Friday, October 19, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Friday, October 19, 2007

Yes, be considerate -- a good motto, a good way of life. The incongruous part of it all is that this is New Jersey, a NJ Transit train to be more precise. NJT has a new politeness campaign starting up, but I don't think it will make a huge difference.

I'll still end up being surrounded by the party crowd in the evenings heading towards the city. That woman who speaks loud Mandarin Chinese yelling into her cell phone will still sit in back of me no matter where I sit. Some fool will still put a full cup of coffee on the floor as if expecting it to remain upright. People will still put their nasty feet up on seats or even worse, take their shoes off. Someone will still have their iPod so loud I can hear the tinny sounds from half a car away. Me? Nope, I don't do any of those things. I occasionally sit with train friends, but we talk using "indoor voices." I be considerate.

Random mention: I'd be willing to coach the Yankees next year for only four million dollars. Have your people call my people and we'll get it done.

In today's TV Newsy Bits:
  • As a tribute to the recently deceased Deborah Kerr, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be airing From Here to Eternity and Separate Tables starting at 8 PM ET/PT this Sunday night.
  • The folks over at Morty's TV have recent interviews with Daniele Donato and Evel Dick Donato from Big Brother 8. Beware -- the language is a bit rough on Dick's interview. One interesting thing to note on that one is that he said he has a DUI arrest in the past, but has never been arrested for domestic abuse (which was plastered all around the Internet). Both of these interviews are really long. Grab a cup of coffee and get to reading!
  • Yahoo TV should be your new home for Seinfield stuff -- you can watch complete episodes, vote for your favorites and more.
  • Celebrity Rides: Burt Builds a Bandit premieres tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on the DIY network. That's Burt Reynolds and, remember ... you can enter to win a classic Trans Am.
  • Buddy TV has two interviews which will be of interest to many of the readers here. Wonder Twin Alejandro from Heroes, Shalim Ortiz, is one of them although I'm not too keen on the characters. The other interview is with Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights.
Today's music non-sequitur:
"Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?

It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It's based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer,
Paperback writer"
The Beatles "Paperback Writer"


Auntie Leigh said...

Jackie, I LOVE your picture of Chinatown. I thought it was a picture of a street in Hong Kong. It must be amazing to live on the East Coast and experience all that cultural diversity. I am now off to read your "tv-squid" review of the latest Survivor. Chow

Jackie said...

Not only cultural diversity, but you can buy live frogs from a bucket!

sharon said...

Anybody watch"The Next Great American Band" tonight??? Well,I did and was surprised at the diversity that applied.Some of the bands they axed,I liked and some that they let in,I didn't! Those little boys,the 12 & 13 year olds,no way they should have been in!They may be able to play instruments,but the lead singer sounded like...well,a 13 year old!

The ones I am liking the best,so far,are SixWire,The Clark Bros.,Denver/Mile High Band,Rocket(you go,girls)and The Muggs.

I really felt bad for that band that got the second chance(but what's up with that!)and I did agree that the lead singer was awesome and the rest of the band pretty mediocre. It was heartbreaking though,seeing their dream shattered and wondering what the future held for them.The music business can be so cruel at times.
And the guy who was born without any arms,he was inspiring and what a talent! Too bad his band was not up to par.

Jackie,if enough are watching,can we have our own forum to meet up....can we,huh,huh.....pretty please!!!

Terry in CA said...

Morning Jackie...can I just say the pictures and the comments about the transit system just had me really should be a famous writer of commentary...I just love your take on things...and by the new daughter in law speaks Mandarin, and even she is bugged by some people and their incessant chatter.
Just for ONE DAY I want tofollow youo around and see the world through your eyes, oh wait, I do when you write it down! No, someday when I finally move to PA I want to meet up...
No one seemed to mention in the news TERESA BREWER...the torchy singer I grew up listening to passing..along with J Bishop and D Kerr..all of whom I admired.
Thanks for the updates on the Donatos too....I'll go check it out...Have a great weekend Caio!

sharon said...

Terry........I loved "Music,Music,Music" by Teresa Brewer and all of her later hits. She had such a powerful voice for such a tiny woman.

Jackie,you are just a very artistic soul and have a true gift for the unseen that most of us would just pass by on any given day. Thanks for sharing with us!

Becky said...

JACKIE SAID..Yes, be considerate -- a good motto, a good way of life. The incongruous part of it all is that this in New Jersey, a NJ Transit train to be more precise. NJT has a new politeness campaign starting up, but I don't think it will make a huge difference.

I loved your comment. Texas' road motto is "Drive Friendly" -- yeah, right. Their anti-litter slogan is "Don't Mess With Texas" .. which could be our State Motto.

Anyway, I love "looking at the world through your eyes". I am a big fan of your writing. Very unique, very descriptive, very enjoyable. I also love your pictures.

Thanks bunches from a seventh generation Texan. said...

really nice girl :D

joy n said...

Sharon, TVsquad has an article on "The Next Great American Band". I watched it, too, and thought The Clark Bros. were really good.

The 12-year-olds (and one 13 year-old) were called Light of Doom and I agree, really good instrumentalists but voices that need to get through puberty before they'll be ready for any real career move. LOL! I did, however, love their quote on their influences. Besides Iron Maiden, they love ninjas, boobs and explosions. Typical pre-teen stuff.

Terry in CA said...

This last Saturday my husband was at the Orange County Swap he was a BB fan, but not a fan of Evel he calls me on his cell and says "EvelDick just walked past me...he is skinny, totally tattooed and alone...what a piece of %%#&%" He wasnt a fan, and even seeing him in the flesh wasnt his deal.....Oh how I wish I had gone with him that day!!
Shout out to Sharon, thanks for remembering Teresa with me...powerful vooice that lady.
We have horrible winds and fires here, so pray for rain for us all