Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Quick Take on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' - Ep. 4

Yes, graphic artist Zoetawny has indeed captured that odd fake-looking suntan with the reverse raccoon eyes! Thanks, Zoetawny!

I'm still not too cool with Gene committing apprenticide last week, but even without him this season is a world better than that debacle last year.

But what the heck is going on with the women? I would have thought Marilu would be a shoe-in to win this task for her team. And, yeah ... they came close. But, as always, close just doesn't make the grade. You win or you don't. And they didn't.

Although Marilu clicked with Omarosa and Nely on tonight's task, I personally think Omarosa will be a dividing factor on the team no matter what. Nely obviously is on Trump's firing range just awaiting the shot. As I watch the condescending way Omarosa treats the others when her own biggest claim to fame is being a "reality television star," I can't help but think that her presence alters the actions of the other team members.

That said, of the ones brought back to the boardroom, Jenny would be the one to go. I know the corporate world and they'd eat her alive. She's much better off on the playing field where people don't use the bodies of their dead co-workers to climb the corporate ladder.

Marilu did screw up with David Hyde Pierce. I could have walked by and not noticed him. However, if I saw $50 tickets for the shows, I would have jumped at that. Do you know how much of a savings that is?

As for the guys, I think Piers and Stephen have this love/hate thing goin' on between them. The absolute funniest part of the show was their scene with Stephen doing the Muttly hissy-laugh! Piers in the King Arthur suit carrying the rabbit (which is a notable item for the show) was funny, but I don't think I'd just up and give him money for charity, either. And I wouldn't call myself rude. I rarely walk around with large amounts of cash in the city and, while there are many tourists, I usually have my spending rather planned. I like to choose my charities and they generally don't include clowns ... er, King Arthurs on the street.

It was close this week, but I think Marilu hit on why the guys keep winning while her team loses. The men do have more cut throat leaders aboard. Both Carol and Jenny have been more followers for the women. Then there's Omarosa creating a rift. I really wish they'd juggle the teams around and mix it up more.

So, it was Geneless, but still entertaining. Now if Omarosa could just bump her head or something.


meb said...

I just felt the women didn't make it again when they didn't show Nely's cashier's check coming back in.

I don't like Omarosa but she's got Marilou hoodwinked I think. And Nely is rediculous. I think now I want her gone even before Omarosa and that's really saying something for me.

Here's hoping Carol can make a come back, because I really do like her and she has Omarosa pegged big time. O's being there is going to be their downfall in the end unless she goes soon.

I didn't understand what Baldwin was complainign about as to Piers. What was Piers trying to do that was irritating Baldwin?

And what's the previews about next week. Does the Soprano guy (there I go with no name) get sent over to the women's side? The preview was confusing. And what's the scandal?????

Jackie said...

Maybe Vinny (that's his name) isn't sent, but works to help them out of the goodness of his heart!

It's hard to tell with promos. They had the laugh scene in relation with the womens team and it had nothing to do with them.

joy n said...

I agree, of the three, Jenny was the right one to send home. She's much too nice and sweet for the Donald's world.

Carol's days are numbered if the women lose again. You're right, Meb, she has Omarosa pegged and O knows it. She wants Carol gone like yesterday. Then, if they lose again, Marilu will be the expendable one.

I can't say Nely disgusts me more than O, but pretty close. Right now, those two are feeding off each other. I'd almost like to see it come down to those two in the end just to watch them cannabalize each other. But, I have a feeling, too, that D will change things up a bit before long.

I've heard Omarosa called the reality retread, which totally fits her, but she obviously thinks she's the star of the whole shebang. Other than Nely, the women seem afraid of her. At least Carol has the guts to speak up, but no one is listening. Omarosa is everyone's enemy.

I really missed Gene this week. Why did he have to be so pig-headed last week?

Man, that Richard (airline guy) really came through at the last minute, didn't he? Piers would probably come gone home if he hadn't.

Thanks for the great post, Jackie.

Rocking graphic, Zoetawny! The worse you make that jerk look, the better I like it.

ORKMommy said...

Those Baldwin brothers are not aging gracefully AT ALL!!

clementine said...

Loved how Carol shut-down Moutharosa when she went on the attack. Carol's my favorite at this point.

Piers and his massive ego must go. It annoyed me to no end when he was "flirting" with IvAAAnka.

apprenticide..hee,hee Jackie

joy n said...

Vinnie did a pretty good job of shutting Omarosa up, too, when she made fun of Peirs' "clown outfit". He actually made O look bad in front of The Donald. Love him for that!

joy n said...

Jackie, off subject again, but I saw your TV Squad article about Survivor - Rumors, Spoilers, etc. over on AOL. I didn't know you still had an affiliation with them. (What do I know?) I just thought it was neat to see a familiar name over there.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Oh it was so not a good night for Omarosa's image or standing with the team(s) or the Donald. Loved Vinnie and Carol's comments, and Carol hit the nail on the head. O is a cancer eating at the group/destroying the group from the inside out. Marilou is wrong about Omarosa. The three of them (Nely) work good together but they DO NOT win. It's pretty simple and Carol and Jenny had better insight on it than Marilu.

Even though I've said that I didn't like Tito, I have to admit his smile and demeanor when he was presenting the check to the little girl representing St. Jude's was infectious. It made me smile along with him. Maybe I was wrong about the dude?

Sydney said...

Hi Guys -- Sick with something but had to rouse myself to see what's going on in here. I unfortunately missed this ep but am overjoyed to hear about Both Carol (she's my fave at this point too ORKMommy) and Vinnie serve Omomonster some of her own medicine, and hopefully in a classier way!

Sydney said...

Sorry- That was Clementine, not ORK mommy

meb said...

Just read where there is a 2 hour CA and that there is a spy in the midst. Vinny is really angry at something or somebody. Should prove to be something good to watch.

Tiger Woods is AMAZING! I never played golf, but have watched it for years and have watched Tiger just get better and better over the years.