Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Julie Chen (finally) on Letterman

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Well, she was supposed to be on last week, but finally here she is. Let's see if she spills any dirty little secrets, eh? So far they're talking about how much time she spends in California vs. New York. Now they're talking about last night's SAG awards and an actress out of hand in the audience.

C'mon, talk Big Brother!

Finally. David is talking about how much he doesn't know about BB, but knows it originated in Holland. Julie tells him the original premise of ten strangers and each week they vote out one of their own. Now there are twists since the fourth season. Yes, there are live feeds, Dave. She said threee months ... was it a slip? Will this be a regular run of a season? Hmmm...

Fake clip time of a nakde woman playing bongos as the After Dark show.

As usual, she spilled no beans, gave no insight.

But Zoetawny made me a cool new logo!


monty924 said...

I missed the show, but I heard over on a podcast, that I frequent, that it is confirmed to be a full 3 month season. Hoping so here... or am I? :)

I tend to let things slide/neglect things during the summer, due to my full blown BB addiction, and it's looking like that will be a full half of the year this go around in 2008. Yikes!

Oh well, bring on my favorite Reality Show... Big Brother! Yay!

Delee said...

Zoetawny does it again, vnj!

I happened to turn to CBS as Dave started and saw J Chen was on but fell asleep...as we know from other visits...very little is ever said...but thanks for the try, Jackie

meb said...

WOW! ZOETAWNY! Great Logo for BB9!

joy n said...

I agree with Monty924, BB has a tendency to "take over" a lot of time in your daily routine, but, reality addict that I am, I don't care. I'm still looking forward to it. I did hear a little groan from my hubby when I mentioned the "extra" season because he knows I tend to let things slide a bit when BB is on, too. But, he will survive! Hope this is a great season for all of us!

Excellent graphic, Zoetawny!

Thanks so much, (beforehand) Jackie, for providing this venue for us. Excitement is in the air!

Delee said...

To quote Joy n, "Excitement is in the air"! It is double excitement with BB and Survivor running at the same time...too bad that does not include AR. At that point I would need a TV permanently attached somewhere on my body! Jackie could never survive that!

Sharon said...

LOVE the new logo! Props to Zoetawny!

Finally some things we can look forward to......BB9,Survivor and this week.........LOST!!!! I am so tired of surfing to try and find something that's not mind numbing.I won't watch Trump and am over DOND and Howie,and most everything is rerun city. I wonder how sweeps will fair in February with the strike still going on??? And,you know what,it kind of irks me how these strikers can be so selective,yes,we picket this,no we don't picket that one....if you're on strike,you're on strike...give me a break! As all things in Hollywood,it's just not done the same way as other places. I guess they are a breed unto themselves.

Zoetawny said...

Jackie, I'm sure if YOU were interviewing Chen you would have squeezed out some spoilers. ;) Looks like we're all going to let things slide this double BB season. Wish I could get my dh to eat frozen dinners. LOL I should never have let him know I can cook.
I can't wait to turn on my pc and make some silly unflattering graphics. MY BAD! If it doesn't stop raining here in CA the houseguests are going to get really testy with cabin fever. LOL

I've never looked forward to February as much as I am this year. Even Valentine's Day has never excited me as much as my fav shows returning. ;) I can't believe that "Lost" is back this Thursday. Whoohoo! I think we're all hungry for some good TV because of the writer's strike.

We're going to have some fun now, but I hope it doesn't tax Jackie too much. I know BB means sleepless nights. THANKS Jackie!!

Sydney said...

lol delee -- I think I'd have to join you in that (never leaving the TV if TAR were on too!) ANd yes, ZOEtawny... I bet Jackie would have totally rocked and interview with Julie... Jackie -- I think ya gotta give Dave a call and help him out already!

Anonymous said...