Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Amazing Race: Blog Pool Match-Ups!

Lifeguard Sharon C. has made the random blog pool picks for this season's The Amazing Race. She's new at the game of guarding, but seems to have made some great matches! May the best team win! Remember, the show will air tomorrow night (Thursday) at 10pm ET!

Shamir/Sara - Indiana Jane, Jenna's Mom
London/Logan - Delee, Sharon N
Seth/Olive - ML, Cheryl in NC
Brooke/Scott - Chrob61, Becky
Tara/Joey - SueGee, Willie J, Monty924
Becca/Floyd - Janice, Brian
Liz/Michael - Judi Sweeney, Dolores in Hollywood, Ed in Ohio
Matt/Redmond - MerriLee, Jackie
Jessica/Francesca - Brenda, David, Sharon C
Vanck/Ashton - Nickelpeed, Donna in FL


David said...

Thanks Sharon. Ut Oh...I got the two women pair that could probably beat me up. lol They didn't start out on the right foot with each other and got a ride to the airport with Phil. They still came in 9th with the head start of being on the first plane. Don't remember seeing much of them on last weeks episode, so don't know why they fell to 9th. Better get your act together girls.

SueGee said...

Thanks Sharon! I had to look up my pair Tara & Joey(too soon to remember names & faces). Looks like they were in the middle of the pack last week, but I can't remember anything about them yet! So glad the show is back but hate that it is on so late!


Nickelpeed said...

Thank you, Sharon. I hope my two work together better than they did the last time. If not, I'll just vote for Matt and Redmond. LOL

I won't be here tomorrow night, I have to work. It's a bummer. It's going to be 48 degrees and rain; and I have to work outside. UGH!!

chrob61 said...

Thanks Sharon!! Unfortunately, I don't give my team that long, it seems they are already bickering.

Add me in the list that HATES the time this show is on!!! I used to watch live, but now, I just have to DVR it and watch Friday when I get home from work, then I'll come and see y'alls posts about it.