Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - And Amber Cried, The Video

I created this slideshow/video of screen caps and Zoetawny art, and set it to "Driven to Tears" by The Police. Thankfully, it's not ALL Amber as I don't take that many screen caps of her!



ORKMommy said...

TOO AWESOME!!! You're gettin so good at that stuff girlie!!

Although, you shoulda added a pic of amERICa's players nipple rings!


joy n said...

WAY COOL, Jackie!!!!! Loved it!!!

Anonymous said...

OH JACKIE!!! That was such fun! Way cool. And to Zoetawny, just think, I knew you "when" (wiping tear from eye) Sniff, sniff, I'm just so proud of y'all!!

Yikes, where'd that come from? I'm a Yankee in Connecticut! :)

Great job, Jackie!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVED IT!!! Great Job!!


Terry in CA said...

Jackie you are truly a Full Service Blog site!
Thank you so much for your talents!
Your # 1 California Fan

Ann Morrell said...

Loved the animation added to the picture...especially that zipper...her voice really grates on me. What program did you use to do animation...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh of the day. Jackie, you make coming to your site a pleasure....I always feel welcome. Zoetawny, you have the best graphics....always so creative and compliments Jackie so well.


Jackie said...

Ann - It's Zoetawny who does the animated work. I'm clueless on that. I'll have to ask her.

sharon said...

That was fun,but think my retinas are scarred by the Jen! My fav is the one of her at the table where she looks like she's got not a double,but a TRIPLE chin!

You are getting so talented at this! Soon,Hollywood will be knocking on your door and fame and fortune will be just around the corner! Still be OUR Jackie,though,....'kay???

And shout out to Zoetawny....we all know how you rock,girl!!

delee said...

Wonderful Jackie and Zoetawny!!! I did not get the sound but loved the pics. TY

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!!!
Jackie & Zoetawney ROCK!!!

Hey guys, I hope the "AMBER CRIED" Game isn't just on show nights because here goes my first shot of tequilla (thanks Amber).

p.s. don't tell my adult kids that I had a drink....ever since they pased the "Danielle" stage, they think Mom's a saint.:) LOL!!

delee said...

Newsflash: Dr 90210 starts Monday night on E and had Will Kirby!!!!

Anonymous said...

darn has

dla said...

That was incredible!

Jackie for President!!!

Zoetawny for Vice President!!!

You always make my day! Thanks for all you do! ;)

pickles said...

Great job Jackie and Zoetawny!! You two are regular pros at this.
Loved it.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jackie!!!!!!!!!
What a surprise I found today. :))
Awesome!!!! Loved the fade outs!
You did such a professional job. I'm so impressed and entertained by it. Love the Police and the song you chose was so fitting. I have no idea how you did that but then you always work so hard to give us the best blog ever. If I had known I would have made some Amber tears graphics. ;) Thanks so much for adding my sn to the credits. I don't deserve it and am not in anyway a professional at this but just having fun joining in with all of you here. I don't think I would enjoy BB half as much if it weren't for this blog.

delee...Thanks so much for the news flash about 90210. Can't wait to see Dr. Will.

Jackie ROCKS!!!!!!!! KUDOS!


Anonymous said...


After the tension in the comments this afternoon we needed something to lighten the mood. It was perfect.
How you two do it I don't know. I feel lucky to have stumbled onto this blogsite last year.
Tomorrow night is going to be exciting. It sounds like the votes are still out on who will be evicted.
I know I will be peeking at this site ahead of showtime!!!


barbwire said...

this season of BB has been kind of blah for me - the only good parts are the people i love to hate... and jackie's blog !! my summer hobby is so much fun with this blog, i probably would have stopped watching BB altogether if not for you, jackie

and i can't forget to mention all the regulars, and the regular anon's

btw - i think we should get Tears for Fears to open for our And Amber Cried band tour !!

ORKMommy said...

Great idea mom! I love Tears for Fears (yes, I'm a child of the 80's)!

Reading Joker's and most of the HG's are in the HOH room discussing Mike vs. Kail. It's about 50/50 right now with Eric pushing to get Kail out. I guess America wanted her out!!

Gayle said...

Thanks Jackie, loved it! You really do ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Great slide show!
As always, thank you so much for all you do -- I can't imagine Big Brother without you!
Anne in Stamford

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. However, I was disappointed with the video. It was called "AND AMBER CRIED-The Video," so I was expecting to see images of Amber crying and losing it. In one shot, which was shown twice, she looks mad but she's not crying. That girl is a train wreck. Oh well...nice job on the rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

Fantastic slide show!
What would we BB fans do without you -- BB just wouldn't be the same!

Anne in Stamford

Anonymous said...

that was really great