Sunday, July 29, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Sunday (So Far) Live Feeds Report - 7/29

<--- Dustin goes for the mandana with the nasty grey v-neck look as he talks with Zach.

Zach thinks this eviction would be the perfect opportunity to get Dick out of the house. He also thinks that if he himself goes up against Kail, he (Zach) would go home. Zach also thinks that Kail has "made a deal with the Devil" -- Dick. Dustin isn't committing anything to Zach as they talk, though.

He SO needs a fashion designer. I'm not one to talk, but I refrain from television appearances!

Here are the day's happenings so far from inside that Big Brother House of No Guts No Glory:
  • Amber cried. Feeling betrayed by Dustin's doings in the POV competition, told Jameka it will be herself, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica in the Final Four. Well, I can see possibilities for three of them in there, but tough luck Amber. She has to wear thin enough on the others well before then to get booted. Please!
  • Daniele thinks she should tell Nick he's going home after Monday's POV ceremony.
  • Kail thinks Jessica will never win a comp but has a great strategy -- eats, sleeps, drinks, and doesn't make enemies. Kail wishes she had thought of that first.
  • Jen thinks that if Jessica wins a HOH, she won't put her up because she wants to use her outside of the house as a modeling contact.
  • Jen said that Vanna White's house (where she is a nanny) has an indoor theater, maid quarters, and a wine cellar.
  • Kail thinks Dick is wealthy, Jen thinks he isn't. (But does Jen know Kail owns a town?)
  • Jen thinks NY is dirty "like a third-world country." (Argh! Just when I was sort of kind of liking her! NYC is SO much cleaner than it was in the 60s and 70s, so much safer than it was in those decades and the 80s, and DIVERSITY in cultures does NOT make for a "third world country." Grr.)
  • Kail actually asked Jen if Vanna White and her family go to church regularly. Whose business would that be? Jen shouldn't have answered the question, but told her they didn't -- that it's hard for a celebrity to do something like that.
  • Nick asked Dustin if he thought Jameka would use the veto. Dustin said she's a woman of her word and he's sure she will use it.
  • Nick asked him if he was putting Zach on the block in Jen's place. Dustin told him he was pretty sure he would.
  • Eric thinks that they're all in the house because they failed the pre-screen psychological testing. Heh.
  • Eric tried to work his ways in getting in on the good side of Daniele. He actually wanted to get her to stop from telling Nick that he will be voted out. But, it's all about trust, right?
  • Dustin told Zach he'd put up either him, Dick, Daniele, or Nick if Jameka uses the veto. (Looks like Nick still -- it's just no way is Dustin telling either Nick or Zach beforehand!)
Those are the major events from the day so far. Please stop back as I live-blog the show tonight as it airs here on the East Coast. It starts at 8 PM, bring your umbrellas as it's been very stormy here today. Oh, bring your hip-waders, too. Not only for the floodwaters, but for what the HG and show producers will be spreading about!


Lucy said...

Thanks for the up-date Jackie.

Love the comment Eric made about failing the psychological testing, it really applies to this group of hamsters.

Amber sniffled, whined, whimpered, stuttered and wait for it . . . cried!

Anonymous said...

I just read everything written since last show.... Jackie's updates are better than ever, no easy feat with the boring material this year! All the comments are a hundred times funnier and more entertaining than the actual BB house this season!

Thanks so much for the laughs! (My fave was how Evel Dick is slowly turning into " just a guy named Ed...." excellent!)

Have a good show, Robin in Manchester

Anonymous said...

Hey, when is Dr. Will going to be on Nip Tuck?? I want to tape that one, let me know someone!

Robin in Manchester

AMBER said...

"I started crying"

Anonymous said...

Will is going to be on DR 90210, not Nip Tuck

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard he had a guest shot on Nip Tuck as well as the Dr. 90210 thing, wishful thinking on my part.... THANKS! Robin in Manch

Anonymous said...

If Jen's frame of reference is Los Angeles, diversity would not be the reason that she considers New York a third-world experience.