Wednesday, June 20, 2007

'Big Brother 8' RealPlayer Superpass Now Available

Oh, no... no feeds yet, but has the information for ordering the SuperPass with Big Brother 8 in mind. (You can always get the SuperPass -- I didn't cancel last year because I've been taking advantage of the Music Store free monthly downloads from Rhapsody which are tied to the account, as well as some other content. The music credit alone pretty much equals what I pay for the SuperPass.)

As always, they have some special deals for the Big Brother season -
  • The three-month season for only $29.99
  • The six month special for $44.99
  • Monthly for $12.99 a month

The prices listed are what they're quoting as "Early Bird" specials, are available if you sign up before July 4, and come with a free three-day trial period.

Heh -- I see they have a disclaimer on the bottom of their page which includes "The live and on-demand content (the "Content") may contain elements offensive to some users and inappropriate for users under 21. Certain Content may be delayed, edited and/or blacked out at various times at our sole discretion."

Heck, we're Big Brother fans. We know it can be offensive! We need someone we can love to hate! Unfortunately, we all too well also know about the black-outs when the houseguests sing or talk about someone who hasn't signed a release. I hope they bring back the Fish Cam this season instead of the abrupt loud BB theme music and angry clouds.

I haven't really checked too much into the Big Brother After Dark feeds show which will air nightly on ShoToo, a sister station of the Showtime network. I know it will be on nightly from 12 AM - 3 AM here on the East Coast and will be one live feed. I don't get that station and I'm not about to increase my overly-expensive cable bill just to get it as I will have all four feeds 24/7, not one for three hours a night. If you already have the station, you should check out the feed once it starts. If you don't have it, weigh the costs against getting the SuperPass. may be cheaper and you have it all... or what they allow us to see.

Since I have my spiffy new computer, I plan on getting the BBReloader this season and posting some videos to YouTube as the season goes on. This will be in addition to the Live Feed Reports, screen caps, live-blogging on show nights in East Coast time, etc.

I can't wait!


Lili said...

It sounds like it is going to be one stop shopping for all our Big Brother needs here at Jackie's blog. I'm so looking forward to her commentary and the utube video clips as I won't be getting the feeds. But I will check out ShoToo.

Anybody watch Kathy Griffin's My Life on The D-List last night? It was always so fun to see her parents (married 65 years!) together, they had such chemistry and rapport. Her dad passed away in February and he will be missed even by those of us who only knew him thru the show.

What is going on with Big Love? Roman has got his evil hands around Bill's brother and Alby is getting nuttier by the day! Love that show!

Is SYTYCD on tonight?

delee said...

When you are watching the feeds do you have 2 puters open or can you have another window open while you watch? I know may be a stupid ?, but somethings not in my realm yet. IMAO

Jackie said...

lili- I keep meaning to catch My Life on the D-List and have yet to see it.
Yes, SYTYCD is indeed on tonight... for two hours!

delee - I'm not sure I'm understanding the question about the feeds. Do you mean as I write up reports and such? I can minimize the feed and just listen (and bring it up if something sounds good) or move the small RealPlayer window wherever it doesn't interfere with whatever else I'm doing. I guess I could get two computers going online at the same time this season, but that may just confuse me. ;-)

ORKMommy said...

Jackie -- you may want to look into two monitors. I have them at work and can move things to the second screen and still work on the first one. It's really nice when I have two spreadsheets open and need to copy/paste data from one to the other. Flat panel's have come down in price and since you have a new computer it may already have a dual video card, if not I'm sure you have a slot for a second card.

ORKMommy said...

HELP...Is anyone watching American Inventor? I was just about to find out if the little old man with the paddle ball game made it and our station switched to weather because we're having severe thunderstorms. Did he make it??? I just have to know!!!

Cheryl said...

Yes, the man with the paddleball made it.

delee said...

See I did not know the sounds would keep running if downsized, I do not play music on my puter. So I can minimize BB-listen- and do something else. Duh I feel so IQ challenged. Not to say I do not mini things to re-open. Thank you for the info.

ORKMommy said...

Thanks Cheryl!!!

Anonymous said...

Quick question:
In years past, did the disclaimer always include "content may be edited and..."?
I remember the "delayed and blacked-out" from previous years, but the "edited" seems new to me.

I was remembering about last year and how some times when they returned from Flames the hamsters were unusually talkative about each other. And I remember thinking that those conversations felt more scripted and unnatural than usual.

Is anyone else bothered by the possibilty of "edited"

P.S. I understand the editing of the show, I'm worried about the editing of the live feeds.

abigal said...

Didn't we have a sort of introduction to the "players" at this time last year? Has anyone heard what BB has planned? Maybe they'll bring back the favorites again. Ha Ha.