchair is off slightly to one side knocking on my door, I can't see them in the peephole which is pretty wide-angled. But he told me who it was. He wanted to know where I get my grocery deliveries from. I hope he can do Peapod. If anyone needs grocery delivery, it's him!

I return to work tomorrow. Wah. My appointment with the vascular surgeon is Friday afternoon. Right now, with keeping off my feet a lot, the swelling is down and it really doesn't hurt like it was. But, I'm sure after working up until seeing him, it will blow up and be painful once again. My workplace really needs to adhere to the limitations set forth for walking and standing! They didn't want to do so the week before my staycation. The job duties listed for my job do not include any long periods of standing or walking. Yet, they want me on my feet for hours each day. It's not gonna happen. I'm just sayin' ...

Anyway, onto the photos I took this past week. Clicking on an image will open it in a larger window.

Jazzy utility box!

It may have been there for a while, but I just discovered it this past Wednesday. It's yet another utility box painted to deter graffiti and spruce up the city. I realized right away that it didn't seem to be the work of Pedro Baez, the one who's painted other utility boxes that I've seen and photographed. It's signed off by a "Grayson III." If my research on that name is correct, the artist is an art teacher who has painted utility boxes for the city of Newark. He's quite renowned for his African-American art and loves to create jazz-themed art. This utility box is on the corner of Watchung and East Front in Plainfield.

A shame

The over 100-year old BPOE building on Watchung Avenue continues to sport gang and other graffiti. With all the renewal going on downtown, I'd love to see that building restored to its previous glory. It's truly a neat building which has been neglected and abused for just about all the years I've lived in Plainfield. I don't think there would be any saving of the giant lobster on the roof -- that's pretty much down to its frame. But, the building itself? It could definitely fit into a Transit Village kind of project. It doesn't seen to be in horrible shape -- just neglected and not in use.

Let there be kale!

I've been meaning to photograph some of the ornamental kale growing at the apartment buildings across the street. On Wednesday (in the 60-some degree weather), I crossed the street to take the 113 bus downtown. I wanted to run a few errands before the expected snow on Thursday. Now they're covered with snow. But, nevertheless, they will persist.


Ornamental Kale before the snow hit

Another shot of the jazzy box

Sigh. Matress. MATRESS!!!

A new business has opened up downtown on East Front Street. They need to fire their sign maker. Perhaps the A&D part is to conceal the identity of the owners to escape total embarrassment. Some decades back, I used to hand letter and paint signs for local businesses up in Connecticut. Nowadays, it's done by computers. I never had a misspelling on a sign. Computers have spellcheck. It's MATTRESS! Sheesh.

Okay, USPS ... who came up with that color?

I've been meaning to take a shot of the paint job they did on the ramp of the main Post Office on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield. The rather governmental green has been repainted with sort of a bright neon periwinkle-ish color. Oh my.

Looking out during the storm

While I live in a fairly large (40-ish units) apartment building, it's a house with a deep yard next door -- the view out my windows. The winds were driving the snow almost sideways as I took this shot.

From my kitchen windowsill

As I live in the middle of the rear wing of a large apartment building, all my windows face the same direction ... sort of a southeasterly one. The snowstorm on Thursday was accompanied by high winds. Not windy enough to be considered a blizzard, but windy nonetheless. Those winds aimed right at my windows for hours! My views through the windows were so obscured by snow and ice that I had to open the window (and screen) to take any photos.

What a tangled web we weave ...

... when snow sticks to brush and bramble. Looking outside my window at the back of my neighbor's yard on Thursday as the snow came down.

Yeah, winter hit us.

I was hoping it would miss this year. This is a shot of one of the churches (Methodist) in my East Front Street neighborhood.

Who has been rolling in catnip?

Vincent is a nut!


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