Saturday, October 13, 2007

'Friday Night Lights' Blog Discussion

Due to popular request, here it is! Your own place to discuss the show Friday Night Lights! Please feel free to hang out in the comments area and talk about FNL with fellow show fans.

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TV Squad's FNL posts can be found here. (No, not written by me, but you might want to check out the reviews anyway.)

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pickles said...

Thank you so much Jackie!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Nana in the NW said...

Thank you Jackie!! Love the show and now have a specific area of your site to go to.....doesn't mean I won't still comment about FNL in other areas(those senior moments!)

The Landry storyline could be very real. A teenage boy defends the girl he is trying to impress....kills him and panics so get rid of the body. The body will be found and there will probably be a trial later in the season.

Sorry to see Matt and Julie break up. I was hoping to see the young innocent love come together with each other when they lost their virginity. Julie is being quite the brat right now. I think that is pretty common with 16 yr.olds and then to suddenly not be an only child!!

I wonder if there will be a medical crisis with the baby that makes Coach realize he needs to move back home and snaps Julie out of this "me, me, me" stage. Maybe we will see Tami go through some serious post-partum and need medical intervention??

Lots of loose ends that will make for another good season in Dillon, Tx.!!

pickles said...

Nana I didn't know you watched FNL!! Pretty busy season so far. I'm feel bad for Matt, Julie has been just awful to him. Looks like Tami is going to "take care" of her little attitude problem next week. Coach Taylor needs to come home and help Tami take control back in the house. I also miss seeing him coaching the Panthers. So many things going on at once and I'm sure many more surprises to come. Can't wait till next week!!

Nana in the NW said...

Pickles--I'm a BIG fan of FNL. My husband and I have attended high school football games since we were high school sweethearts(37 yrs. ago). We have a good friend who has coached HS football for 30+ years---he's been to the state playoffs 5 times and won the state title twice!!! There's nothing like being a part of that excitement if you like football. So much of the show is the way it is in real life. Although our friend coached in the Tacoma area(Wa. state), the team was predominately minority and low-income. Football was the way to college for many of his boys and it's what kept them out of gangs. Sadly once they graduate many have ended up on the wrong side of the law. The sacrifices Tami makes is also realistic. Our friends have no family life from August until Feb.(when the boys sign their National Letter of Intent for college).

Have a good week and I'll be back next Friday!

Sydney said...

Yee Ha! A BIG thank you to you Jackie. I am so psyched ot be able to talk this over with others who watch it. it's got a lot to it, this show. I've been checking in and reading your comments so far, but am in the final few days before the big event this weekend and haven't had the luxury of adding more than I did last post. Pickles I know you asked me a question. I will respond soon as I get two seconds more. Just wanted to check in here and say hooray.

Sydney said...

Hi Piclkes --

How did you find out a spoiler? Grr, temptation. I am not sure I want to know, which isn't great if you think it's so good you must tell. Shall we take a vote? Nana? Who else watches this... I was trying to take a little poll afew weeks back, in hopes to get our own discussion place here. Meb told me she's watching so she'll join us when she's got a little less on her plate. I feel like there were at least 7 of us. Anyway, anyone else want to weigh in?

Sydney said...

Nana -- I wonder if I should ask you to record FNL instead of DWTS. This is probably more important not to miss.... I'll send you an e-mail next....

Nana in the NW said...

You know me.....I hate surprises so I'm always down for a "good spoiler". For me it usually doesn't ruin the show because I watch for so many other reasons....interactions of characters, what they are wearing, love the actors, look at cute guys, nothing else is on, or the big one...I'm a TV addict!!

I think Pickles should tell us the spoiler but start your comment out with a warning so those who don't want to know can stop reading.

Syd--as for taping whatever you need---I watch them all so it's no problem.

Anonymous said...

Man, Jesse Plemons (Landry) and Adrianne Palicki (Tyra) knocked it out of the park acting-wise this week. I wish FNL would put the actors' names near their faces in the credits. I had to look them up last season to figure out who was who.

How old is The Swede? I think Julie's head being turned by him is realistic. Matt is treats her well, but I'm sure life with him (and in Dillon for that matter) isn't very exciting.

I can't get enough Buddy Garrity, either. That sweaty drunk. He's equal parts sad, hilarious, cheesy, and I just want him to come out on top once.

Love this show!


pickles said...

Nothing earth shattering but don't read if you don't want to know.

Don't know if it's true but here goes. Apparently something happens to Riggins and he starts going to church with Lyla. I also read that Riggins will be moving in with Tami and Julie.

This is pure speculation but I think Billy messes up pretty bad and maybe sleeps with that woman from last year that Tim was with. He goes ballistic and moves out and maybe that's why he starts to go to church. I just can't see Tim sitting in a pew and listening to a church sermon. It made me giggle when I read that.

Not sure where the show is going in the first couple of weeks but I hope the writers don't lose focus and remember what made people come watch every week. Bring back Coach Taylor and the football games, Tami and students. I could relate to the show because it was so REAL. I am hoping they don't make it unreal/soap like.

Sydney said...

OK Pickles, you KNOW I immediately read the spoiler!!! Lol Good stuff!

pickles said...

BMS- I kinda feel bad for Buddy this year. Yes, I know he made his bed but wow the harsh reality for him is hard to take. I find myself rooting for him more this year then last. I thought he had his nose in EVERYONE'S business last year. Hopefully he will come to terms with his life choices and start to deal with it at least for the kids. Now that I have rambled on...I guess my point is I like Buddy too!

Sydney- Told you it was nothing earth shattering but the possibilites are endless if Tim moves in with Tami and Julie. Do you think the writers would pair him with Julie? I don't think he would go after Tami just out of respect for Coach Taylor. But goodness, the possibilites.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Riggins is going to get kicked off the team. That, and the urge to bone Lyla again, is probably enough to get him to go to church with Lyla.

When the new coach was pushing Riggins so hard, I was reminded of that kid who died of heat exhaustion at a football practice. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happens to send this clown on his way.

Pickles, I think you're right about Buddy. His nosiness last season was exasperating, but it made me laugh. I love his scenes with Eric Taylor. But I think he's paid enough for cheating. He's lost respect in town, his kids hate him, you name it. Plus, his wife is dating another man. It wasn't until this week when he was drunk as a skunk that he kinda reminded me (and I think Tim himself) of Riggins. Hopefully sanctimonious Lyla will let Buddy in a little now.

I'm more than a little concerned about Street going to Mexico to get surgery, which is where it seems they're headed. Am I the only one who thinks it'll cheapen things if he's able to walk again? I mean, I loved that scene with Tami, but the reality is, sometimes people don't get to walk again. And what I love about this show is how realistic it is.


pickles said...

BMS- That was exactly what I was thinking about the new coach pushing the kids to far. He is going to end up hurting someone.
I must have missed the stuff about Street having surgery.(my kids are still up for during half of the show) I'm not sure I would be comfortable with my son going to Mexico for any kind of operation. What do his parents say? I know he is an adult I was just wondering if they showed their opinion.
Hopefully ratings rise now that they have moved the show to Friday and the show stays on for long time. I look forward to my Friday night shows now.

Anonymous said...


It was really just a passing thing that one of Street's quad buddies (not Herc, who I love too, BTW) said about knowing a guy in Mexico who does cutting edge surgeries. But I bet something will come of that, and I bet he'll do it without parental consent.

As for ratings, I think that Women's Murder Club nuked everything last week. FNL didn't lose much of an audience, but it was some. I noticed has FNL Season 1 on sale for $15 this week. You can't beat that. They're trying to bring in new viewers by making the regular price at stores for season 1 $20, which I think is a great idea. The problem is, people just don't watch TV on Friday nights. But I'm hoping the fact that FNL is a critical darling will keep it safe for awhile.


pickles said...

I say this coming with the new coach but not to my Riggins!!! Have I mentioned how much I dislike this new guy? :( I was correct with the Billy thing though. I thought that would be an unspoken rule between brothers not to sleep with the same woman.

pickles said...

AAHHH, The Smash of old rears his ugly head. I thought he was over himself? Poor Matt. I feel so bad for him. He has to carry the load from the guys who are mad on the team and then sees Julie drive away with the swede.

meb said...

OK... I'm catching up and reading all your comments, so I'm getting a good feel for what's going on. I ned to get the series 1 tapes so thanks for the heads-up.

I'm already upset over Landry and his killing the stalker and I don't even know Landry yet. He just seems like a clean cut kid. I can't believe he didn't tell his father who is a cop. It's amazing what you'll do when you panic. You know his dad has drilled into him that he's there for him no matter what, but that all went out the window in his fear of what he had done.

Definitely going to continue watching this one.

pickles said...

Meb you will love the show. I'ts very well written and the actors portray their characters so well. I think I can relate or know someone in my life that fills the shoes of one of the characters in the show. I love it.

pickles said...

Yeah, He's coming home!!!! Buddy might have to hire him on as a manager for awhile but he's coming home.

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is wrong with Julie? Staying out until well past 2. Telling The Swede to take her away instead of going inside voluntarily. I'm sorry, but she deserved to be smacked by her overwraught momma. And did Tami have a gun???

I liked the scene between Landry's dad and Tyra. After her morning-after freakout, it was nice to see her saying such sweet things about a guy who's crazy about her.

That "team mascot" line was probably lawsuit-worthy. Street could probably finance his shady surgery that way.

And we have Buddy doing his classic maneuvering. I dunno, I love seeing Buddy doing what Buddy does best -- being a buttinsky. That phone call where he tried to convince Eric to meet him was hilarious.


meb said...

Being new to the show, is Buddy really a good guy? He appears to be one minute and a jerk the next, ie the drunk scene week before.

Is Tyra older or is she just a working school girl? I need to get the first series. I like her, but I don't want her to be leading Landry on, cause I really like him. Who does he look like? Can't figure it out.

I too agree, Julie got a reflex reaction to telling her mother to go to hell...what did she expect!

And I wanted to jump thru the TV when the "coach" called Street the team mascot. What a snake he is.

Could Riggins have been sincere about feeling something at church. Maybe his going off with Street is the best thing that could happen. Maybe he'll get a twinge of conscience and convince Street not to have the surgery. Or at least to have it somewhere reputable.

Anonymous said...

Buddy's a complicated Texas man, Meb. He's kind of a boob, but I think he's good at heart. He lost his wife cuz he tomcatted around (with Tyra's mom), and his kids won't have much to do with him. He loves Dillon football, but the new coach won't let him be the booster he wants to be. So he got his drink on. He's just sad now. He needs a win.

I don't think Tyra's leading Landry on at this point. He's come through for her, and I think she recognizes and values that. And she kissed him first, which is a big deal. She's probably a senior in high school with a part-time job, and Landry is a junior. He, Matt, and Julie are juniors, I think.

I dunno what the deal is with Riggins and church. Part of me thinks he was feeling more connected to Lyla than Jesus when he was there. Though that whole church scene reminded me of those "Songs 4 Worship" commercials. Has anybody seen those?


meb said...

Thanks BMS... that clears it up a lot. Looking foward to the next episode.

Is it older football player, Terry Bradshaw (and now occasional actor and commercials) who Landry looks like. I suppose now you'll tell me he's his son in real life. LOL

pickles said...

What a great show tonight!! So much going on in an hour. I'm so glad Eric is back in Dillon for good. I love how he took command of his team again at the end of the episode. I'ts nice to see. I have a feeling the old coach will be coming back again. Maybe they will meet up again during the state championship. What did you all think about Riggins/Street in Mexico? I thought it was great and I'm so glad Riggins' judgment wasn't clouded by the booze and he called someone for help.
The Tami/Julie storyline was great as usual. It's nice to see Julie getting her senses back. Powerful mother and daughter stuff going on.
Not sure what to think about to think about the Landry/Tyra stuff. I thought it was cute that Tyra had dinner with his family. I'ts kind of nice to see her settled for a bit and to enjoy being a teenager without all the baggage she usually carries around. It's not looking good for those two next week though.
What do you all think of the Lyla/troubled youth storyline? I think it has potential. Lyla could fall in love with him and it could test her faith. Whether or not Buddy's decision was correct or not about hiring the kid(can't think of his name) his heart was in the right spot.
Next weeks episode looks awesome as usual. My daughter(15) told me tonight it's not right that the show is on once a week. I have to agree with her. Good stuff going on.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Eric almost find himself out of a job after the team lost a game early in the season last year? Watching the coach just put the game in Smash's hands like that when it obviously wasn't working was insane! He deserved to get fired, especially when you pair that with the stuff with Riggins and the Street remark, which wasn't even documented (but I'm sure was overheard). I'm sure he'll get a job coaching a competing school's team, and we'll see him again. Much like that punk kid last season.

I think Buddy totally hired that kid to get points with Lyla (and maybe over/with his ex), but it's much better to have him working at a dealership than at his ex-wife's house. I don't know if I want to see a relationship there, but if it helps Lyla become a little less high and mighty, I'm all for it.

The Julie/Swede thing was a bit perplexing. Was she upset because he was such a bong-hitting loser? Or was a girl calling on his phone? Or did he just not find hanging out with her to be that important? He's so sweaty. Yuck. Either way, I'm glad it brought her closer to her momma.

I really liked Eric teaching Julie to drive.

Frankly, I can't believe Landry's dad didn't know about Tyra's attack. Dillon's gotta be so small that something like that would be big news for a cop shop. He seemed surprised to see her there. It's not her fault the loser tried to rape her.

Oh, rumor has it they may be moving FNL to Mondays after Heroes.


Nana in the NW said...

DON'T MOVE THE SHOW!!!Friday Night Lights should be on Friday Night!! The show just gets better every week.

Having raised two daughters Julie is pretty much acting normal for a 16 yr.'s all about ME!!

Meb--a little more background on Tyra.....
she was Riggins steady girlfriend about half of last season. She has the reputation of "the loose girl" in school and used to drink alot. Which is why her and Landry are such an odd couple. I think he is the first man to ever show her respect and she's not sure how to handle it. She works to help support her Mom who has a drinking problem and can't seem to keep a job(maybe because she sleeps with her boss). Her and Lyla were BEST friends until Lyla slept with Riggins(while Street was in re-hab for his injury). Lyla and Street were engaged until the end of last season.

Just a guess but I think Matt is going to lose his virginity to his grandma's caregiver sometime this season.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Nana. Gotta disagree with you on Tyra and Lyla being best friends. They were never friends. Street and Riggins were best friends, until Street found out Riggins slept with Lyla. As best I can tell, Tyra always disliked Lyla for being a "perfect," prissy cheerleader type. It looked like they might try to form a new friendship at the end of last season after they had it all out, but nothing ever came of it.


pickles said...

We all saw the previews for this weeks (11/2) episode but here is a preview for 11/9 episode.


Landry comes clean with his dad, forcing dad to choose between being a dad and a cop. Tami's sister comes to visit and help with baby. (Why she didn't come earlier is beyond me) Free spirited sister makes Tami question some choices in her own life. (living green) Riggins gets kicked off the team and has to prove to Coach Taylor that he wants to be part of the team. (I wonder if this is where he moves in with Eric and Tami?)

Sounds pretty exciting to me. Let me know if you guys would prefer that I didn't post this kind of stuff here. I don't want to ruin it for anyone. :)

Nana in the NW said...

Pickles-- I think spoilers are OK because you warned everyone. If you don't want to know STOP READING!
This show is soooo good.

pickles said...

I thought tonight was a great episode!!!! I won't spoil it for anyone but it's great to have Eric back in Dillon. Can't wait unitl next week.

Anonymous said...

Wheeew! Matt's grown himself a spine! First, fighting with Smash, then talking back to Coach Taylor, then telling Julie what she needs to hear (he was right, she didn't apologize for the Swede stuff, and when she did, it was pretty half-assed, wasn't it?). I like it.

The exchange between Eric and Mac McGill about getting back in the saddle was very funny.

I was glad to see Landry have his day, but I hope he doesn't become like a stud now.

While I'm glad Street didn't drown, I've gotta question the plausibility of him not drowning out there. That was probably his Mexican miracle right there. It was surprising to me that the sight of Lyla smooching both Tim and Jason didn't make the other mad. I guess maybe Jason's near-death experience (and the cerveza) mellowed them out?

Such a great show.


meb said...

Thanks Nana in the NW and BMS... It helps with little tid-bits of information to catch me up on who's who and what happened previously on the show. I doubt I'll ever have time to watch the previous seasons.

FINALLY, Landry is going to come clean with his father. I hurt for him when Tyra "dumped" him. You could tell it hurt her as well. How is Landry's father going to get him out of this one?

This is a good show.

pickles said...

Another great episode! I just wish it would start pulling in the ratings it deserves.

Not liking Matt's new girlfriend. Maybe I'm a little partial to Julie, I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I don't think they should be back together yet but I wish he would stay single for a bit.

I can't believe Landry's dad lit the car on fire. I don't get that at all. They will still be able to trace the car back to him because of the vin #. I feel bad for him and I wish he was still with Tyra. I know they were an odd couple but I still liked them.

I like the new kid. I think his name is Santiago, he is different and should add some spice to the season. I have a feeling the spoilers may have been wrong about Riggins moving in with Coach and Tami. Maybe he will be. I don't know.

I also think Coach Taylor is going to have his hands full with the soccer coach which means that Buddy is going to have his hands full of Coach Taylor. I chuckled at them two tonight. They both have such passion about their football.

Once again FNL didn't disappoint. I can't wait until next week.

Anonymous said...

fkuI'm with you, Pickles. I was glad to see Julie give a more sincere apology to Matt. Last week's one-note "I'm sorry" only after he told her she never apologized was weak. This new girl seems like an old Lyla clone. She won't last.

Wow, they did an excellent job casting Landry's dad. The resemblance between the two actors is amazing.

You're right, Pickles. Landry's dad ought to know that car is going to be traced right back to them. And if they don't report it missing, and the police find it burnt, they're going to wonder why. Landry's dad just caused them a bunch more trouble, I think. What kind of podunk cop is he?

I liked the new kid, too. Santiago? I thought it was pretty degrading, having him wrestling that pig. Leave it to Buddy to talk him into it.

Oh, Buddy. You're my favorite. Only he could con Eric into taking less money for more responsibility. Wasn't the soccer coach role supposed to be played by Rosie O'Donnell at one time? I think it was.

Oh, and I really loved the Eric jealousy stuff over the other counselor. Very funny. Oh, and the Riggins brothers and the breast pump!


meb said...

Really enjoyed this episode too. I also cannot believe Landry's dad burned the car. He must have something up his sleeve that will explain it but that guy they brought in to help solve the murder worries me.

I thought the new girl with Matt was too fast moving. And while he might like it for the moment, he'll have to see thru that. Besides, he still likes Julie.

Also loved Tyra saying come on over and let's cry together.

Nana in the NW said...

OK guys, here's my prediction of what's going to happen:
Landry's dad burned the car to hide any evidence in it. He will report it stolen and that will explain why it was burned.

Santiago will move in with the Taylors and become Julie's new "bad boy".

Matt will have sex with this new girl and just at the end of the season when he and Julie get back together the girl will be pregnant, thus, ruining his chance at a college scholarship. He is such a nice guy he will think he needs to marry her and do the right thing.

I think Riggins and Street didn't get mad over the kissing incident because they have already dealt with her having feelings for both of them(and they were also a bit drunk).

I do hope that eventually Lyla and Jason find their way back to each other. I'm a sucker for "happily ever after".

That whole breast pump scene had me LOL!!! It was sooo funny!

This show just keeps getting better--I wish the rating would pick up. :(

Nana in the NW said...

A few weeks ago someone asked about who Landry looks like....I think he looks like a young Matt Damon(like from Good Will Hunting). What do you think???

meb said...

nana from the nw... that was me questioning who Landry looks like. Maybe a little like Matt Damon, but I still think it's Terry Bradshaw the (now older) "real" football player. I'm going to google him and see if I can figure this out.

meb said...

Nah... I don't know who he looks like.

Anonymous said...

I'm no sports fan, so I had to look up Terry Bradshaw to figure out who that was. He was on some TV, wasn't he? Coach, maybe? Sorry, I don't see it, meb.

As for Matt Damon... I kinda see it, Nana. He's like a less handsome (eek!) version of young Matt Damon. I dig that they picked somebody real-looking for the role, too.


pickles said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this show? Just wanted to update everyone in case you were all wondering how the strike is going to mess with one of our favorite shows. Apparently there were 15 scripts written and tonight is the 7th aired episode. My wonderful math skills tell me that there should be 8 new episodes left so if the information is correct we should be ok for awhile. Just wanted to let everyone know.
Gotta go finish watching the show!!

pickles said...

Santiago has such sad eyes. I feel so bad for him. I hope everything works out for him with Buddy. I know Buddy can be full of hot air sometimes but I seriously hope he knows what he is getting into and that he sticks with it. Santiago needs some stablity and to feel needed and wanted.

What is going on with Riggins? I'm not sure where the story is going with this but tonight was just odd with him all the way around.

Matt and the nurse, well let's just say I would prefer him with her instead of the cheerleader. I just don't care for her. For some odd reason when I look at her she reminds me of Amy Whinehouse(hair and face) or whatever her name is. I know I'm mean. Anyway that story could be interesting.

I have a feeling Julie is starting to have a crush on her teacher. I don't blame her, he's a cutie but to old. I have a feeling that Tami may have a thing or two to say about that.

Smash is going to mess up his highschool football days I think by taking something from one of the recruiting colleges. Hopefully Coach Taylor will keep a close eye on him.

Last but not least, poor Landry comes clean next time. This has to be just eating him up inside. I hope they don't charge him. I'll check for spoilers and see if I can find anything out. You guys let me know if you want to hear them.

Another great episode and once again looking forward to the next show.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

I loved how Buddy only had steak and sausage in the fridge. I hope he's not going to screw this one up, but he seemed sincere when he was talking to Tami.

To me, it seemed like the ferret guy was going to hit on Riggins. Loved how his ferrets were named Roscoe and Coltrane, though. Only thing missing was one named P.

I was glad to see Smash's mama again. She's great in all her scenes. If they didn't already have a storyline about that college kid taking gifts, I'd agree that Smash is definitely going to take improper gifts from recruiters. Considering how much Eric saved his butt last year with the steroids, if he does get into trouble, he kinda deserves it.

Okay, now Julie's starting to form a pattern with these older men. Daddy issues, anyone?

I see that they're trying to give Matt's new girl (Lyla-lite) some character by making her a gearhead, but I'm still not into her. And obviously, neither is Matt. The nurse is a step up, I think. And it seemed like Grandma was more active and lucid, so maybe her regimen is really helping.


Nana in the NW said...

I absolutely love this show!! I do have a the girl Matt was making out with at school the same one that went to dinner at Smash's house?

I think Matt and his grandma's caregiver are cute together.

Landry does come clean with the police in two weeks. I wonder if he will implicate Tyra or his dad?

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean with the girl who was advising Smash resembling Matt's new gf. I don't think it was the same girl, though. I'm surprised the casting people don't try to find actresses who look more different. Like I know they had Minka Kelly (Lyla) dye her hair brown to make her stand out from Tyra -- she's actually a blonde too.

I think Landry won't implicate Tyra or his dad. He's just not that kind of boy, y'know?

I was watching Law and Order:SVU this week, and Gaius Charles (Smash) had the lead guest starring role! He was very good as this college kid who grew up in foster care accused of murder.


pickles said...


I also caught the episode of SVU and thought "Smash" did a great job. Landry's "father" I believe starred in an episode of Shark this week. He was the fire chief in an investigation. He too, did a great job.

meb said...

Cried like a baby at the end when Landrey was confessing to the police and then the previews of next week when his dad is grabbing him and trying to pull him out of the precinct. It was so intense. I feel so bad for him.

Happy that Riggins is back on the team.

LMAO with Smash running from the "big" football player. Too funny.

How old is the caregiver for Matt's mom. Is he 18 yet? I'd like to see them together as long as there's nothing illegal going on here.

Nana in the NW said...

Sydney--I figured I would find you on this answer your question I take line dancing classes and LOVE IT!!! It is great exercise and also alot of fun. I have made some good friends and been able to enjoy my(not my hubby's)love to dance--you don't need a partner for line dancing. I've been doing it for about 6 yrs. and go to dances my club has 3-4 times a month along with class once a week.

The Landry storyline is getting good. Previews seem like the police are going to try to cover it up--we'll see tonight.

Please don't let the girl Matt just had sex with end up preg. It will ruin his chance at college because he will do "the right thing" and marry her!

I'm finding the story with Eric/Tami hilarious. I would say Eric is a little

In case my name doesn't come up at the top.....

Nana in the NW

Anonymous said...

SO UPSET!! Just came home from work, sat down to watch my tape of FNL, all excited.....says all new FNL is next....and then a Billy Graham special appears!!! I can not even beleive it. I was so looking forward to seeing it his week as it had been getting good. Can anyone fill me in?
Donna in FL

meb said...

I'm totally disappointed in how they handled the Landrey confession. I mean, this was a HUGE happening,so I really expected a lot of drama surrounding this. But instead... first the police let him leave and go home with his booking, bail, nothing.

Then they show a little bit of where Landry was having difficulty saying it was self defense...but then they show the cops walking up to the door of Landrey's house. I'm thinking they're going to arrest him and the next scene shows Landry at Tyra's saying they're dropping the charges and then that's it!

I mean, I wanted him to get off, but I wanted to see some STUFF! They didn't even elude to anyone else knowing about Landry killing this guy. As small as this town is, don't you think someone should have been talking about it. You know... a little gossip at least.

All this yelling between mom and daughter is getting old.

Donna in FL...Buddy and Santiago had an argument in the car on the way to the game cause Santiago was feeling too much pressure. Buddy told him if he didn't follow through on this NOW he'd never amount to anything (my paraphrasing)

Buddy convinced Coach to put Santiago in the game when they were losing big time. Coach did...after doing poorly on first two plays, aplayer on the other team said something to Santiago that ticked him off and Santiago became super hero and helped to win the game for them. Later Buddy tried to appologize for the car incident but Santiago thanked him instead. All's good with that.

Matt's grandmother caught him and the nurse in bed...she's so much in la-la land she didn't realize the nurse was there (under the covers).

Lot of drama over baby Grace's baptism... arguing, making up, etc.

Feel really bad for Riggins. I like him. Riggins did leave the ferret guy's house and was asleepin his truck in front of coach's house. Coach woke him up and went to the garage and got him a sleeping bag. Don't know where he meant for him to put it. Somebody needs to give him a home too like they did for Santiago. Maybe he could move in with Buddy too.

Riggins appologized to the team for letting them down and coach let him stay. Was that this episode or week before?

That's about it.

Anonymous said...

thanks meb for filling me this show, just bought the 1st season to give my daughter for Christmas. She is a freshaman in college and has never seen the show.
Donna in FL

Sydney said...

Hi All -

I have not even sat down to watch FNL for all the weeks I was out of the country because I have to wait for my husband... it was his favorite show and we chose to catch up on Survivor and TAR and Heroes first. But I was reading a little here and will hopefully comment in retrospect whenever I get caught up.

BMS-- I can't even PICTURE Minka as a blonde. She looks so natural and great (her coloring) as a dark brunette. Poor gal is going out with John Mayer, one of the biggest playboys in Hollywood. She's so beautiful he should consider himself lucky... let's just hope SHE dumps him first, when the time comes, lol.

Anonymous said...

Sydney, I agree about Minka making it as a brunette. Now if only her acting skills were better. I think she's the weak link in the cast. I heard John Mayer hit on Ricki Lake last week, and I actually thought, "Poor Minka."

I thought Landry hit the rapist with a ball bat? What was this business about a lead pipe? I didn't get that.

I guess what will be interesting is whether Landry and Tyra try to figure out if they have anything left, or if the ugly circumstances were all they had. I of course don't think they had just the ugly circumstances, but y'never know...

Loved Street's blind date and getting busted by his parents the next day. Good grief. Give the kid a break. They knew he was on a date. Why didn't they call out the cavalry when he went to Mexico?

Is the teacher out of the picture for good, then?


meb said...

WOW! What a great episode. I want to cry for Landry. He hit it on the head when he told Tyra she just didn't know SHE was a good person. He's right. She's too used to thinking she's trash, she acts the part. Loved it when she pulled that one player off of Landry by his hair and tossed him into the window.

Also wanted to cry when coach misunderstood what was going on with Riggins and now he's kicked him out of the house.

What's with the previews and the other coach tackling one of "our" players during a game???

Not thrilled with Buddy begging his wife. I'm all for marriages staying together, but there was a better time to discuss it with her than late at night and with her fiance' standing there listening. Sad.

Nana in the NW said...

meb--you are right that was a great episode!! I was glad to see Landry stand up to Tyra and not settle for being treated that way. I think Riggins looked cuter on this episode than ever!! Hopefully, it won't be too many weeks before Coach realizes the mistake he made and lets Riggins move back. He really added to the dynamics in the Taylor household.

Tami needs to kick out her sister--I see nothing but trouble coming their way.

I'm so glad FNL is back!!!

Nana in the NW said...

I just realized Riggins probably looked better because we just got HD TV...LOL

And yes, Buddy needs to quit graveling and move on....he made his bed now he has to lie in it!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Riggins. I just wanna brush his hair and open his beers and protect him from the mean ferret keepers of the world. How funny was it when he went to get a beer out of the Taylors' fridge? I also liked when the single girls were watching him work out. He's hot, who can blame them? And if he shielded me from a tornado? Well, that'd be GAME OVER.

I'd like to think this misunderstanding between Riggins and Eric will be cleared up soon, but realistically, would Julie tell her dad, "Hey, Dad. I can't really remember because I was so drunk, but I don't think Tim was hitting on me"? I just can't see that happening.

I guess I don't see Tyra as trashy anymore, not when compared with Season 1. She was seriously hoochie back then. I think her pride won't let her be seen with Landry, which is sad, because she so obviously cares about him, what with the way she drug that Napoleon Dynamite kid off him. High schoolers can be shallow, what can I say? It's not like Landry likes the ugly girl, either. But at least he stuck up for himself. I think Tyra will come around, though.

Poor Buddy. I knew as soon as he went over to "sell" Pam that it wasn't going to work. She loves someone else now. Are they actually divorced? I'm not sure, but I guess that's a moot point.

I did enjoy watching Buddy do Dance Dance Revolution with Lyla, though.


meb said...

Has everyone given up on FNL? Two episodes and no comments.

I'm glad the sister is gone giving privacy back to the house.

Glad that Julie came clean about Riggens and coach appologized to him.

Sorry the other coach has marital problems, but glad "our" coach set him straight.

I'm sad that Riggins loves Lyla and now she's hooking up with the radio announcer (name???).

If Street's older girlfriend is gone for good, then he can get back with Julie since she really does still care for him.

Loved Santiago coming back to Buddy with the watch his "friend" stole. Glad Santiago came back PERIOD!

I'm all mixed up with the two episodes, but just wanted to post something. This is a good show.

Somebody talk to me.

Anonymous said...

T'll talk to you Meb!!
Actually I taped the last 2 weeks and just got caught up. Haven't checked in because I didn't want to know what happened. Guess it wouldn't have mattered. I hope everyone hasn't given up on the show. It's awesome.
I give kudos to Santiago for going to get the watch. It looks like he took quite the beating. I too, am glad he came back and I hope Buddy realizes this was a turning point for him. Hope there aren't any further problems with his "friend".
Not liking Riggins falling all over Lyla again. I wish he could find someone new that wouldn't push him away and they could be happy at least for awhile. Speaking of Riggins, do you think ferret guy will come looking for him? I kinda see that as a possible cliff hanger for the finale. Scary situation. I'm glad he is back home with his brother and all is forgiven.
So much going on in two episodes thought I'd just stop in and answer so you didn't feel so all alone out here.
Only 3 episodes left until they are out of shows I would expect them to be good ones. I'll check back in after Friday's episode. Have a good one.


meb said...

YAY..Pickles... thanks for responding. I agree with you that ferret guy will come after him. Let's not forget that he (riggins) and his other friend took the $2000 from ferret guy (I hate it I can't remember names). Now you know ferret guy isn't going to let that pass. with you again after Friday

Anonymous said...

Hey Meb just so you know the other guy that went with Riggins to get his stuff and took the money from ferret guy was his big brother. I think his name is Billy. Talk to you Friday or Saturday!


meb said...

Oh My Gosh! I forgot it was his brother... thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

MEB... it was Matt's older girlfriend Carlotta that left (the nurse) not Streets.
This show is getting so good! I bet they are setting up a really unhappy and scary ending for Riggins and Billy.Taking that money can not be good. Can't wait for tomorrows episode!
Donna in FL

meb said...

Thanks Donna in Fl... I'm new to this show (well, this is my second season) but if you notice any of my other posts, I can never get a name straight. Ask my grandchildren, they never know who I'm talking to since it usually takes all their names being called out before I get it right.

I know who they's just one of those 'mouth works before brain'.

Anonymous said...

LOL meb! I know what you mean...
Donna in FL

Anonymous said...

OH MY! First 5 minutes...........
Donna in FL

Anonymous said...

WOW! Can you say Prozac? That is an anxiety medication right? I was on the edge of my seat during the Riggins/Billy/ferret guy stuff. Scary, scary stuff. I hope it's over now. It was nice of Lyla to give him the money. Kinda mean though to say she would never come back. He needs a good woman to keep him occupied and out of trouble.

I sense Tyra is a little jealous of the blonde girl. Can't think of her name. I'm glad Tami got her on the volleyball team, I think it will be good for her.

I feel sorry for Smash. He was just sticking up for his sister and now he is in a mess of trouble. I would expect my older son to do the same for his little sister if she was being bullied. Well, maybe not the punching but I can certainly see where he was coming from. I hope the truth comes out about all of this.

I like Jason selling vehicles. I hope he sells more cars than that uppity messy haired blonde. I didn't care for the way she treated him.

I was wondering if anyone else felt this way watching the end. Did it appear to you guys that Julie was a little jealous of Tyra/Tami bonding? Or am I reading into it to much?

What did you all think of the show?
Only 2 eppy's left before hiatus. I will assume that they too will be fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Hey Meb-

Your comment about calling out all you grandchildren's name until you get to the right one and they still don't know who your talking to made me giggle.

I'm a mom of 3 and guilty of the same thing except I tend to throw the cat's name in there once in awhile. :)

I remember my mom doing it when I was little too. I guess we all do it. Don't sweat the small stuff.
Thanks for the giggle. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes Pickles I got that same impression about Julie...she has had a rough year.
Are there only 2 more shows because of the strike or is that all there was suppossed to be? I am so afriad that NBC will can the show because of ratings and such. I sure hope not! they should put this show on when more people were home and apt to watch. It is done so well. Glad there are a few of us that really enjoy it!
Donna in FL

Anonymous said...

Julie obviously needs to be included in something of her mom's, because she seems very jealous. Put her on the team, let her get out some of that Saracen rage!

I think Street's a natural salesman, but it doesn't seem like he feels comfortable with that salesman label. Who would (other than Buddy)?

I like Tyra and all, but I kinda like the nerd girl with the weird hair too. Blasphemy!

Poor Riggins. I think Lyla loves him, but she knows he's not the "right" boy like the Christian one is. Where's she getting $3K? Surely her parents didn't give her the money without a lot of questions.

I thought for sure Billy was gonna get shot or killed at the end of the episode.


meb said...

Oh Man! Good episode again. I was scared with Riggins and his brother in with ferret guy and his buddies. They're nuts and you have to hold your breath hoping nothing else comes of that. I was waiting for "you owe me interest" , but luckily that didn't happen.

I like the Christian boy, but I still think Lyla cares for Riggins.

I picked up on Julie being jealous too. I like Tami, but she seems to miss a lot when it comes to Julie and her feelings.

Street isn't going to like sales, but the way he got that guy to buy the car was sheer salesmanship.

The new girl with Landry is actually very pretty...her hair takes away from it tho.

Poor Smash...will the college drop him do you think???

Sorry to hear there are only two more shows, but then again..BB and Survivor are coming. YAY!

Nana in the NW said...

I'm soooo glad to see you all commenting!!! I've been checking in but there have been no new comment for a couple of weeks and I thought everyone had given up on FNL. This show is so good.....and I agree with most of what everyone has said.

I'm worried we haven't seen the end of ferret guy, I think it will be some serious trouble at the end of the season.

Julie is definitely jealous of Tyra....maybe Julie should join the volleyball team, too. She is really a spoiled teenage, who was an only child for 15 years and had her mother home doting on her for 14 years! Maybe she will go seek comfort and attention from Riggins?!. She knows that would really piss off her parents.

Did anyone else suddenly wonder what happened to the baby?? Family dinner and no Gracie....Tami is coaching after school(is the baby staying in daycare?)....not even any signs of baby stuff laying around the house....why didn't Eric have the baby at the volleyball game???

There is something about the young man Lyla is dating that I don't trust....I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Love how Buddy is stepping up to the plate and helping out Santiago and now Street. I think he sees this as a second chance for him to be needed.

Smash's trouble with the law could cost him his scholarship which would be sad because he was doing the right thing defending his sister.

I love Landry spending time with another's going to make Tyra "fish or cut bait"!!

Only two more episodes :(

They are setting things up for alot of cliffhangers. NBC better not cancel the show without wrapping up the storylines!!! At least let them graduate and head off to college!

I'm glad that we are all talking again.......

Anonymous said...

Donna in Florida-

There are only 2 eppy's left due to the strike. Hopefully if the strike is settled there will be new ones this fall. I haven't heard how the ratings are for this but I would imagine they (NBC) would pick it up again. If I hear anything I'll let you guys know.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking "interest" too, but those meth heads probably didn't know how to calculate it!

What's crazy about that fight is, no way would those white kids have gone to the cops in the real world, because they would've had to admit to what they were doing. If you pick a fight and you get your butt beat, that's just the breaks, y'know? It's like the equivalent of calling your mom. But I guess because it happened in a theater, it's quite possible someone else called the cops.

I was half expecting Buddy to offer to let Street move in with him! LOL. And I was like, "Noooo! We need Herc!"

So what about this Saracen meltdown in the previews for next week? I guess I'll reserve judgment, but isn't he supposed to be the good one?


meb said...

My weekend for tears I guess... Smack's breakdown in the end reduced me to a blubbering idiot. I feel so bad for him... all he did was have respect for his sister and ends up losing everything... so unfair... Coach needs to come thru for him as far as the college scholarship and people need to rally around for him regarding his character if there is going to be court proceedings over this.

Matt's grandmother was suddenly "aware" of what was going on when she thanked Coach for being there for Matt and that Matt needed him. Matt was so sad in the bath/shower... crying about "everybody" leaves him. More tears for me.

I love the way the director has people (usually Tami) talking on top of the person they are having a conversation with... it's so true to real life... we all do it (well, I have a tendency to do that with my daughter...never waiting for her to finish her sentence and I'm not always right in what I thought she was going to say.) Tami is really in la-la land sometimes and needs to pay more attention to her daughter.

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was a very emotional one as well. To me the best part of the episode was when Matt stood up before the game and said Smash needs to play and it doesn't matter what the board says. Then the team as a whole backing Matt and agreeing regardless of what the consequences where. (forfeiting the rest of the seasons games) What a united front. Well written scene. Poor Smash, I hope something goes right here for him.

I felt bad for Matt during his meltdown. I just wanted reach into the TV and hug the poor kid. I hope it helped him getting all of that off of his chest. Maybe Coach can put him under his wing a little help him emotionally (father figure like) and help him through this. I see where he is coming from he has a point.

Again another great episode with just one left before it is idle.

I heard the ratings aren't as good as some would like them to be so lets keep our fingers crossed that it isn't the last one and the season get's picked up again.

Talk to you all some time next week.


Anonymous said...

I just read an article on TV squad about FNL. This is not good. Silverman won't answer questions regarding a 3rd season of FNL. Instead, he goes on to promote and tells everyone to start watching 30 Rock or some dumb show I don't watch. (sorry if I offended anyone but I could care less about 30 Rock) I love FNL!!!

If any of you have time to send a "shout out" to NBC about the show please email them. Let them know that there are people that love the show and look forward to watching it weekly. I think it would really stink if they cancel it. Should that happen we could to what the Jerico fans did and spam all the other boards to bring it back and send NBC forty pounds of nuts. I'm just at a loss here. I don't get it. Please send an email if anyone has time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness!! If they don't bring back this show I will be soooo disappointed. You can't leave cliffhangers like that and just end the show.

Please someone respond. I feel like Meb did a couple of weeks ago. I don't want to give anything away so I'll wait to hear something from someone.


Anonymous said...

Awesome show! You can tell that they were not planning on this being the last episode of the season or series for that matter. I hope they bring it back. Just too good of a show to let it go especially with all the crap out there!
Pickles how did you email NBC?
Donna in FL

Clementine said...

Send light-bulbs to NBC to save FNL (or I guess you could use the address to write a letter):


Anonymous said...

Donna in FL- If you go to the NBC homepage and scroll to the very bottom you can send an email in the comments or suggestion area.

Clementine- Thanks for putting up the link. I hadn't read that article. I kinda like the idea of sending them the "Clear Eyes". I might have to get a package ready for Mr. Silverman. Still can't believe he may not be renewing this show.

Send emails if you guys can. Maybe Silverman doesn't understand that this show rocks and has a very faithful audience. He should spend a little on advertising for the show it might help. Still hoping for a miracle.


Anonymous said...

That comment/interview of Silverman's was completely inappropriate. I mean, he's a network president. To diss one of his own shows (especially a critical darling) in favor of another show like that? And to go so far as to call 30 Rock the best show on the network? Ridiculous. As a viewer of 30 Rock, I wouldn't go so far as to call it the best, and I took offense to him championing that show over one that's in a crappy time slot AND in danger of cancellation -- 30 Rock is in no danger whatsoever.

We're not going to get anymore episodes after the strike (since they've set a release date for the S2 DVDs already of 4/15), and if the president of the network doesn't want our show on the air, it'll probably take some serious campaigning to get a third season of FNL.


meb said...

joyn says their bring FNL back!!! This is the best news! Can't wait to see what's in store for the new season