Sunday, September 16, 2007

'Big Brother 8' - Live Feeds Through Sat. Night Into Sunday 9/16

They faced the jury! Well, not literally, I don't think. I'm sure it was done via TV monitors. Of course, the feeds were blocked, so I don't know the actual questions. They don't really know how the jury will vote in the end, but they can speculate from the questions asked. So, their reaction is key and here it is...
  • After the feeds being blocked for nearly two hours, they returned on Dick. He was asking himself -- "I was campaigning to beat her?"
  • Daniele was pacing and pouting.
  • Dick said, "Great, another thing for her to be [bleepin'] mad at me about."
  • Dick - "How did I know she'd be pissed at me? There's no winning, no winning. There's always a Catch-22 with Daniele."
  • Then the fireworks began when Dick and Daniele came face to face.
  • Dick started to apologize for "coming off that way."
  • Daniele - "This sucks! The only thing anyone has against me from week one and because Amber goes at me. I'm never my own person in this house and its so annoying. You said there have been rumors that I've been carried by Daniele. Zach only said that, then even Jameka! You said I flew under the radar. Those people credit me for nothing! The only reason I'm here is because of you!"
  • Dick tried to interrupt her with a "no."
  • Daniele ranted on. She went on again about everyone crediting him for her being in the final two (and how it sucks). She ranted more about people in the background laughing because she was such a joke and shouldn't be in the final two.
  • She yelled at them that she felt like crap because of him.
  • He said she deserved to be in the final two. He said he didn't say anything about her.
  • She yelled that he did. "Yes, you did! I'm so over being in this house! This sucks! I'm sorry, but I don't think you had the hardest game coming into the house! It's so annoying! I'm always in your shadow! I hate being here!"
  • She stomped off to bed where she remained awake.
  • A little later, Dick tried to apologize. She wouldn't answer him.
  • Dick went back to the backyard where he heard an auto accident in the distance, but then it was a version of the Dick Show -- when he speaks to the Internet.
  • He tells us that he just can't win with Daniele. She thinks he always had a better relationship with the jury members and it all stemmed from Nick.
  • Dick thinks the jury will vote for him to win, but the fact that he would win against his daughter makes it a no-win.
  • He said Daniele has never been happy in the game even though she won a lot of comps -- she's always complaining. (Which, of course, is why I'd rather see Dick win over Daniele.)
  • Continuing the Dick Show -- "It's going to be a [bleepin'] long two days, I tell you that!"
  • He then talked about how he didn't think Amber would attack Daniele like that. (Oh, I have to see this!)
  • He tells us he thinks he won, but Daniele's "pissed" at him and all of the jury members, she got attacked by a lot of them.
  • Meanwhile, on the other cams, Daniele's in bed. Her eyes are open.
  • Dick did the laundry, then settled down for a game of Solitaire, once again going on about Amber and her jury question to Daniele. (No, he didn't say the actual question.)
So, it sounds like the jury, especially Amber, really went at Daniele. It sounds like they accused her of riding his coattails through the game. Since it's Daniele who's upset and Dick the only one talking, I don't know if the jury even said anything about his tactics. But I'm sure they did.


sue said...

Hi Jackie, I hope you had a great birthday yesterday. I was just at an ecard site (picking out a card for a co worker) and I saw one that shouted "This Birthday Sucks!". Well, I had a little giggle at that, thinking of Daniele and her bd in the house. I sure hope yours didn't suck.

I read your post yesterday and kept thinking of someone from the past. I couldn't quite get who it was that was coming to mind. Like a song lyric that stays just out of reach, ya know? Today while reading about the post-jury drama, it all came back to me. I was thinking of Flo the whiny half of The Amazing Race winners a few years ago. That made me giggle again, thinking Daniele...go with the Flo. Oh well, its early. Have a happy Sunday. Sue

steff said...

I'm smiling at Amber going off on Daniele about personal stuff. I can't wait to see what the "good" people asked her. She seems mighty upset with Dick. Imagine I'm sorry, but for 21 she is awful about taking responsibility for herself. To try and blame Dick for how the jury feels is just to sad and immature. Both her and Amber better be ready to reap what they sowed in that house. All the hg's better be but, I think those two are in for a rude awakening. And I can't wait to see it...even the edited version...LOL.

Terry in CA said...

Morning Jackie.....well I hope I am able to watch tonight to see the explosions.
Daniele needs a wake up call, but I am not sure she would know what that is....she wouldnt be there without her father protecting her...and if given the money she wouldnt know how to handle it.
Pretty sad that she blames him for everything wrong...and doesnt think "Oh wow, I do get $50 thou because of Daddy's protection..and I did well in comps..I earned this"
She needs to take herself off and watch the tapes of the what people think of her whinning and pouting...and throw her arms around Daddy and say "thank you for still loving me"
Today is my daughters 37th birthday and she has never been the ungrateful whiner that Daniele is..even as a teen...thank God!

Anonymous said...

Just another reason not to put two family members into the house for a summer. Expecially a Dick and Danielle. but, I guess it made for good TV.

Well, actually, not good TV, because I think CBS edited the show to suit themselves. But for us reading the blogs , comments, and watching the feeds, we saw the real father daughter relationship. A trainwreck . It "sucked" .

It was a rough year. I can't even think of constructing a sentence that rolls off Dick's tongue so effortlessly. Thank goodness I dont have to associate with people who use the English language so cruelly.

I have compassion for others. I dont ignore and call names as so many did in that house from the beginning of the show. I don't dig at others' failings, or make fun of their way of life. I pray and am proud of it.

It was a show , this year, that is best learned from by the producers and then forgotten.

Will Dick and Danielle go down in history? Who cares.


sharon said...

Oh,this is too funny to read what went down with the jury. I kind of figured that Amber would be waiting to take her shot at them,especially Daniele. Because that's the way Amber operated all the time she was in the house,behind everyone's back. She will never get that most of us could not stand her,that we felt pity for her and all her problems.BUT,that being said,it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. Daniele sat back,let him go at people and even sicced him on those who crossed her.IF someobdy has to win,then I guess I'd rather it be dick than "SuperWhiner".

I hope you partied hearty last night,Jackie,and had a wonderful birthday!

delee said...

Jackie...Happy "belated" Birthday!!! Hope after your 12 hr sleep it was a blast!!!

Have a pinched nerve in my shoulder area for a week now so not all here!!! Going to Dr tomorrow just not getting better.

Gee whiz...what a brat...we all know now for sure that the whining was not an act. I am sorry but if I acted like that with my Dad I would be batted into tomorrow. She is in for such a surprise when she leaves the house and realises her actions have degraded her to BB watchers. Her age is no EXCUSE-period... Scenerio...Hooters patron leaves a lousy tip, she whines and whines as they exit. How could she not???? Grow up girl, you are not 2 yrs can she be a waitress...unreal!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jackie. Sounds like the 4th of July all over again, - lots of fireworks. Gee, I was thinking about passing on BB tonight, but on second thought...I'm watching. I can't wait to see Amber go off on Daniele.


RiseandShine said...

Geez...I wouldn't give a rat's behind about what those people on the jury came at me with. What a bunch of sour grapes it must have been.
Amber! She didn't understand the game while she was playing it. How could they take anything she said seriously?
Daniele and Dick truly played as a team. She was great at the comps, he was good at reading people.
What part of THEY won doesn't Daniele get? I understand that she probably expected more props for winning the comps than she probably got, but to become so sullen and fresh to Dick is sad.
This would have been a good time for her to start getting past her past. I guess it ain't gonna happen.

Sandiekay said...

Daniele talks about when she goes back to work and how people will get all crabby on her and she does it right back. Hmmm, could they simply be feeding off her attitude? But, here's hoping she does go back to work, because she will only win $50,000. and that will take no time to go through. Anyone that makes excuses for her behavior is not thinking straight either.I have three grown children and if any of them had ever talked to us in that way we would have been horrified. Granted their Dad was not Dick Donato, but there is a commandment about honoring your parents, and didn't Daniele go to a Christian school? Wonder if she learned anything in there? I hope the jury does rake her over, and Dick as well. That being said I would still rather see him win over her anyday! that out of my system. And hope your birthday was great Jackie. Here's to a wonderful year ahead.

ORKMommy said...

"Oh Gawd!! This sucks!!" That's all I have to say about Daniele's attitude.

So, I predict Dick will get a show on VH1 or MTV when this is all over. He produces shows for bars in LA (at least that's what I get from his MySpace) so one of the music channels could easily create a show for him! He really does have charisma and his foul language and tough guy ways are probably what's needed in the rock music business. If he does get a show, you can bet I'll be watching every episode...and Daniele can do the cameo appearances like Boogie does on Dr. 90210 with Will.

Daniele will go down in history as the Robin to ED's Batman! Won't that make her happy!

sue said...

I was very glad that BB included an edit of Daniele telling her dad to go after Zach and then laughing as he did just that during the endurance. I think she feels she was the power behind the court jester. I remember too many times that she whispered a sweet goodbye in the ear of an evictee. She even managed to get her dad to be the one who evicted Jameka. I know many viewers didn't see it that way, and thought it was her being nice to her dad. I just felt it was another self serving way to exploit him and help her.

At last we can see the real reason behind their split. Daniele said it when she said that her dad 'always' get the attention. Probably a two way street, since he too seems to crave the spotlight and most of all control, as evidenced by his going for the win in Part 2 of HOH. They are complicated people and both are high maintence. Both need each other (in and out of the house) and both want to be the center of attention. A classic love/hate between an abuser and a user. They did manage to spark some interest in these final days, though.

And, don't get me wrong, they aren't the only spotlight hogs in the show. The jury is loaded with them. That should make for a fun show. I just wish some of the update show tonight would include their questions. Sue

Deliah said...

I just checked the TV schedule and it stated "a recap of the season"...are they going to show the jury or is that going to be on Tues show?

Jackie said...

Tonight is a recap of the season and Dick/Daniele bits. On the finale - Tuesday night - we'll see the jury questioning and the final vote.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up the tv schedule, Jackie. I guess I'll watch Sunday Night Football, and on Tuesday watch the fireworks.


Anonymous said...

I'm a D&D fan but it sounds like Daniele better shape up if she wwants any share in the big money most likely going to her dad.

barbwire said...

what i wouldn't give to just spend 5 minutes alone with Danielle - now she's blaming her father for the fact that the jury doesn't like her, & they like Dick !! ummmm - we heard her saying over & over again how she hated those people & they hated her - she had plenty of opportunities to make friends with them, or at least pretend to get along, she blew it, period - what a little brat

Joe in NY said...

To Donna (from previous thread)

I stand by "Zack is an idiot".

I agree with you that Zack might have won the jury vote (not unanimously, IMO) but "anyone but the Donatos" seemed a popular view among the jurors, so I'm not sure that is much of an accomplishment.

If you recall (which you may not), my "Zack is an idiot" was based on one simple move: not backdooring Dani when he had the chance in the final 5.

If you recall, he let Eric go home leaving him in a final 4 of D/D and Jam. Right then and there, it was an uphill battle and he had to win every comp to make it to the Final 2.

His alliance (whether he wants to call it that or not) with Ds was to Final 3 and he stuck to it on the Eric ouster. But, he failed to realize that by risking 2 Ds in the final 3, no one would take him to the Final 2 and he had to win Final HOH - he had no room for error.

And, as we all know, he failed to win final HOH and he went home.

Personally, and people forget this, I liked Zack. I liked Jameka better, but Zack was probably my second favorite HG of the season as a person. As a player, he was well down the ilst.

The game always comes down to The Big Move. E/J missed their opportunity to backdoor Dani in the final 7. Then Zack missed his opportunity in the final 5. They were both too late trying to make the Big Move (Zack's "I'm the muscle" speech in the Final 4 was another piece of stupidity - he had little control over who went home that week, POV winner had all the power).


meb said...

If Daniele thought they should do a montage of Amber's crying (which they did), I think they should do one of her sayings: "This sucks" and "I hate..." Unfortunately it would take up the whole hour and they still couldn't possibly get them all in.

Maybe tonight BB will do one, just for her. I think Amber has given her a glimpse of what she's going to read about herself when she gets out of the house.

Wonder if Nick still feels the same way toward her, now that he's been able to watch the feeds?


Joe in NY said...


A belated Happy Birthday. As a fellow Virgin, I hope you had a great day!

Joe in NY said...


What, no shout out to Wille & Oliver!?!?!?

You've forgotten us already!

I'm going to go off and cry over football...


Anonymous said...

For everyone who mentions how immature Daniele is at 21, remember she is really 25. She lied about her age. Her immaturity is worse that you think.

Joe in NY said...

ANON 10:35

She is not 25. I know people like to make up this stuff - but that's not even a lie that makes any sense! (For you or her.)

She's only 25 if Dick is really 48. Dick's mother already said that she thought part of D/D problem was that Dick wasn't ready to be a father at 23. Why would Grandma Donato lie?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:35am
You are wrong about Dani's age. She turned 21 in the house. She lied about being 21 to be on the show. You have to be 21 on BB because they serve alcohol to the HGs. This is why in England HGs over have to be 18, their drinking age. Age has nothing to do with maturity on this show. It's because of the drinking age, period.

Daniele getting trashed by the jury, love it. She actually thinks she did anything in this game but ride Dick's coat tails she is nuts. She didn't even start playing until her alliance kicked Nick out. The only reason she was part of the LNC is because her father said she was part of it. She never met with them until later. I hope Dick gets every single vote just to put the nail in her coffin and show her that everyone felt the same about her as she felt about them, hated her.

RiseandShine said...

I also stand behind Joe's "Zach is an idiot" - IMHO for nominating Jessica in the first place, then for not using the backdoor, then for being arrogant.
If idiot=bad moves then:
Dustin was an idiot for volunteering to go up.
Jessica was an idiot for not getting rid of one of Ds when she had the chance.
Jen was an idiot for not playing at the of her stay, rolling over and leaving.
Amber was just an idiot -I think she was pretty much clueless about the game, but I think talking about her abortions and the plot against her boyfriend on national TV tops the cake.
Eric was an idiot for believing D&D that late in the game.
Jameka wasn't an idiot, she just had no game.
I think the other players made dumb moves early in the game, leading to their evictions, but someone has to move and someone has to go, and that's the way it goes.

Anonymous said...

My kids were more mature at 5 than Daniele is at 21! She's an immature baby! The jury can do what they will with both of them, that's also part of the game!

Happy belated Birthday, Jackie!
Thanks, again!

Jackie said...

Daniele turned 21 in August. While she lied to her fellow houseguests about her age, she didn't lie to CBS. Similar to the X-Factor season where they allowed an underage person in to complete a "team" (so to speak), Daniele's age wasn't falsified to get on the show.

As for the alcohol, she didn't partake and doesn't seem to be a drinker anyway. The only alcohol I've seen her drink on the feeds was the Thursday night when BB gave her father and her a bottle of champagne. And, of course, since it's now September, she's of age.

Nancy in Seattle said...

I think the original problem with the Donatos was over money...and I guess if Dick wins the big prize Dani will be so furious with what she see as his "betrayal" in not "letting" her take the $500,000 frist place means she's will be even madder. If Dick wins, which I think he will and should, he may lose Dani for a long time. Unless of course he gives half to her, which he might.
There is just a whiff of sibling rivalry in their relationship.

steff said...

Dear Joe,
Sorry darlin', Please give big hugs and kisses to both. I'm off to bed, see y'all for tonights reruns.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, I hate to be the one who brings this up but Dick beat Zach in the final HOH. Not Dani. (And let's not forget who was still in the endurance comp for seven and a half hours) It wouldn't have done him any good to backdoor Dani. He still had to go through Dick and Eric to get to F2 and neither one of them was going to roll over and let him have it.


Anonymous said...

Good point Kay! and if Zach had voted to evict Dani, Dick would have been a man possessed. There's no telling how the game would have played out if anyone had made a different move, just a lot of speculating on the possibilities.

jones said...

While dick was the driving force behind D&D, dani did very well for the team too, winning multiple hoh and pov competitions. so to say she just rode dicks coattails is false, they were a good team. But, I did get the feeling from the moment they were the final 2 that dick felt like they were already both winners and dani felt like she had to win the jury vote to be happy and a winner.
I think if dick wins, he will give a big chunk of money to dani, if dani wins, I don't think she will be so generous towards dick.

Anonymous said...

new post is up!

Anonymous said...

It was heartbreaking to watch Dick crying in bed this morning. He is so upset at how Daniele is reacting to all this.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great birthday Jackie! I loved reading your post about Danielle turning on her dad. Yes, she was great at competitions, but she totally used her dad to get to where she is at. I really think she had the whole thing in the bag and she could spend the money and not be in his life again. I absolutely hated Dick's tactics on the show and he is not anyone I would ever want to hang out with, but I do believe he truly loves his daughter. He had her back the entire game and was not using her at all to further himself in the game. He wanted it for her and she only wanted it for her. She didn't give a crap about whether or not he won. Of course she will have to suck up to him now if he wins so she can get a piece of the pie. She is selfish and immature and the jury most likely saw through her. Thanks again Jackie. I am going now to check out your kid nation post.

DEANNA said...

Joe in NY... I agree, Zack is an idiot. If he really wanted to be "the muscle" he should have flexed it a step sooner.

I am not surprised that the jury attacked them (especially Daniele), because they are the "good people" right? HA! Dick knows he is a Dick, but Iam so over the jury thinking how "good" they are... If that is what "good" is, then please oh please make me be bad. To attack Daniele's personal life and not merit in her dominance of comps is what I would suspect from a group of sour grapes. Amber attacking someones gameplay or lack thereof? Are you freakin kidding me? D&D should have stuck with their original plan to answer the jury questions with total nonsense... Would have been much more interesting than watching a bunch of idiots with their jealousy over losing...

Poor Dick though, to have to deal with a daughter like Daniele and then to be blamed for her gameplay. It really doesn't surprise me though, you can tell she is the type that takes no credit for her own failures in life. Which has me more than convinced than ever, that most of their estrangement is due to her and her attitude problems. Spoiled Brat!


Anonymous said...

I rest my case. The money is going to tear them farther apart.

Anonymous said...

Did the jury attack Danielle's personal life or the fact that she had no personal connection to any of them in the game. She may have been great a comps but she hid behind Dick, egged him on with his vile, obscenity filled attacks and then claimed she was no part of it all the while laughing and bashing everyone behind their backs. If the jury called her out for that then good for them. Danielle is no less delusional than Amber because when things don't go her way it's not fair and it sucks, and when they do go her way she's happy for 5 minutes then back to finding eveything that sucks about it. She just won a minimum of $50,000 and she can't be happy. She is just a self centered, whiney brat and why is the jury so wrong for pointing that out to her?

maryanne said...

dang, my faith has been shattered. i really thought and hoped that the time in the house together would be beneficial to them both and now i see it is not. i guess it will be quite some time before danielle grows up. this is certainly not the time. i can't imagine what her reaction is going to be when the money is actually awarded. will she storm off the set, will she throw her fit right then and there, will she blast out with "i deserved it more".

i didn't realize the jury questionned them ahead of time. there's so much about the show i've learned this year and i've been watching every year. maybe i just didn't care enough to remember.

heck, in her final on the block speech, she did acknowledge that they did it **together**. can't she just be gracious enough to realize that today?

amber blasted her?!?!? i look forward to hearing all the jury comments. this jury is just as self-absorbed anyway. what will be the reaction when eric's role is revealed? how will amber feel when she sees what a joke she made herself out to be? zach will always remember he could have done something. jessica seemed to want a boyfiend more than a win. jen - jen cracks me up - i think she just needed more face recognition for her modeling career. (also, i never understood - she had a connection to mike boogie?)

i feel for dick. no, he's not the nicest man on earth, but i believe everything he did on bb8 was not for himself, but especially for his daughter. when his tirades were the worst is when he thought she would be voted out.

zach's best move would have been to put danielle up, regardless of what it would have been like living with dick in the house. but all that is just water over or under the bridge, where ever that water goes.

i consider most of the jury members to be sour grapes. i look forward to knowing they will read the boards, see the feeds, etc once they are home and realize just how they were protrayed in the show. i for one was watching some stuff on you-tube and was a little disgusted - and it went well beyond dick's rants. to think that parents and family and friends and whoever else were tuning in to see is embarrasing enough. how upset jessica was because she didn't get to see eric streak...jameka wanting so desperately to know the size of his penis...dustin describing it in detail...eric talking about things he's done with women (that i find hard to believe, i still think he walks a different path).

well, tonight and tuesday should be decent television, of course edited to suit the station/sponsors. maybe bb9 will consist of all teams of family members battling it out, that would be a new twist.

i wonder if the cameramen all sign waivers that they will not keep any film of the houseguests to sell later on - considering they must get some interesting shots.

i for one would never put myself in a house like that, for half a million or 500 million. i don't need 15 minutes of fame.

i just was so hoping danielle and dick would be emblazed in the warmth of the win, regardless of who is first place, and that their relationship would be strengthened by this time alone. in danielle's own words "this sucks". this really sucks for her, this is her loss, this is her decision and this is something she will live to regret if she ever grows the heck up.

i hope vincent smacks some sense into her when they get out letting her know what a b^tch she truly is.
what a sad day for danielle. one word really comes to mind ~~ CREEP.

thanks for nothing dani.

dick, i wish you the best and i hope that you don't reward her with your winnings until the day comes that she earns that reward. you can't buy her love, you can't buy her friendship or respect. she's an ingrate.


maryanne said...


just wanted to wish you, albeit late, a very happy birthday and hope that it was a day filled with good times, laughter and memories!


wi-badgerfan said...

Daniele wasn't thinking in the beginning of the game. It was all about Nick. Once he left she could have tried to bond with the other hg's instead of walking around "hating" everyone. She choose to pout and play the blame game instead of trying to figure out how to win. I understand she won alot of comps but it's no good if she doesn't have any type of repore(sp) with the jury.

Whether or not we liked Evel's game play the jury (with what we're are hearing from Jackie) obviously respected the fact that Evel played the game.

Kudos to you Evel, I hope you win it all. Let Daniele go back to the people she likes and resume her life. Hopefully she'll grow up and realize (if she loses) that daddy at least won her the 50,000.

Anonymous said...

I predict Dick will win but will give the money to Danielle in a last ditch desperate attempt to gain her love. It won't work she'll still lock him out of her life and then laugh about what a jerk he was to give her the money.

Oh and isn't it great that Danielle is headed to Europe - she is the epitome of everything Europeans hate about Americans! What a boost for Americas image she will be.

ORKMommy said...

Dick can't "give" the money to Daniele, but he can buy her gifts.

I remember her talking to the cameras and asking if someone "out there will buy me a car". Well, she's won at least $50K so she can buy her own damn car now!!

QueenGoddessDiva said...

I thought Dick was only 44 ???

cheryl said...

Hey Jackie,

A happy belated birthday to you and a big thank you for another wonderful season of work for bb8.I don't know how you do it but just know that we all love and appreciate all your hard work.

For Joe in NY:
I hate to call Zach an idiot but it certainly was an idiotic move not to use the pov to remove Eric and backdoor Daniele.Thanks for all your posts on here too.They are almost as entertaining as Jackies blog,even when I don't agree with you.:)

QueenGoddessDiva said...



Anonymous said...

She's a dumb slut....lets get mad at our father because nobody likes everyone has been saying...its her fault for not being nicer to people in the house and "hating" these people all summer. She's a big baby. Get over yourself. She's ugly to begin with. What Nick would see in her I don't know. Maybe he's attracted to whiney little children.

Anonymous said...

I think Dick contributes to his daughters temper tantrums. WHY would he apologize to her????

If he AND his mother treat Daniele that way, no wonder she's a spoiled ....brat.

~Susan in MA

dla said...

Happy belated birthday, Jackie!! I hope you had an amazing special day!! ;)

I have said it before, and I will say it again:


And big birthday wishes to all the other amazing Virgos who have commented...

From one spectaclular Virgo to all others!! lol

Anonymous said...

anon 2:33 - I get that you don't like Daniele but why such a personal attack on her?

Anonymous said...

2:33 I agree Daniel is spoiled, but lets not sink to Dick's level of verbage. We're adults and unlike Dick, I hope have a better volcabulary.
Keep posting! just keep it clean, thanks.

Gayle said...

Yes, Daniele is a YOUNG, spoiled BRAT! From her comments, I think she thought the jury would applaud her winning so many comps and ignore the fact that she hid behind Dick and encouraged Dick's evil gameplay. I often listened to her goodbye messages to the evicted HGs and thought she was playing up to them in hopes of being awarded the big money. You know, listen to me "I'm not as nasty as my father pick me for the win." I've thought throughout BB8 that Daniele felt that she HAD to win against Dick. He was her MAIN opponent! She just knew that she would be admired and glorified for the game she thought she played. In any case, in her "mind" she was the "good guy" and Dick was the "awful bad guy." She believed that her "good" would trump Dick's "bad" and she would easily win the $500,000. It sounds like it didn't work with the jury!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Dick will gift half to Daniele or a third and gift the other half to his son?

Anonymous said...

I meant the other third. I truly am not as math dyslexic as it might appear

PlaidChick said...

If I had to choose as to who played the game more, it would be Dick. Yes, Daniele won competitions, thus why she is in the final two, but Dick came in with a plan, and the plan was executed perfectly.

This jury obviously doesn't want to pick either D. I can just see Dustin sitting around and saying "We should give the money to Dick to tear them apart." If you watched all the competitions, Daniele was a horrible loser when she lost. She hated this house, these people, everything, and wanted to go home. I really think in her mind she was hoping Dick with give her the whole win with a bow on it.

There is no "they won" in Daniele's mind. All she sees is "I got second place."

DEANNA said...

Anon 12:54... I try not to respond to ANONS, but since you personally addressed your post to me, I will.

From what I gathered, Amber did not attack her for her game play or lack of personal connections in the game, but for her personal life. I assume that means her relationship in the house with Nick Vs. her boyfriend. Since Amber was the one who said something, I just have to laugh at it. Amber is the one on day 1 who said she felt sparks between her(Amber) and Nick and when Nicks affection went towards Daniele, she(Amber) then began to speak of her love for her boyfriend. If you have a boyfriend, you surely don't speak of sparks between you & another man, then have the audacity to attack another player for the same thing. Bottom line, the jury knows nothing of Daniele's personal "outside" life and therefore her questions should have been aimed at what she DOES know... I could be wrong, since I obviously haven't seen the questioning, but Daniele's comments led me to suspect this. She said something along the lines of, 'Amber attacked my personal life because she thinks she is the "good people"... Doesn't sound like an attack on her lack of socializing...

As for riding Dick's coattails, I couldn't disagree more. Daniele & Dick each won comps when needed, made deals when needed and lay low when needed. They worked together and apart and in the end they BOTH played a good game. Both deserve F2, but Dick deserves the BIG $$$.

Anonymous said...

Danielle has continually said she hates everyone in the house and she bashed them all summer long but now can't understand why they weren't nice to her with their jury questions. That makes me laugh. I think she actually expected her dad to tell the jury he didn't want the money to give it to her. Could she be any more selfish?

Anonymous said...

i just watched a clip of when jess, zach, dick, danielle and eric were sitting around the table playing spin the bottle (asking questions - not the kissing game) and one of the questions was - "who at this table will most likely keep up relationships with someone from this house". danielle's response was NOT ME WITH ANYONE AT THIS TABLE.

i don't like her one little bit. what an ugly heart.


Anonymous said...

Deanna said:
Daniele & Dick each won comps when needed, made deals when needed and lay low when needed. They worked together and apart and in the end they BOTH played a good game. Both deserve F2, but Dick deserves the BIG $$$.

I don't think I can really agree with that. I think they were a good team because neither would be there without the other. I know you are a huge fan of D&D so I don't expect to change your mind but... Danielle didn't even start to play the game until Nick left. Dick knew he had to get Nick out to get Danielle into the game. She encouraged Dicks tirades but hid behind them, she didn't even attempt to make personal relationships in the house (which is part of the game). Dick for all his horrific abuse probably had better relationships with the other houseguests and that's saying something. Yes, she and Dick won comps - but Dick was willing to sacrifice himself to save her when it was needed, Danielle only returned the favor when it didn't matter. IMO winning comps isn't all the game is about and that's all Danielle did. I don't remember her coming up with any brilliant strategies unless complaining constantly is a strategy. She wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Dick, the same can't be said in reverse and that I think is riding his coattails.


DEANNA said...

Donna @ 3:44... I can see what your saying and I do agree that she was really wrapped up in Nick while he was there. But, she was also telling her dad who they should talk & deal with, and she spent a lot of time talking & dealing with both Jen & Zack when needed. I think Dick played the best strategic game and always was thinking ahead, where Daniele lived more in the now and concentrated on winning the comps. They each needed eachother, were practically forced into an alliance with eachother by default and they each did what they needed to do to get them to the end... With that being said though, I do think Dick has the edge and played better and should win the $500,000... Unfortunately, Daniele will blame him for winning and will probably not speak to him again. Maybe when she sees what America thinks of her, she will then look deeper within herself... One can hope right??? :)

sherry said...

Other than Jessica I really didnt like any of the houseguests either and thought Amber especially dreadful. Too bad she didn't come in second because you can be sure her daughter will eventually need $50000 in therapy.

Lars Eller said...

It's probably because no matter how many comps dani has won, Hg's have seen first hand on how she manipulated Dick many times, with her constant nagging , begging Dick to " go off on ppl " so thats like him doing all her dirty work by yelling at ppl, while she stood back and laughed!

Anonymous said...

wowww. icant believe they aree in the final 2!

RiseandShine said...

I'm hoping so too. I think she is the type who will look at blogs and boards when she is out of there. Maybe it will give her a pause and cause her to think and feel a little bit.
I read on Jokers that Dick was actually crying today about it.
That's just wrong. Whatever else he might be, he's a mush when it comes to her. He helped Daniele, played with her, not against her or in competition with her.
It must be terribly frustrating for Dick. they should be celebrating together and having fun.

Lars Eller said...

Doesnt matter how a jury voted both should be thrilled, happy not jealous like Dani is, if not winning BB is another excuse,for no longer communicating after the show << than the whole other scenes about caring, reconnecting was all BS.. Money is the root of ALL EVILS!!!!!!!!! If I make it huge in hockey, my attitude remains the same, my head isn't going swell, Jackie first hockey game and donations for you.

Lars Eller

Fred said...

All I can say is that Dani played a hell of a game....figured Eric into the other morons head and won veto comps...Amber will get hers when she finds out how much she is hated for her antin semitic comments...all eyes will be on her. when Dani is basking in the sun....Amber will be hiding under the covers...we will see who gets the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Fred 4:59,

Yes Amber said some very controvercial things, I belive more out of ignorance then anything else, she isn't the brightest of people. Dick on the other hand knew what he was doing when he called Jen a C---, wh---, made fun of every ethnic person out there. Daniele loved everyone, until you turned your back then she hated everyone and everything. I can't belive people are more upset with Ambers words then with Dicks. I guess it is all about the editing

Anonymous said...

Fred, 4:49
Sorry forgot to add, and isnt' Daniele the one who's hiding under a blanket at the moment?

Cat5 (i'll be cat5 since there are so many Cat named people on here)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:11- They ALL made racist remarks and led personal attacks on each and every person in and outside of the game. I think they all forgot that they were on camera more than once during their stay in the hamster cage. You're right, it's all in the editing.

sherry said...

I saw Daniele ask/tell her Dad to "distract Zack" once..i doubt they could make much of a clip of Daniele "begging" her Dad to harrass ppl and I still say..he's the father for gosh sakes..saying distract someone doesnt mean attack them in a very personal mean way and if it did then he should be the one giving her the lecture on how to treat ppl. You all act like his behaviour is by Danieles preference and not just what she's used to and grew up with. I feel very sorry for Daniele and I wonder..Dick must know he's on camera..the crying for Daniele now routine makes him seem sympathetic for sure but lets not pretend the man is father of the yr. and good for Daniele for at least not sucking up for money like some recommend she should. yuck.
As for hating Amber, I don't> I just think she's gross shes kind of too pathetic to hate.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The thing that shocked me most about this season was the lack of outrage at Dicks behavior. Game or not he crossed the line many, many times with his obscene rants. Amber made some very stupid remarks but Dick was m,uch worse. I wanted to like him, I felt sorry for him being estranged from Danielle, I applaud him for making the effort to reconcile with her, but I am repulsed by his behavior. I still can't believe people liked him so much that he was consistently the most popular hg in the polls. I guess editing really is everything. Why don't people see that behavior like his should be chastised and loathed not applauded as good game play?

Anonymous said...

Ok, Daniele won 2 HOHs and 4 POVs while Dick won 3 HOHs and 1 POV so I don't understand why Dani thinks her gaming skills are superior to her Dad's. He won the most important HOH of all and drug her to the final two like an anchor. In addition, he had a strategy before he entered the house, executed it to perfection and protected her to boot. So, yes, he does deserve to win over her because he played a better game.


Anonymous said...

I think we all need to remember that despite Dick's horrible verbal abuse of most of the others at one point or another, he DID have moments of being kind and human and normal towards all of them--whereas Dani couldn't seem to be FAKE and attempt to be friendly with anyone. If you think back, she hung out with Nick until he left, then she was stuck with her father, and then Zack kind of tagged along for a bit. Jen wanted to be her friend, but Dani wanted no such thing. She disliked everyone and never made any attempts to be friendly to anyone so I can see how others perceived her as riding his coattails. I found it odd that she wouldn't like Jess. What's not to like about Jess? But Dani couldn't condescend to like anyone for some reason.

We also got to see, which I'm not sure the rest of the house did, how Dani DID indeed egg Dick on some of his tirades. What is that if it is not getting someone to do your dirty work for you so that you can claim it wasn't you, it was Dick? She just thinks everyone is too stupid to see that. Sure she won comps but she made no attempt to be social with anyone for THREE MONTHS. She doesn't deserve to win. Her father does.


Anonymous said...

Danielle and Dick spent hours discussing what Dick would say to Zach to "distract" him. They tried to think of the most upsetting hurtful things they could and laughed about it together. Danielle is as responsible for it as Dick in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dani figured Eric out after a plane with a banner that read ERIC IS A LIAR flew over the house. She's no rocket scientist, that's for sure.

She neglected to do the one thing which would have probably guaranteed her win against her father in the end, and that was be kind to the other people in the house. Talk to them, ask them about themselves, join them when they are playing games etc. She was too above it all.

I know people like her--people who tell themselves they can't pretend they like others when they don't and that being friendly when you don't particularly care for someone is FAKE. Well, these people are usually left all alone in the world because there is a level of fakeness that we all must be when we move through the world otherwise we'd all just be calling each other asshats and bitches and whatnot. It doesn't kill anyone to be kind.


Joe in NY said...


I wasn't trying to rehash the whole thing, just responding to a question Donna asked me. But...

I'm aware that it was Zack/Dick in final HOH. BUT it was Dani who won the Veto which kept them both in the game during the Final 4.

And it is silly to replay just that part of the game. The only point is that if Zack backdoors Dani, there's no 2 person team in final 4. No matter who wins the final HOH, he has a chance to be the other member of the Final 2. With D/D both alive, they were each going to take the other which limited the possibility of getting into Final 2 without winning final HOH.

Either Jameka or Dick or Eric might have taken him to final 2 if Dani isn't there.

sherry said...

Hey :) I never saw the Daniele and Dick discussing what to say to Zack part but I still say he is the father..he never should have acted that way and if she did request he behave that way he should be teaching her not to. They did win and i'm not sour grapes about it. I blame the other houseguests..good ppl who were willing to profit from abhorant behaviour so i just have no patience for listening to ppl complain about how horrible they are an how hurt they hope Danile is just to.....:S.....and that everyone is willing to throw the child under the bus over it instead of the parent just more of the same that led to their winning in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Money can't buy happiness.


Joe in NY said...

To Anon

I don't think anyone's defending Dick's behavior, but it needs to be kept in perspective.

The only time I really thought he was over the line was the week he was trying to get kicked out: the comments about rape, about Dustin's sexuality. Those were, IMHO, over the line.

Some of the other vulgarity: sticks and stones. Not the way I normally talk, but I've heard it all before.

Anonymous said...

Dick can't win! What an ungrateful child! And, that is what Danielle is, a child. However, I have to agree with some, sour grapes on the jury. They've felt that way about Danielle for a long time. They wanted to get rid of her before Dick. Looking forward to watching this....LOL


Anonymous said...

True, money can't buy happiness but it can seem to make your misery much more bearable.

lol BB

Anonymous said...

I could have predicted this a mile away. Unless Daniele wins, she won't ever talk to Dick again..well, she might not talk to him THAT way, either. She definitely wouldnt't give him his cut of any money, though I think Dick will give Daniele her fair share (I recognize sharing isn't allowed, but he would find a way)

I hope Dick wins. Daniele has tons of growing up to do

Anonymous said...

anon 5:50 I agree. It's a sad state of affairs when we can just overlook the kind of comments Dick made.

joe in ny, I know that kind of behavior and language happens in other places and that's just the point - the more it happens and nothing is done about it the more acceptable it becomes and I hate to think that that kind of language and threatening behavior will ever be okay. ...and thanks for responding to my previous post about Zach. points taken.

Dick's behavior definitely didn't bother everyone but I cringed every time I heard him start up. I guess I'm just disappointed that there wasn't a better game strategy than obscenities and intimidation that could have won this game.

sherry, I watched the feeds and I also heard Dick and Danielle discussing what Dick could say to Zach that would really upset him. They talked about things said previously that bothered him (calling him a panty muncher for example)and knew his x-gf was a sensitive subject. They laughed about how they would break him down. I'm not disagreeing with you that as a father Dick should be teaching Danielle better behavior but I don't think he knows any other way, sad as that is.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Dani is shocked and hurt by the juries questions (attacks). Oh, whatever, Dani. Just wait till they watch you and all you have said about all of them. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Anonymous said...

Wow people. Its a TV show GET OVER IT. Dani may be a complianer, but really who are you to be on the blog just complaining about someone acts. In fact you are worse by complaining so much about people in the house. You have said it yourself they edit the show to make others look different then others. Dick and Dani have a realtionship different then a lot of others. You have to remember thet didnt talk for 2 years, and the house atmposhere isnt a place for them to fix their problems, with cameras taping their every move. I think that people need to put up with it and watch the finale. No one can ever be happy with who makes the finals thats the nature of cheering for someone from beginning to end or changing your mind in between. I always wanted a D and D finale, but I wanted Dani to win, however after the last week, I used my 10 votes to vote for Dick (although my computer allowed me to keep voting). So watch the finale, watch what happens and dont trash on Dani or make up lies, what happens in the house isnt really reality cause of the camera;s they deal with,


Anonymous said...

Also remember the JURY is the JURY for a reason, they will obvioulsy be bitter towards Dani and Dick, its the nature of the game, they dont like that they made it to the end, because who would they arent there. And Ambers need to shut the hell up.
Cry some more you baby.


Anonymous said...

Daniele is such a brat!! I am glad they were hard on her..She was always moaning and groaning about Dick and wanting eveyones pity, but when he came through for her and won, she loved him..(only when the two of them were around) How can you be so two faced even with your own Father? I know Dicks no angel, but he has tried...Take the money and run, Dick...Dont talk to her until the money runs out...HAHAHA......The last image in my head that reminds me of what Daniele was really about was when she mouthed (without talking) to Dick to annoy Zach, and start talking to him during the last comp..What a brat!!!!!!I wish she would not win anything....

Anonymous said...

anon 2:33//Takes one to know one?

Anonymous said...

KAT said,
"dont trash on Dani or make up lies."

Whos' lying?

Anonymous said...

Ah man, I really like Daniele. Sure she is a complainer, but she has been through a lot. She isn't as awful as Amber who cried all the time and has a ridiculous self image of who she is. She is at an age that it is already difficult for many parent/child relationships. And having Dick as a dad must be CRAZY!!! Then to have to deal with that, while locked in a house for that long, she is sure to have a poor attitude. I dont' think she fully rode on Dick's coat tails either. She won tons of comps, more than Dick, that saved their butts. Plus she wasn't full on rude to everyone. I think everyone is being to hard on her.

Anonymous said...

donna 6:31

i don't condone dick's rants at all; however, watching the feeds, each and every one of them - maybe with the exception of jameka, used the f word in all their sentences. eric talked all about sexual acts he had with girsl, in detail, they all had talks about penis size and who's was bigger, etc.

we only saw dick's rants on tv because it made for better viewing according to the powers that be that edit and decide.

each adn everyone of them were guilty of potty mouths. i was appalled at hearing some of the things, but i have an on and off button and didn't have to listn or watch.

Anonymous said...

Time to ditch Shrek and bring the head banger back. Looks like ED will win and the brat will, well still be a brat.

Anonymous said...

football overtime continues

Anonymous said...

Um, duh, the jury is the jury for a reason. Maybe the final two should have taken better care and treated them with some respect instead of simply believing they deserve respect for making it to the end. Of course there will be hard feelings, that's the nature of the game. What did Dani expect? She lives in Disneyland.

joy n said...

I'm kind of pleased to hear that the jury may be leaning towards giving the win to Dick. He certainly deserves it more. Yes, Dani helped to get them there, but Dick was "the brains" of the operation.

After hearing of Dani's treatment of her Dad since last night, part of my pleasure comes from a "personal" prospect. I don't want the ungrateful brat to get the big money.

I hope he buys his Mom a house, helps his son with either an opportunity to finish his education or get himm started in a business adventure and help Dani to finish her education. Then I hope he lives it up on the rest of it. Buy the bar he works at or whatever. Go to Europe with Vincent.

Maybe, just maybe The Princess Dani will grow up someday and realize how lucky she is to have a Dad who has tried so hard to "make things right". And hopefully, she will ask forgiveness for her very public, shabby treatment of him on national television.


Joe in NY said...

All in all, I think we get along nicely. (At least as well as my family! :)

Shouts out to Steff - gone fishing again? Give LadyHigh an ear rub for me.

Holly, my love, I hope you and Gabriel (the little angel) are wrapped up warmly. Chilly in our part of the world. Clearly, I need to have you two over for Christmas. I'll invite my sister Mary, and if you could find a Jesus somewhere, that would be great!

Dick's purfudry notwithstanding, at least he found a new way to play the game.

And, I don't know why everyone is always complaining about the CBS edit. I want a good show, and I don't care how much manipulation of reality they have to do to give it to me. That's what I've always loved about Survivor - they edit it perfectly to tell a story that's worth watching even if it's a total lie (Remember Africa, when everyone thought Lex was the villain but it turned out everyone loved him!).

It's just entertainment, folks. Scripted, unscripted, or edited.

Tom`S said...

Money could definitely make anyone's life much bearable. However, speaking in general, if one will set aside those lines, despite being wealthy, supoose your thoughts included ( if your not selfish ) if only my wealth, resources would have saved that special loved one? That's how I identify why money can't buy happiness, eventually it does get better. I personally would have spent every dime if it meant saving a love one ( esp if it were my child ) over winnings both would eventually end up receiving. I wish Dick & Danielle the best, until they feel what it's like to be rich & empty at the same time, they'll never realize what they've meant to one another if it's to late. However only time can heal.

Tom` S

Anonymous said...

Jackie started a 'new page', I'm moving over.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've liked D & D from the beginning. I was intrigued with their relationship from the start. I really do hope they can rebuild their relationship. So, I look at it like Dick, they already won and whoever wins the big money; I think it will be shared( aren't I the optimist)

Everyone keeps talking about Dick's behavior. While I agree it was not always the most appropriate, it was his strategy. Every single houseguest in there said horrible things about the other houseguest and when they all watch the show from beginning to end they will see. At least with Dick, there won't be any surprises. Remember all the talking Eric did about D &D sleeping together, gross. They all said such horrible things about poor Zack. Nick was also so mean to Jen, calling her a B--- and telling her to go outside. I'm sure a few will be upset with the bad-mouthing that was done behind their backs!!!

GimMoe from NM said...

What a bore it was to watch. This show should be over already. I hope the final excitement will be the jury not giving either one of them the money! Yeah, Dick "played" the game in a new way but he should not have been allowed to do so. Next the show will turn into a Jerry Springer like show, is that what CBS is going for? Dick is a violent person. Dani is a whiney spoiled brat. She should be told that because of her attitude, she will win squat. She will waste away any money that she gets & if Dick gives her any, she will still hate him & I really don't blame her for that. This man has too much of an obesession with her. There is more to all this than what we see as I have read that they both had been waiting to be on some other reality shows together before BB.
I thought that Flavor Flav's show had a lot of crazy people on it & it was a blast to watch because it was supposed to be that way. But this BB was strange from the beginning having Jen & Amber & the D's & Eric & Jameka praying all over the house...what a hoot! It sounds like it should have been a interesting blend of people, but it didn't work out that way. They were interesting for a second, then it turned annoying & sometimes sickining.
I didn't find Americas Player any fun either. It was kind of cute to have a few of them not be able to account for the votes, but that was it.
They should get rid of the "slop" & go back to PB&J. They should have less "mind" games & more endurance or tricky ones. (They have too much down time & can study up for the mind games.)
If somebody has to get the money I think Daniel, whiney brat or not, should get it. Dick was too dirty to win & his kind of behavior shouldn't be rewarded.

Love you Jackie! And all my fellow bloggers here on this post. Will be with everyone once Survivor starts. Sure hope it will have a good run this time!

Gimmoe, NM