Monday, July 30, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening 7/29

Oh, my.

I'm glad Zach isn't looking at me like that. It's no wonder that he creeps Jameka out.

He looks like he's ready to explode, doesn't he?

Sundays are usually fairly quiet in the house as there are no comps and nothing is really happening. But, of course, I have a few tidbits to share with you. I always do!

Here are the afternoon into evening happenings from that Big Brother House of Serial Killers in the Making:
  • Zach told Dustin that if he puts him up and he goes home, he won't respect him as a person because they had a deal. (What Zach fails to see is they never did have a deal. He talked, but I never saw Dustin promise him anything.)
  • Zach thinks that if another male is removed from the game, the women will rule the house. Then he pushed his Evict Dick bit to Dustin. What? Is Dick one of the girls?
  • Dustin reported the Zach conversation to Amber. (Until he stops confiding in Amber, I think I'm going to have to write off Dustin as a Mimbo.)
  • Jessica told Daniele that if Nick goes home this week she'll let her have Zach. Snicker.
  • Amber is still upset with Dustin about yesterday's POV comp. (Calling Dustin! Look! See! Dump!)
  • Amber went to Jameka and relayed the Zach/Dustin conversation.
  • Dick pointed out that Jen doesn't take many (if any) showers.
  • Zach went to Nick to try to get info about who's going up. Nick told him he had no idea. Zach muttered about lies and left.
  • Zach tried to talk game with Eric and Eric told him "later."
  • Dustin lied to Jen telling her that Dick is pushing for the veto not to be used.
  • Dustin asked Jen if Dick has an alliance with Kail. Huh? Even I can't figure out where he's heading with that one.
  • Jen put on her Jenitard again. Oy.
  • Dustin keeps trying to get back in Amber's good graces. Ew.
  • Zach stared a lot, but stopped trying to talk game to people.
And, there ya go. A thrill a minute. It still looks like Nick will go on the block and be the target this week.


Tom S said...

Good morning - Ouch indeed spacy creepy glance Zach had, I agree in regards to Dustin, he needs to stop reporting each detail bid` to Amber, Jackie no ; " and Amber cried ") this morning? Hahaha Thanks for your great update Jackie, I haven't had time to view 29th )of Sundays BB, although reading/viewing your videos` pretty much sums it up. Your the Best !
étreintes Pour Tous`( Hugs for all )
Tom` S

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that if Jen took a shower, she may short out.
I hope Dustin puts anyone besides Zach on the block because that way there is still a chance that whiney Kail will go. Her voice and the way she talks in the diary room is just too annoying.

Laura said...

Question - what was the big blow up with Dustin and Amber? Why is Amber so mad at him?

sharon said...

Laura,in Amber World,she is pee-oed because he dared to take the prizes in the POV and not try and win the contest. She has ripped him up one side and down the other ever since. Now,that's what you call "true friendship",no?

Anonymous said...

This ALMOST makes me feel a little sorry for Zach. Can you imagine being the only person in the house who no talks to?

Sydney said...

Well, I still have to give Zach credit for trying whatever angles he can. One of them could have worked... like not voting another male out of the house if he had left it at that. At least he's trying to play the game. It dos suck to have no one but I guess he created that himself by being too crude for even the boys to endure.

Anon 9:19 -- too funny about Jenbot shorting out!

Sydney said...

PS: Laura, if you read this again... I live in Houston too! Are there others of us in the area? I think there is one other at least...