Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Survivor: Game Changers - April 19 Double Episode Blog Party

Everybody ready? Got your snacks? Got your tasty adult beverages? As the show airs here on the east coast, I'll be live-blogging with all the major happenings. Refresh the page to see the latest news! But, as always, the real party is in the comments area. I hope to see you there!

I don't think anything could be so astounding as last week's Tribal Council. But tonight we see the reactions of Zeke's tribe and the merge will be on. We're in for two episodes in a row. Bring on the cyber-beverages!

Here's the updated pool! Lifeguard Laurie is back from Paradise --

Aubry Bracco - Ed in Ohio, meb
Brad Culpepper - Brian, Sharon N
Cirie Fields - Leonia Hart, Terry is a Texan
Hali Ford - Buzzmaam, Nana in the NW
Michaela Bradshaw - David, Jackie
Sierra Thomas - Becky, monty924
Troyzan Robertson - Donna in Alabama, Lifeguard Laurie

Andrea Boehlke - Indiana Jane, ML
Debbie Wanner - Glenn, tbc
Ozzy Lusth - KelseyNY, Margo, PDX Granny
Sarah Lacina - Delee, Rbennie
Tai Trang - Cheryl in NC, Sharon C
Zeke Smith - Janice from GA, Paula Bell

No more fire!
Ciera Eastin
Tony Vlachos
Caleb Reynolds
Malcolm Freberg
JT Thomas 
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Jeff Varner

Survivor fans ready?

We see Varner getting voted out again although there never was a vote. Sarah and Tai are talking. Her eyes have been opened. She loves Zeke and thinks that, if anything, it makes him stronger. Zeke tells them he's touched by how everyone spoke up for him. But he still didn't want to be seen as anything other than Zeke.

Right to a challenge we go. A covered table, a table of food, hmm ...  Before they merge and feast, one person from each tribe must volunteer to not take part. Hmm. If two don't volunteer the merge will go on and all they'll get is a cracker and tea. Brad volunteers. Zeke thinks it's purely a game move. Tai volunteered for his tribe. Different reaction from a tribemate -- he's selfless.

The merge is on. Brad and Tai are off down the beach to get their yellow buffs.

Brad thinks he's taken over Tai's Caleb position. He starts talking strategy with Tai. 

Ick. As one of them said, "Debbie is going Debbie on us." She thinks it's the alcohol. Debbie told us she didn't drink any, it's strategy.  

Debbie plays nicey-nice with Brad. Zeke tells the Varner Tribal story. All seemed to support him as his own tribe did.

Uh-oh. The move is on to get Michaela (my blog pool pick) first. They all seem good with it. Ah, but Zeke wants to work with Cirie and Sarah. Should they try to recruit Michaela? 

A hen lays an egg on the roof of the shelter. "The laughs before the bloodbath." 

Hali wants to work with Michaela. Michaela thinks she needs to approach Cirie and needs people on her side. Cirie is giving her good advice.

Time for the first individual Immunity Challenge. Stand on toes with a block wedged between their heads and frame. Last blockhead wins! Heehee. I couldn't resist that.  

Hali, Troyzan, Zeke, out soon. Cirie out. Debbie out. Michaela out. This was all in the first five minutes. Ozzy out. Aubry out. Brad out. Sierra out. Tai and Andrea remain. Tai out! Andrea wins Immunity, the first woman to ever win this challenge!

Andrea thinks Hali might have an idol. She wants to flush it out -- leaning towards Michaela leaving.  They're telling Hali and Micahela that Zeke is the target because he has such a good backstory. Cirie is Cirie-ously trying to save Michaela. 

Tribal Council time. Hali tells them they can pat her down -- she doesn't have an idol. Hmm. Cirie votes Michaela to save them both.

The tally:
Zeke, Zeke, Michaela, Hali, Michaela, Hali, Michaela, Hali, Michaela, Hali, Hali, Hali ...

Hali is voted out.  She's the first member of the jury.

Cirie is ready for war. She, Zeke and Aubry want to target Brad and Sierra. Andrea also wants to get them out. Is it a coup? 

Zeke thinks that Andrea and Cirie are actually bigger threats in the game. Will he be a game changer? 

Reward Challenge -- Two teams of six -- two swim out, retrieve fish puzzle pieces, two hook them up and the other two put it together. Schoolyard pick. A day of luxury is the prize.

Andrea, Zeke, Debbie, Troyzan, Ozzy and Tai win Reward! 

Oh my, the Marshalls Spa is from Marshalls the store -- all kinds of products from Marshalls. Tai streaked. 

Zeke takes his Andrea target to Debbie and Tai. Debbie is skeptical. 

Immunity Challenge -- Hang onto a pole the longest you can. The classic wrap yourself around a pole -- Ozzy has won it the two times he did it. Cirie lost it before. It's new to the others.

Cirie out first. Brad is out. Aubry out. Debbie out. Zeke out. Sierra out. Troyzan out. Sierra out. 
Andrea, Michaela, Tai and Ozzy remain. 

Michaela drops saying Ozzy won't come down. He's told them that he plans on beating his own record. 

Andrea falls hard.  Ozzy is OUT!

Tai wins Immunity! It's like he was Tai-ed onto the pole! 

Zeke pushes his Andrea agenda to Sierra. She doesn't trust him. Andrea hears it and is now ticked at Zeke. Ozzy is with Cirie. Now they're all abuzz about voting out Zeke. Whoa! Debbie has started a blindside Ozzy movement.  

Tribal Council time. They talk about how the game seems higher stake and cagier this season.  

Debbie uses her Advantage of an extra vote. 

The tally --
Ozzy, Zeke, Sierra, Ozzy, Zeke, Ozzy, Zeke, Ozzy, Zeke, Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy 

Sorry, Petals. Ozzy is outsy.   


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Petals said...

Sue - me too! But she is pretty scary. LOL

Ed in Ohio said...

Ha Ha Joe!!

Petals said...

Alex?! I need to buy a sentence!

monty924 said...

Funny to hear Debbie talk about something crazy @@

Glenn said...

Hi Everyone! I hope they keep Ozzie!

monty924 said...


monty924 said...

She should have held on to that for later

tbc said...

OMG, there goes Ozzy!! Noo

Petals said...

anybody but OZZIE please!!

Ed in Ohio said...

Uh Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe in NY said...

Wow! Of all people, Debbie slayed Ozzy!

Ed in Ohio said...

Doomsday Debbie!

Petals said...




Becky said...

Deb, you are dead! I hope you go next. Oh, and stay away from Petals. She will kick your behind.

SueGee said...

She sure didn't need to use it

Jackie said...

Let's try to keep comments off of looks, please. I'd hate to be on that show.

monty924 said...

Debbie doesn't hide the emotions on her face. She won't last long now without that advantage and she can't win squat in challenges.

SueGee said...

Petals won't kick her behind - she will beat her face to a bloody pulp!!

Petals said...

it's so sad when strength is punished.

tbc said...

I really dislike my pool pick...

Nickelpeed said...

Noooooooo! Crap!

Joe in NY said...

Strength is always punished on Survivor, Petals.

SueGee said...

wish there was a way for the audience to vote LOL Only get to vote for favorite at the end

SueGee said...

Night everyone!! Enjoy Fargo Jackie!! See you tomorrow

Jackie said...

FARGO time, gotta run! Thanks for coming by!

Becky said...

I hope the ones who voted against Oz starve to death. No, I'm not toooooo bitter. Are you bitter, Petals?

Thanks for hosting, Jackie. I bet Vincent is sound asleep.

Petals said...


Should we blog Fargo?

Nickelpeed said...

Damn Debbie. I'll be here next week. Thanks Jackie.

Ed in Ohio said...

G'Nite Everyone! Sad to see OZ go!

Thanks Jackie!!

David said...

Thanks Jackie =)

Everyone have a great week and hope to see you for TAR tomorrow night.

monty924 said...

NIght all... thanks Jackie

Petals said...

Hold me, Joe. I am so sad :(

Sharon N said...

Ozzy out... that sucks cotton balls. :(
At least we still have Tai.

tbc said...

Goodnight everyone. This was a fun extended pool party. Thanks for hosting, Jackie!!

Nickelpeed said...

I am so very sad. I dislike Debbie even more. And.everone who joined her. Grrrr

Judi Sweeney said...

Noooooooo not Ozzie!!!

Nickelpeed said...

I'm hoping they all starve next week. I hope Debbie loses it and they vote her out. Do not like Brad, Debbie and crew. Grrrrrrr.

Judi Sweeney said...

Can't believe our Ozzie is gone! I didn't like Debbie before... I REALLY dislike her now! Ugh!!!

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