Friday, July 27, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Under a New Reign 7/26

Dustin has a new robe and new digs -- the HOH room. As I get ready to send this, he and Dick are talking in there. Everyone thinks that Nick was the vote to keep Mike, not Eric.

Dustin thinks his alliance is Amber, Eric, Dick, Daniele as the strong ones. He counts Jameka and Jessica as weaker members. He wants Zach out, but would be willing to backdoor Nick. They'll be holding a meeting a bit later to decide the noms. He told Dick he'd rather Daniele not be in on it because it would affect a Nick decision.

Here's what's happened since the show:
  • Nick and Daniele think it was Jen who voted to keep Mike. Everyone knows that Zach was the one vote and, due to circumstances, that was totally expected.
  • Amber cried.
  • Amber thinks Nick voted to save Mike because his game is sloppy.
  • Eric, Jameka, Jessica, and Amber are sure they'll have a safe week.
  • Nick told Amber that he was excited that the three -- Kail, Jen, and Zach -- were taken out of the HOH comp.
  • Amber asked Daniele if Dick knew Nick was shady. Daniele told her he did.
  • Dustin is in heaven, keeps dancing, singing, shouting, and jumping for joy.
  • In his HOH basket, Dustin got a letter from home, photos, a HOH robe, and snacks.
  • Amber again told Daniele that Dick doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. Daniele told her to tell him that's nasty. (I'm waiting for another Gerry-type showdown!)
  • Daniele told Amber that if Nick is going to play everyone, he needs to do it better.
  • Dick and Dustin danced and jumped around the HOH in joyful celebration. (Isn't that special?)
  • They immediately KNEW it was Nick voting to evict Kail against the alliance.
  • Eric seems to be under no suspicion whatsoever.
  • Jen and Kail talked about trying to get Dustin to nominate Dick.
  • Dustin is thinking of backdooring Nick and putting Zach and Kail on the block. But that will be discussed later.
And I will let you know what they do ... later!


Anonymous said...

I like Eric and wanted him to win this one but he was premature. It must be a lot of pressure to be "America's Player" poor guy. I like Dustin though and am happy for him. I just hate to look at Kail for any longer, she is so annoying.
I also think Danielle's boyfriend is much nicer and better looking than Nick. He makes Nick look like a putz. Dick was wrong on that one.

Lucy said...

Glad to see Dustin as HOH.

Hope Dick doesn't try to take Dustin's power away from him by being too pushy.

Amber seems to be "stirring the pot" quite a bit of late. Perhaps all those tears have cleared her head and she realizes she is in a game and not at rehab. She better be careful though as we know that "loose lips sink ships."

Looking forward to this week ro see how the HOH crown fits on Dustin's head (hopefully the power won't go to his head and the crown will still fit!).

Lucy said...

No one has to make Nick "look like a putz" as he does a fine job of that himself.

I agree with you anonymous 12:57, Daniele's REAL boyfriend seems nice and I think he is very cute. The way Dick was talking about him I was expecting to see one of the guys from "Beauty and the Geek."

PlaidChick said...

I didn't catch the comment someone mentioned during the show about Dustin telling Dick his power was over. I watched Dick and Dustin dancing and ^5ing in the HoH room, and if Dustin is playing him, the dude should win the show.

I think Amber is more of a leak than Nick.

Glad to see Dustin win. I think he will target the 4: Jen, Kail, Nick and Zach. I see Zach is already circling Dustin like the flying monkey boy he is. I still want to see Kail go because I'm just sick of her.

belle in ca said...

are jen and kail that stupid to ask dustin to put up edick. i really cant see that happening.

dla said...

Belle, I thought the same thing! They have to be delusional to believe that is even a remote possibility this week!

I really felt sorry for Dani's BF. He seemed like a good guy, and watching her coccoon with Nick under the covers was painful for me.... I can only begin to imagine how he must be hurting.

That house makes people do the darndest things!

Anonymous said...

Hey what was with Nick's hair? he looked like such a big dork. Also, Eric is such a bad actor. It was so obvious that he threw the HOH competition.

delee said...

Dick does wash his hands after using the loo. I have seen him on the feeds!!!

Having Eric vote for Kail has definitly made for interesting discussions. A Sherlock Holmes type of who-dun-it. I doubt will ever fall to Eric this soon in the game but eventually as hamsters leave suspect list will narrow.

ED should lay low this week, not dominate conversations or interrupt when people are talking. This is the week he could mend a few sore feelings.

I agree with all Amber is trying to do some sneaky stuff, wonder who is aware of that!!! But I have seen her and Kail in low whispered convo's right in front of other houseguests for long periods of time.

835a ED Amber Jameka Eric still up yakking and yakking

Anonymous said...

Kail cant be serious already trying to get dick up to be nominated. Word will definatley get back to Dick and hell for sure make her leave the house this week. Cannot stand tht woman . Mikes gone and two more to go Kail and Jen

loneseven said...

I'm glad Dustin won HOH this week. I think he may change the whole course of the game. Dick may well be a "force" in the house, but that's not always good. I wish Kail had been voted out instead of Mike. I'll be glad to see the back of Jen!! I agree with many others that Nick is playing Daniele more than he's playing the game. This next few weeks should be very interesting. Poor Amber. She has NOTHING going for her.

Laura said...

Has anyone said anything about Eric saying that he would hook up with a guy or a girl in the house. I'm starting to think that he and Nick might get something going. Nick has alreay talked about kissing guys (other things too if I remember correctly). Now, Eric wants America to hook him up with a guy.

joy n said...

Laura, yeah, that caught me off guard too. "All fair game. Men/women." And has anyone noticed that Daniele is getting to be almost as much of a crier as Amber? She IS a VERY immature 20-year-old.

BeniSage said...

I had wanted Kail to go, but now I realize Mike was the better choice at this point. But I hope she goes soon, she's very self-righteous (sp) and annoying. I was satisfied in the HOH competition when it was down to Eric, Dustin and Jameka; knowing they'd all be great HOH's and also knowing that Jen, Kail, Nick, Allison and Amber would not be in charge!

Lorenz said...

What does "backdooring" mean