Friday, November 24, 2006

Holiday Television Programming: This Weekend Nov. 25-26

Fa-la-la, Thanksgiving is now a not-so-distant memory and we're immersed in the holiday season once again. What's on my mind as we head into December? Well, holiday television programs, specials, and more... of course!

Here are some of the special programs and holiday shows lined up for the upcoming weekend:

Saturday, November 25

  • QVC is in full holiday mode, starting at midnight and going on... and on.
  • HGTV continues showing its holiday fare - Gift Show 2006, Toy Fair 2006, Gift and Gear 2006, etc. - starting at midnight and running into the wee hours.
  • CourtTV continues its Forensic Files marathon, again we're talking from midnight on.
  • Top Chef's Thanksgiving episode will be shown again at 4 AM ET/PT on BRAVO.
  • HSN has holiday shopping through to dawn and beyond.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Eve (movie), USA network at 1 PM ET/PT
  • The Cartoon Network has a solid block of holiday 'toons starting at noon (ET/PT)
  • BRAVO has its Six Feet Under marathon starting at 1 PM ET/PT and running into the wee hours of Sunday.
  • Cable SuperStation WGN is airing White Christmas (with Bing Crosby) at 3 PM ET/PT.
  • Stealing Christmas (movie starring Tony Danza) - USA network at 3 PM ET/PT
  • Emeril Live: Hilda's Holiday Classics at 8 PM ET/PT on the Food network.
  • Italian Christmas at 9 PM ET/PT on the Food network.
  • Holidays at Walt Disney World at 10 PM ET/PT on the Food network.

Sunday, November 26:

  • Although not a holiday movie per se, TNT is showing Gone With the Wind at 10 AM ET/PT
  • The USA network starts its Monk marathon at noon ET/PT. Holiday episodes are on the slate for the late evening hours.
  • The Family network has Richie Rich's Christmas Wish on at 6 PM ET/PT
  • I'll be watching The Amazing Race at the 8 PM ET/PT time slot, but also in that time slot is a new 7th Heaven episode called "Thanks and Giving" on CW.
  • The Family network has Home Alone 3 on at 8 PM ET/PT.
  • HGTV runs their holiday-themed shows once again in primetime.


Anonymous said...

I watched some the Meerkat Manor marathon. So has season 2 ended or are there still new episodes? If so, when are the new shows on?

delee said...

Season 2 has just ended. Not sure when MM will be back on. After S 1 they advertised when 2 would start, but not this time. The ending led to there being a S 3.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!