Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BB8 Live Feeds Screen Cap - TV Squad Stuff

Although both Daniele and Dick are now asleep as I post this -- the screen cap is from a few hours ago as Dick packed some more of his things.

I have the latest Big Brother 8 update with the overnight happenings up over on TV Squad.

I also have a post about Amazing Race season two winner Alex Boylan and his latest television/world travel adventure up over on TVS.


Anonymous said...

fThank-you Jackie for all of the updates. I quit watching "After Dark" when Zack left(I'm NOT a D & D fan). I know it must have been extremely boring and I really appreciate you keeping me informed. I really loved reading your blog when everyone was in the house..we agreed on alot of things..@@..lol
I go to work at 2am and this is my first year with a DVR..my 1st BB...I was addicted right away. Next is my 1st Surviver..how exciting:D
I WILL keep reading..thanks again.

joy n said...

Jackie, I've tried several times over the BB season to leave comments over at TVSquad, but for some reason, they never get through. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Anyway, just want to thank you once more for making BB so very much more interesting than it would be by only watching the show. This season may have had it's boring moments (don't they all, really?) but your filling in the blanks makes me feel "privy" to the goings-on that I didn't know were available until I found your blog.

I loved the show before but I'm totally hooked on it now and will be back next year for more of the same. Thanks for caring enough to make every episode more more enjoyable for all of us.


Tonight is the night! GO DICK!

Jackie said...

Joy - Thank you. I found your comment and activated it. I'm not sure why it didn't post for you. You are getting the email and going to the activation link, right? I had problems myself when I started up there because I had my address a bit wrong -- recheck your email address box if you aren't getting a confirmation mail.

joy n said...

Will do. Jackie, thanks for posting my last comment over there.

Joe in NY said...

joy n,

Hey, I love you more for disagreeing!!

On the Manson thing, I don't think anyone would follow him anymore. 35 years in jail must rot your people skills. He was a product of the '60s, I don't even think he would understand the 21st Century.

That said, I'm not exactly leading the Free Manson movement. It just seems to me that there are people who have been convicted of felony murder or conspiracy to commit murder who get out in much less time. Heck, I know of a case of a Stanford student who killed his research advisor with a hammer and got paroled (also State of CA) in less than 10 years.

I just want to believe that I won't be discriminated against by the system for being freaky. [Hear that Holly, I'm freaky!!!]

I'm a huge Survivor fan, but I don't usually get excited until several weeks into the season after I start to feel I know the people. The preview info I've seen does suggest that this is going to be a very different show this time around, so that'll give me something to look forward to once BB ends tonight.

Unfortunately, no Lost until January.

Did anyone else think that The OC was the funniest show on TV? I miss it so much.

Holly, I'm thinking of having you tatooed on my body - where would you like to be placed?

Anonymous said...


Manson still has groupies. It's not uncommon for serial killers to have people who believe every word they say and adore them from afar. They write to them, go to visit them in jail and sometimes even marry them. Remember Henry Lee Lucas in Texas. He actually met a woman who believed he was innocent and wanted him released from prison so that he could come home and live with her and her kids. If you don't know who Henry is they made a movie about him (Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer staring Michael Rooker) and it is easily one of the most disturbing things I've have ever seen.

I don't know if he should be released from prison though. He is not a political prisoner and he's not as some people claim a genius. He just took one too many trips on the acid train and is majorly F@#$%d up.


Anonymous said...

Just for the record: To me, Dick and Daniele are both thoroughly disgusting. He's a bully, and she's a whiny brat. Their presence on the show has made it a waste of time, which is something I'll remember if it's back next year.

If I were on the jury, I'd abstain from voting. If that would cost me a stipend, I'd cast a vote, but it would be determined at random, and, if at all possible, I'd be unaware of whom it were for.

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you Jackie for all the hard work you put into your blog. I found you last year, and although I don't post much, I am a regular reader (everyday).

Thanks again. Go D &D!!!!

Kari in KY

kittykitty said...

Thank you, thank you Jackie for keeping us all informed and current and for all the good laughs and insight. I'm addicted to this site so much more than the shows themselves. I'm constantly checking here on my blackberry.
I'm still disappointed that its down to D&D. I'll watch tonight to see why Wamber's question caused such a fuss and to see the AP reactions. But I'm just not that into the winner with the 2 left. Sigh.
I'll have to wait for Lost now. I don't watch Survivor, but am looking foward to the new vampire series.

sharon said...

Uh,Manson should never,ever get out! That is one messed up dude and he'll never change. I agree with buying him a house right next to Joe.....lol.

Sorry if I misled Anon about the drinks and snacks being for Survivor debut(follow the train of thought,people). Sorry,I see nothing to celebrate tonight,except it being OVER.

Anonymous said...

Feeds off since around 10am. Why pay if they're going to not let you have full access. Oh well, only a few hours to go!
What's with bringing up Manson, oj and the rest of the lunatics? This should only be about the lunitics in the house.

Anonymous said...

I just want to believe that I won't be discriminated against by the system for being freaky. [Hear that Holly, I'm freaky!!!]

Joe, I don't get why you restarted Charles M topic on Jackie's latest update, I get your replying to OP, but why wouldn't you have replied where Charles M topic originally begin? I apologize if you've met female posters on this blog, whom you've address by their first name, I understand your kidding around at times, I'm sorry, I meant no harm, last year I was stalked, harrassed, almost killed by someone intranet blog, I won't reveal how he obtained information, never in a million years would I have ever imagine it happening, esp in a blog. Could be freaky. I not comfortable signing my name however I have been reading commenting on Jackies Blog for many years. Please understand I'm uncomfortable by some of the things you've been writing.

sue said...

Hi Jackie and thanks for the BB season. I have a question. Since you have the feeds, understand the show (up front and behind the scenes), what do you think the producers could do to change and/or improve for a new season. I know the casting thing. I am thinking more like giving access to comps to live feeds or maybe have two DRs, one for us to view while still keeping one private. Do you have any ideas about it? Sue

meb said...

I like Elizaeth and I like Rosie. Is that an oxymoron? Maybe just a moron (see i said it before you could joe) and I'm just kidding.

Let's get off the Manson kick. That was a horrible time and the first time I was ever frightened by something that happened somewhere so far away from where I lived. It's not worth the debate. Joe and everyone, please let it go! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


msnbc, which i must admit i haven't been reading, has some not so nice things to say about this years show/producers/houseguests, etc.

the show starts at 9 EST, right?


Nancy in Seattle said...

In an MSNBC poll 61% of people would prefer to see anyone but Dick and Danielle win...57% felt they were disgusting and 50% thought Dick should have been tossed off the show. Dick evidently confirmed that Vincent's letter contained coded information, but the information wasn't deemed sufficiently relevant to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again Jackie for all you did this season for BB8. You made it better. Your updates are great. Now after tonight's show try to get some sleep before Kid Nation starts tomorrow & Survivor on Thursday. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...


I think the BB crew wanted Dick in there so bad they overlooked a whole bunch of stuff. I think short of him actually killing someone they were going to edit him anyway possible to sway his persona to let him stay

DEANNA said...

If anyone needs a good BB laugh, go to Jokers and on the left sided column they have ADS that very creative people have made mocking all the HG's this year. Some had me laughing out loud and crying... Just thought it would be something fun to do to pass the time to FINALE!!! GO DICK!!!

DEANNA said...

All I know is that Dick led in most polls from about week 3 and on.... geesh!

Anonymous said...

....and the majority of viewers who vote in the polls only saw the edited Dick that aired on TV.

Nana in the NW said...

MY OH MY!!! Jackie I'll bet when you started this blogsite you NEVER thought it would become a site for open discussion, heated debates,insights, and blogmances that had NOTHING to do with BB!!
Those are the reasons I keep coming back. Before I signed on I thought"Well, the house is quiet so I wonder what off topic is being debated today??" Won't even say it because other commenters have asked that we let it go but the Elizabeth/Rosie issue makes me ask: Do those who dislike Elizabeth really think she rams her opinion down people's throat any more than Rosie did??! I was a supporter of Rosie until her last few months on the show but I was sooooo sick of every subject being turned around to the war and unfair treatment of gays!!!
Elizabeth may be opinionated but I think alot of it was in reaction to Rosie. JMO

Joe--I hope your around for Survivor...you always seem to "mix it up" on this site. Not that I always agree or even understand what your saying but its NEVER DULL!!

Deanna--a Seahawks fan?? Are you from the NW?

Sydney--In case I missed you yesterday I love Fri. Nite Lights!! I have a very good friend who is a football coaches wife(38 yrs)--he has taken the state championship twice--the show is very true for all of a coaches family!

orkmommy--cherish all those moments...she'll be walking down the aisle before you know it...then you will become a grandma which is even better, right Barbwire?!

My suggestions:
imhot(I'm hot)

My dilema--Do I follow the blog and know what happens
(as I have all season) or wait and be surprised???

I'm looking forward to Survivor--the cast looks pretty diverse and can't wait to see that part of the world.

Anonymous said...

I hope CBS is planning on having someone watch or at least keep a tab on Amber once she gets out. I am really afraid of what she may do when she gets out and sees how CBS edited her, and how the public feels about her. I just don't think she's stable enough to handle it.

DEANNA said...

Nana in the NW... I live in Nevada and my husband & I are the biggest Seahawks-Sonics-Mariners-Huskies fans. We plan to be living somewhere in Washington state within the next 2-3 years. Love it up there and are anxious to get there. Where are you located? :)

DEANNA said...

Anon 7:38... And what poll did you get those results from. I don't recall a poll that asks us where we get most of our BB info from. Please tell me so I can vote there. ;)

Nana in the NW said...

Nancy if there was a coded message in Dick's letter I think CBS let it go because it didn't make a difference at that point of the game. Had he received it a few weeks earlier it might have been dealt with.

Did anyone see on the feeds that Dani called Amber Wamber?? She laughed and said " That's funny, I just made it up"!!
Wait till she sees that's been our nickname for her all season. LOL

I would like to see BB change the minimum age to 25. By then most people are out of college, working, and living on their own. I know many people could not afford to be gone from their jobs for 3 months---must there has to be at least 14 more stable than Amber!!

Nana in the NW said...

deanna--I live in Tacoma(about 45 min. south of Seattle). I've lived here my whole life(54 yrs.) and wouldn't trade it. We have four seasons,mountains, oceans,
and lots of green forests.
My husband is a season ticketholder for the Huskies and we attend many Mariner games. Our unemployment rate is the lowest its been in years.
OK enough with my "love the NW" propaganda! And, NO it does NOT rain all year round!!