Friday, July 27, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Friday Into the Afternoon Live Feeds Report - 7/27

D'oh! It's Amber! And, mind you, she's not crying!

Okay, the shirt says Ooh La La, but I prefer to think of it as D'oh! La La.

The nominations haven't gone down yet in the house, but that doesn't mean there isn't any news!

Here are today's events from that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • That sneaky Eric has pretty much convinced the majority of the house that Nick was responsible for both the Jen mustard incident and the second vote for Kail to leave instead of Mike.
  • Amber wants Zach to go, Nick to stay.
  • Early group think has Kail and Zach on the block, with Zach the target.
  • Or, another scenario -- Jen and Kail on the block, Zach backdoored.
  • Eric told the group that the target housemates shouldn't be listened to as they'll try to stir up problems. Those targets are Kail, Zach, Nick, and Jen.
  • Dick thinks much better of Dustin because he's including the group in his plans.
  • Amber thinks that Nick is the least dangerous of the four targets. (She's probably right.) Dick said he's dangerous to the group and that her reasons are personal, not strategic.
  • Meanwhile, Dick said that as a dad he can't trust a word Nick says. (Now who's being personal?)
  • Amber confronted Dick with her accusation that he doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. He denied it, said he rinses them and doesn't pee on his hand.
  • Dustin told Amber that he's putting his trust in her by not putting Nick on the block this week -- it goes against what the group wants.
  • Kail told Dustin that he doesn't want to be in the final two with Dick and that Dick and Daniele are talking game strategy ALL the time.
  • Dustin told Kail he'll be putting her on the block as a pawn.
  • When Dustin questioned Kail about Jen, Kail said Jen tried to squirm into her alliance by sleeping in the room with her.
  • The food comp was held, blocked from the live feeds. Amber was dressed as the Queen of Hearts and it was a puzzle comp -- egg-shaped puzzle pieces. It seems Kail, Dick and Jen are on slop. Eric and Jessica were on the winning team. I'm not sure on the others.
  • Amber and Dick verbally sparred... again. Dustin tried to talk sense into Dick about calming down and not being so forceful with her.
  • Dustin said he will definitely be putting Jen and Kail on the block.
  • And Amber cried.
  • Eric and Dick had their own private Amber Bash. Amber wasn't present or...
  • ... Amber would cry.
  • Eric told Dick he doesn't trust Amber and Dustin's being a bit shady.
That's where we stand right now. When the nominations are in, I'll let you know. But it looks like Kail and Jen will be put on the block and a backdoor of Nick if POV is won and used to save one.


May said...

Amber is complaining about Dick to everyone she talks to. She said something like,
" Everybody loves me and that is why Dick does this , to break me down". Then Amber cried.
Oh good grief, Amber.

Dick said it all started when he told Amber to try not to be so emotional. Dick did try to work it out with her but she started hollering and swearing at him. Dustin tried to get them both to calm down.

I cannot wait until Amber goes. She thinks she is the only houseguest worthy of winning and that everyone loves her best.

Eric said that Amber is jealous of when one of the guys pays attention to any other girl but her.
Amber is always touching Eric , yet shoots daggers at him if he even speaks to another girl.

Anonymous said...

It really WILL be interesting to see who goes up this time. They seem to agree on 4 targets but which ones actually go up keeps changing. It's SO frustrating!! (Oooops, had a Daniele moment there lol...I should only look like her!)

And Amber Cried...
And Dick swore...
And Jen looked in the mirror...again.

Nominations, anyone?


joy n said...

Please, please, please let it be true! Kail and Jen on the block! Make one of them disappear. Preferably veggie Kail. We'll get rid of Jen next week when hopefully, she'll be put up with Amber! A girl can dream!

Lynn said...

I am certainly no fan of Jen but I hope she isn't on the block this week.
At this point in time I think Kail, Zach, Nick and Amber should be sent packing.
Kail and Amber are emotional basket cases and not fun ot watch.
All four are liars.

Steff said...

Ya's easier to say who should stay, the list is much shorter,lol. Dick, Jameka, Eric and Dustin are my picks, everyone else can take a hike. Jessica is flying so low under the radar we forget she is even there.

I agree that Daniele should be telling Nick to go away, a lot, but Nick should back off too. He has more experience if only because he is older. Can't we just send him off to albglinka? I'm sure he'd be very pleased.

At this point, I'd like to see Kail and/or Amber gone, we need a double eviction week!!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that AmERICa is getting away with his tasks. This last one, throwing the blame on Nick for the vote is brilliant and he really didn't have to do much to make it happen. Maybe he is the best guy we could have hoped for to be our player. His talks with ED show he is thinking long term and has a plan A, plan B, ect. to get to the end.

Kail told Jen that Dani was her second vote. The woman is delusional. Why would she think that Dani would vote to keep her? That one just boggles the mind.

Kail and Jen on the block, back dooring either Zach or Nick good plan. Dustin really needs a better reason than what he has come up with so far though, it's weak. Amber doesn't help at all.

Dick yelled
and Amber cried
Kail cried
Dani didn't cry
Jen went blind starring at herself

side note
first album for
And Amber Cried
Summer of Tears

Tessa said...

Well here we go again... Jen and Kail are nominated.

Anonymous said...

I want Kail to be gone and I think that is what Eric's assignment is , right? But I think the sooner they get rid of Jen, the easier to get rid of Jen. She will be around to haunt them later.