Sunday, July 29, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds/TV Squad Update

My latest post on TV Squad has some of the overnight events covered. Stop by and make some noise ... or cry if you must!

I'll be updating here again later today after they wake up.


ORKMommy said...

My new name for Amber - Moaning Myrtle!! Remember her from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? If anyone has connections at Joker's, tell them to start calling her Myrtle on the feed recaps!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh....backdooring Nick! If Daniele knows this could be bad. She will not say anything but this is how the conv. with Nick could go.....
Nick:Dani why are you crying and upset?
Dani-buries her head and says nothing
Nick: Do you know something? What aren't you telling me? I thought we weren't keeping secrets!
Dani-cries and covers her eyes.
Nick: Oh My God!!Are they putting me up?
Dani-looks at Nick with those puppy dog eyes.
Nick: Whose idea was it? You have to stop them. WTF
This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! (starts to leave)
Dani-cries and hugs Nick. Please don't I wasn't suppose to say anything!!

Nick leaves and goes ballistic on the house!!

(God told me while I was shampooing carpets this was going to happen!!)


May said...

Amber tells Jameka that she had a dream, that God had her win the POV this week, and that one of them will win HOH next week (meaning her).

Amber has gone full tilt over the edge and is dangling from a cliff. She has wigged out of reality. This is now becoming some religious experience tht reminds me of the so called LSD folks who thought they saw God while on a " trip man".

Maybe it was all the drugs she took or mental illness.

Sydney said...

Nana- That cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

sydney welcome back. I haven't seen a post from you since your trip to NY. Thought the Big Apple might have taken a bite of you(after all we all know what the apple did to Adam/Eve)and you were waiting to hear from "You know who" whether you should go back home.
You know what they say---God works in mysterious ways!! Maybe he'll show Moaning Myrtle(MM) the way to the DOOR!!!

P.S. We, Jackie followers, know so much ahead what has happened in the house I always have to remember what we will see on air on which day. Confusing for this ol' brain.LOL


Anonymous said...

OK...OK...OK. No more God jokes from me. I'm afraid I might get struck by lightnening or burned at the stake......unless Amber cries!!!!