Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TV Newsy Bits - Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A lone streetlight lights up one of the few trees with any color this autumn during early morning drizzle. I took this photo this morning in Plainfield, NJ. We had a record-breaking wet spring, but have been quite dry since with way above normal temperatures. As a result, this year's fall foliage is stunted (leaves still green) or leaves basically turning brown and dying early without the gorgeous colors I love so much.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those blog readers and friends in southern California. When I was young, I lived for a few years there. One of my most vivid early childhood memories from that time was watching the mountains burn fueled by the Santa Ana winds. The latest is so much worse than anything I've ever seen. I hope everyone is safe.

In today's TV Newsy Bits:
  • I have a brief introduction to the teams of The Amazing Race 12 set to be published shortly over on TV Squad. I'll be giving some more details here on the blog tomorrow. It sounds like an interesting cast.
  • I'll also be writing my review of Kid Nation for posting on TV Squad later tonight.
  • Oh, and not that it's all about me, but TV Squad writers got together and wrote about the scariest TV characters ever for a big Halloween post. My entry is here, but you can start here.
  • I received a few new emails from Wireless -- they're inside sort of viral clues to Heroes. When I have some time tomorrow, I'll check them out and report my findings.
  • I know that many of the Dancing With the Stars fans who hang out here weren't overly thrilled with Mark Cuban, but you might be interested in his blogging about being on the show -- it offers a neat insider kind of behind the scenes aspect. And, of course, I have to say that if it wasn't for Mark Cuban, I probably wouldn't be a blogger for TV Squad. He was the financial backing for the creation of Weblogs, Inc.


joy n said...

I've read that Jason Widener was an actor on West Wing.

joy n said...

I also meant to say that I love your fall picture. The same is true of the trees upstate. The best part of living in the northeast in the fall is the beauty of all those colors. Mother Nature was unkind to us this year.

dla said...

Hi Jackie!

I am loving your photographs! I have spent some time in both MA and NJ over the last several weeks, and have enjoyed the bits of color that I have seen. Not much color in southern NV! My palms tend to stay the same color year round, with proper landscape maintenance! :)

I enjoyed Mark Cuban's blog! While I was not a huge fan of his dancing ability, he was absolutely one of the most gracious as he was voted off, and I truly believe that he DID enjoy every moment of his experience.

I am also a huge fan of his business savvy, and what an entrepreneurial spirit! While I have always been fascinated with him in the sports world, I really came to appreciate so much more about him during DWTS.

It is a great season, and they just continue to raise the bar.

Anonymous said...

I jsut finsihed watching Criminal Minds and I must say it was one of the best episodes ever. I really thought I would miss Mandy but if they keep this show going in the same direction of excellence, I'm not gonna. Does anyone know when the Joe Mantengna is gonna start being on there?

For all the other 'Lifers', yet anothr great show although I must admit, I almost missed the last part about the missing money from the bank. When the guy asked Charlie about the missing money and his partner was he talking about his new partner or his old one?


Susan in fl said...

I watched Criminal Minds for the first time last night and I won't watch again. I HATE shows about child abuse. JMHO. To me the purpose of television is to entertain. And in no way is child abuse entertaining. Again JMHO.

sharon said...

Susan,I think the main purpose of last night's CM was to alert people to how easily child abuse can happen,even in one's own family and the secrets that abusers use to control their victims.Yes,it's not entertainment,but something that needs to be taught to all kinds of people in all walks of life.I would have just been shattered if this had happened to a child of mine and I think we all agree that TV is a way of reaching thousands of people who don't read papers or listen to the news.Sometimes,shows just aren't everybody's cup of tea.Myself,I love the show and am so glad posters in here turned me on to the show.

Kay,I think TV GUIDE said next week is Joe's first show on CM.I really enjoy him and although Mandy was good,I've never been a real fan of his. He is a bit of a prima donna or so I have read.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, what a beautiful shot. I have been a follower of your blog for years. I am surrounded by the Ca. fires, but feel relatively safe with the decrease in winds right now. Thanks for keeping me posted with fun stuff to distract me from the fire news. Caligirl

meb said...

Just came back in to read some of the comments, and Sharon, I have to agree with you. Of course none of us would support a show that just showed child abuse as a means to entertain. Sorry that susan from fl came in on this particular episode. Although I will admit that CM is very explicit in the circumstances it portrays and often they are frightening, but it warns us that there are people who do commit these types of crimes and we need to remain aware.

The first time ever that I was introduced to this type of "entertainment" was Capote's movie "In Cold Blood". It's mild to what you can find out there today but it served its purpose to alert me to the fact that there are some sick people who could be this evil.