Saturday, September 16, 2006

Are You Ready? 'The Amazing Race 10' Teams, Photos and Information

Yes, Zoetawny created some The Amazing Race logos for me. Yay!

Tomorrow night (Sunday, September 17) marks the season premiere of The Amazing Race 10, a new night and a new season. TAR will air after 60 Minutes on CBS on Sunday evenings this year. Now, there is a problem with that. Unfortunately, CBS tends to have sports aired on Sundays often delaying the start of primetime programming, thus making the show time very unpredictable.

For example, the season premiere is slated at 8:30 PM ET around here. Will it be exactly at that time? Are they guessing? Sheesh. Another issue facing this season's show fans is that it's up against the new Sunday Night Football on NBC. That won't affect me as I'm not a football fan, but it's a concern for many. Why can't networks just leave shows in one night/timeslot for a few seasons running?

Ah, well... to the show information:
This season, we'll see more friends teams, less dating couples, more "real" people, but with the token beauty queens and model-boys thrown in. Of course, we'll have a gay male team. That should go without saying. After all, it is The Amazing Race! The race will run through thirteen countries on four different continents, and log a total of approximately 40,000 miles. Twelve teams, each composed of two racers with a pre-existing relationship, will compete for a million dollars in a whirlwind race around the world. Get your cup of coffee ready as I look a bit more into the teams. Are you ready?

Bilal and Sa'eed are best friends from Cleveland, Ohio. Bilal (age 37) is a medical supply technician, while Sa'eed (age 39) is a power lineman. They both love food, the Cleveland Browns football and their shared Islamic faith. Both men hope to stop stereotypes regarding their faith. Bilal is the outgoing and energetic one of the two while Sa'eed is more quiet and passive. Their chances of winning? Hmmm... they look a bit out of shape. I'm not overly optimistic about the win, but think they will do well with their goals.

David and Mary Conley, married parents from Stone, Kentucky, are next. (I'm just going alphabetically here from the first name of the team, no mystery or conspiracy to the order.) David is a 32-year-old coal miner, while Mary is a 31-year-old homemaker. They first met while working at a McDonalds ten years ago and have three children. While David traveled a bit while in the Army, they're not too well-traveled as a pair.

My thoughts? I bet they're nice people, but I also bet they won't come across the Finish Line at the end of the season. Prove me wrong, David and Mary! (Well, not about the nice people bit!)

Duke (age 52) and Lauren (age 26) are not only a father and daughter team, but one with fences to mend. They became estranged for several years when Lauren told her father she was a lesbian. Drama! They hope to rebuild the relationship they once had. Duke is the owner of a tour company while Lauren is a speech and language pathologist. They both hail from Warwick, Rhode Island.

I think their bond together will indeed grow, and they'll probably place well in the race. Will they win? My personal jury is out on that.

These women are both 24-years old and they're both beauty queens. Dustin is the reigning Miss California and a marketing director from Riverside, California. Kandice is the reigning Miss New York and a Rockette (you know, the chorus line ones from Radio City Music Hall) living in New York City, New York. They first met while rooming together as they participated in a Miss USA Pageant and have been best friends ever since. Dustin is religious and conservative while Kandice is wild and impulsive.

Well, I'm not all that keen on beauty queens on the show and they generally don't do overly well. But, I also know that becoming and being a Rockette is tough work and requires a lot of determination. Maybe these girls have a shot! Much may depend on whether Dustin has what it takes.

Erwin and Godwin Cho, ages 32 and 29 respectively, are brothers hailing from San Francisco, California. Erwin is an insurance company manager and Godwin is a financial analyst. Erwin is a Harvard grad and Godwin wants to show he has what it takes to win. They're both well-traveled and love to compete.

I like these guys and put them in my personal How They Might Win Or Make It Near The End category. They're smart, young, and could very well both have what it takes to bring home the prize.

Both Kellie and Jamie are 22-years old and both hail from Columbia, South Carolina. Kellie is studying broadcast journalism and Jamie is a recent college graduate. They were both active on the cheerleading squad, are highly competitive, physically fit, and feel that they can win the race.

Hmmm... I foresee some rivalry for Alpha Female positioning between these two and the Dustin/Kandice team. I just feel it, don't you? These women seem to have the spunk and energy, but I don't predict they'll win the race.

Lyn and Karlyn are both 32-years old. Lyn is a fourth-grade teacher from Birmingham, Alabama, while Karlyn is a program analyst from Helena, Alabama. They've known each other since they met in 9th grade and it's the first time they've traveled abroad together. Neither has much traveling experience, but they believe they're witty and resourceful.

Will that be enough to carry them through the Finish Line first? I don't know. I think I'll like this team as people, but as racers they could very well fall behind the pack. I hope I'm wrong.

Peter and Sarah are already huge Internet favorites for the win, and I have to admit to falling under their spell. Peter is a 35-year old clinical prosthetisist from Laguna Beach, California. Sarah, age 31, is a motivitional speaker from Trabuco Canyon, California. Sarah is the first woman to compete in the Hawaiian Iron Man Triathalon and Peter travels the country as a consultant speaking to amputees about prosthetic legs.

Sarah's left leg was deformed due to a condition called proximal femoral focus deficiency and was amputated when she was 7-years old. She's gone onto compete in many marathons (including NYC, L.A., London and more) and is a true athlete. Heck, she might be in better shape than Peter! I think that competitively, these two will do very well and could be the winners if they also know their traveling... which is another strength.

A dating couple, eh? I hope they get along better than some we've seen in the past! Rob, age 31, is a bartender and real estate student from Los Angeles, California. Kimberly, age 28, is in public relations and also hails from Los Angeles. They met while bartending and their relationship has had some "rocky moments." Uh-oh. Not good. What's with troubled couples looking to make or break their relationship on this show?

I predict squabbling and I have no clue how well-traveled or athletic either of these two are. Next!

A gay male team on The Amazing Race, what a shocker! Yes, read that with sarcasm. Has there ever been a season of the show without a gay male team? I know one year they just had a gay male with his brother and the Cha-Chas weren't really a couple, but...!

Tom, age 39, is a college admissions director while Terry, age 45, is a special events director. Both are from New York City, New York. They say they playfully nitpick at each other, but their relationship is solid. They think the race will prove to them that they indeed have what it takes to stay together. They've been dating for two years. They say they're both feisty and fun-loving. Could they be contenders for the win? Maybe, but I think they might be fun to watch whether they win or not... and they're my "local" team this season.

Up next is the requisite pretty-boy-heterosexual-models team. Tyler (not to be confused with last season's Tyler, for sure) is 29 and James is 27. Both are from Los Angeles, California. Both are models. I have to roll my eyes as I type that, y'know. It could be worse. They could be bartender/models. They feel that since they've each had substance-abuse problems and have gone through rehab, they're tough models. Or, something to that effect. They think their new lease on life will carry them through to the finish line.

Well, gag me now. I'll give them a chance, but I'm so tired of models and wannabe actors on reality shows. Sorry, but the real life is not composed strictly of pretty. That said, I like to watch male eye-candy.

A first for the show -- an Indian-American team! Vipul, age 29, is in sales and his wife Arti, age 26, is a nutritional educator. They're from Windermere, Florida. They both speak several languages and are well-traveled. Vipul admits to being a bit over-zealous, but Arti thinks she reins him in nicely. Will this be a Hindi Jonathan and Victoria Baker? Oh my gosh, I hope not!

I think this couple has the potential for a really strong showing in the race and might be contenders for the win. A lot will depend on tempermant. I'm always leery when a contestant says he or she is over-zealous. I guess we'll see.

So, there are the teams we'll see this season. Have you picked a favorite? Or a least favorite?


Anonymous said...

The Cha-Chas! Ahhhh, good memories!

Can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

I guess I have to root for the Cleveland team since I, too, am from Cleveland.

Why does Cleveland always get the teams/people that you know could never win? (ie...Scott Sabol from American Idol) Ah well. Hope they pull it off, though I do think that the team with the marathon lady has the best chance.

Anyone wanna try out with TAR with me for next season? We could be the team that met on Jackie's blog but hasn't actually met in real life. ;) Let me know.


Kelly said...


Hi - Thanks for all you do! I just dicovered you this summer during BB7...I also love TAR and Survivor.

I will find it very hard to like a team on TAR as much as I liked Tyler and BJ!!

Did I read somewhere that you also do a write up for LOST? I missed the last 3 episodes of last season. I would love to read what you wrote if you did blog it.


Jackie said...

Kelly - I've only rarely touched on LOST in the past (because I'm scared I miss too many clues). I'd recommend hitting the ABC website and catching up before October 4. And, once the show starts, I'll really be depending on comments from the blog readers to catch what I may miss.

Anonymous said... hard in the kinda rooting for Sarah and Peter...but that could change..i tend to change once i see how people are with eachother and how they compete....i remember the African American team that won two seasons ago??? where they wanted a baby but couldn't have one and now through winning could go through invitro or adoption..can't remember the whole story..all I know what that I was rooting for them and cried tears of joy when they won.


Anonymous said...

OH...PS..thanks for all the bios on TAR and rock


sharon said...

I can hardly wait for tomorrow night and the beginning of another TAR! I sooo love this show and for the past two years,my favorites have won.I loved BJ/TYLER and JOYCE/UCHENNA and hope to find another team I can really relate to and cheer on this season.

On paper(Jackie's blog) I am thinking SARAH/PETER look very promising,but like another poster said,you have to see them interact to get a feel for the kind of people they are and the dynamics of the team. I hope they do well and I like the married Indian couple.It always seems to help if they have travel experience and speak more than English. I think the "newbies" who've never traveled are always at a distinct disadvantage. It's just like poor swimmers going out for Survivor and then wondering why they don't do well......uh,hello.have you ever watched the game?

I should be rooting for the guys from Cleveland since I live very close. But truly don't think they have much of a shot,although I do admire their courage and dedication to want to shed light on their religion.

In the words of BB alum MONICA...the game is OWN!!!!!!

sharon said...

OOPS..........that should be AWN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I'm a huge fan of both football and "60 Minutes". If CBS is carrying a 4 p.m. EST game, it's very likely that TAR will start late. If the game goes into overtime, the start could be as much as an hour late--that's pretty unusual, though. I'd say it's generally 15-30 minutes late. Of course, if CBS isn't carrying a late game in your area, everything starts right on time.

ORKMommy said...

Thanks for the bio's Jackie. I enjoy reading yours more than the ones on the CBS website.

I too am tired of the "pretty girl and boy" teams. I hope they get the boot early on. I haven't picked a favorite yet, I like to wait until I see their personalities. I don't think we'll ever see another BJ & Tyler though!! Personally, I was hoping for another "Dating/Virgins" team. Remember them? I still can't figure out why they kept flashing that on the screen! Does it really matter if a team is virginal or not??

Erica -- I'll try out with you!! I'd love to do TAR, but have nobody to do it with!!

Kelly -- Another Jackie fan turned me onto The Lost Blog. I haven't watched the show since the first season and this blog is excellent for recapping. The person who writes it is almost as good as Jackie :)

Anonymous said...

I'm back too. I'm a reality show junky so I watch both Survivor and TAR as well as BB and quite a few others. I loved Jackie's BB blog so I'm sticking around. LOL, I see that the Cleveland area is well represented on this blog. I'm also living in the Cleveland area but since I'm not really from here I don't feel obligated to cheer for the Cleveland team. I am also waiting to see how the teams behave before I choose a favorite. I look forward to chatting with ou all. Erica, I would also love to team up with you but I don't think I wold be much of an asset so I am probably better of being on the sidelines.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone direct me to post-BB updates? I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I would like to know if there were any repercussions to the finale. Thanks for the great blog Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Good question, anon 11:25 PM. I'd also like to know if there are any "stories" about the former HGs.

It's kinda lonely in here, huh? I SO miss BB.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning All!!

I was so excited to find this place during BB7 and even more excited to find you followed TAR and SURVIVOR!!

Just clicked on to see what you had to say about the start of TAR tonight. Thanks so much, Jackie, for the bios.

I don't often pick a facorite right away. About half way through the race I do. Up until that time, I sit in front of the TV muttering about those I don't like and encouraging the other times to get beat them. Celebrating when Victoria and that awful person in her life (can't remember his name) came in last and left. I got so tired of them. There is alomost always a moment when one team does something, and I think.... they deserve to win. Like when Joyce (I think is her name) shaved her head for the fast forward. She was crying, her husband was crying, I was crying. They had already touched me when they didn't want to leave the orphange (sp?). After that I was yelling at them to hurry up, telling them to stop bickering and behind them all the way.

BJ and Tyler, just something about those overgrown boys that you had to love. Always with a smile and always having a good time.

Jackie, I can not thank you enough for this place. My friends and family think I totally lost my mind this time of year. :)

Was going out to eat Thursday, but said we had to go somewhere fast, cause SURVIVOR was coming on at 8. Reaction: AWWW SH***! Here we go again. My reaction: YEP!! I can't wait!!! Love it!!

I'm not sure about this new night for TAR, but whatever time it finally gets on, I'll be there, front and center!!


Terry in CA said...

Thanks so much jackie for the updates...right now Ilvoe them all!! Cant wait till they show their true colors...I am having BB withdrawls bad here...I was always hopping on the computer to check your blog for the action....there must be some kind of therapy for us out there....
I loved,loved, Uchenna and Joyce all the way thru they had my vote. when she shaved her head, I was in tears, and the loving way he adored her thru it all...Anyone know about them, a pregnancy or an adoption??

Smokey said...

Jackie, my thoughts exactly on the Sunday night schedule being pushed back due to sports. I hate it!!! I hope that everyone will complain to CBS about it (via the feedback form on as I have. Maybe we can make a difference! Here's what I sent them.

>>>I am extremely disappointed in the move of The Amazing Race to Sunday night. CBS is notorious for having sports programming during the day that runs into the evening programming. Therefore, we can never be sure exactly what time The Amazing Race will start. Rest assured, we will NOT be watching CBS all day and night hoping to catch TAR, if that is the idea. Rather, we will set the VCR for a 2-3 hour time block to be sure to catch it and will tune in to ABC for the evening. Please move TAR back to a day when this will not be necessary.<<<

Penny said...

I'll be interesing to watch Peter and Sarah. I have to give her a lot of credit. What an inspiration!


You'll do fine on Lost. Just have people help you. It's easy to miss clues, that's where others come in and help. You'll probably get die hards coming in and piping up, but just take it with a grain of salt. Some of them get nasty, but just ignore it. They don't know anything more than the rest of us.

It's like I've posted before, I've gone to their message boards and was afraid to even post because they (the die-hards) can get pretty mean. HOWEVER, they are guessing just like the rest of us and they haven't been watching it any longer. I've been watching since the very first episode and I am still learning things after watching them again. So, the opinions are just that - opinions.

And, Orkmommy, thanks for the Lost Blog.

Nancy B. said...

Hey, Jackie. Somebody "doctored" the pictures because Mary's teeth don't look anywhere as nice on TV as they do in the picture. :)

Anonymous said...

Jackie dear: sorry you've been under the weather. Not sure what you did about "Kidnapped" last night (I had the same dilemma between Project Runway and Kidnapped and the Barbara Walters interview with Steve Irwin's widow). "Kidnapped" is awesome! I happened to catch the first episode when they rebroadcast it last Saturday. Just fyi -- in my area (Wash DC), NBC is airing both episodes of Kidnapped on Saturday night (Sept 30) at 9 and 10. That's the first episode and the second episode and that should catch everyone up. There are so many layers and the cast is fantastic.