Saturday, September 15, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Report - Into Saturday 9/15

Above is a screen cap I took at 8:11 ET this morning, both Daniele and Dick are asleep right now as I post this.

As I expected with only the two in the house for a period of days, the feeds are rather quiet (which is a good thing as I conked out last night!). Here are a few more noteworthy or odd tidbits from inside the Big Donato House:
  • Dick has become a champion Solitaire player.
  • Both Dick and Daniele still have aches and pains from the HOH comp and previous ones. My personal guess is that Dick probably has a lot more pain than Daniele.
  • Daniele complained that Dick wouldn't just let her be, but ... sheesh, they're trapped in the house. He already talks to the cameras. If Daniele doesn't talk to him, he'll have to talk to the moose topiary figure.
  • Dick put out a cookie and set the table for Daniele thinking it would make her smile. When he asked what she thought, she asked if this is what things are coming to. Sigh.
  • Daniele hopes they don't have to do Housecalls and The Early Show appearance together. @@
  • She said he would talk the entire time. Well, she might have a point there, I guess. But, still ...!
  • They argued about small stuff ... again.
  • He thought she had a bad attitude ... again.
  • Dick thinks that now they're spending too much time together. He said they shouldn't be apart two years again, but two days would be nice.
  • Daniele exercised.
  • Dick housecleaned, smoked, and spat. Spitted? Got spittle all over the dang yard. That covers it.
  • Daniele asked Dick if they might get a montage of Amber crying. Dick told her they probably already had one.
  • BB gave Dick a box which has 9 different games. At last, something for him to do!
  • Although Daniele went to bed, she got up and shared breakfast cooked by Dick, and an ice cream snack at about 5 AM their time (that's what they're doing in the screen cap I have here).
  • They talked about their previous housemates -- Eric's mannerisms, Amber giving Nick advice (what's worse ... Amber giving advice or Nick taking it?)
  • They played Chinese Checkers.
  • Then to bed once again.


Lucy said...

"Daniele hopes they don't have to do Housecalls and The Early Show appearance together. @@"

Daniele would not want to be on any show with her father because she would not be the centre of attention.

I have felt from day one that Daniele believes she is better than anyone else on the show - especially her father. She will be in for a big surprise when she finds out how many of the viewers find her to be immature, whiney, and spoiled. I know many folks will say all 21 year-olds are like that but I disagree. My daughter turned 22 in August and she went through the "it's all about me" phase when she was in her early teens. Perhaps my daughter is the exception, but I doubt that very much.

Daniele should take this time alone with her dad in the BB House to celebrate and make future plans. Instead she has decided to remain firmly planted on the pity pot and dwell over how much everything "sucks."

brokenwing said...

This show has been about the reconciliation that can take place between two individuals. The 'redemption' of a father daughter relationship. They got some good years in front of them if they can both take advantage of this opportunity that was, inadvertently perhaps, given them by CBS. Its not about the money, its about two people gettin back together and healing a breach in the family.

Jackie said...

Thinking back to when I was 21, I know I was pretty self-involved, but not in a really public kind of way. Even back at that age, I doubt I would have ever gone on a show like Big Brother. I knew even back then that I wouldn't want to publicly air my faults for the world to see!

That year of my life, I had finished up college, was working, supporting myself (the latter two I give Daniele credit for, as well), and enjoying good times with friends.

But my own father had already passed away by the time I was Daniele's age. I would have given anything (and still would) to have had more time with my Dad who loved me just because I was his daughter. When I hurt, he hurt. When I was happy, he was beside himself with joy. The relationship between father and daughter is a special bond and I can see it in Dick's eyes, but Daniele doesn't. Perhaps someday she will. It's been over three decades since I last talked with my father (on my birthday no less, grr, the timing of it all), but I know he knew I thought the world of him.

Anonymous said...

jackie, i hear ya. i'd give anything in return for another conversation with my dad...even the last one ~~sigh~~

i just watched, for the very first time, the house calls tape. it was the one with the producer, alison grodner. interesting show to say the least. i never really knew what that was about, any never bothered to find out. i guess now i'm going through my withdrawal of the show.

it's a beautiful day here, not a day to stay inside...those days will be upon us soon, but i had to check in again.

i was really rooting for dick and danielle to use this time productively. i am certainly looking forward to tomorrow night's show.

have a great weekend

Nancy in Seattle said...

Nana in the Northwest...thanks so much for the restaurant advice. I think I'll try the English teahouse one...sounds interesting. Nice meeting you here.

Anybodybuthillary...was listening to Carl Bernstein on the Bill Mahar show on his new Hil book. Have you read it?

Fellow bloggers...can we have our own online team ever?
The Double D's or the Dr. Will and Boogie..the Chilltown duo?
Both teams good players...but which was the better?...most fun to watch? you have a preference? Love love love your blog...can't wait for your recaps for Survivor and opinions and esp. @@.

Nancy in Seattle said...

Jackie...I emphasize with your loss of your dad...hard stuff forever...I hope that as Danielle grows up she looks back and sees that though flawed, her father loved her very much, and that in time, when they have both matured a bit more, they will have an ongoing relationship. They shared a unique experience and my guess is they will both need a breather fo a while...but hopefully not forever.

Anonymous said...

RE: the question of who were the better players, the Donatos or Will and Boogy? Will and Boogy used the females to advance in a sexist way. The Donatos did it by mentally orchestrating the game week by week. Dick was the brain overall and Danielle was the brawn in the competitions. Hopefully they will be able to work together as well in real life!

Jackie said...

nancy - Oh, no... I'm confused! I answered your question on my previous entry. For here -- loved Will, didn't like Boogie. With the Donatos, don't think Daniele would have made it far on her own despite winning comps - people skills lacking. Dick, on the other hand, came into the house as a man with a plan. He executed his plan perfectly and is now sitting in the house with his daughter awaiting the finale. I don't approve of everything he said or did, but the others should have broken them up weeks back. It really sounds like the show viewers are more upset about Dick than his fellow houseguests were.

Since the Donatos had planning (Dick's) and could win comps and Will/Mike had planning (Will's mostly), Will threw comps, and Mike didn't win a heck of a lot of them ... I think the Donatos are a stronger team.

Will remains my favorite HG.

Anonymous said...

I think Will and Boogie were a better stategic team than D&D. I honestly feel that the only reason Dick and Daniele are where they are is because of America's Player, america was their biggest ally. Had Eric been able to play his own game, Dick would have been gone instead of Dustin (I'm not saying I would have liked this but it is true)and Daniele would have followed closely after. I think Dick's intimidation tactics in the house were rude and unecessary (although my heart does think he is sweet when he talks about Daniele). Daniele is a spoiled rotten, selfish brat. Yeah Boogie and Will used women, but there was more to it than that, they (especially Will) were master strategizers. D&D were aligned with America. JMHO


DKNYNC said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Glad you got some rest, hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks again for all you do to keep us informed and entertained. You rock!!

sherry said...

to lucy..have you seen Dick..whats to celebrate lol jk :) and the same old this sucks..Daniele bashing in the same way..over the same comments are just getting old..yes..we got it..ppl think she's selfish and immature because she played the game with her Dad but doesn't seem to find his bossy ways worth cuddling up to and if her not always wanting to appear with her Dad makes her "Self-centered" and you know that its becasue she needs to be the center of attention, well good for you. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Dick lol

Joe in NY said...

For what it's worth:

I think Will survived best alone. He might have been the best single player. Boogie really didn't bring all that much to the table, except the occasional errand for Will (talking to someone about something).

Both Chilltown and D-town played the game in a very open manner. I always laughed at Will telling people to go ahead and nominate him, he didn't care anyway. It wasn't that far from Dick saying that he just wanted Dani to survive and if he had to go, that was fine.

There was little subtlety to their methods, in both cases. They never hid the fact that they were playing the game, didn't care about relationships, etc. Will was much smoother, but even he could be psychological abusive - he really beat Janelle down mentally late in the game so that she didn't know what was going on.

I don't think there's any question that the Ds worked better as a team. They needed all the POVs and HOHs they won combined - and then some! And, if you really stop to think about it, the hardest thing to do is to get more than one person into the final 2. As a team, you are always a target because people want to break you up. In the Final 4, comps count for everything and having a teammate isn't much of an advantage. That's why most of the other teams stalled at the Final 5 or Final 4.

(And I'm not saying I LIKE the Ds very much. I'm just saying they did pull off a very difficult task.0

Anonymous said...

Why didn't "The House" speak to Dick about burning Jen's hands, or rather kick Dick off the show? If we look back at past seasons, weren't there circumstances that were not overlooked, as in taking Dick off the show. The house never spoke to Dick, am I right or wrong?

Joe in NY said...

Holly & Gabriel!

I'm a little worried about your Nikki Six obsession - he's way older than I am! And isn't he married?

But, I'm not proud, I'll settle for being second best! (That's higher on the list than usual.) LOL

Is Gabriel still being fussy? Maybe he'd like a ride on my dog! :) Willie loves children, but he seems to feel threatened by women. He rarely lets me talk to any when we're out walking, he usual growls at their dogs. Men, he doesn't seem to care as much - or maybe that's just my perception.

Rain Day here in NY, and very chilly. Sigh...fall is here...

See ya,


Jackie said...

Dick never really did burn Jen's hand -- she said so herself in an interview. According to her, it was a "fake burn" whatever that might be.

Dick's behavior did result in him being talked to about it in the DR many times. He mentioned it on the feeds.

Joe in NY said...

anon 2:17

You are wrong. Dick did receive warnings when he got close to the line. And we can't know what DR told him privately.

As for Jen's hands, Dick did not burn them - Jen burned them herself by trying to grab a lit cigarette. And Jen herself later told Jameka she was exaggerating the burning.

Joe in NY said...

Apparently, the Dick-haters are still holding out hope for a late ejection from the show! LOL

For the record, IMHO, if CBS kicks Dick out or gives him a penalty vote (gives Dani a bonus vote?), this would officially become the best season ever! (At least when it comes to bizarre occurrences and interesting twists.)

Nancy in Seattle said...

Jackie...thx for the great analysis of the teams...I think you put it perfectly. Joe, you seem right on too. The only thing remaining for this year's BB is to see how the house votes. I'm guessing that if their passions cool, they'll go with Dick as the master planner...

renothndr said...

I detest the Donato's - Whinelle and the Spit Machine. BUT... they got to where they are fair and square. I don't have to agree with or endorse or condone their tactics or their behavior(esp. Dick) BUT they are where they are and it is what it is and no amount of *itching on my part would change it. So....

As for the D&D vs Chilltown question, I'd have to cast my vote for those Detestable D's. Will and Boogie "used" women because those women were stupid, vapid fools who were easily led and used. The D's manipulated EVERYBODY and won. Kudos to them.

Anonymous said...

I think too much credit is being given to Dick for being a master planner. Until Eric left, most of the planning was done by Eric in response to America's vote. Eric set up the situations and used Dick to implement them.

Kathy in NC

PDX Granny said...

First, and most important . . . . . . . .


Whew! What a season! I'm really looking forward to the last show. Even though I haven’t liked the way Dick played the game, I must admit that he did have a game plan and did manage to execute it. I’m not so sure Dani had one going in. I don’t think either of them could have made it so far on their own, but as a team, they kicked butt! Dani was the competition champ this season, but Dick won his fair share too. And he had the game plan. For that reason, my vote was for him to win.

I’m really curious about how the final vote will play out! I’m trying to remember what the HG’s saw vs what we saw. Dick didn’t hide much of anything. He was rude and crude and in-your-face to everyone. If I remember correctly, Dani had her times of being rude and crude as well, but more often she did it behind closed doors. She told the others she didn’t like the way her dad played, and reminded everyone that she wasn’t her dad. In their goodbye messages, Dick pretty much said what he thought, while Dani was always sweet and nice, saying it was nothing personal, only a game. I think if the jury house votes on a personal level, Dani will get most of the votes. If they think strategically, then Dick will get them.

Even more than the final vote, I really want to see their reactions after Eric’s reveal!! That should be great!!

Jackie, and everyone else out there who has posted comments, you have all added so much to the BB8 experience that just can't be matched by watching the show alone. Not only was I able to keep up with what was really going on in the house, but hearing all your various opinions of the antics going on gave me a lot to think about.

I laughed, I cried, I got up in arms! I feel like this is more than just a blog site. It's like a little neighborhood, where as soon as moving in we are made to feel welcome. There are kids and grandkids and pets running all around. There have been congratulations and condolences. There have been spits and spats and making up. There was even a garage band started up called Amber Cries, although it’s been pretty quiet lately! And then of course, there's our own version of Senior Big Brother.

Thanks to all of you for making this a season worth reading. Now that things have started quieting down, I’m looking forward to finding my life again outside of the BB house. I might peek in to see what’s being said about some of the other shows I’ll be watching, but I think I’ll have more time for housecleaning now. . . . . but not today! I think I’ll start out my new found freedom with a nice walk. It’s a perfect day for it here in Portland – a little cool, a bit overcast and a few sun breaks peeking thru !

Have a great day, all!

PDX Granny

Anonymous said...

I think the Donatos were the best team. However Will was the best player ever and still my favorite all time player. I still get a kick out of Will telling everyone he hated them, would blow all food comps and they should vote him out. But yet they kept him! The only reason Boogie won last season was because of Will. He never could have gotten that far without Will and I really believe that was Will's goal for Boogie to win because he didn't care if he did or not. Will was really good at manipulating people and Dick just intimidates them. Hopefully Daniele will realize someday that you can pick your friends; but you can't pick your family and will come to know how much her dad does really love her even with all his imperfections.

sue said...

My take on D & D after they leave the show is based on the information that has been made available to us (the veiwers) while the two are in the house and their journals from outside the house, written pre-BB. My opinion is that neither will change and their relationship will continue much as it has in the past. Except, I think each will be more of the 'go to' person in the other's lives than they were in recent years. Sometimes in an estrangement, the hardest part of the healing is being the one who picks up the phone first to call the other one. BB took care of that part for them. They are now reconciled from that issue (whatever it was). I think Daniele craves her independence and also loves having her dad available to her when she wants him. I think Dick is similar and would be as smothered by too much Daniele as she is by him. When Daniele is 44, she may have some of the same family feelings that Dick is experiencing now. I think that call to closeness is more of an age plateau that many people reach in their 40s. It is a way to cross the bridge between youth and settling in. And isn't that what the 40s are? Not too old and not too young?

I also believe whole heartedly that whatever their relationship is, that it works for both Dick and Daniele. How can anyone expect them to fit into a so-called traditional family unit (if there even is any such thing!). What they have works for them and that is all that is important. The major event is that now when they get out of the house, either one can call on the other and know, because of their time in the house, that if needed, they will be there for each other. That doesn't mean they won't still scabble and end conversations abruptly and stomp out of the room during an argument. They both are drama driven souls and taking that away from them wouldn't make them better, it would just make them someone other than who they are.


DKNYNC said...

Based on results I'd have to say the Donatos were the most successful team ever to play the game but were they really the "best" I'm not sure. They won a lot of comps and certainly had a target on their backs from the beginning so I will give credit where credit is due that was impressive. Dick did come in with a plan but I believe without the America's player twist Dick's strategy would not have worked. Thinking back I really think it was more Americas votes that kept them in the game and not so much Dick's strategy. If Eric had not had to try to get Dustin nominated and evicted Dick would have been gone and Danielle would have followed shortly after. Will won his season and came into All Stars with a huge target on his back. He survived to final 4 and his partner won. My vote would go to Will (and only by association Boogie) as best team.

loneseven said...

I'm voting for Chilltown!!

PDX Granny said...

By the way, Nana in the NW - Thanks for explaining how to get my identity to show up at the top of my comment. Earlier I tried by signing up for a Blogger account. I think that worked twice. Then after that, everytime I tried I was told my password was wrong. I finally gave up and just signed off at the end.

Wouldn't you know, now that the commenting season is just about over for me, I know how to do it! The story of my life!!

PDX Granny

Nana in the NW said...

I see we have jumped to a new post so I am going to repeat my comments from the prev. post(if you already read it--sorry for the repeat).

I'll bet you thought you'd sneak that one by us--not here too many detail oriented bloggers. Way to go Nate for catching that.

Great way to start a BD--
12 hrs. of much needed rest. Even though it's rainy there I hope you do something fun!!

Nancy in Seattle--good choice. Here's some info:
Grassi's Garden Cafe
1702 Pacific Ave.

It's located across the street from Union Station and the Glass Museum is
behind Union Station(all withing walking distance).

As for the best team to play the game..... I'll take Door #3!! LOL

Laurie--give Terry a big hug from all of us. I hope she takes some time to read our condolences and knows how much we care.

Meliss--I was wondering that about Kid Nation too.
Let's is a Reality TV show, located in the middle of nowhere, and I'm sure they had an extensive waiver to sign.
I smell money at the end of this....

CSI needs to start so Grissom can save his love,

wi-badgerfan said...


I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday in this thread. I left you one on the other but I don't know if you go back and read them.

I also came out of my anon shell and wanted to thank you and everyone else for making this blog very entertaining. I can't wait to see how Survivor plays out this year and read yours and everyone elses comments. Thanks again Jackie, you're awesome.

Oh, and GO EVEL!!

carla said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie! I hope you've enjoyed the early part of your day and that you do something nice for yourself this evening! You most definitely deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie! And another heartfelt thanks for all you do for us.

My vote goes to the Donatos.


Anonymous said...

Dani is making cookies does she stay so THIN......

Lucy said...

To Sherry, I calls them as I sees them.

Anonymous said...

217p anon Dick did not burn Jen, she did it herself. He held the cig out as she was throwing her hands at his face and oops she hit it. All her fault! He was protecting himself!!!

Anonymous said...

joe in ny,

just wondering if you still think Zach is an idiot? I think his "plan" would have won him first place with the jurers. If he had been able to win this final HOH (and let's face it there isn't any scenario where he could have made it to the finals if he didn't win the final HOH) I think he could have beat Dick or Danielle with the jury. They were all mighty impressed that he put Dick and Danielle on the block (seems even they didn't realize only the POV mattered) and befriending Jameka there at the end (and giving her a chance) would have been the icing on the cake. I think he would have been the jury's choice by a unanimous vote. Maybe he's not as stupid as you thought. So, are you willing to admit it?


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE!! i still want that heart dress thatpaula was wearing LOLOL... i miss 'brrring brrring' will and boogies diary room calls LOLOL they were the best!
debie in calif

LYSS said...

Let me say 1st off..Jackie you've done an awesome job this season, with what you've had to work w/this yr, and I am sorry that you still have to watch and report on the 2 remaining house guest..

I was trying to think back to when I was 21..I really dont remember whining that much..and god I hope that's not the norm..I have 2 teens now..and if they start that whining thing im going to knock them out..Thats the main reason I can't stand Daniele..SHE WHINES TOOOO MUCH!!!!!!..AAAAGGGGHHHHH (in her words..)

So with that said..bring on survivor..woop woop..

oh a quick question..why is it that they dont' give the house guest games earlier in the game..what would it really take away from the game if they gave them cards..or the game w/9 games in it???..just a thought..


Kathy said...

I would think that if they are giving them games now there should be ones you can play by yourself. The only thing Daniele seems to do is bake cookies and do her manicure & pedicure.(that was kinda gross)She needs some hair dye, I wonder if they will give her some before the end of the show or the wrap party.Oh yeah and abuse her father. At least he can play solitaire alone.BB should really give him a spitoon outside, if you measured what he has spit in that backyard this season it would be gallons and gallons.I know Daniele's favorite thing to say is this sucks, that sucks or they suck but can someone tell her how to pronounce the word God. The way she says it it would be Gawd.Oh my Gawd, This sucks. Anyway I think the best game was played by D&D, mind you I didn't care for many of the things said or done by either team but Chilltown was just too damn cocky, maybe bacause they really didn't need the money(like Jen) but they were very full of themselves and mean at the end whereas Dick seems really happy and I guess Daniele is too in her own way.Oh well. Happy Birthday Jackie and Thank You sooooo much for what you do here and at Tv Squad. You are the best part of the show once again.

joy n said...

Jen herself said she didn't get burned. When she stood next to Jameka while washing her hands in the bathroom, she told Jam she had a black streak from the ashes on her palm and it washed off.

Jackie, left some comments for you on last post.

Nancy N: A comment there for you, too.

I've said this once before. Dani will one day regret the way she treats her dad. Hopefully, she will, sooner than later, mature enough to appreciate the fact that, whatever has happened in their past, he is trying very hard to let her know he loves her. And you only have one dad. I'd give anything to be in her shoes. My dad walked away and never cared about his 5 kids. I can't tell you all the times I had wished I "had a real dad". And that's a wish I've carried with me throughout my life. Dani, please wake up!

Anonymous said...

Hi all! Sorry summer (and BB) is coming to an end. Question: I read somewhere (was it here?) that D and D weren't really the enemies they were made out to be on the show. I believe I saw that they were candidates for the BB "Summer of Secrets" to be secret buddies. Jackie, can you confirm or refute this? Also, who do you think will win it all? I am a Dick fan because I find Danielle too whiny. Plus I'm sure Dick will share his winnings with his pretty daughter. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Jackie what's your take on kid nation violating child labor laws

sue said...

D & D just plowed on through BB this season. I can't remember any key mis-steps they made. Even getting out Nick, where they voted out someone who would have voted with them (usually a huge mistake) worked in their favor because it got Daniele into the game. They thought through what they needed to do and then did it. My only hesitation for annointing them BB Best is that they didn't have any real competition among the other hgs. I don't know that it would have made too much of a difference, but we'll never know. Why didn't any of the hgs vote them out?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:09...perhaps bilimia...also she runs on the treadmill like a regular hamster. Tho, a half hour on the treatmill is only equal to a couple of medium size apples in calories burned.

Anonymous said...

The show ends on Sunday right? Then D and D can be released from the hell they are in alone with one another. Maybe after their respective trips to Europe they can ponder their relationship and Dani can see she had a real advocat in her father even if he is a scuzz. We don't always get the parents we'd like...we need to like the parents we have.

Anonymous said...

Dick appreciates his mom...he's moving back home! Then off to Europe to hang with his buddies and party hardy. I guess he wants to make hay while the sun is sinking in the west...with the horror of 50 looming on the horizon. I hope he gets the big bucks...then he has a chance to have a relationship with Dani. Without the $$$ I think he'll be back out in the cold. I believe Dick will share his good fortune with Vincent and his mom too.

Nancy in Seattle said...

Not everyone on the blog today but for Saturday at any rate, it would seem we prefer the team of Dick and Dani as all time best to that of Dr. Will and Boogie, altho Dr. Will is still a fan fav. So Dick may be right when he declares the Donatoes the "best team ever" in BB history.

barbwire said...

Happy Birthday Jackie !!

I agree with you about D/D and the game they played - well specifically Dick - I didn't like his tactics, but he's the only one who went into the game with a plan, he followed thru with it, & he's in the final 2 - everyone else seemed to go into the game with no idea what to do, or with a plan that didn't work after the first few days

nana in the nw - the company orkmommy works for had a float in a parade this morning, & she & her boyfriend provided the trailer that they decorated, so she's been very busy getting it ready - but she'll be back, & i know she is reading all the comments in the spare minutes before bed in the evenings

btw, ORK & I rode in the truck pulling the float, & it was so cold, started out at 29 degrees this morning !! (central WI)

joy n said...

Barbwire: Brrrrrrrrrr!

ORKMommy said...

Jackie - Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Jackie!!! Happy Birthday to you!! (Good thing you couldn't hear me singing cuz I'm horrible!)

Nana - I'm here... We've been so busy the last week I've barely had time to catch up on the comments. Let alone make one myself!

I think this game is just as much about luck as it is about strategy. Either you get the votes or you don't. I agree that Dick would be gone if it hadn't been for the AP vote for Dustin, but then again they had how many other weeks to try to get Dick or Dani out. The jury has to realize that it's their fault the D's are still in the house. I don't agree with the way he played the game, but he's in the final 2 so it must have worked. I really don't think Daniele would be there if it weren't for her dad though. She may have won competitions, but he kept her in the house! I just don't think she'll realize it!

I can't wait for the finale so I can see the reaction to AP and to see Daniele's face when her father beats her. I said it about a week ago, the only redeeming thing about having a Dick/Dani final 2 is them being stuck in the house ALONE WITH EACH OTHER for 5 days! That is poetic justice IMO!

Lesa said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!!!
Thanks for all you do for us!!!
Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Kathy said:
Chilltown was just too damn cocky, but they were very full of themselves and mean at the end whereas Dick seems really happy and I guess Daniele is too in her own way.

Did you hear the way Dick and Danielle have been speaking about the other houseguests. I don't think there have been meaner people ever on the show...and Danielle is happy in her own way? Does that mean that less than 24 hours after her dad won for her she can't be bothered to talk with him. Way to be happy!

Anonymous said...

Dick and Danielle bashing and making fun of Jen, Eric and Zach AGAIN. (yup all that nasty stuff was only game play) Danielle wants to know whose wallpaper was downloaded most. Won't she be surprised to find out that the top three were Eric, Jen and Dick. Reality check Danielle! America doesn't like you and apparently in spite of your bashing and Dick's abuse they liked Jen more than you. Can you imagine how much it will SUCK when she gets out of the house and finds out what people really think of her - I would love to see that. Actually I wouldn't but I'm glad to know it will happen.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Will, Boogie or the others thought about how this might effect (or affect, can never remember which) their careers outside of the house. I for one would never go to Dr. Will for anywork, I liked him on the show, but his play left me wondering what kind of a doctor he'd be. I live near one of Boogies resturants and I refuse to go there, I found him gross and vile, (never did wash his hands)and just seemed like a nasty person, I won't give a dime to him. Dani will grow up, but she will always be a bit self absorbed. Dick...let's just say he lives up to his name.


DKNYNC said...

Do you know the phone number to call to cancel the feeds?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY although I'm late getting off work and so wasn't able to do it on the actual day.

I think ChillTown was the better team. Boogie wasn't so great but Will was a player and in my opinion the best player of all time.
As for best female player I would say that Janelle is a much better player than Daniele who I have to grudgingly admit comes in second. This is mainly due to the whining and her voice which got on my last nerve two weeks ago.
The main problem with saying that D and D are the best team player is that they didn't have any competition as someone pointed out earlier. Look who they were up against...Amber who couldn't win any comps because she was too busy crying, Jameka who couldn't win a comp if her life depended on it, Zack who I liked but who had difficulty getting to know and letting them get to know him, Dustin who thought just because someone gave him a crown and robe he should act like a king and Jessica who's main strategy seemed to be sleeping. ERic might have been able to put up some competition for the D's but was hampered by his AP duties. Kail who folded like a paper tent in a hurricane and sold out her own alliance to save her own butt.

In order for us to be sure though. I think they should try and talk Will into coming back and have a face off with the Donatos. How about this ALL STAR TEAMS.

There could be Maggie and Ivette.
Will and Boogie.
Dick and Dani
Janelle and Kaysar
And perhaps a few from next season.

Wouldn't that be a show? I for one would love to watch Dick try the same intimidation crap with Will and Boogie that he did on Zach or Dustin or Jen. I got a feeling that it wouldn't intimidate Will, Boogie, or Kaysar so easily.


Anonymous said...

You all are making me cry. I lost my dad March 06, then my mom Nov. 06. I would do anything to have both of them back. I don't live at home, I'm 800 miles away. Most of the time I was further away because my husband was military. I couldn't even find a way to get there in time to see them before they died. It just breaks my heart. Waaaaaa. lol.

It's really hard for a young kid to realize how important a mother and farther are. I have a 23 year old who thinks the world evolves around her. It's the age. It can be so ungrateful.

I couldn't wait to get away from home when I was 18. I cried for months, but finally realized I really did have to get on my own. I grew up with 7 brothers and sisters, so I really wanted to get away. I miss them every day. I am so glad I told my mom and dad how much I loved them every day. It still hurts with them not here.

Eventually, Dani will realize, yes, her dad made mistakes, but he loves her and will do anything for her. However, I can see why they get on each other's nerves. I would hide my head if my dad had been like Dick. You have to grow up sometimes; and unfortunately, there are parents out there who want to be only friends with their children and not the disciplinarian. You can be both.

It's Jackie's birthday???? Happy Birthday Jackie!!!

Now on to the couples in BB. I did not like Boogie. He had no charm whatsoever. He was a wanna be that needed someone else to be a wannabe. Will made me laugh. He not only looked good, he had the charm to boot. Will did all the work. Their ways were true to the old saying, "You can lead people better with honey, than vinegar." They used sweet words to get people, even though they were lying through their teeth. Will was a people's person, he could tell you to go to h***, and you'd be glad to go. Boogie, well, Boogie couldn't get someone to jump over a puddle if he tried.

Dani used her dad to distract from her. He was her weapon. His words were all vinegar. When he talked to you, you just wanted to either retreat or jump as high as you could. Dick knew exactly how far he could push people. If you were to take someone to the final 2, and WANTED to win, who would you take? The person whom everyone loved or the vulgar mouthed radical?

I did not like Dick's tactics, but some of the others were no better. America may have not liked Dick that much; however, they must have not hated him as much as they thought or they would have voted for Eric to target him. Instead, they targeted everyone else except Dick and Danielle. It makes me wonder if they would have gotten this far without America's Choice.


Jackie said...

To cancel the feeds the number is

Keep 'em on through tomorrow, though. The jury questions are expected in a little of an hour. Could get interesting.

Patty said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Thanks for all you do.
Have you heard how the ratings are this year?
Has their been any mention of another season?
Thanks again for all you do.

Tom ` S said...

Wow Jackie Today is one of my daughters birthday, she turned 20 yrs old, I'll have to agree with Lucy in regards to Danielle's immaturity level, my daughter went through the " I have to have this or that phase during 13-16 years of age, She's now a senior at a University, she is pretty, very well liked, My daughter Has NEVER, yelled, screamed, nor stated any hateful angry words toward me, Nor have I ever made any rude, negative comments to her, I realize words do and will have an impact on your child, First you have to be a parent not your child's " Buddy " at age 15 she had gotten her drivers license, I bought her a brand new car it was my decision to pay for all of her college expenses, various bills, she never asked nor demanded, I didn't want her working while attending college, however my daughter was warned only one time, if she failed her courses by partying all night during her freshman year, ( I'm sure being a FR. living on campus she did party ) though she stated she felt her education was most important, believe it or not she hates wasting money, haha she realizes University she attends is very expense, my daughter didn't have to worry about applying for grants, nor loans, she appreciates what all she's been given, she's told me many times, this year for her birthday, she only wanted a new cell phone, and brand new tires for her vehicle which I did buy for her, however if I don't buy her anything, she's alright with it, she doesn't whine, when she lived at home, she'll do her own laundry, she had learned to cook after her mother went away at the age of 16, though she really doesn't have to anymore, my daughter chose to focus towards being positive, not become angry or bitter, I felt bad my daughter didn't have her mother help her pick out a dress for her prom, sometimes I wondered if I was spoiling her because it was just she and I...Today I'm glad she's respectful, I believe ED will probably win similar to how Mike won last year, giving Dani one vote, or perhaps she may not receive any. I better get to bed. Thanks Jackie.

Tom` S

Tom` S said...

Best season ever will be next year, Hahahaaaaaa.. heck I know it before it even begins! Night

steff said...

So sorry gf, I did not know the 15th/Sept. was your birthday!! Just one more year b4 you reach 30!Hope you had a great birthday.
Glad I decided to donate to your blog this week. Hmmmm, maybe I did know...LOL

Question for you, all knowing Jackie, will the jury know of Eric's AP before or after the vote?

I hope(not praying for it) that Dick takes the big money. Imagine how many boxes of cookies Daniele could buy with $350,000! [after taxes]. I for one, was taken aback to learn Dick wants to move back with Mom at this point of his life. I'm going to assume(yikes) that its very temporary, so he will have an address, rent free for mail etc., while he travels Europe. Not a bad idea financially, I think he is always thinking ahead. If he is renting now, he can well afford to buy a home when he is finished partying abroad. JMHO mind you. I was so over the ED haters vs. the ED fans, talk about the same old same old. I didn't like some of the things he SAID, but I loved all of his ACTIONS.

steff said...

Catching up...good point Penny!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'll catch up in the morning... what am I saying? It is the morning. The jury was evidently brutal to Dani and she's in bed crying and Dick is doing a Dick at Night Show for us. He can't win with her no matter what! Suprising? NO!!!

Ugh. I'm a big D/D fan but these two, sheesh!

Can't wait to read your take tomorrow, Jackie. Thanks again for all you do for us BB junkies.


DEANNA said...

Read at Jokers that the jury must have gone off on Daniele... Attacked her personal life. Well it figures I guess, since they have deemed themselves "the good people". I guess Amber really lit into her about some personal stuff, but lil does the "the good Amber" know, that she isn't viewed by anyone as "good"... Her ratings in the poll were pretty consistent with being the lowest each week and for some reason she failed to notice that there were cameras in the house catching every word and lie... With Dick, he knows he is a Dick, but with the jury, they think they are saintly... Ugg! I think Daniele will be surprised to find that more viewers like her dad than her... Maybe it will give her the wake up call she needs to mature a bit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Deanna, I read that, too. Daniele is sulking in bed. She's making life miserable for Dick. Dick is pretty sure he's going to win, so the jury must have been pretty bad for Daniele. I know I'm bad, but that makes me smile....

~Susan in MA

steff said...

Morning Ladies,

I agree, MM, Deanna and Susan in MA. Now I really want to see it! Makes me bad too, but there are some harsh realities outside that house for Daniele. Wouldn't it be nice if we got to decide who placed second, I'd give the 50K to Zach in a heart beat. The more I think about how Daniele would react to that, the more I smile.
LOL @ the "good" people, aka Amber making personal attacks. What a sore loser. Amen

Sandiekay said...

Oh my gooness she is soooo very annoying? Why did he ever want to mend the fences here? Daniele is definitely never going to be a happy, satisfied person........ I would simply let her go. You can be a parent and want the best for your child, but there comes a time when you simply can't do anymore. Especially when they become adults and still don't care about anything but themselves. I'm afraid this girl will never change.