Thursday, September 14, 2006

'Survivor 13: Cook Islands' - Episode 1 or "How To Cure A Bad Wind Headache"

Okay, this looks like a good cast! I don't care how they're split up. It's great to see real diversity on the show!

Tonight's show began a bit differently as the tribes were already separated by ethnicity/race... whatever. They had two minutes to gather supplies from bananas to firewood to two live chickens to Hawaii-sling fishing spears and more. Each tribe had a raft in their tribe colors and the game was on.

Although there are longer names for the tribes, Jeff Probst referred to them by abbreviated names, so will I. After all, I really don't think this tribe split will last all that long. Hiki Tribe is the African-Americans, Aitu Tribe is the Latino-Americans, Puka Tribe is the Asian-Americans, and Raro Tribe is the Caucasians.

The supplies were in boxes, not all that easily accessed on the boat, and not really enough for all. So, it was a scramble for survival right at the start of the game. Yul (Puka) had a chicken which Jonathan (Raro) grabbed away. Not how to win friends and influence people, eh?

Each tribe was then shown in turn as they arrived to settle their camps. To be honest, I don't know if that was their actual arrival order at their camps. So don't ask. The first tribe was the Aitu Tribe. Billy thinks the tribe will have an advantage because they're all from more tropical areas. He joked about his parents rowing to the US from an island and he was rowing to an island. The rest of the tribe just isn't too impressed with Billy, though. They think he's out of shape and talks more than knows how to really do anything. Ozzy, on the other hand, is not just another pretty face. He can shimmy up a coconut tree like he's been doing it all his life. Overall, they're off to a good start.

Next was the Puka tribe. Cao-Boi isn't quite meshing with the rest of the group. They don't like his jokes and I think he's just so different from them that they're not sure how to take him. He's a refugee actually born in Vietnam and older than the others, and he thinks he probably belongs on a Hippie-American tribe. Cao-Boi thinks the Asians will be underestimated if the others go by stereotypes while Yul is concerned that they will be stereotyped and caricatured. I think this tribe is going to be very tough. They're also working together well even though one of the women commented that while they're all grouped as Asians, they're from very different cultures for the most part.

Then it was onto the Hiki Tribe's arrival. Lots of spirit and they want to represent and all that good stuff. But Sekou alienated most of the others when he took charge. A point to remember - if you're going to take charge, you should have an idea of what you're doing. He seemed to have no real idea. Sundra thinks it's not so much that they're black, but most are city slickers and don't really have experience in the woods. Nathan, the only other male on the tribe, bristled at being told what to do. He said, "Black people don't like to be told what to do." Uh-oh, Sekou!

Over at the Raro tribe, they seem to be the ones worried more about being a bit politically correct, it seems. Adam thinks the show is more about individuals and personalities within tribes. Jessica (the one with the tattoo on her shoulder) calls herself Flicka or something like that. She thinks they have a good mix, but she's the only non-mainstream type. Jonathan admitted to the others that he stole Yul's chicken. They didn't seem too thrilled even though it was food for their own survival. Or not! JessFlicka, for some odd reason, lifted the wooden crate containing the two chickens and they escaped into the woods. Adam's mad. Jonathan is madder. Good. I don't like him and he shouldn't have stolen the chicken from Yul. So there. Alas, it puts JessFlicka in a bad light.

The focus for the next few days shifted from tribe to tribe. Tensions increased over Sekou in Hiki and the split in that tribe became Rebecca and Sundra, Sekou and Nathan, with Stephannie as "odd man out." Sekou's laziness took a toll on the rest, even his best bud Nathan. All talk. And, I wanted so to like him because his musical background is incredible. Oh, well!

Over at Raro, Candice and Adam are snuggling. For warmth, they say. Huh. Then more snuggle with them and they make a "cuddle puddle" to stay warm for the night. Parvati picks up the Candice/Adam vibes. Only two days into the show and we have a couple going on.

Than came the best part of the whole show. Well, the part that made me smile, at least. At the Puka Tribe, Brad had a headache he thought was caused by being seasick. Cao-Boi decided he had a bad wind headache and proceeded to perform some sort of native folk medicine ritual which was a mix of a strong massage, pinching and pulling the skin betwixt Brad's eyes to let it (the bad wind) out. The result? As Brad said, "My headache is gone, but now I have a big red dot on my forehead." The others thought it was a hoot, but it apparently did solve the headache.

The Immunity and Reward Challenge were one and the same this week. Jeff announced that the losing tribe would face Tribal Council and one would go home. The first-place tribe would win Immunity and a fire-making kit which even included a kerosene lamp. Second and third place tribes win Immunity and a flint to make their own fire. Jeff also mentioned that he had an envelope he'd open for the losing tribe after the challenge. He also called out Jonathan on stealing the chicken and Jonathan laughed it off. The challenge itself was very Survivor, but not exactly as we've seen before. The tribes had to put together puzzle boats, row out, get fire, come back, put together puzzles, climb and raise flag. Only on Survivor, only on Survivor. Puka (Asian) won the challenge. Aitu (Latino) won 2nd place. Raro (Caucasian) won 3rd. Hiki (African-American) lost.

The envelope, please.

Ah, the losing tribe gets to pick one person from any of the three winning tribes to send to Exile Island for two days. Sekou and Nathan immediately stepped away from the women. Hey! The men decided that Jonathan should go because of the stolen chicken. Jeff asked why the women weren't involved and one said the guys just seemed to have their minds made up.

Jonathan fussed and moaned, then he fussed some more. He looked at the clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol, dug around a bit, then lay down... fussing. (Have I mentioned that this guy is on my Get Rid Of Him Soon List? He is. Make him go away. Pompous, chicken-thieving so-and-so!)

As Hiki prepared for the vote, Sekou and Nathan were confident that even though the women were tight, no way would they or could they vote one of the two strong men in the tribe out. How could they? For insurance, Sekou approached Stephannie (odd wo-man out) and tried to secure her vote for Sundra to leave. After all, they'd be cutting their own throats if they voted out Nathan or him. Yes, really.


At Tribal Council, Nathan and Sekou voted to oust Sundra while the women voted as a block against Sekou. What can I say? He deserved it. Perhaps it will come back to haunt them if they have a brute strength rope pulling something heavy kind of comp, but he's not the all that he believed himself to be. The women had said the weakest should go, but I don't believe they meant physically weakest.

"Sekou, the tribe has spoken."

He took it well, still thinks he's all that and left like a class act (BB7 reference). "My torch may be out, but my flame is still burning."

So, that's the recap. I have to get to know these folks better, but a few made strong first impressions. JessFlicka, the performance artist, reminds me a lot of last season's performance artist, Courtney. That's not necessarily a good thing, you understand. Jonathan, though not with a spouse on the show, reminds me of Jonathan Baker from The Amazing Race. That's a worse thing. I like Stephannie. I really enjoy Cao-Boi, but I doubt he'll win it all. I think Ozzy is definitely someone to watch for the possible win.

What are your thoughts?


cat said...

so early to tell, but as usual your insights are outstanding. I like "cow boy", but agree his "humor" might get him kicked out sooner than later. the guy who stole the chicken (ala that guy who stole everyones shoes a couple of survivors ago, Rufus?), it is survivor after all, and alls fair in love and war, but I didn't find him to be a likable character.

holly said...

I agree...Ozzy is one to watch...and I'll be watching that hot little tamale! He's a cutie! Drool!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't too sure about the divisions among the tribes, but it may be more fun than I thought. Can't choose my likes and dislikes yet tho...takes me about a month to get to know the players. Thank you so much Jackie for all your hard work...much appreciated.


ORKMommy said...

Thanks for the update Jackie. I didn't get home until about 10 min into the show, then I was trying to fix dinner while watching. Needless to say, I missed about the first 25 minutes.

I'm pulling for Candice. I'm in a Survivor pool at work and if she wins, I win $200! GO CANDICE!! One question though...How did I get stuck with the "showmance" girl? I'm so sick of showmances!! Oh well, if it wins me $200 I say 'You go girlfriend'!! ( I sound like Mike Boogie...I'm gonna use her to win money!!)

You're off to a great start Jackie! Are you planning on introducing the TAR teams like you did for Survivor?

Anonymous said...

Ok Folks, I am the one that mentioned that a certain ethnic group would be at a disadvantage with the water comps. Did you happen to notice that one of the AFAM (African-American) women said in her first "interview" that she wanted to prove that Black people can swim???? See, even they know this so I was not being racist and they did come in last tonight. AFAM's can run faster because they have a longer calcaneus heal bone.

Hey, this race thing might actually be a learning experience if everyone doesn't get so sensitive & politically correct.

Lynda said...

Finally, some interesting people to watch! I tend to agree with your first blush on everyone. Too many people to get to know in an hour, but so far it seems like a good cast. So is it politically incorrect to say that so far I'm rooting for the Asian team? I like everyone on it and they seem to work together most cohesively.

When I saw the cuddling going on I screamed at the TV.. "After one night???" My roommate reminded me that it was the second night so I changed it to "After two nights???" I'm sorry, Jackie, but I have to borrow an eyeroll. @@ Save us from showmances!

petals said...

Hey Ork & everyone ! I hate that Survivor is seperated by race.

I was not surprised about which tribes made the final three. What did make me laugh was the seemingly inane criteria by which the losing tribe chose who was to go to Exile: "The white guy that grabbed the chicken".

Need I say more?

Larababe said...

Pretty good bunch of people but the African American team is at a disadvantage because they are not very athletic looking at all. I could care less about the race aspect of the game. I agree that it probably won't last very long. I also agree that Ozzie "Mogli" will do very well in this game. So far I am rooting for him. I love chicken man's eyes though! Looking forward to getting to know the participants more and more.

Jackie said...

ORKMommy - I put up a brief (no pictures) introduction to the TAR Teams a bit ago at this entry:

I'll get something more up on Saturday about them!

Jackie said...

Holly - If you drool all over the comments, you'll have to clean it up.

Hey, he owns property in Panama, too!


holly said...

It's a deal Jackie!


Terry in CA said...

Holly you have good taste.....
There were sooo many personalities to will take a while..but Ozzy does look like a winner already.....and save us from any remote kind of showmance..however, I do think that the cuddling was a good idea since they didnt get a good shelter going....

Anonymous said...

It may be the way it was filmed, but did anyone think it was unfair that Jeff told Faro or Raro (I forget their name) that they forgot their puzzle pieces which allowed them to go back and finish the challenge a bit quicker? Maybe Hiki was further behind than it appeared on film. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Don't really care about the "political correctness" of the division of tribes, but I'm telling ya' all, the Asian Americans are the tribe to watch. And, although I'm sure there will be a bizillion people disagreeing with me, I LOVE Cao-Boi. I grew up in the 70's era and that "hippie" thing has it going on for me. So, being in that era, I distinctly remember the Vietnam War and am enthralled by his "old world" knowledge and am impressed with his attitude. I Love Him. The young cuties, I'll enjoy watching them, but Cao-Boi is the man for me.
Animal Lover
(I love my pets, as well as other's, as long as they're loved)

Taytaa17 said...

Animal Lover - post 2:03 AM
I agree with you! I also gtew up during the Viet Nam era, but I am most fascinated with and drawn to "Alternative Medicine," - acupuncture, manipulation, Natural Healing techniques and home remedies. I like the Asian American tribe, especially Cao-Boi!

Anonymous said...


Let's all sing Happy Birthday to Jackie!
No "bad wind headaches" today on Jackie's special day. :)

Ok, enough embarrassing our gracious host. The castaways sure seem like a very interesting group. It will take me another episode to remember the tribes names and pronounce them correctly. LOL! I didn't like Sekou but now that he's gone already I don't have to worry about it. Jonathan seems way too aggressive and pushy but I'll reserve that opinion for later. Brad was a good sport with Cao-boi's headache remedy. I'd be wanting to call Dr. Will to fix that blemish. LOL! I wonder if Candice and Adam will be our "Will and Janelle"? Gotta love another showmance budding. They had better be careful making obvious alliances much too soon, but it didn't seem to hurt "Romber".

All in all, I think it's going to be a good one with all the diversity and we might learn something new about cultures different than our own.

Do we really have to wait another week for the next episode? No live feeds? At least Jackie might get some well deserved rest until TAR starts, anyway.

C U soon!

PL said...

Jackie, I'm not a Survivor watcher -- but I got hooked reading your BB7 blog, so I'm back and watching to share in the fun.

At first I didn't know if I liked the idea of the race teams, but I did want to see it...

I shocked myself.

I'm Asian and a healer, slightly older than Cao-Boi -- hey, I just checked and his b'day is the same as mine! Now I HAVE to root for him....

But what I was saying: I got really racial myself, screaming, "Go Puka, go Puka!" And I called EVERYONE by their ethnicity: that white guy, that black girl, that latina, etc. I couldn't tell if I was PC or not -- and fortunately, I really didn't care anymore. What's the point of being PC anyway? Isn't that the easiest way to describe someone when everyone is divided by color/race? What's the big deal?!?!

I feel old.

petals said...

Jackie, your birthday????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! ! !! ! !! !

MEB said...

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (I was singing that...just a little rendition I made

This season of Survivor already has me sitting on the edge of my seat... Love it, love it, love it.

Thanks for the blog Jackie... I'll be back.

Decided to try to put my name at the front...don't know if it'll work until I send this... meb

ORKMommy said...


29 again? ;)

Have a fantabulous day!!

RyzandShyn said...

I like Yul Kwon from the Asian tribe for the win.
And to Anon at 11:31: I thought the same thing, all that water and city born and raised folks won't mix.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain how Exile Island works? I didn't get all that.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke , the teams with the 3 men came in 1st and 2nd...go figure! It should have been 3 and 3 from the start. And of course the loser would stick with the same sex and vote out the men , now they are up a tree for sure!

Anonymous said...

I think this season will be a good one! I just wish it was on 3 times a week like BB was...LOL
I'm also in a pool and I have Yul, and hoping he wins!!!
I also have to agree with Holly, that Ozzy is a HOTTIE!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jackie!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:25 - I agree with you about the 3 men on a team thing. As soon as I saw the breakdown of the teams I knew Puka and Aitu would have an advantage. I think it was a bad call strategically for Hiki to get rid of Sekou this soon, it's going to backfire on them. So far I do have to say that Cao-Boi is my favorite. I like his attitude and he has a sense of humor, unlike the rest of his team that seem very "ethnicity-sensitive". I like Ozzy too, but he'll never make it to the end, people will be afraid of him and kick him out early.

Happy Birthday to Jackie, if it is indeed your birthday, I never actually saw you admit to it.


Cyndi said...

Hi Jackie -
You got me hooked! I haven't watched survivor since season two but I had to come and see what all the hype was about! LOVED IT!! What a great show! I would really have liked the teams to be divided equally men/women to prove that sexist theory wrong but otherwise it was a great show! Can't wait to get addicted (have been suffering from a little BB withdrawel)~

dimples8 said...

I loved the show. I think we'll all learn something new about different ethnic groups this season. The teams are not very well balanced in terms of males vs females so we'll just have to see how that all plays out! I am praying that we will not have to endure another showmance!!!

Sydney said...
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Sydney said...

Hey Petals - I left you a message after your comment on my page, if you can check back --

WHEW -- Iwas going to have withdrawls if I didn't sign on and see all my pals names on here! I'm hooked on this blog space!

Loke Orkmommy, I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask to have the same intro/pic pic of the TAR teams. I also liked seeing your personal thoughts on each Jackie. Thanks, syd

Anonymous said...

Hiki tribe did right by voting out Sekou. He was lazy and was trying to be head of their tribe without considering the other peoples opinions. He was not in shape for physical indurances and probably would of slowed them down even more. Whats up with Raro tribe not making any kind of shelter? Not to smart IMO

Terry in CA said...

Hippo Birdie to Ewe,
Hippo Birdie to Ewe,
Hippo Birrrrrdie deer Jackie,
Hippo Birdie to Ewe!

Love you gal!

Bob said...

What a Joke!
It is fixed big time and the editing is horrible. The people stink! The challengers are garbage.
The uneven sexes are not fair.

dawn said...

I like this survivor but I do wish the sexes were equal on teams. If anyone has ever watched General Hospital the man that went to exile I think Jonathan looks like Jax- Ingo Rademacher

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that I have never watched Survivor before but since Jackie is posting on this I just had to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it.

Vegas said...

Can I just say that I'm not an avid survior watcher. I haven't watched since season 1. But I feel a void left by BB7 (I'm a huge fan and have watched every season) and this summer I have become addicted to Jackie's blog (it's the best) so I'm watching survivor.
My favorite is Yul not just casue he's hot either...I love the asian tribe...and I definately think Ozzy is one to watch...the "jury" is still out on the rest.

Nancy in Washington said...

With all the buff black men around we get Sekou..out of shape and lazy to boot. Sadly the AA team was at a disadvantge out of the gate with two men who were not particularly physically strong and three women. I was sad to see them first up at elimination. They needed either three men or two men who had some muscle. I thnk they'll be the first team eliminated. For all around skills, my money is on the Asian team, and as far as personalities I liked them all though Cai Bo may get on people's nerves. But with his ability with native medicine I'd keep him around for a while. As for Jonathan actor/wannabee I think almost everyone took a dislike to him because of his attitude and the whining on Exile Island, shades of James of BB. He should be like Tom and use his time to look for the idol. Didn't seem like he spent much time studying the clue carefully, tho it may have been the editing. At any rate, good start with lots of new people to get to know. As for Flika...I think she's toast after the stupid and useless move of lifting the top off the chicken cage. At some point everyone will remember they could have had "protein" and blame her for her carelessness.

Anonymous said...

I feel alittle sorry for Flika on Raro. I don't think it was pointed out to everyone that the chikens where under the crate. Someone should have made sure everyone knew they where there, being how important they could have been as a food source.

Anonymous said...

Why was Jeff quick to point out to Raro that their puzzle pieces were not in place?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I watched this first episode. I am not a survivor fan and when I heard they were dividing by race I was really turned off.

Really the only reason I watched was so I could follow along with Jackie's blog.

My impression is that the race stuff was sort of of minor issue in the show for me. But it was just confirmed for me that for whatever reason this is just one reality show that I just do not get into.

I'll probably just read your blog Jackie on it and that's it. I do look forward to the Lost blog though.


Anonymous said...

Jackie - I have been reading your blog all throughout BB7 - I was addicted!! This is my first comment though.

I loved the show last night, but was a little disappointed that the teams were not set up more fairly - 3 & 3 on each team. I think that it might be a disadvantage.

Thanks for your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

when does SURVIVOR Air again?
nite and time please Jackie?

Anonymous said...

I could not believe the 2 A.A. men actually made that decision without getting the womens input.

One of the Women said to them, let's talk, and the 2 men just walked away.
It is No Surprise to me, that the 3 women broke that pair apart.

I think in all other seasons, the players realized they needed to mix, men and women.
Later they might gang up with their own sex. But to do it at the first game, was a terrible move. The correct men was voted out.
He wanted all control.

It is interesting to find out the Asian group has different ethnic people in the one group.

So far everyone is a-ok. to me.
Thanks Jackie for your great blog & blogging.

holly said...

I keep seeing comments about how the teams should have been equal male/female. If that was the case there would in all probability, not definitely, a split vote. This way there "should" be an odd person out when most people "team" up. That odd person is the swing vote to get things going. Some teams have more men, some have more women, it's all good.


mzflea said...

Hi Jackie - I decided to watch Survivor this season. Seko sealed hiis own fate. My least favorite team is the white lame they couldn't put up shelter! I do not like Jonathon for he seems so full of himself. Gotta say this but Ozzie is HOT!!! The Asian team is going to suprise peeps. Of course Cao Boi is one of my favs so far and that team would be a waste w/o him for the women on that team I'm not to impressed with. Yep the Latinos and the Asians are the strongest.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea how they can start doing tribe splits. When it gets down to a total of 18 Survivors they can reduce down to 3 tribes of 6. They can do this by the last place tribe in a reward being disolved and the winning tribes take turns adding members from the losing tribe. Then when it gets down to 14 they can then make 2 tribes of 7. Then the one tribe at the merger. Does anyone think this might be their best way to go from 4 tribes down to 1 at the end?

Bob said...

Its not for voting its for the challengers, wonder why the 2 teams with the 3 men kicked ass!

MEB said...

Anon 11:36am I wondered the same thing. If he had kept inferring that third place was up for grabs, the A.A. team would have possibly had a better chance to catch up. I guess the "girls" showed the guys that you can't leave them out of the decision making process without paying the consequences. May be their downfall to have gotten rid of some of their physical strength, but he was going to have to go anyway. Too lazy.

Ozzy is adorable! Coi Boi may end up getting on my nerves... jury is out on that one still.

Looking forward to next week!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I saw the "Puka" name for a team. "Puka" in Hawaiian means "Hole". There is another Hawaiian word to put in front of it, but I can't say it.

I loved the show, the ethnic mixing, the editing was much better then last year. I also feel the 3-2 men/women on different tribes is not as fair.

From what I could tell in just one short hour, I think the Asian & Hipanic teams will be the ones to watch and do really well.

sharon said...

Well,I thought the first episode was kind of tame,it's hard to focus much on any one tribe when you have 4 that you have to cover,so not much info in depth about any of them.

We'll have to see if the man/woman split makes much difference on the tribes,not all challenges are physical. BUT the Asian and Hispanic teams look much younger and athletic than the other two do.
Plus,the PUKA's worked really well together right out of the chute.

Why do you reward the "losing" team by allowing then to send some-one to Exile Island? That to me didn't quite make sense.Also,Jeff telling RARO they had left off the direction squares also didn't seem very fair.Not too sad that JONATHON got sent away,he doesn't impress me much,seemed a little like (ugh) Richard Hatch to me.

So,if there are 20 people this time and the same # of days,will there be double eliminations???

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,JACKIE!!!! I knew you were a special person and having a September birthday just proves it!! Here's to September babies......mine is the 29th!!

Bob said...

And why did they get fire?they lost
is this survivor or Club Med!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the updates, as always, you are awesome.

Thisis just an FYI. Rebecca who is on the Hiki tribe works on The View as a makeup artist and get this Elisabeth Hasselbach was on Survivor the Australian Outback. She was one of the woman who took of her clothes for some peanut butter.

I wonder if Elisabeth gave Rebecca any last minute advice.


Anonymous said...

The game is over and we are watching the taped version of as Danielle of BB would say..."it is what it is" regarding the composition of teams. Hard to have complete equality, but agree that the teams with three men had a physical advantage in the first challenge...altho there were two puzzles to level the playing field a bit with a "mental" challenge. Jeff always reminds people of things...what did you want him to do...stand there and watch them ignite their fire and then say you didn't complete the task. No, he always let's players know what they are doing wrong, keeps them updated on how others are doing and generally tried to keep things moving along. I thought it was a good challenge. Unfortunately the AA team got bogged down at the first part and were unable to get their boat together. But I agree, they didn't have even one strong male. The musician was older and out of shape, and seemed to tire easily, so they basically had one man compared to three men on some of the other teams. They really need to step up their game if they want to win. I think the Caucasian team looked like a bunch of lightweights and/or shelter? My interest lies with the Asian and Hispanic teams. I think they will kick serious butt.

quistian said...

Political Correctness is always a problem.
I'm offended as a European-American. The tribes should be labeled consistently. Suspiciously enough, the only tribe labeled racially is the White tribe. "Caucasian" is racial. The Black tribe should then be "Negroid". The Asian tribe should then be "Mongoloid". If the Black tribe is African-American then the White tribe should be European-American. Or how about White and Black.
The philosophy of the Left, in PC, has left them in a stupid, blind, discriminating hole. ...Except to them, only White people can be discriminating/prejudice.

But it's interesting and I'm glad to watch.

petals said...

Hey guys!!! Jackie, I hope you had a wonderful birthday.{{hugs}}

In "real life" I am an outspoken, NON-politically correct,Neo-Con. It is impossible for me to watch & blog on this season of Survivor without causing a ruckus. Lemme say just this: Its funny when I'm right all the time. And on more safe ground:
Any news about the BB peeps?

Anonymous said...

So, if the AA tribe loses another challenge and goes to TC again, will the women continue voting as a block and send Nathan packing? If they do, that would virtually assure the elimination of their tribe.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jackie,

I am read all the posts, and I can tell some of you are not die hard Survivor fans.

For those of you who know how Survivor works, you know that a merge is going to happen soon. The four teams will merge into 2 teams, then the two teams will merge into one team and then you will have the ultimate Survivor.

There is no way that one team will be voted out completely. Last season there was a merge right away and then the four teams became two. And there was one person left and he went to Exile Island.

Trust me, the merge will either happen on the next episode and if not then, then the next episode.


Anonymous said...

If a tribe comes into the merge with only 1 or 2 members left, they are at a distinct disadvantage (numbers wise)and will be the first ones picked off at TC.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07--Elisabeth was not one that took off her clothes for P.B. That was Lisa Morasca and Holly(I think was her name). She was a P.E. teacher from Missouri. Later they both posed in Playboy. But, yes, Rebecca does work for The View. I wonder what advice Elisabeth had for her. Just in reading the blog bio of each tribe the Asians seemed the ones to beat and after last night I think that is right. Typically the tribes do merge into two but it would be a fun twist to merge to three, than two. That would keep the personal dynamics changing and create more conflict(which is why we watch isn't it?). Can't wait for TAR on Sunday. Will it's regular time be on Tues. at 9:00???
Happy Birthday to Jackie---hope you did something fun that was just for YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Anyone know the Schedule for Survivor?
One or Two nights a week?
Which Nights?
What time will it Air?
Thank You Very Much.

Anonymous said...

WOW! you really got fired up there!!

As so many kept reminding us during BB7,
"It's only a game".

Personally, I am really tired of this "Political Correctness" stuff...walking on eggshells before you dare to open your mouth & say anything.
Let's just all be friends & have a good life (if only it were that easy!!)

holly said...

Anonymous said...
Anon 6:07--Elisabeth was not one that took off her clothes for P.B. That was Lisa Morasca and Holly(I think was her name). 7:35 PM

I think it was Jenna and Heidi.


Anonymous said...

What did make me laugh was the seemingly inane criteria by which the losing tribe chose who was to go to Exile: "The white guy that grabbed the chicken".

Yes, that was odd.... But even worse was the 2 men leaving the 3 women out of the decision making. Bad move on their part.
Shucks everyone knows you do not flip off women. ha ha ha ha!!!
that could go down as the worse play in Survivor History. lol
{and, 3 to 2 at that... bad move}

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me, but I'm still going thru BB7 withdrawals.

This is about the wrap party (found it on the Jokers website)

Sorry for the brief interruption, back to Survivor...
I agree that the AA team has to really step up tp the plate on now that they are short a member but mainly because it doesn't appear from their Bio's there is much "survivor" material there...
hoping they will prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Because it is so early in the game, and the tribes have not seen much of each other except on the boat over it makes sense for the AA tribe to pick out the one person Jeff called out for being questionably rude. I don't think it was out of line at all. They certainly wouldn't jump out of the gate picking a woman so it fell to which of these men should we choose. And in the process may have scored a few points with the Asian tribe because they were the victims of the chicken thief.


petals said...

Quistian ~ I agree.

Anonymous said...

Thanks are right it was Jenna and Heidi(that was close to Holly). I guess it's true when you're over 50 the mind starts to go...along with other

holly said...

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jackie. I have followed each season of Big Brother and Survivor. I still think they will reduce to 3 tribes then to 2 and then to 1. They can do this with double tribal councils or losing tribe gets eliminated and its members split up.

Anonymous said...

For those need just a little more BB7 go to and navigate to the interviews with Boogie and Erika(He said,She said)done after they were on The View. Evidently Ashton Kutcher was on the show also. It's interesting to read the recap from Erika and then from Boogie.

Hey, AnybodybutJanelle...
are you a Survivor fan? If so, who is it..Anybodybut?????

meangirl8272 said...

Happy Birthday and many, many more!!!!!!!!!

Penny said...

Great update and insights, Jackie. As always, you do a great job. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Now for those who asked: Survivor is on every Thursday night at 8 p.m. (has been for years). Wish it were more often, but it isn't. LOL The only time that changes is during NCAA basketball's Big Dance, or if they have to pre-empt it in some way; AND the finale, which is usually on Sunday night.

Exile Island: The purpose of Exile Island is to give a team a disadvantage. The person comes back for a challenge on the 3rd day and is supposedly weak for lack of food and shelter. The good part, is they can find the hidden idol, which can save them anytime during the game play. There is a clue given each time someone goes to the island. If it's found, they can keep it a secret or tell everyone. Or they can give it to someone else to save them. I think if it's used before the F4, it can be hidden again for someone else to find.

I just do not know who to select. Of course, Ozzie, is a little hottie. I do not like Jonathan, such an arrogant man. Not funny at all stealing the chicken. I do like Yul, Stephanie, Christina, JP, and Adam, so far. I just do not know which one to pick. LOL.
I like the Asian and Latino teams. I agree, we're going to learn a lot from these two groups and I'm looking forward to it.

CoiBoi is a little strange, but very interesting. I hope the young'uns give him a chance. He's old school, but sometime old school is the best way. And, even the military is giving alternative medicine a try, so CoiBoi may not be that strange afterall. I like the idea the Asian group is of different ethnic backgrounds. So many people believe Asian is all the same, but that's not true. The cultures in some of these countries are completely different. It's facinating.

I hate the stereotypes producers put on people. I know too many African Americans who can swim, can't run, etc. It's a stereotype.

I didn't like the idea having more men than women on some of the teams. Of course, those with more men, did better. I know that's a stereotype, but it's also a fact. However, I think MB planned it that way.

I'm excited about this Survivor. Now, all I need is to pick my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Now for those who asked: Survivor is on every Thursday night at 8 p.m. (has been for years).
THANK YOU Penny, appreciate the INFO on time/night.

Jackie said...

ORKMommy picked the showmance girl for the office pool. Heehee! She must miss Erika! ;-)

Zoetawny - Yes. It's my birthday. Thank you. *Smartypants!*

pl - I live in a very diverse area where I'm a minority. I heard one kid in my building tell his mother that the "white lady from upstairs was nice." Eep. Me! You really can't help but notice appearance. I get along with folks of all types and also don't care for some folks, but not based on culture. Good and bad people come from all cultures.

Penny - I don't think the small tribes will last long. You can tell they pretty much had to have the 3/2 and 2/3 split to make the 20 into four tribes out of ten men and ten women. I would expect they'll mix the tribes within a few weeks.

mzflea - I too was unimpressed with the white team. Sheesh, represent, guys! @@ Build a shelter at the very least.

Everyone - Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes! They're touching and appreciated. Except for the weather and work, it has been a nice birthday.

Anonymous said...

in sekou interview,he said he worked hard on the shelter building and trying to make fire
was simply exhausted ,,not lazy..
said editing made it look that way

quistian said...

Petals. Thanks for the nod.

Penny. I think MB orchestrates *everything*. He's the "Man". (irony intended)

Anon@7:38pm. I'm not really offended. Really, I don't care. But I care enough to try to exploit how stupid, hypocritical, un-American, and prejudice PC is.

Now, I listen to Dennis Prager on AM talk (conservative) radio. And he is someone of high integrity. And he says "generalizations are the mother of wisdom". Being a Christian, I value wisdom highly, noting that it can no longer be found in philosophy, since Kant et al. This is not to say every generalization is wise -- of course not. Yet a wise person recognizes generalities. So, to cut to the bottom line, like Danielle would say, generalities: it is what it is.

That black people don't swim so well , which is also a stereotype, is, I observe, to be an accurate generality. (Remember also that generalities are general, not absolute.) So what, it is what it is. There may be something to learn from this gen., or there may not. It doesn't have to be used in a derrogative way. A mature person can deal with it aside from being a stereotype. Moreover, though, anecdotes of a few people who know black people who swim well is not enough to dispell the broadness of this gen. ...Felt like going on a tangent.

quistian said...

I meant to say "expose ... PC", not "exploit".

holly said...

Can someone enlighten me why it is PC to say black people can run like the wind or play basketball like nobody's business but it isn't PC to say they can't swim? Is it because it's a "negative" instead of a "positive".

Like quistian said, it's a generalization and not an absolute, as anything to do with any ethnic group. Any, and every culture or ethnic group has distinct pluses and minuses and the people who prey on the minuses while completely hiding from their own mirror are the xenophobes.

Many of those are the worrywarts who are anxious this show will cause more harm than good. Jeez these teams have to vote off their own before they “turn” on each other like the naysayers are whining about. @@@@ double eye roll (thanks Jackie)

I'll climb down off my soapbox now, sorry!