Monday, October 08, 2007

'Heroes' - "Kindred"

Heroes - NBC
Oh, my. Sylar is back. Kinda sorta back, that is. Here's the skinny on tonight's show ... please fill in any blanks I might have missed!

Peter Petrelli (Cork, Ireland)
Peter's still at the devices of the iPod thugs. In order to receive the silver box with his personal belongings (including his identity), he has to help the thugs and the beautiful sister Kaitlyn (which I might be spelling wrong) rob the proceeds of soccer betting from Pinky's Sportsbook. He doesn't want to help them, but doesn't really have much choice in the matter. As they were talking about the theft, Peter used Parkman's mind-reading powers and found out one thug planned on stealing all the money from the rest. They didn't believe him, silly thugs.

Kaitlyn promised to have his back and pointed out that she had told the others nothing about his powers. So, the robbery went down. It would have been messy, but Peter's powers saved the gig for the thieves. Oh, but when they returned with the proceeds, sure enough ... the one thug tried to rob the rest. Peter went all Sylar on his butt, had him up on the wall and was virtually choking him when Kaitlyn stopped him with a look.

Then it got corny as the brother gave Peter the box, but now he's happy with who he is and where he is (seeds planted by Kaitlyn) and kisses her. Aw, right. He doesn't open the box. She gave him a tattoo, but it vanished.

Claire and West (California)
In class, West again brought up regeneration in the guise of talking about a lizard girl who regenerates. This, of course, is due to his Peeping Tom at her cutting off her toe and it regrowing almost immediately. She ran out of the classroom, he followed.

As he kept at her about being herself, she finally broke down and yelled that she was special and he can go ahead and tell the world ... and ruin her life.

In a case of show me yours and I'll show you mine, he took her flying. And then they kissed. That was a bit schmaltzy until she noticed the two marks on his shoulder. He told her that he lost a day a few years back when he lived in St. Louis. He remembers a man staring at him like he was an animal, then woke up the next day.

Although he doesn't know what happened to him, he'll never forget the man with the horn-rimmed glasses. (Cue organ music here.)

Maya and Alejandro (Mexico)
I guess we're just going to see these two keep getting in trouble or captured, her using her bleeding-eyes power to kill the captors, Alejandro curing her by holding her hands and shaking a lot. This time Alejandro got put in jail after being caught trying to break in a car, then it happened as expected. A prisoner Maya-eyed and brought back went with them offering his car. There was a brief close-up of a sticker on the bumper, but the only part I caught was "coil" -- did anyone get the whole thing?

Hiro and Kensei (1671 Japan) and Ando (present day Japan)
Poor Ando. He's really lost without Hiro, playing video games at work instead of working. He goes to the sword in the drawer as he thinks of his friend. Lo and behold ... since Hiro is in the past, he can send Ando updates about what he's doing in the form of little scrolls hidden inside the Kensei sword.

But, what is Hiro doing? He's still working on Takezo Kensei trying to shape him up into the legend he's supposed to be.

Hiro tired to convince Kensei that he has powers, too. Kensei decided he was the devil. When Hiro showed him a brief smattering of his own time and space continuum powers, Kensei wanted to use his powers for gaining wealth for himself. No, no, no!

Hiro swooped up Kensei, forcing him to use his powers by facing 90 angry Ronin to retrieve the fire scroll from some sort of temple. He abandoned him there figuring he'd do what he had to.

As Hiro and the beautiful swordsmith's daugher talked, she mentioned how Kensei seemed to be two different people ... and how the cherry blossoms bit was so gentle and special. Then Kensei returned, scroll in hand.
Poor Hiro. He thought his work there was done and he also fleetingly felt love, but the swordsmith's daughter was meant to be with Kensei, not Hiro.

Kensei seems to have gone all nicey-nice, and worthy of legend. As he and the swordsmith's daughter walked through the cherry trees, the blossoms floated through the air. All of a sudden, Hiro decided he must stay longer in that time.

Micah, Niki, and D.L.
They're back! Well, D.L. is but a gravestone, but Micah and Niki were in this episode. She's leaving him with an older woman relative in New Orleans (why does that woman look so familiar?). He can't show his powers and Niki said she would return for him after she was cured.

Then she turned up at The Company's new office turning herself into Mohinder's new boss for treatment. Cure, huh? The new boss told her he would only need one thing from her in return for curing her. He didn't say what the one thing was. Run, Micah, run!

Sylar and Candace/Michelle
Candace, the illusionist, is calling herself Michelle now. She's been assigned to help Sylar heal from his Kirby Plaza sword impalement. She's made the illusion that they're in Maui, but it's all just an illusion. She also made the illusion that his wounds look healed, but they're not.

He demands reality and finds himself in a bunker triage kind of place alone with Candace... er, Michelle. He's hooked up to IVs and really in bad shape.

Nonetheless, he decides to do his Sylar bit on her, stealing her powers. It doesn't really work. She's dead (maybe) and fat, he seems to be in agony with no powers in the middle of nowhere.

Mohinder's New NYC Office and Mr. Bennet (CA)

Mohinder's returned to NYC, visiting Parkman and Molly. He told them his new office was going to be in town which didn't thrill Parkman too much, but hey. Where the new Company office is turned out to be the kicker -- Isaac Mendez ex-studio!

So now Mohinder is going to be under the watchful eye of The Company. The Haitian could have been a mistake, but it seems like it cast suspicion upon him. When Mohinder was left alone for the boss to meet Niki, he looked at stored canvases. He found the one marked 8/8 -- the last of the set. Uh-oh. He called Mr. Bennet to report his findings. A dead man wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

Run, Noah Bennet, run!


Anonymous said...

Hey was it my imagination or was the tattoo that Kaitlin gave Peter the same symbol as the one put on Hiro's dads picture. Is it all connected? Anyway, I don't want HRG to die. I like him. I really liked him when he told off his piss-ant boss at the copy store. Maybe it'll all work out and Sylar using Candice's powers will assume HRG guys identity to get close to Claire and her dad will shoot him. Sylar should be leaving soon anyway since he's going to be in the new Star Trek movie.

Loved seeing Uhura, Michelle Nichols on Heroes. I can't wait to see Chekov as he was always one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

The lady that looked familar to you was the woman that played Uhura on the original Star Trek.

mel in nc

RiseandShine said...

Yes, I saw that here too...the tattoo morphed into the symbol.
I think it started out as that Irish looking "family" tattoo that the brother showed Peter, then it morphed.
I think it only signals death when it's in red, like it was on the pictures. Other than that, it's the Hero mark, but I bet it is some sort of clue (like a DNA strand gone wrong)to their creation.

Maya and her brother are scaring the crap out of me.

I laughed when I saw Uhura, since I was so used to seeing Sulu. If James Kirk shows up, that would top it.

Those pictures don't lie, but I think if anyone can change it, it'll be Noah. Who, by the way, should have picked-up on that look Claire gave him.

Another Jackie in NY said...

I agree that William Shatner would be the bomb, but I don't know if ABC will let him because he is on The Practice. Do networks still do that? Ban their stars from appearing on anything on rival networks as guests, etc.? I haven't been keeping track. I'd like to see all of them (is Leonard Nimoy still alive?) at some point, wouldn't that be a hoot?

I'm so loving this show! It continues to be my favorite of the regular TV season!

Thanks Jackie, for continuing your blog. I know I still read it pretty faithfully, but don't find as much to comment on without the Big Brother daily shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

This was the best episode of the season so far. I hope they fast forward the Maya/Alejandro story a little. Do you guys think West is evil or really the innocent victim he is trying to portray? In the painting of Noah, it looked like Claire was off to the side kissing a dark figure. That made me think he was evil. Plus he has kind of been harassing her from day one.


LYSS said...

Since NBC may not let William Shatner guest star, I say bring on Spock..atleast he has some


Anonymous said...

Was the Car Maya/Alejandro drove off in with the other jailed guy possibly Claire's stolen Rogue? The sticker on the bumper was "Go Conquistidors" but I don't know what the Mascot is at Claire's high school.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think the car was Claire's. It was a Nissan Rouge...maybe the kid goes to her high school?

Another Jackie in NY said...

Oops from my 7:37 post--not that anyone cares, but the show William Shatner is on currently is Boston Legal and NOT The Practice.

Hey, you've watched a couple of David Kelley shows set in a Boston law firm...well, it's possible to get them a little mixed up--right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,
Just wanted to let you know, according to the official web-site, the name is Caitlin. This is definietely my favorite show, actually my only must-see tv until the Amazing Race comes back on. Thanks again for everything you do Jackie! JeanBean

Anonymous said...

I had a thought about the painting with HRG guy dead. I am hoping that it depicted the death of the other HRG guy,(the one with the midas touch that hired Mohinder.)

Denise in TX

Sydney said...

Either I'm a complete bottom feeder or the second ep of Cavemen is a weensie bit better than the first (which I didn't see but everyone reported here to be so bad). I actuallly chuckled a few times and did not turn it off...

And, yes, would watch again next week!

RiseandShine said...

Wow...good pick up on the car. I missed it...I grabbed my reading glasses quick to see what it said, but I was too

I watch Boston Legal usually, but have no idea what channel it's on.
I thought of Nimoy too...he could keep the Vulcan death grip as his power. What fond memories we have of Star Trek, eh?

This is what I think of West:
I think he knew who Claire was from her arrival at school. He either has a second power or someone watching them told him to befriend her. Maybe it was a "good" hero network watching them after finding out about what happened in New York, or maybe it was the "company". I imagine that there has to be another group of heros someplace that have banned together and are aware of the "company". West alluded to Claire's father as being his personal villan, so that puzzles me...he must know who Claire's father is if he knew who Claire was. Is he trying to plant a seed of doubt in Claire? Does he just know that Claire has powers and is unaware of who her Dad is?
I'm perplexed, but West makes me nervous.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget Checov. But since Sylar is going to play a young spock on the new ST movie then I think Lenord Nemoy would be a fun choice.

I've seen actors apear on shows on different networks Shatner is always possible.

The Hatian could always come and take more of his memory away...West that is.

And the events in the pictures can be changed if present past ot future Hiro figures out how to change the time line.