Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Survivor: Game Changers - Casting Part 2

In just one week, we'll be settling into a new season of Survivor! Woot! Woot! While I don't necessarily love the idea of people playing on the show multiple times, it looks like this cast is going to make it all worthwhile.

Hali - Game changer or not? I'm thinking not for her. I don't know. She might have a trick or two up her sleeve. But being pretty, playing under the radar ... those seem to be standards we see in a few every season. I barely remember her from her original season. Yeah, she made some decent alliances. Yeah, she won a few challenges. I think this season I'm more interested in seeing her and Sierra maybe get into a cat fight. Meow.

Zeke - Game changer or not? I believe he indeed can be a game changer. Although he got weaselly last season, often times Survivor calls for weasels ... and rats and snakes. He's definitely a thinking strategical player who can sometimes really throw himself into the comps. I like his thinking in this intro video. Might he win it all? In the words of Rudy, "Don't know."

Tai - Game changer or not? Darn-tootin' right he's a game changer! This guy named the chicken and made it into a camp pet! He weighs less than most prepubescent children, yet can climb trees and give his all in challenges. He's entertaining. And, think about it ... he will be reunited with Caleb! "Reunited and it feels so good ..." He is so not the typical Survivor castaway that he's the perfect Survivor castaway. I do hope he works on that social game and remembers the jury can be bitter.

Jeff - Game changer or not? Hmm. In my opinion, he was certainly not a game changer in his previous two seasons. I liked him in Season 2, not so much in Cambodia. So, he has this new game strategy -- he's going to be everybody's best friend! Ohhh! While he definitely needs a better social approach because he tends to make enemies on rapid order, we'll see how that works for him.

Debbie - Game changer or not? Oh my. The female version of Coach is returning to share her delusions of grandeur and tall tales once again. Hmm. She thinks she would like to work with Culpepper and Tony? I'm not sure they would be that willing to work with her! Perhaps we should take wagers on whether she'll get Aubrey out before Aubrey gets her out. I don't really want her to win. Her game changing claim to fame might be that the show sometimes attracts the lunatic fringe.

Anybody have any thoughts on these five castaways?

Stay tuned for the blog pool sign-up post. It's coming soon!


Sharon N said...

WOW Jackie, Survivor already!!
Thanks for giving us a jump on the players.

I'm glad to see Caleb back. He was doing really well until the heat got him last time, and he was a much more pleasant guy than on BB. Developed a little maturity in 1-2 years? LOL

Tai is a nice guy and it's really easy to cheer for him. Heck, I'd cheer for him again, but still have to say (IMO), he got a little tiresome after a while.

Can't help cheer for Ozzie... not only a good player, but the eye candy gets us girls every time! ;)

SusanS. said...

It's going to be hard to pick who to cheer the most. Caleb or Ozzie!
Can't wait til Wednesday