Saturday, February 11, 2017

Survivor: Game Changers - Casting, Pt. 1

Well, the hype is on with the official cast release for Survivor: Game Changers. Remember, the season premiere isn't until March 8th! I won't be posting the blog pool sign-up posts until we're closer to that date. But, I might as well take a look at the casting and give you my thoughts. Are they really "game changers?" We'll see about that!

I usually not all that keen on returning players. And, some of these castaways are making their 4th appearance! Yikes! As on says in the video above, "If you've been married four times, does that make you an expert on marriage?" There are a few I'd rather not see again. However, the majority of these returnees are ones who played great games or were cut down way too soon. Caleb comes to mind for the latter. Hopefully, he won't burn and crash (and get Med-Evac copter treatment) again this season.

While there are some folks from the most recent season, they're wild cards to the others. They hadn't seen Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X when they went into filming for this season. 

Michaela - Game changer or not? I'd have to say she's leaning towards the yes on that Game Changer Scale. Why? I think she's a female powerhouse, akin to a female Ozzy. (It's interesting that she mentions possibly wanting to work with Ozzy in the video.) She's also quite strategic, but wasn't given the best hand to deal with in her season. Hopefully, she'll be a bit sneakier and not betray her motives. I thought she could have done so much more last season. I'm glad she's back!

Troyzan - Game changer or not? I'd say "kinda not" with him. He's going to have to not play the game like he's all that and a bag of chips this time. While I think he's got a great grasp on what to do, he doesn't go about doing it all right on the social end. He misses clues that others might be scheming against him and he himself is a bit too blatant in his own schemes.

As the days go by, I'll be posting more on the others we'll see this season. What are your thoughts on these two? Game changers?  

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