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'Big Brother 8' - Thinking Back Over the Season

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Thinking back over the recently completed season, I find it hard to call it the worst one ever. After all, I was entertained for the most part, weren't you? Technically, that's all we can really ask, I guess.

Since the overall season ratings were very good, I think we can probably expect the show to be renewed.

I want to share some of my thoughts on the season and wonder what's on your mind, too!

Okay, the first thing -- Allison Grodner's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland theme for the show and house. It never really came to fruition, did it? Yeah, the house was in a bizarre decor and there was one comp related to the theme. But I think it fell apart in the long run and have to ask what's up with that? They knew they were going to use the theme, why didn't they develop it more thoroughly? I give the theme an F this season.

The twists ... with the exception of Dick and Daniele, the other two "rivals" fell apart on short order. Unlike the X-Factor season, this just didn't last too well. And, of the rivals, I can't help but think if Joe hadn't ranted on about the STD he claims Dustin passed onto him, would Joe have been more amusing to watch in the long run?

The casting ... I keep going back and forth on this. Although I never condoned a lot of Dick's behavior, his presence kept the show atop the Neilsons perhaps more than in past seasons. I don't think this cast really hit me on a "I like these people" basis all season. In the past, I enjoyed watching folks like Will, Nakomis, even Roddy. I really think a better mix of ages and walks of life is needed for them to bring back my passion for the houseguests. Although I ended up wanting Dick to win this year, had there been a smart player who treated others not as crassly I would have supported them.

The lack of things for the houseguests to do ... what the hell is up with that? This season gave the houseguests almost absolutely nothing to do. In other years there were fun comps with decorating gnomes, something, anything! It's a wonder this group didn't just jump the wall and escape out of sheer boredom.

Your thoughts?


mayi said...


Yes, I watched the show, and in the end was rooting for neither of the finalists. I found myself watching the show only to see how far CBS was going to let Dick 'go' before they kicked him out. I think they're very lucky that the other houseguests could show such restraint under his constant abuse. People in the media have lost their livelyhoods over saying, and doing far less.
I did enjoy the AP reveal, and I thought Eric did a good job representing us. (once he cleaned his mouth up a bit).
There was a theme this year? Could've fooled me. I do agree the 'guests' seemed overly bored.
I don't know if I'll invest myself as much in next years show. I may just log in to your blog, and take it from there

Anonymous said...

mayi said...
There was a theme this year? Could've fooled me.

Dick and Daniele discussed this on one of their last nights. Dani wondered about a Wizard of Oz theme but Dick said MGM owns it and they probably couldn't use specific characters. But it could be done, because Alice & specific things never actually appeared this season.

Anonymous said...

I too wasn't that thrilled with this season. I have been a huge fan of the show, but am tiring of it. I didn't even get the feeds this year for two reasons. One, I spent too much of my time watching them and secondly, I could always count on jackie for truthful and fun articles telling me what I missed on the feeds. I think the main reason I am not too interested in the show anymore comes down to casting. Looking great in a bikini or a speedo seems to be the main criteria in casting. I think they are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for contestants. For the most part, they are very uninteresting and ignorant people that I really don't care about or care to spend time watching. Let's cast a more intelligent and perhaps older group who don't necessarily look good in a bikini.

Reality Fan said...

I think the AP twist saved this season. The Donatos benefited from it and were able to capitalize on it. Too bad it probably couldn't be repeated because the other hgs would suspect anything out of the ordinary.

I agree that if they are going to use a theme, it should carry through.

Thanks for a great season Jackie. I love BB and love your blog.

ORKMommy said...

Ok. I just read an interview with Jen and the Mike Boogie question was's the answer...

Speaking of Mike "Boogie" Malin from season two and all-stars, what's the deal? Are you two friends?
I'm friends with Lonnie [Moore] who is Boogie's business partner. We had happened to hang out in the Bahamas the month before, but I didn't even know I was on the show. I didn't get any advice or anything like that. Even if I had talked to him about it, the things that he would have given me as tips are things that I wouldn't have done any way because I'm just not that kind of person.

So, I guess there wasn't a "Chilltown" connection in the house after all...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like what would be so wrong about a backgammon game or a deck of cards? I distinctly remember Nicole and Will playing backgammon when they were the final two (Season 2?) I mean, does CBS want to drive everyone nuts - do they have an inside deal with the psychiatric industry or something? I guess they want more talking and if people are playing games, they'll tend to chat less? Who knows...

Anonymous said...

Jackie once again a great season! I have been a fan of BB from the beginning and read your blog back when it started on AOL. In my opinion, this season was one of the better seasons I have seen. Yes Dick was cruel at times (okay most of the time), but no one can say they won't remember him! As for the theme, that would be a great twist for future years. They should use the AP again. The houseguests will drive themselves crazy trying to figure out who it is. Agree with more activities for the houseguests to do. Maybe have them play hopscotch (lol).
Now we have to wait nine months for the new season! But it is worth the wait.
Looking forward to reading your recaps and feed updates in 2008.
Thanks again for helping to keep us all in the BB house daily!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why "slop" fizzled out so quickly? The last few weeks no one was on slop anymore. Although I enjoyed the season, I'm disappoitned that they allowed Dick to carry on as he did.

Thanks Jackie for all that you do!! You're awesome!!

ORKMommy said...

Anon 2:43 - I wonder about the AP status for future seasons. Obviously they won't tell the HG's if they're using it, but wouldn't you think the new crew next year will assume they're doing it. Yes, they will drive themselves nuts trying to figure out who it is, but it'll be funnier if they DON'T use it and everyone finds out at the end that they were played! It's an interesting concept...either they use it and everyone thinks they are OR they don't use it and everyone just assumes they are. Either way, it should make for some interesting game play.

Nana in the NW said...

Things are definitely quiet here. Seems like everyone is playing "catch-
up"--in their lives outside of BB! Not one of my favorite seasons and there are very few HG that I really cared about. I would like to see a follow-up show just hear the final chapter. Thanks to Jackie and Orkmommy for the links--good interviews.
I agree with deanna about Dani....when the going gets tough she leaves. By her own admittance SHE chose to stop talking to her dad despite his continued attempts. They both should do something great for his mom. Without her Dani and Vincent's lives could have been horribly different.
Having spent time on/off raising my grandson I know it's not easy!

I hope CBS reads it's message boards and makes some changes next year. Without "things" for the HG to do they came close to physical altercations and some ended up treating to bed so as to not interact with the others(because the only thing to do was talk).

Theme?? What theme?? If they are not going to incorporate it into the whole season then DON'T HAVE ONE!!

Without this blog I would not have enjoyed the show nearly as much so THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!!

I watched Kid Nation--found it comical(when the boys were rabbit hunting and saw the the girls....
Sure there is alot of adult involvement behind the scenes but it was interesting to watch the kids. I'll tune in again next week and taped it for my grandson(8 yrs. old) I think he will love it!! I'm also glad to see that they will not be evicting anyone and the children can leave if they want to.

Survivor starts tonight and
it seems like a pretty diverse cast. The commercials show Todd saying he talks too much and hopes that doesn't annoy too many people. Well, just watching it annoyed me so he has already been placed in my list of the bottom half...
first impressions.....

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I've read your blog for a few years and always started my mornings here. A big thank you shout from Nevada.
This season was disturbing for me. I didnt understand how the network would allow Dick's behavior. I remember that one season where a tooth brush was used in the toilet and that person got in a lot of trouble. What is the difference between that and what Evil Dick put the HG's through? If I were a HG this year (jen) I would seek some sort of liable suit from Evil Dick and perhaps even the station for allowing that kind of behavior. It might of been good for ratings but it was hard to watch. I didnt care much for Jen but Did not deserve to be treated like she did.
Overall, this season was the pits! Disliked the evils more than anyone else in 8 years. Everyone I talked to, that watched this year, feels the same way.
thanks again, JO In Nevada

ORKMommy said...

Hey Jo - Now that Dick has the $500K, I wonder if any of the HG's will go after him. Something to chew on...

Anonymous said...

I hated this season because there was no humor. Nobody was funny, nobody make me chuckle, and so few of the houseguests were smart. Eric came the closest to being amusing and intelligent, but being AP was an unfair handicap and eventually made him nervous and tense. I was bored by the tears, annoyed by the selfish prayers, and totally turned off by Dick's behavior and Danielle's non-stop whining. UGH.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not going to say that I loved this season in its entirety but I certainly did enjoy it. The most exciting moment in the season was when the America's Player concept really paid off and flipped the game - and Dustin went out. There was a ton of excitement that week; you could see it here in the postings and I felt it right up to the moment the votes were cast. After that huge climax, it was kind of like "wow... now what?" and the show was pretty boring (game-wise) for a while. The irony here is that many of the same people who said "if Dick gets evicted I'm not watching anymore because it will be too boring" were bored after The Big Flip. The AP twist (and how Eric played it) kept the show entertaining when the game was boring though. This season may not go down as one of the best, but it was certainly memorable. As this show continues, I keep wishing for smarter, more mature, less self-absorbed players... but I think if we got a whole house full of people like that the show would lose a lot of its drama and spark. I do hope we get some HGs like that though.

Anonymous said...

I think after taxes that might be around 360k, its an can only hope that someone like Jen would have that kind of thought-
I know that if I had been abused like that, and they continue to trash all of the HG,I would do something about it.
I dont get why they continue to be nasty, afterall they won.
Oh well, its the caliber of people I suppose.
THanks, jo in nevada

sharon said...

Well,I am also one who didn't enjoy this season. In the beginning,I kind of liked dick and thought he was a gamer,but as the season went on and he became more and more abusive and then went beyond what I could tolerate,it became difficult to watch. it still concerns me that dick was so popular and that his "fans" will defend his actions to the death.I may remember him but not for anything good or pleasant.I'd rather have a Will or a Chicken George or even an Allison or Jun than somebody as vile as him.

The lack of activity in the house made for a boring house. These people had so little in common that they avoided each other and spent a lot of time in bed. I remember Jani and Will and others walking laps in the b.y. and talking all the time.This group chose to ostracize Zach and Jen and treat them like lepers in the house. I don't know...strange casting this time. I didn't like the "twist" of the couples with "issues" or the AP. That twist might work okay,but it kind of felt they were making it up as they went along this time.

I still believe that both of the D's being in there gave them a definite advantage,not a disadvantage. No matter what the difficulties you might have as a family(and I believe theirs was exaggerated),blood is thicker than water and they hung together and they were stronger for it.No two starangers could be that close.JMO

delee said...

Let's be glad ABC does not own this show or we would have a Mickey and friends theme!!!

I think a Pictionary/Family Feud/Twister would be good games to occupy the hamsters. They did have chess-tetherball-golf and slop lid frisbee to do.

I enjoy the food comps, but few of those this year...bring back MORE!!!

Agree there needs to be a more diverse cast...fewer early 20's and more over 40. MORE eye-candy for the lady viewers, none of them this year did it for me and Eric was just too wimpy for me to believe the shomance!!!

Jackie what would BB be without you!!!

Patty said...

I say let's have Jackie's blogger be the next BB HG. I think Jackie should also be the producer of the show. IMO, the ratings would be out CBS!

Orkmommy-Please insist that they let you bring "Rosie" in with you. We could have a "milk the cow contest". If Rosie kicks your bucket over, you are elimated...the one with the most milk in their bucket in the shortest time, wins HOH. I guess we would have to see if Rosie's siblings can come in also for this comp.

Another comp we could play is "Trade your Spectacles". We would wear the other HG glasses and have to read something from a certain distance. The one who could read from the farthest line, wins HOH.

I guess this is starting to sound like comps for only the "Senior" HG. But hey, I'm up for the challenge!!! Who wants in?

I cannot wait for Survivor tonight!

Jackie, many thanks for all you do.

Patty said...

The last comment should read "Bloggers, not just blogger.

Anonymous said...

As far as anyone suing Dick over his behavior, come on people you know CBS had them sign something so that no one could be held liable for goings on in the household. I certainly wouldn't treat people the way he did, but atleast he's real which is more than I can say for someone like Jen. Just working with people like that for 8 would make me nuts, so put yourself in their shoes and imagine living with "plastics" for 24 hours a day with no outlet for your frustrations.

RiseandShine said...

I'm done with slop, let's go back to PB&J.

I think a casting problem is that they either have to take people who are fans of the show, who KNOW the game, or people who don't. They can't mix the two.
I'm not sure we would enjoy watching anymore if everyone in there didn't already know the game, we grew very tired of the houseguests who didn't this year.
(Same thing on Survivor. I like that the players now start to anticipate the "merge" and plan for it)

I like having a say in the game, but not of the AP type. I do think it was unfair that we controlled the little weasel's game, and he couldn't do what he wanted. I would rather be able to send a message (cryptic even) to a houseguest, or put something in the HOH room.

I think they made the house terribly boring. I missed movie night. I missed the gnomes or other large art project. I liked when they got to go out to a helicopter ride or other fun thing.

They were foolish not to show us more of the jury house. We love that stuff.

I liked the idea of the theme.
I liked the outing to Power of 10.
I liked the visitors.
I missed the comp where they take things from the house.
I missed them not shutting down a bedroom.

Ok, that's about it.

Anonymous said...

im in agreement with everything you said jackie, from joe's outburst, no theme and lack of stuff to do! but i did enjoy it and will go through withdrawels dammit LOL cant wait for july!! thanks jackie and see ya tonite over at survivor!!
debie in calif

Sasha said...

Jackie: Once again, thank you so much for all you do and for sharing your talent!

I have to agree that the theme seemed to go nowhere or at least not very far.

I have to admit that Dick amused me at times and I did like that he kept no secret conversations (in the beginning) so people couldn't misquote or claim he said stuff he didn't say nor could they claim they didn't say what they told him. I know, clear as mud. Anyway, I even found the banging of the pots/pans amusing in spite of myself. I rarely watched the feeds this seasone but one night when I did, I heard first hand and uncensored the horrible things he said to and called Jen and I really physically flinched. I did not care for Jen at all but even the words Dick used about Jen/women turned my stomach.

I did like his sincerity with Daniele. I suspect Daniele has as many issues as Amber and just covers them in a different (very whiney) way.

I remember the last days with Alison and Jun and the outrage over how they trashed everyone. I think it's interesting that the comparison to D/D is that they're worse than Alison was. I'm not so sure, just find it interesting.

Oh, Orkmommy...for what it's worth, a commenter here posted an interview with Mike Malin weeks ago in which he claimed to have coached Jen. Who knows if that's true, just because he said it doesn't mean much since he also took credit for Will's work and he's a bit of a boaster (understatement) so what Jen says could be true. Sorry I can't re-post the link, I don't save stuff like that. Just thought I'd mention it.

Oh well, it was a pleasant surprise to find a BB8 post here after the show so thanks for that.

Thanks again Jackie, and thanks to all,

Anonymous said...

I guess I am the odd one out here because I really enjoyed this season. Dick told people the truth about themselves and won. It wasn't like a couple years ago when that Alison chick seemed to smootch and get under the covers with several guys to make it to the finals. It wasn't like the year I got annoyed because nice people like Kaysar got the boot. I loved the finale this year when they revealed America's Player. It was a great summer and I am sad it is over! It is already cold here in the Bay Area. Jackie---I still vote for you to try out for BB9! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

hi jackieeeeeeeeeee,
long time no hear, lol
i was bored out of my wit this season. and cbs had too much of an hand in this year with the americas choice. i know every year they do it anyways, but this was outrages. theres no way dick and danielle shouldve lasted this long, and everytime the hg came out the diary room, they were saying how the producer or whomever was trying to sway them to vote this way or putting things in their mind to sway that way. it's too much of a set up that they wanteddddddddd dick to win and they wantedddddd danielle next to him. ratings wouldve been fine like you said with joe and dustin til the end. i hope it gets better, they were boring this year. thanks though, u r always terrific. pat :>

Anonymous said...

abuse, oh my goodness, i hope they dont allow that to happen again, or i will not be watchin anymore. there's got to be a line of respect for others drawn, bad big brother, bad!!!!

Anonymous said...

i say let the people in the house do this without the help of bb. it's alot better.

Chatty1 said...

Well - my last thoughts: Who needs a theme when you have good casting! There will never be another Will and Janelle. Stop all the replays at the beginning of the show! Do they not have enough stuff to fill the time that they have to re-hash the previous show...twice? Mix up what you have such as POV gets to pick their replacement. Have voted out people leave their bags somewhere before Julie! Is that her big line for the show! "You can just drop your bag there". BB is best summer show - thanks for the fun!

Anonymous said...

My last BB post I promise. I always thought Amber was out of touch with reality. Then Dick started talking about doing Amazing race with Janelle. Can't you imaging Janelle the queen of all that is BB spending more then an hour with that spitting, smoking, farting, foul mouthed old man. Dick's cute in his own way, but there's now way those two would last without one killing the other. I don't know if I'd want Dick traveling around the world representing America, we have enough trouble with our image in the world

nancy in pa said...

hi do a fabulous job and i just wanted to tell you thank you. annon 5:57....i struggle when people say things like..(in reference to dicks behavior)well "at least he was real"... it sounds as if he is getting the excuse he needs to continue and for us to accept it as ok behavior. personally, i wish bb would set some boudaries that have to do with respect of persons. it is hypocritical of CBS to run programs that may deal with political correctness, the importance of "tolerance" so as not to offend... etc, and then allow a show where houseguests are so offensive.... and also to edit someones religious practices (prayer) with the mockery of organ music, etc...i am not someone that would get on their knees in prayer in the courtyard like jameka did...i would not have done a lot of things either amber or jameka did. but bb was (IMO) VERY guilty of editing in a way to make mockery of their practices. i tend to think that one of the reasons bb was not as enjoyable this year was because of the often blatent, and sometimes subtle behaviors that were degrading and disrespectful. yes, it may be an easy way to achieve ratings...but i believe with some brains and sensitivity from the fine people at CBS they could have pulled off a show that was both entertaining AND respectful. admittedly however, that would have taken both work and brains....

i enjoyed the AP twist too...but it would be difficult to pull off again. perhaps bb could allow america to vote each week and let it be known we are voting and what the vote was...that could possibly stir things up in the house if houseguests also had to worry how they were being perceived outside the house. remember how angry some of the houseguests got when janelle kept winning americas choice rewards? how "sucky" it would have been for daniele if she were to think that just maybe she wasn't americas sweetheart? just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Nancy in Pa,

Agree, Agree, Agree. Very good.

Anonymous said...

This season did not have good casting. I would say poor. If Dick were not on board it would have been horrid. I liked Dick and I could have liked Jen had she been able to get involved with some group. She could have been a tough cookie....and.....she did things. She and Dick both. Something.....anything...for us to watch. All I have to say really is they should have a meeting with the people who did Paradise Hotel. Those people really created drama....the ultimate drama of any show I think. Those producers kind of ran the show with twists from week to week and I think drove the show from behind the was not boring in the least. BB better come up with some new twists....they always say...expect the unexpected. Hellooooooooo What ever happened to that?????

Anonymous said...

I just HAVE to say....Love Jackie, love all the comments....but, regarding many things (Jameka)and including Amber.....It is a GAME SHOW....ON TV. They know it. It is not a secret. There are some things the contestants should realize should not be done on NATIONAL TV....ON A GAME SHOW ON NATIONAL TV.

Connie C in Fl. said...

To Nancy in PA

Thank you! I completely agree with
your comments about CBS. We should never make a mockery of someone's
religion and faith.
Thank you,Jackie You are superb!
Let us hope that CBS will listen to
us(Jackie's Blog)in preparing for next summer.

Purrbal said...

this may have been addressed but was I the only person that didn't notice Daniele's beau in the audience???

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie...thanks for everything this season, again. You are amazing. I have to say that after All-Stars, gonne be tough to beat Will and the rest. Dick was well, a jerk. And AmERICa's player (producers player!!!!) I honestly believe was not voting as we wanted. Most of us wanted Danielle and Dick gone months ago, but that does not make for good ratings. Honestly by the end, did not care who won. No one interesting enough to pull for...kinda a lame season fizzled out, especially with nothing for them to do and ummmmm...there was a theme???? Did not notice. Peace and thanks again. KC J