Saturday, July 28, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Into Saturday Evening, 7/28

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Now, you know that graphic artist Zoetawny couldn't let the JenBot cry without capturing an image, right?

And Jameka won POV, eh?

Meanwhile, it was muggy and bleh here in the Northeast. I hate muggy and bleh.

I may have to cry!

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of 96 Tears (yeah, I'm aging myself with that one ... you're gonna cry -- cry, cry, cry 96 tears...):
  • Early this morning Kail reported to Dustin every single instance of every single duo or larger group of houseguests who talked together. @@
  • BB woke them all up early today in anticipation of the POV competition.
  • Kail told Jen she thought she'd have to throw the POV comp in order for Jen to win it and save herself. Kail feels that if she's on the block with Zach, she'll stay in the house. (I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with Dustin telling her she's safe this week. Right?)
  • Jen and Kail think that Dustin may be planning to backdoor Daniele. (I don't think so!)
  • There is still a foul smell in the yard although the ChenBat lives.
  • Jen helped Kail study for the POV comp since she remembers each day and Kail is clueless.
  • After the feeds returned post-POV comp, Dick thought Jen threw the comp because she gave up when Jameka was ahead. He also thinks Dustin didn't try hard enough to win.
  • Both Jen and Dustin took prizes in lieu of the veto. Dustin "bought" $5,000. He apologized to Jameka for taking it and not trying to win the veto.
  • Jameka told Amber that God had already ordained who would win the POV.
  • Jameka also told Amber that she had given Jen her word that she would take her off the block with it. So, she will do so.
  • Amber cried. This time it was because she doesn't want Jen to come off the block.
  • Jessica told Eric that Jewish and Amish are alike because they both wear hats. (Snicker.)
  • Dick told Dustin that he thinks Kail will go home if she's on the block with Zach. She did something (during the comp?) which ticked folks off.
  • Dustin again told Kail she's safe -- he wants Zach out.
  • Kail badmouthed Dick to Dustin, but he seemed to take it all with a grain of salt.
  • Kail told Dustin that she thinks Daniele was the second vote to evict her instead of Mike.
  • Daniele is mad at Dustin for "winning all the prizes" in the POV comp instead of playing to win.
  • Dick told Daniele that Eric is going to be the hardest person to get out of the house -- he's smart and the best player in the house.
  • Amber cried. This time it was to Eric about Dustin's behavior in the POV comp. She feels he threw it on purpose.
  • Amber cried. This time it was because Dustin won a trip.
  • Jameka and Dustin are talking as I post this. She's fine with his actions during the POV comp and says she'll be using the veto to save Jen as she promised.


drceline said...

Wow...Jameka is going to use the POV huh? So, will it be Zach on the block or Nick?

Sassy said...

This just in:
God told me she wanted Kail to be OUT!
Sassy in San Diego

joy n said...

I only hope that Dustin is really intending to get Kail out and is only telling her what she wants to hear. She's sneaky AND delusional.

clementine said...

I think it will be Zach. Wonder if he'll be as clueless as Mike was last week.

Don't let the back door hit ya on the way out, Zach!

Unless they change their minds and target Kail...or Nick...or Kail...or Zach...or the Chenbat

Pass the tissues...
~And Amber Cried~

May said...

Amber has some issues, to put it mildly. She not only cries at the drop of a hat, she cries before the hat hits the floor. I have never seen anyone cry over every single thing. She makes a Basket Case look quite together.
Amber is either crying or whining about somebody. And she and Jameka decided they were the " Anointed Ones of God".

I rather feel badly for Zack as no one will talk to him. Granted, Zack sealed his fate when, early on, he went off on Jameka and then some of the things he said. But, since Mike left, he has no one.
Why do they want to get rid of the Outcast, Zack, who has no one. No one will align with him or even talk to him. Did Zack earn this, maybe, but the Houseguest seem to be going overboard and are always yelling at Zack. Nick has turned on Zack and I have no idea what that is about. It is confusing as both Zack and Nick left the MRA. I guess Zack earned this by being too aggressive and abrasive the first 2 weeks.It may be too late for him and he may be better off in the end, going home before they ostracize and chew him up in sequester. I do not like Zack that much but also feel badly for him he is trying to make amends but all anyone does is holler at him this week.

They will regret having 2 chances to send home Kail and not doing so. As Kail is very aligned with Jen now and also it seems she and Dustin are getting closer and Kail casts some spell over them. They do not like or trust Kail but somehow, they find her harmless and just annoying.
I think they are missing chance after chance to get her out of there.

Tom S said...

May Said:They will regret having 2 chances to send home Kail and not doing so.
I agree, although IMO it'll come back to haunt Dick the most, of course unless this is what various HG's want, therefore prefer Kail do their dirty work, while they sit back and " pretend " Now Amber is probably one of the most sneaky ones. HG's may regret they hadn't caught her tears earlier! I believe Jameka will keep her word, however it's intersting to see if Dick somehow convinces her not to use the POV or she'll be voted out, anyway this back to back between Kail and Jen being on the block is getting old, to bad Kail isn't smart like Will was in his season, I recall HG's had various chances to get rid of Will, suddenly they begin turning on each other, forgetting about Will, This is exactly what could happen with either Kail or Jen, I'm actually beginning to like Jen. Hahaha - Tom

Anonymous said...

I'm such a virgin blogger--I thought that if I typed in comments they would appear in the latest post--NOT SO!!! I don't want to be repetitive so if your interested IMO it's posted under POV Winner by Jackie @8:30p.m.
I should get this by the season finale!!


PlaidChick said...

I'm sitting here watching Jameka and Amber-- and she's crying.

Amber sees Dustin as a total fake now because he was selfish in taking the prizes and not winning the veto. She is a mess. She asked Jameka was ridicule meant.

Jen and Kail are working hard on trying to get Dustin to nominate Dick in Jen's place. I still think Jen and Kail are more dangerous than Nick and Zach at this point in time and one of the girls need to go.

New song for And Amber Cried: "All Cried Out" She said it herself!!

Orkmommy-- we'll get you one of those nursing pillows and instead you can sit on it without irritating your 'roids!

Anonymous said...

Amber us talking something about her meds to Jameka now , oh she is such a victim. I wish she would go and I think everyone else does too because they have to be sick of her and all her problems that she wants to talk about constantly. She is the most unhappy person I have ever seen.
Everyone seems to be bored with her and just says "yea", "uh huh" and "right" every now and then.
The saying this season sees to be "ya know what I mean?" as last season was "It is what it is"

Lynn said...

I am convinced that Amber is in serious need of psychiatric help.
She is delusional,out of touch with reality, believes her mother can foretell the future and thinks she is getting messages directly from God.

She maybe having auditory halucinations where she perceives conversations between 2 or more people as plotting against her.
A definite sign of paranoia.

Perhaps if they pad the Diary Room and get Jen to fashion a straight jacket out of the unitard, Amber will be able to remain in the game.

Honest to God I may need a shrink if Amber stays much longer! LOL

CC said...

What would Amber do if a loved one died or was diagnosed with a terminal disease or was killed in the the war? She would have to be hospitalized in a mental health unit for months or years.

What if she really had something to cry about, something very important like life?
She really is coming unhinged.

dla said...

Dear Houseguests,

I just wanted to drop you a line to clarify a few things...

I am not "speaking" to any of you specifically about your game or the craziness inside your house, as I am rather busy with things of monumental importance.

I am not causing Amber to cry all the time, nor do I condone it. It is just plain annoying to all, including Me.

I am not pre-ordaining who will win POV or HOH contests or competitions. Not to be repetitive, but I am rather busy so catching most of it on Sho Too after the fact along with many of your viewers.

Please stop bringing Me into this game. It is not necessarily in My job description.


Anonymous said...

dla ~ that's TOO funny


Anonymous said...

Lynn said..." Perhaps if they pad the Diary Room and get Jen to fashion a straight jacket out of the unitard, Amber will be able to remain in the game."
I got choked on the tea I was drinking when I read that and then I read dla's letter from GOD and laughed to hard I CRIED!!!! My grandson is spending the weekend with me & I was laughing so hard it woke him up....

You guys are something else. Keep it up!!
Thanks for the laughs...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Jameka agreed to take Jen off the block? Is this part of the overall strategy of the group?

Steff said...

I had a feeling Amber was gonna spend Saturday crying, so I went out and drank a shot when "God" told me she was bawling. Damn I'm drunk!

Steff said...

Anon 2:48am
Its a message/deal with God, she swore to God she would get Jen off the block, and so she will...rotflmdao

barbwire said...

my question about how God responds when game players ask Him to make them win is, what if the other team, or other persons in the game also as God to make them win, then what ?? What if all the players in BB ask God to make them win, i wonder if God plays eenie, meenie, miney, moe ??

to nana, orkmommy can be very opinionated sometimes, so she has experience with things crawling up her butt, & causing hemmoroids - of course i would love to help out with ork, but i don't think i will have to

I work with a woman who whines & cries (i believe it's because she can't handle the pressure of her job, & blames everyone else) & i have no pity at all for that, it just irritates me to no end (i guess you could say it crawls up my butt) but i notice some people do feel sorry for the poor victim, it just amazes me

sharon said...

Oh,I hope Amber just keeps alienating everyone in the house until they are all so ready to vote her behind out of there.

I,personally,think we should all start a writing(email) campaign to CBS to allow US(AmERICa)the chance to vote out a hamster of OUR choice! Not tell ERIC who to press for nom,but actually let us vote to kick somebody out! Then we'd have a double eviction and after the one of the two nom by the HOH,Chenbot can tell AMBER that's she is indeed America's be sent home!!!! I would love that so much,but fear she might end up in a rubber room for sure! The girl needs serious help and I think the producers really screwed up on this one,she should NOT be in that house.

ORKMommy said...

How did Amber get past the psych test to be on the show? I wonder if the producers are wondering if they made a mistake? She could seriously implode at any minute and take any one of the HG's with her. It's kinda scary...

Thanks for the suggestions about my butt guys. Glad to know everyone cares so much! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't have a problem with asking God for strength, but to take Jen off the block? Was this a miracle for her to win and as a result it was meant for Jen not to be on the block? I am sorry I am just confused. Jen is one of the stronger players in the game and they cannot continue let opportunities to get folks out due to their emotional swings. How can you put the same peolpe up two weeks in a row and neither get's evicted??????

Great job Jackie

barbwire said...

Hey, it's ORKMommy. My mom wanted a picture in her posts so I'm helping. Can you guys see her pic?

Anonymous said...

orkmommy-what have you done to your mom? Turned her into a hamster and caged her up??? Barbwire if you are in the BB8 cage
I hope you took an umbrella because there's a lot of crying going on and because God is controlling everything that's happening there he may decide to create another flood and be done with them all!!!!


ORKMommy said...

I'm reading Joker's from last night and they're discussing who to vote out. They keep saying Jen is manipulative. I haven't seen any manipulation except for when she strong armed Amber in the POV. Has anyone else seen her being manipulative? They're all talking like all she does is manipulate...

Anonymous said...

Now on a serious note--I do believe Amber has some mental issues. I wonder if she is like this outside the house. If so,what is she doing to her daughter's mental health?! It cannot be good to be raising a child when you are THAT UNSTABLE!
I know it's a game and people behave differently but can you imagine being the parent/child of some
of these people....
ERIC--language(watch the videos!)
AMBER--mental state
JEN--self-centered/indifference to others
KAIL--ignorant and waiting for God to tell her how to play the game
DANIELE--immature and ruining a two-year relationship FOR WHAT?

Anon 10:11 I agree two weeks and neither is evicted!!!?! Wake up HGs or you'll find yourselves in the sequester house and those two will be in the finals!


ORKMommy said...

Amber thinks God is proud of her and will make her win HOH next week. ROFLMAO!!! She is completely delusional! I can't stand it anymore!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jen is being that manipulative, she recognized that the dumb thing was working with everyone considering her a threat. When she was HOH she let the true Jen come out and was in your face you do what I want or else king of approach that basically backfired. Now she is playing the all alone poor me. The HG "Sovereign need to get their heads screwed on and evict Kail and Jen as soon as possible. Zach has no game play at all.

delee said...

Orkmommy, I heard Amber say this morning to Jameka, she had a strange feeling come over her, then realised it was God telling her she WOULD win HOH this week. If she is so godly, why does she live in Sin City and a cocktail waitress to boot. IMAO

Anonymous said...

Waffles anyone? There's a lot of waffling going on the feeds...

Dustin's (meant to say the "GROUP's") noms for the back door has changed again...Now everyone has agreed to put up Nick (at least for the moment) & even have a tearful Dani agreeing to vote him out.
Some of them are afraid that if Nick will go onto a rage if he figures out that he is the target.
Eric says if they are talking about a person who they are afraid of physically, all the more
reason for him to go.

Who's direction will the wind blow next?!?

Anonymous said...

If they back door Nick, and keep it quite because he would not like it (and why would he?!) that would at least be in the spirit the back door was created. And that was how many seasons ago? Why hasn't a hg since then thought of something new? Has any one who watches the feeds seen any creativity with this bunch? Except for how many ways to wear a unitard? Another thing that I was thinking is that I had grown to like ED since the beginning of the season. But recently, he is sort of reminding me of the things I didn't like about Cappy. I know blasphemy (but since there is a God theme going on here anyway, it fits). ED has that into everyone's business that Cappy had, the can't leave any topic or argument alone. He has to be there stirring--just like Cappy. Although, I hope ED stays in the house and I never (never ever!) felt that way about Cappy. Don't you suppose Evil Dick picked the Evil part to go with his appearance and hoped to be seen as rough kind of guy, one to watch out for or be intimidated by? But with the abbreviations of posters (like me) and boards, he is slowly becoming Ed. How funny that will be for him to discover when he is out of the house that his personna was a dad named Ed. Thanks Jackie, Sue

Sydney said...

PS: On the feeds two nights ago, Jameka said the F word about 12 times when she was on the precor talking to Amber, who was on the treadmill. I almost fell of my chair in shock

First we hear nothing from her, then she's replacing Eric as the swearer of the house. He has calmed down a lot in that dept as far as I can see. maybe he was ultra nervous when first in the house getting to know everyone and overused it?

He also doesn't lift that damn left eyebrow all the time in the house, just when he talks (like a gameshow host) to "America" in the diary room. It's a persona he adopts and he probably thinks he's being really entertaining. NOT.

Anonymous said...

Here's my thoughts on things. If they don't take Kail out this week, they are going to live to regret their stupidity. Kail IS a player (she's dumb, but she is always manipulating and playing the game). Last week they took out a relatively harmless person in Mike. Then all Dick has done this week is push for Kail to be out because I think he knows it was a mistake to leave her in the game. Now they're all focusing on Zach--who they can get out at any time---someone who has no friends in the house. How totally ridiculous. Kail needs to go and if she doesn't, they will all live to regret it.

Eric is one of the smarter players for sure. He played the HOH and did not throw it until all the players HE did not want to be HOH were eliminated. I have no doubts he threw that competition. Jen is also a player. Everyone can hate her all they want, but she's no dummy. She might be self-involved, but her mind is working and she knows what she is doing. I like her and Eric and Jameka the best although Jameka with her God Squad stuff is a tad annoying. Hate Amber and don't understand why the entire house isn't sick to death of her and her crying antics.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how entertaining it is to read all your comments. I'm either LOL or thinking how smart you all are. ;)

Thanks, Jackie, for the detailed reports of the House of Dysfunctionals. I would miss so much if it weren't for you.