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'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Monday 7/30 Into the Evening

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According to graphic artist Zoetawny, Jameka consulted her Bible before making the decision to use the veto to save Jen from eviction!

I apologize that today's reporting has been so haphazard, but here are the events of the day from that Big Brother House of Not-So-Veiled Threats:
  • In the morning, Zach was pretty sure he'd be the one going up on the block with Kail.
  • Amber had changed her mind about pressing Dustin to keep Nick. When they discussed putting Nick up, she told Dustin that she'll just play it off if Nick asks her. She also told Dustin that she thinks that Daniele tipped Nick off.
  • Dustin plans to tell Nick it was a group decision to put him up with a 4-3 split which he wouldn't divulge.
  • Daniele went to Dustin and told him she was having trouble not telling Nick.
  • There possibly was a banner plane, but the HG were inside on lockdown.
  • Nick got nominated.
  • And Amber cried.
  • And cried.
  • And cried.
  • Nick tried to comfort her, but you would think he'd be the one who needs comforting! Sheesh.
  • Nick was a bit defensive in the beginning -- he went to Dick and company accusing them of not telling him when they knew it would happen.
  • He briefly lit into Dustin, but then changed to acceptance.
  • Dustin gave Nick a Mohawk haircut. He also cut Zach's hair, but not into a Mohawk.
  • Dick verbally attacked Jen telling her he wished her a "long slow death" and called her all kinds of vulgar things. He claims she used Jameka and forced her to use the veto.
  • Jen joined up with Kail and searched the guidelines book to see if Dick broke any rules. Apparently the Diary Room didn't think he did. (One thing I want to mention here. I could be off-base, but I think this could be all an act between the two of them. Some days ago, they were talking about working together. Could this blow-up be a ruse to throw off everyone else? After all, Dick WANTED Jameka to use the veto. He WANTED Nick out instead of Jen. I find the whole thing a bit too much.)
  • Eric told Jen to put the book away. "He won't be thrown out."
  • Jen went on about how she thinks Dick will hit her and if he hits her in the face it could ruin her career.
  • Jen went on to say that Dick isn't safe outside the house. She knows people who will hurt him. (See? This is getting a bit contrived, methinks.)
  • Kail got told several times, then yelled at, by BB to put on her mic. She wasn't on a feed at the time, so I'm not sure what was up. She was with Jen at the time.
  • Amber told Kail she reacted to the Dick/Jen incident so strongly because she's so sheltered. Jameka disagreed -- said someone needs to talk to Dick.
  • Amber said that if the 500 people behind the walls didn't intervene, they must not have thought it a large threat. (Odd that Amber of all people is sticking up for Dick, eh?)
  • Dustin told Eric that Jen told him that Dick had once wanted to make an alliance with her as no one would suspect them. Jameka said she'd suspect them.
  • Jen says she wants a restraining order against Dick. (I think it's all a scheme!)
  • Nick feels he will be evicted this week and genuinely seems to want to just relax. He wants to eat, too. "What can they do? Give me a penalty nomination?" But he asked ... they would take his stipend.
  • Eric says that right now if he left, he will have earned $3000 for the month.
  • Eric again confessed to the mustard and told them they could call him The Mustard King. No one believes him! He also told them (Jameka, Dustin, and Amber) that it's likely there's going to be an odd vote each time until the numbers are down and the person won't be able to get away with it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jackie and all.... just read all the comments and whatnot since last night's show. Decided not to go read the Dick/Jen thing since I have a vivid enough imagination.... I can just hear the awful things he said to her. I've lost respect for him totally.

"With that said" I have a new favorite player-- ERIC. Here's why: The kid is actually playing three games; the first is the one he entered the house with (however messed-up it got because of AP). The second game is the role of AP, and the third is the best game of all. He is very smart about doing the absurd AP missions, and then coming up with brilliant ways of masking them and having others blamed for them. He has made friends with most, enemies with no one, and even been greatly admired by the almighty Dick (who I now refer to as Just A Guy Named Ed). Eric is quirky and may not be my choice for personal best pal, but the kid is EXCELLENT at playing BB! Does anyone agree?

Just a quick note to Ork and the others who wish they were more like Dick... half the members of my family are totally pierced and tattooed (not me, I'm not into self-inflicted pain) and we look like a bunch of carnival freaks when out to dinner, etc. But we are all loving normal people... piercings and tattoos do not an attitude make. I'm the most normal looking of all and at work I'm in everybody's face!! Honesty really rattles people these days.....

Waaaay past my bedtime people!
Nite-nite, Robin in Manchester

clementine said...

BB did well in choosing Eric as AP. I don't think most of the others could handle the job without blowing their cover or letting their ego take over. Well, maybe Jessica or Jameka, but I think Eric's smarter.

I didn't really like him at first (potty mouth), but he's growing on me (like the Jenbot). But his facial quirks in the DR still make me squirm.

sharon said...

Well,I was just on the feeds and ED lit into Jen once again and it was really not pretty,in fact,he has gone down a whole lot in my book. There is NO reason for one human to talk like that to another,especially since she has not done anything that heinous to him. Then Jen had the audacity to start in on Daniele and then ED really lost it,and his lap dog of the moment,Nick,took up his lead and started.That's ridiculous!! Then ED came in and poured tea over Jen's head. Now,in my book,that's going way to far and is threatening in so many ways. I do believe if she wants to press it,she could get him sent home. This is not funny and if I was Jen,I would feel threatened. ED does not know when to stop and I think he may have blown his chance to win this game. He's going to threaten his way right out of the house. Oh,and Dani had confronted Jen as well,asking why Jen was so mean to her and she(D) had never said anything bad to her. True,but one's body language sends a clear signal too,and D never gave Jen the time of day either. Then,of course,the big bad Nick had to come to the rescue and that's when ED threw the tea on Jen. ED acts like a 4 year old...grow up,man! I don't want him to win any more...I don't want ANY of them to win...okay,maybe ERIC if he doesn't open his potty mouth!

Anonymous said...


Tom ` S said...

Waaaay past my bedtime people!
Nite-nite, Robin in Manchester
7/31/2007 12:17 AM
I enjoyed reading your comments Robin you bring up valid points, I actually prefer Eric over Dick, ED started out ok, however IMO he's gone way over the top, I strongly sense BB may realize perhaps it's not a good idea to allow Ed's behavior to be inflicted upon others, therefore creating a neg response, after all, this isn't about ( rat packing )a term used where a lot of people begin attacking one individual person, where they all feel intimidated hence follow the head RAT! There simply isn't any laughter, I'm at a hmmmmmmmm what is really going on! Thanks Jackie ~
Tom ` S

Isabelle said...

I've been a fan of Eric from the start (maybe because I don't watch the live feeds, only read about them, so I don't hear/see him be a potty mouth) probably because BB made him our player. I must admit he is a great strategist. He did good today by warning people he expected a weird vote every week until the numbers become smaller. He is trying to cover his tracks if America once again votes against what the house wants.

If Jen and Dick continue this charade people will think something is up. It is getting too ridiculous... they should slowly phase it down a bit (not completely, they cannot have people think they are best buds all of a sudden) as if they continue to be abusive of one another, they will be voted out for bringing a negative energy in the house.

John said...

Hey, I noticed you weren't linking to the Big Brother Live Feeds. People can sign up for a free 30 day trial of the feeds at This a link to sign up for the CBS Big Brother 8 Live Feeds.

I think you should update your website... last post was in July! Really cool though.