Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holiday Television Programming: November 21 - 24

Can't you feel it in the air? It's the holiday season! Thanksgiving is in just a few days. Before you know it, there will be folks decking the halls and making snowmen. Holiday television programming, from specially themed shows of your favorite series to movies to tree-lighting, special concerts, holiday decorating tips, glorious foods, and beyond start this week.

Now, this isn't an all inclusive list of special programs, but hopefully it's a good representative of what's out and about for the next few days. On Friday night (or Saturday morning), a new list will take us into the next week. Bake up a batch of your favorite holiday cookies, sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and your gift list by your side... and check out what's on TV!

Tuesday, Nov. 21:

  • Tony Bennett: An American Classic (NBC) 8 PM ET/PT
  • Emeril Live (Food Channel) 8 PM ET/PT - Traditional Thanksgiving cooking
  • Rachael Ray's Thanksgiving in 60 (Food Channel) - Thanksgiving cooking
  • Holiday Home Solutions (HSN) 10 PM ET/PT

Wednesday, Nov. 22:

  • Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live From London (NBC) 8 PM ET/PT
  • American Eats (History Channel) 8 PM ET/PT - Holiday foods
  • All Star Thanksgiving (Food Channel) 9 PM ET/PT
  • Top Chef (Bravo) 10/11 PM ET/PT - Thanksgiving episodes

Thursday, Nov. 23 (Thanksgiving Day):

  • Thanksgiving Day Parade (CBS) 9 AM ET/PT
  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC) 9 AM ET/PT
  • Forensic Files (Court TV) All day marathon
  • Rachael Ray (ABC) 10 AM ET/PT - Thanksgiving-related episode
  • National Dog Show (NBC) 12 PM ET/PT
  • The Closer (TNT) Marathon beginning at 8 AM ET/PT
  • Romancing the Bird (Food Channel) 11 AM ET/PT - Secrets of a moist turkey
  • Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Thanksgiving (Food Channel) 12 PM ET/PT
  • Rachael Ray's Thanksgiving in 60 2 (Food Channel) 1 PM ET/PT
  • Home Improvement (TBS) Marathon begins at 1 PM ET/PT
  • I Love the Holidays (VH1) 3 PM ET/PT - Celebrities comment on the holidays
  • An American Thanksgiving (CW) 4 PM ET/PT - Bryant Gumble
  • Deal or No Deal (NBC) 8 PM ET/PT - 2-hour Thanksgiving show
  • Full House (NIK) 9 - 10 PM ET/PT - Back-to-back Thanksgiving episodes
  • Roseanne (NIK) 10 - 11 PM ET/PT - Back-to-back Thanksgiving episodes

Friday, Nov. 24:

  • Meerkat Manor (Animal Planet) Marathon begins at 7 AM ET/PT
  • DIY Holiday Wish List (HGTV) 7 AM ET/PT
  • DIY Holiday Open House (HGTV) 8 AM ET/PT
  • Christmas Room by Room Style (HGTV) 10 AM ET/PT
  • Decorating, Holiday (HGTV) 11 AM ET/PT
  • Forensic Files (Court TV) All day marathon
  • Saved by the Bell (TBS) All day marathon begins at 12 PM ET/PT
  • Without a Trace (TNT) Marathon beginning at 12 PM ET/PT
  • Holiday Design on a Dime (HGTV) 12 PM ET/PT
  • Divine Design Christmas (HGTV) 1 PM ET/PT
  • A Very Merry Curb Appeal (HGTV) 6 PM ET/PT
  • Shrek 2 (ABC) 8 PM ET/PT
  • The Christmas List (FAM) 8 PM ET/PT
  • Gift Show 2006 (HGTV) 8 PM ET/PT
  • Holidays with Style (STYLE) 8 PM ET/PT
  • Toy Fair 2006 (HGTV) 9 PM ET/PT
  • Gift and Gear 2006 (HGTV) 10 PM ET/PT
  • I Want That! TECH (HGTV) 11 PM ET/PT (Holiday geared tech goodies)
  • I Want That! (HGTV) 11:30 PM ET/PT (Holiday gift ideas)

Check your local listings for times in your area and for local shows.


delee said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING too all. I will be in Atlantic City Weds-Fri, but the VCR's are programmed. How I get out of cooking.

Jackie...that list must have taken a lot of time!!! Thank you for that.

Sydney said...

Yes Jackie -- thank you! If you do decide to update as the next 4 weeks roll by, I will look forward to it. Did anyone see the Charlie Brown special on Monday night? Peppermint Patty sounded different :-)

And there was a Woody Allen movie -- the name of which we didn't catch, though I've seen ALL of his. Had a thanksgiving scene -- he meets a woman, introduces her to his mother in the sky, she approves and pops onto the couch. Ring a bell? Anyway, I got the warmest feeling from the two, familiar old sights and sounds going on in the abckground as I was preparing for a big Thankgiving meal I'm making for about 8 people... the holidays ARE here!

What are you doing for turkey Jackie?

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Sydney said...

PS: Madonna tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention SURVIVOR.
And here's a little spoiler, so stop reading if you like surprises.
My TV info says the two tribes will merge in this episode.

Susan said...

Happy US Thanksgiving to all.

Don't forget - BUY NOTHING DAY - Friday November 24, 2006. Remember, we were not born to shop! Celebrate the fact by observing 24 hours in which you buy nothing.

Anonymous said...

I miss "Lost". I'm feeling it real bad.
"Heroes" barely fills the void.

Sydney said...

Q-- I totally know how that feels! Have you been watching Heroes from the beginning? It really is getting good... Glad to see you back anyway.

Would something else like The Nine or Jericho scratch that Lost type itch? Didn't you say that you just recently began watching and quickly caught up on all the pervious eps on DVD? Guess it won't help to go back and watch a few of those? That helped me with Sex in the City and Sopranos. But I guess though there is a storyline in Sopranos especially, it's nothing as complex as Lost and if it's plot advancement you miss, then it might not help. :-(

meb said...

I'm lost without Lost too Quistian. Prison Break was filling the void for me but it's going to be gone after next episode for a period...so there you go. I like Jerico, but it's not the same.

Jackie that is some list you've given us. I hope you have a scanner cause that's a whole lot of work. Thanks.

Jackie said...

Delee - I hope you have a great time!

Sydney - I missed the Charlie Brown special. :-( I think the movie you're talking about is a short film contained in 'New York Stories' - three shorts from Scorsese (sp?), Coppola, and Woody Allen. His film was 'Oedipus Wrecks' - with the mother looming over the city kvetching at him. I have 'New York Stories' on VHS in my collection, but haven't watched it in years. I'll have to give it a rewatch!

As for turkey, a quiet (but satisfying) mini-feast at home. I have to work Friday, so I don't get to jet off across country or anything. But, I will relax! I was thinking of going into the city tonight to see the balloon line-up for the Macy's Parade, but it's supposed to rain, so... no go.

Anon @ 9:16 - Oh, I know Survivor! :-) But, since it's not holiday-related or a special episode, I didn't list it.

Quistian - I miss 'Lost' as well. But I'm really getting into 'Heroes.' (Save the cheerleader, save the world.) Glad to see you're hanging in on the blog despite the 'Lost' hiatus.

Meb - In a way, I cheated on the list -- some networks send me press releases of upcoming shows. I save them and skim through for the dates, then took a quick skim through actual listings for other shows. The press releases help for anything Turner Broadcasting related (TBS, TNT, CourtTV) and through my blogcritics.org stuff, I have access to other press releases. Someone at Turner got addicted to my blog during the BB7 days and they've been great at sending me screeners and press releases ever since.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Heroes from the beginning. It *is* quite good. Jericho looks good, never seen it. Maybe I'll do a DVD run on that one. Sopranos: waiting to watch the entire season near the end, to save money on family's cable bill.
It's hard to cut back on TV. Mo' better stuff keeps coming out.