Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Tue. Into the Night Wed (7/25)

The houseguests play volleyball with the yard giraffe.

I wish I had a yard giraffe, don't you? Other kids may have a pony, but to have a giraffe...!

I'm sorry this is coming at you so late, but it covers the major events throughout the day on Tuesday into the wee hours of Wednesday morning from within that Big Brother House of You Done Did Me Wrong:
  • In the beginning of the day, Nick was called into the Diary Room and the audio remained on. BB was asking him if Dick's behavior was getting to the others in the house.
  • There's a group of houseguests still intent on burning to a crisp laying out on the backyard. They all want to be the darkest. Um. Okay, not my idea of a good time!
  • Dustin told Kail that Dick is pushing to get her out. He's apparently still playing to the plan -- the target is Mike and he knows it. Dick wanted everyone to act like Kail is still the target to mess with her gameplay.
  • Daniele and Dustin talked about previous seasons. Daniele hated Eric (Cappy) from season 6. (Well, she may be wiser beyond her years, eh?)
  • Amber loves the person she is today. @@ That confirms it. She is one odd duck. She'll cry again later.
  • Jen went on again to Amber about Kail being her "friend" for 19 days and never mentioning that she was in an alliance since the second day.
  • Eric found out about the nefarious doings of Nick and Dustin -- hiding his clothes piece by piece. Amber let it slip. While he said he'd get them back, I can't help but wonder if he might think that it has an America's Player kind of touch to it.
  • They're still having odor issues in the backyard. The ChenBat hasn't been seen, but I personally think one small dead bat in a yard couldn't cause that kind of smell. Perhaps a decomposing yard giraffe could.
  • Jen and Dick talked about sex. (Would that be oral if you just talk about it?)
  • In the evening they all chanted "beer" and BB gave them beer. Huh. I should try that with something more useful -- "good knee good knee good knee." Sigh. It doesn't work!
  • Dustin and Nick think Jen is spoiled, neither like her. What a surprise!
  • Daniele told Dustin that Kail told her she was going to give her all dirt on Nick in a heart-to-heart talk before she leaves.
  • Nick said, "Everyday Jen looks more like a transvestite." Well, yeah. An android transvestite!
  • They were talking about America's Choice (not that BB said anything -- they're just speculating). Amber thinks she's probably America's Favorite.
  • And Jackie cried. (In disbelief, of course!)
  • The guys played quarters beer game. Jameka was noticeably not playing.
  • Now they're playing volleyball as I get this posted.
What a waste of a day in the Big Brother house, huh? I haven't heard a mention of the voting yet, so I don't know if it will be taped on Wednesday or live on the live show Thursday. From the bits and pieces of game talk, it seems that Mike is still the target for eviction this week.


Anonymous said...

Jackie - They're doing a live eviction this week...

dla said...

Jess got a bit sippy tonight!

Amber thinks she is America's favorite?? On what planet would that be happening?

I thought it was perceptive of Dani to think that her Dad would be a favorite of America... He IS the show at this point.

Mike who???? lol

I vote for a double eviction. Let's just get rid of 'em.

delee said...

Amber cried when she gets out of the cage and sees how BB portraited her on TIVO or whatever AND we will not be there to see it!!! Delusional to say the least!

Huge group still up at 641aE, quizzing ?'s for comp. Bedtime for some....Jenbot says she had 14 JEN shirts taken from quote Jackie, "my eyes, my eyes", thank you for that BB!

Anonymous said...

Hey worries, no do have a real life. We just appreciate you do this!! ROFL at your "is it oral" comment.

I still wish Kail was leaving. Guess that's one wish I won't get. CBS must've been reading your blog cause we didn't get to see Amber cry last night. Dang. We did, however, kind of see Kail cry. She amazes me. I wonder how "her town" likes its town liar? LOL.

Anyway, thanks again for your great blog and I love reading the comments...always keeps me coming back for more :)


Terry in CA said...

holy bats and giraffes Jackie~!!!
Just woke up and I love laughing to begin my day.....Amber thinks she is Americas Favorite?@@
And Jackie cried, Terry cried, dla,orkmommy,heck even anonymous cried,this girl is seriously in for a nasty shock.
Well thanks Jackie for once againmaking this show even better than ever...CBS should hire you as a director/producer

ORKMommy said...

Did Amber seriously say that she thinks she's America's favorite? Now I want them to do an America's Choice where we get to pick a favorite so she can see that she IS NOT it!! Where did they find all these delusional people this year? I think they're all androids programmed to fill a role in the cast!

LYSS said...

You know I was sure that BB would have stop Amber if they caught her using drugs in the house..i mean that has to be why she thinks she's America's fav..she's gotta be on drugs..


RBennie said...

At this point it would be really hard for me to choose a favorite. I was a Dick fan, but after watching him as HOH this week, I'm losing some of the "glow" for him. He didn't peg me as being one who'd take a power trip, but you never can tell, can ya? As for the others, no one really stands out as a favorite. I definitely know who I can't stand though - Jen, Kail and Jessica. So I think instead of an America's Choice for favorite, there should be an America's Choice for most despised houseguest.

sharon said...

Oh,you poor guys...CBS must have gotten wind of your drinking game and didn't show one incident of AMBER CRYING!!! Maybe they know that AmERICa is tired of it!!You will just have to play the game on the feeds cause we all know a day without Amber crying is like a day without 24 hours in that day!!

I want Kail G-O-N-E!!!!! Why ED has gotten Mike fixed in his sight is beyond my understanding. Mike is a nothing,he has no power,none of the hamsters really seem to even know him! ED was right in the first place,Mike is for LATER. FREE KAIL NOW!!!!! I,for one,can't wait to hear her exit interview with Julie. Get ready to roll on the floor with that one!

Yes,we need an AmERICa's Choice and send Amber a message as to who is really liked in that house. Too bad she won't see how far to the bottom she winds up!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Amber's audition tape looked like? Did they choose her because of her crying skills? or did she talk about God so much, they thought she would be the Religious hg this season? The photo wall that Jen had a fit over shows them in great portrait faces, taken before the show opened. I'd like to see an update to that wall that shows a photo that most represents their house personna. Jen would have on the red unitard (not sure the origins (he he he, ori-jens!) of that word, but bet it fits Jen in some way. Amber would be crying. Dick might be crying. Nick would be wearing a sweater. Not sure about the others. Thank you Jackie, Sue

AlbGlinka said...

It's obvious that on all these RE:ality shows (which I have been studiously analyzing for years now) the casting directors choose at least one fairly unstable nutty person who will completely lose it when the taping starts.

F'rinstance, on "The Bachelor"-- the producers of that show are geniuses at finding delusional ladies! They usually self-implode on the first episode, but not always.

So my theory is that Amber was this season's pick by BB. There's no way she could have come across as a stable grounded person in audtion tapes and interviews.

I'm beginning to think that the star of this season is... JEN!

Anonymous said...

Tell Amber she's not America's Choice?? We can't do that she might cry and ruin her mascara!LOL!! I'm not sure there is an America's Choice--Drew Carey I'll take Door #3(none of the above). I think everyone is right-CBS heard about our game and they are a bunch of party poopers!! After all this a serious show, otherwise they would have put some people in the house that were more entertaining! Any thoughts about why Dustin keeps taking Eric's things? Is it just that he's a prankster or is it yet another twist in the game?
Daniele was acting like a spoiled child last night--how frustrating for Dick to be trying to play the game and deal with her tantrums. Nick is a weasel-he knows she has a boyfriend and he should be respecting that!! On the other hand if Dani doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend than keep your distance from Nick!! Don't run to him when you fight with your Dad. I'm still liking Dustin and Jameka. I think Amber would have been removed because of her mental state if Dustin wasn't there to help her.
orkmommy-I'm having trouble commenting on Jackie's TV Squad but I am trying!!!

Nana in the NW

Anonymous said...

Sue-don't forget Dustin in his gray v-neck shirt!
Jessica in a cheerleading outfit because she acts like she's still in high school.
Mike with a dog collar on because he follows Kail like a dog!

What a morning---bats, giraffe and oral sex. Only on Jackie's blog!!!
This might need a R-rating.

Nana in the NW
(do you think I could drop the NW? I seem to be the only Nana out there)

Jackie said...

Nana - I think you can drop the NW if you want. You do seem to be the only Nana commenting here. As for r-rated, I went to a doohicky on the web which assigned ratings to blogs and this one came up an R despite the fact I really keep it very "clean" when it's not always easy to do! The words which triggered the R rating for the generator were Dick and the word "gun" in my sidebar.

Lynn said...

As far a picking a favorite, until this week I would have said Dick but he let the power of HOH go to his head in my opinion.
For America's Choice, at least for today, based strictly on personality not fashion faux pas I would have to say I like Dustin best then Jameka.
If Dick can regain his composure and mouth I might change my mind.

ORKMommy said...

AlbGlinka - I must agree about Jen being the star. She's one of those people you can't stand at first then they grow on you. I really wouldn't mind if she stays around until the end. I think I'm beginning to like her. Kinda like Dick.

Jackie - You? R rated? Because of Dick? Wouldn't he find that hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

I think Dick's gotten a little out of hand the past week. He's right about many of the things he says, but no one asked him to psychoanalyze everyone and advise everyone else how to play. Keep it to yourself.

But overall, I do like him best. I like someone who's not afraid to put it out there and say it like it is.

dla said...

Anon 4:02

I completely agree! ED remains my favorite, although he completely wasted his week as HOH! It never ceases to amaze me when they have a week to make something MAJOR happen, and it ends up a wash...

ED will probably look back at this week and wonder what happened!

Brent McKee said...

Jackie, you'd be NC-17 if you just printed the Parents Television Council's press release on why Big Brother was the worst show of the week. The mouths (or typing fingers) on those people!

Brent McKee said...

Sorry about that, thought the URL would wrap. It's:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, If you blog is rated 'R' it is for Readable, because you take all that convo and put it into something entertaining. Smiling, Sue