Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bloggin' AMERICAN IDOL Audition Night/Greensboro, NC - Hour 1

Okay, to start -- yes! I totally got Simon's comment to the one girl regarding Jerry Springer! Gotta love it. ;-)

I'm not too keen on the sob stories this year. Yes, I think Kelly Pickler has a good voice. But do I need to know her Momma left her at 2 and her Daddy's in jail? I know she seems nice, but what if her voice sucked and we sat through the sob story?

Tux Guy. Shawn. He's gimmicky, for sure. But I'm liking his voice. With his facial hair, he seems a lot older than 17. He's a no according to the judges. Oh, but they took Crazy Dave! Shawn's little brother is so defensive.

Now Jimmy is there with a dummy, Scottie. This gimmick at least has them smiling. Ah, he can sing. If he goes on, what about the dummy? He didn't get on, but it gave the judges some good reasons for working with dummy jokes. Now a helium-voiced woman with a pink cowboy hat is on. No, say no! "I want this more than a whole bag of gummy bears!" Sorry!

An egotistical National Guard dude is going to start. He's inviting Paula to dance with him if he sounds good. Steven David, Jr. Simon and Randy dragged Paula to dance with him as he sings 'Let's Get It On.' Onto Hollywood for him! I think this is one to watch. He's full of it, but he's a hoot. And, he can sing. Ryan Seacrest brought Steven's wife into the room to break up the party. Randy thinks the show has turned into speed dating.

A 27 year old with an almost 12 year old son named Halicia is singing. She can sing. She now says she is supposed to kiss Simon and brought plastic to kiss him through if he didn't want germs. He said no to the plastic and it's yes to Hollywood.

Going for a perky boy named Donny, age 19. Hmmm... has had a vocal coach for a year. To me, he sounds choppy, off key and fast as he sings 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.' Simon says he murdered the song. It's a no.

Now a girl named Kendra with a sob story -- has been in 42 foster homes. She married very young, three kids? She worked her way into college. She seems very level-headed. Yes, she can sing. She's kind of bubbly, perhaps it's just nerves. Paula: "Breath of fresh air." Simon says he would have said no, but since Randy and Paula said yes, Kendra tells him -- "It doesn't matter, I'm going."

Chase who's Kennet who's a bit... um different, is on. Until they flashed his real name, I was thinking woman, myself. He sang a Whitney Houston song. They're comparing him to Wayne Newtown. Now Simon is doing his "in a dress" thing. He's onto Hollywood.

"I'm not being rude" is getting a segment. I love his line "you look like the Incredible Hulk's wife." They haven't shown her sing. Now a woman is telling Ryan how short he is. Now the latter is about to sing -- her mother was a stripper. Sob story or not? Now, she is odd. She's wearing what's wild lingerie. Eep. They're advising vocal lessons and come back.

A Brandon is on now. He does a weird little hiccup thing at the end of his lines. It's a no. Aw... he's sad. His Momma thinks it's his white trash po' boy clothes.

Hour One done.

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Anonymous said...

I figured it out, Jacquie - if they show you a background story on a contestant, then they are going to Hollywood. I'm commenting on your comment about the girl whose mother left her when she was two. I don't think they would take the time to go out to people's homes if they didn't already get picked.