Saturday, September 22, 2007

TV Squad Article - Amber's Defense

I wrote an article over on TV Squad about Amber's interview with Buddy TV and my thoughts on her answers.

Check it out!

What a delusional gal she is ...


dla said...


She is delusional. You cannot read or listen to this without shaking your head in disbelief.

Thank you for the link!

Lucy said...

Not sure which is worse - reading this defense or listening to it. Amber talks in circles and has no real defense here. Her "good people" line is just too hard to swallow after witnessing her behaviour all summer. I believe she is trying to convince herself she is a good person when she states,
"I'm a good person. I know a lot of people may not think so, or they may not see that in me, but I really am."
Get real Amber.

One more thing, when Amber states, "I’ve changed so much, I’ve done a complete 360 in my life," doesn't this mean she just went full circle and is back to where she started? Sad.

joy n said...

Can't believe she still considers herself a good person. She is so beyond delusional.

Anonymous said...

I truly feel sorry for Amber. She did make remarks she shouldn't have made, but I don't think she made them to be vicious. The opinions of others now, regarding her, are truly mean and cruel. We are judging her, on a personal level, with the same shallowness of mind that we are condemning her for using.
I say those who have never been guilty of a racial or religious slur only have a right to judge, the rest of us need to only hope she receives the emotional and mental help she requires.
I state again I do not agree with what she said, but until I walk in someones shoes, both emotionally and mentally, I will not judge.

DEANNA said...

Anon 5:37.... And yet with your words, you have judged us all. To call one mean & cruel is to make an assumption and judge one. Must practice what you preach...

As for Amber, I truly feel sorry for her. I don't think she is a bad person or a bad mom because I do not know her and cannot say either way. But I have seen her on TV and I do think she is a very ignorant person in the way of world and the people that exist in it. I don't think she has a lot of common sense, is a bit socially retarded and truly lives in an ignorant state of mind.

I found her statements about Jewish people in her interview to be almost as offensive as the ones she made in the house.

With Amber making some very public statements, we have every right to judge what is said.

Lucy... I too noticed her 360 comment and laughed to myself. She is just very clueless about a lot of things. Yes, VERY sad!

Sydney said...

Just wondering if you all caught, in the midst of her excessive gobbeldy-gook that she did indeed say these words:

"I can’t stress to all of you out there how sorry I am I said that. I have friends from all walks of life, and I really wish I could individually apologize to every single one of you out there that I offended. "

Just curious how people feel that she did say the above as well.

Anonymous said...

You're right Deanna, it did sound like I was judging. I should have said the remarks were mean and cruel. I guess that shows how one wrong word can cause someone to take it as a personal attack.
You're also right, people have the right to judge. I would just hope they would do it with compassion.

Have you noticed how some people were happy she lost her job? I find it hard to understand this. Does she deserve to lose her job?

Sydney, I read that, I think she is really sorry.

mayi said...

Just read both articles. You nailed it on the head. She is just not an educated person is she?
I'm still upset that Dick hasn't been held up to task in the way Amber has. Then again, he'd just tell everyone to F--- off. "I won the money".

Susan said...

In the same paragraph, Amber said:

"And I'm not upset with anything that was said about me "

And then:
"I was really upset and reading things, I just, all these shows in my diary rooms with me crying., crying, crying, and it's sad because I did so much more than cry in that house."

I, too, feel sorry for her because she truly is ignorant in the real definition of the word. She does not know better. I feel even worse for her daughter, though. Amber needs help.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:37 this behavior toward Amber - "we are judging her on a personal level" isn't that what EVERYONE did to Evel the whole season too? Can you say hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:00 I didn't say anything about Dick. I have only been talking regarding Amber. Dick is a totally different story.

Susan said...

We're supposed to play nice here. Jackie would be disappointed to read we're taking shots at each other. JMO...

barbwire said...

“I’m an honest person. I’ve maybe had few little lies in the house that appeared to be a lot bigger than they were.”

That was in the part where she justified swearing on her daughter's life

Who she is, & who she thinks she is, are 2 way different people - what a nutcase

Anonymous said...

Amber is a server and she has been on national television spouting anti-Jewish sentiments. Now, I am a server too and I can tell you one thing. You don't always remember the people you've waited on but they remember you. Amber needs to find a job where her wages are not dependant on tips because there are people who will not want her to be around them because of her words.

RiseandShine said...

She made it worse instead of better. It's the same profiling with different words!

If I remember correctly, she prefaced her remarks to Jameka with words about having learned these things at home, something like "my mother told me.."
The "bad place" it came from was home. Her apology should have started with that.

While I can't say that my father was actually like Archie Bunker, the arguments that Meathead and Gloria had with Archie used to make me laugh because they rang true.
My guess is that Amber has never argued any of what she learned at home, either within her family or within herself.

360 degrees DOES bring her back to where she started. At least that much was true.

RiseandShine said...

I wanted to ask for your opinion about the article written about Dick's induction into the Reality TV Hall of Shame.
I couldn't argue with anything in it myself, and thought it was a very well written justification for the induction.
I've been mulling over the argument about Dick being kicked out or not for his behavior. The article does a good job of pointing out the difference between being fearful of someone's actions and just being upset by their words. It seems that Dick just bearly stayed on the right side of that line.
Here's the link, thought it was interesting.

meb said...

Amber's comments came from what she learned at home. While what she said was offensive, to her they were truths because she never heard differently. I don't believe she would have know what antisemitic meant if someone had accused her of it in the house.

We can only hope that she has learned from this and teaches her daughter to be understanding of other people and their beliefs.

Sydney... I did read her comments and I too believe that it was an honest apology.

meb said...

Hey Riseandshine... thanks for that link. I knew Dick was a foul- mouthed jerk, but I didn't know all of the things he had said and done.
He's still laughing all the way to the bank tho, isn't he.

Anonymous said...

whatever amber is or was or will be, CBS should be ashamed of themselves to forever paint her in only an unfavorable light. yes, we never got to see anything worthwhie from her - maybe there isn't anything worthwhile - but we weren't even given the opportunity.

RiseandShine said...

Hey meb, you're welcome.
Yep, another wealthy jerk.
While I hoped they would win based on their strategizing and comp play, I could never get comfortable liking either Dick or Daniele. Daniele because she's just too damaged, and Dick because of the crazed verbal attacks.
You know that place in the pit of your stomach? Mine was throbbing.

Anonymous said...

quoted from amber's interview:

All I can say is, I was me in the house, everything I did in that house was who I was. I was shocked to find out the way I was portrayed and things people said about me.

hmmmm, i wonder why the shock. if everything was her in the house, that had to include the bitterness, the jealousy and the bigotry.

she just confirmed it in her statement, which she made several times throughout the interview.

no matter how she tries to apologize, it's over, it's done, the world knows she's a bigot.

why was it so important to know if dustin had any jewish blood in him? she got made at eric - so that confirmed her ill-will of the jews?

i am not happy that she lost her job, but no means for these statements. she's among a zillion other people in the world that feel the same way about whatever person/group. tsk tsk tsk on her to make those statements to be her words from now until the end.

sharon b.

ORKMommy said...

What Amber doesn't seem to realize is that it doesn't matter how the show portrayed her because millions of people watch the live 24/7 feeds and post what happens on the internet. The show didn't show Dick as bad as he really was, but WE all know how he was because of the feeds! She needs to realize that the reason America hates her is because of what she did 24/7, not what she did in 3 one hour edited shows each week.

barbwire said...

Amber is just plain ignorant - she went on this show to have 3 mos off from her life, to lay around & suntan, & be "sympathetic & empathetic" to the people in the house - she went on the show to make friends - she went on the show so America could see what a good person she is, & would give her an easy job where she doesn't have to work, but gets paid a lot of money

she is a single mom, and sounds like the sole support of her daughter, so she left her 8 yr old daughter for 3 mos to play a game, with who ?? did she ever mention it ?? either way, that's a long time to leave an 8 yr old with someone other than a parent - she needs professional help, because she will never change

i know these are strong words, but i've known people like her, & i just can't stand ignorance (which is not the same thing as stupidity)

DEANNA said...

Oh Gees, Dick nominated for 'Reality Hall of Shame'... Say it isn't so!! Oh No!!! I can't hold credibility for a "hall of shame" that puts Mike & Dustin there for stupid moves, Jen there for breaking the BB rules, Dick there for yelling at people and then completely ignores the biggest shame of the house...AMBER!

As for excusing Amber because of how she was raised, I cannot. She is 27 yrs old and old enough to make her decisions. I was raised completely different than the person I am today. My thoughts differ greatly from my parents, I vote completely opposite, I'm way more open minded, and I don't let anything my parents say sway my own views. So, for Amber at her age to listen to her mom and not question her at all is very scary. The girl is VERY ignorant to the world, but that is her own fault.

DEANNA said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess I have a hard time being happy with the conversation here. I know Amber was wrong in what she said and at least she apologized. I am not saying she should be let off the hook. But other HG should be held accountable about their mouths and actions too. I was also offended the by ED. He not only belittled women, had abusive behavior but also belittled Jameka's faith. Whether you agree with her faith and how she lived gives him no reason to attack Christianity and her religion. When they asked ED if he regretted anything he said in his rants, he said no, because they were all true which we know it wasn't. So he was being a bigot toward Christian. This is being double standards to want to persecute one and not hold the other one accoutable. Let's be fair!

Anonymous said...

Must have myspace to view this:
From Jokers site: Some wrap party pics

delee said...

Re-watched BB finale...Remember when ED said he was going to travel around the world? I think that may be a hint that he wants to be on Amazing Race! If he does wonder who his partner would be...Vincent? Guess we will see.

sharon said...

If that vile man ends up on TAR,I just may have to boycott that season. I want dick to fade back into the woodwork from whence he came,never to be heard from again. I'm with all of those who think it's a shame that nobody is calling him on his reprehensible behavior. That "interview" with him and Daniele was a joke! What was the interviewer afraid of him?

Again,I tend to feel sorry,not so much for Amber,but for all the fallout this will cause for her daughter. I do believe her daughter was supposed to be with her Mother,but still,3 months is a long time to be away from a child that young. I just think Amber is a person who hasn't been out in the world much or is very intelligent to begin with.She doesn't have very good decision making skills or she wouldn't have done all the stupid things she did for millions on the feeds to see.Saying what she did,doing what she did(i.e. taking a bath for the whole world to see)and projecting the image she did,well it just screams ignorance. And,I'm sorry,Amber,but 27 is NOT a babe in the woods. I hope somewhere,down the road,she gets the help she needs,but it sounds like she just doesn't get it,at all.That's just sad.

Sydney said...

Mayi, I so agree with you.

And RiseandShine, thanks for the link to the article. Delee and Meb-- say it ain't so! I don't think TAR would accept someone with Dick's issues. Let's hope their producers would draw the line and preserve that show's gameplay. lol

Sydney said...

Woops -- I meant delee and Sharon.

Hi Meb!

Sydney said...

Well, Jesica is putting out there that she and Eric want fans to petition for she and Eric to be on TAR.... Would Eric do everything or would we see Jessica's strengths come out?

joy n said...

I think I'd be happier if none of BB8's HGs were ever on Survivor.

ORKMommy said...

Anon 2:21 - Nobody is excusing the other HG's for their actions. This post is about Amber and we're discussing Amber. If you go back on the blog, you'll see several posts where we talk about Eric, Dick, Jen, etc. and the things they did in the house.

Patty said...

joyn- I'm with you, I am hoping not to see any of BB folks on ANY of the shows. I think I have seen enough of them in their 15 minutes of fame. Let them be known for being on whatever show they tried out for.

As for Amber, she did not use her best judgement and she must serve the consequence for her action. Sometimes trust is very hard to earn back, sometimes one cannot earn it back. I just hope she has learned something from it and when she says she is sorry, she truly means it. There will be those in the world that will let us know should she utter any disparaging remarks again. I guess time will tell if she learned anything from it or not.

kittykitty said...

I say induct ED - where does the show go from here if his behavior is considered within the limits?
Also - in Wahmbers interview, she says she only swore on her daughters life twice. Talk about delusional.

joy n said...

Me: 8:49......I meant Amazing Race, but as Patty said, I don't want to see any of BB8 on anything again.