Friday, March 31, 2017

The Amazing Race - Blog Pool OPENS!

Come one, come all! The Amazing Race Blog Pool is now OPEN!

 Okay, here's how the blog pool works:

  • Names are matched up randomly with the teams.
  • You get to cheer on your chosen team until they're Philiminated or win it all.
  • If your chosen team is creepy, fights, fusses or cries a lot, we won't hold that against you personally.
  • Not much, anyway.
  • Heehee
  • There is no wagering of monies.
  • The winner(s) of the blog pool retain bragging rights until the premiere of the next season while we all bow to them and lament on what could have been.
How do you get involved? Sign up right here on this post! If you're posting anonymously, you need a sign off name on your comments. We don't care if you're a boy named Sue, we have to know something other than anonymous. The cut-off for entering is this Tuesday, April 4, 8pm ET/5pm PT. 

REMEMBER - YOU NEED TO SIGN UP ON THIS VERY POST YOU'RE READING! If you sign up on another post or the Facebook page, your request might be missed.
We have a new lifeguard this season -- I'd like you to all welcome Sharon C! Please don't test her patience by running with scissors around the pool!

And, here are the teams that we'll be cheering on:

Shamir Arzeno, age 28, Bronx, NY -- Banking Firm Associate
Sara Fowler, Age 27, Baltimore, MD -- Luxury Real Estate Agent

London Kaye, age 27, Brooklyn, NY -- Street Artist
Logan Bauer, age 27, Navarre, FL -- Orthopedic Device Rep

Seth Tyler, age 37, Seattle, WA -- Police Officer
Olive Beauregard, age 24, Providence, RI -- Firefighter

Brooke Camhi, age 36, Lynbrook, NY -- Lawyer
Scott Flanary, age 34, Charlotte, NC -- University Recruiting Manager

Tara Carr, age 38, New Milford, CT -- U.S. Army Officer
Joey Covino, age 46, Boston, MA -- Police Sergeant

Becca Droz, age 26, Pittsburgh, PA -- Rock Climbing Instructor/Barista
Floyd Pierce, age 21, Highlands Ranch, CO -- College Student

Liz Espey, age 24, Maryville, MO -- Auctioneer
Michael Rado, age 37, Pittsburgh, PA -- Butcher

Matt Ladley, age 25, Steamboat Springs, CO -- Professional Snowboarder
Redmond Ramos, age 28, Fremont, CA -- Motivational Speaker

Jessica "Jessie" Lynn Shields, age 28, Howland, OH -- Police K9 Officer
Francesca Piccoli, age 33, Banning, CA -- U.S. Army

Vanck Zhu, age 28, Saint Paul, MN -- Investment Research
Ashton Theiss, age 25, Fort Worth, TX -- Real Estate Agent


Donna in FL said...

Sign me up for the pool please!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the pool, too

Dolores in Hollywood.

SueGee said...

Please count me in the pool!!


SueGee on the LeftCoast

Sharon N said...

Count me in please!

Delee said...

Add me to the pool...splash!

Merrilee said...

Please add me to the pool please.
Blog Pool Winner of The Amazing Race Season 22-Hockey Brothers Bates and Anthony

Brian said...

Sign me up, please!!!

Blog Pool Winner of The Amazing Race Season 23-Dating Duo Jason and Amy
Blog Pool Winner of Survivor Season 31- Jeremy Collins- Cambodia Second Chance
Blog Pool Winner of Survivor Season 32- Michelle Fitzgerald- Kaoh Rong
Blog Pool Winner of Survivor Season 33- Adam Klein- Millennials vs Gen-X

David said...

Throw me in the pool please. Noooo, not head first.

Anonymous said...

Please add me to the pool

Indiana Jane said...

Please add me to the pool

Jennasmom said...

Guess I'll dive in, too!

Judi Sweeney said...

I'm jumping in... PLEASE sign me up! Thank you Jackie and Sharon!

Cheryl in NC said...

I want in please

Janice said...

Please count me in!! My pick on Survivor is doing well (Zeke) so maybe I will have good luck on TAR too!!

chrob61 said...

Please add me into the pool!!

Becky said...

I want in the pool too. Hope I can stay awake to watch it.

monty924 said...

Throw me in the pool, please!!

Willie J said...

Please add me to the pool.

Nickelpeed said...

Please count me in!!!


Ed in Ohio said...

Count me in too!

Now I have to remember....Thursdays 10PM!!

ML said...

Please throw me in the pool. Thank you?