Thursday, January 10, 2008

TV Newsy Bits and Bloggy Bits, Too! - Thursday, January 10, 2008

Its finest days long gone, this was apparently once a fine furniture store in Plainfield, NJ. Now its only letters left in the cool old sign on the front of the building are F-U-------RE. The sign atop the building is even worse off. It hasn't been a furniture store since I've been in the area (almost fifteen years). For several years a gay/lesbian multimedia company occupied the building and always had cool cardboard cut-out figures of Star Wars characters, Alfred E. Neuman (MAD's "What me worry?" mascot), Edvard Munch's "The Scream" figure, and more. They're gone now as is one of the two large stone lions at the entrance. Now, those lions have to weigh 400 pounds or so. How does one go missing? Are lives in danger with a stone lion roaming the streets? You can click on the photo for a larger image.

In other quasi-local news ... what was going through the minds of those two elderly men who wheeled their dead friend in an office chair to a check cashing store to cash a Social Security check which arrived after he died? I think a few too many brain cells are gone from the guys, don't you?

In Bloggy Bits -- the response for the signed book giveaway is great! Remember, the deadline is Wednesday, January 16 at midnight ET.

In TV Newsy Bits:
  • I know a lot of the blog readers really enjoy Grey's Anatomy and its star Patrick Dempsey. I received an email and it said in part -- "Patrick's mother, Amanda, is a two-time ovarian cancer survivor. She was first diagnosed in 1996 and is now cancer-free. During her battle with cancer, Patrick was actively involved in caring for his mother. One of his concerns was keeping his mother mentally and physically active during treatment. To help with this, he purchased a farm so his mother could stay active with gardening, renovating a new home and enjoying the outdoors."

    "Because of his family's experience, Patrick was motivated to join the Breakaway from Cancer™ initiative, which helps increase awareness of the variety of professional and educational resources available to patients, caregivers and survivors, including those provided by the Breakaway from Cancer non-profit partners, The Wellness Community and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship." If you want to find out more, check it out!
  • Starting on February 14, a new late late show will start a thirteen week run, mostly on ABC after Jimmy Kimmel, but it will be on My9 here in the NYC area. Jake Sasseville sounds like a wild and crazy 22-year old. The show is called The Edge with Jake. I tend to fade by that hour, but I might have to check him out.
  • Blog reader Loren shared a link with me which says that this season's impromptu Big Brother 9 will again have the After Dark show on ShoToo for folks with that cable channel. I, of course, will have the feeds. I sort of already have them but they're not there. I still have my SuperPass, that is. That reminds me -- I have to put in for my music credit for the month! Thanks, Loren!
Today's musical non-sequitur:
She has robes and she has monkeys,

Lazy diamond-studded flunkies
-- "Love Street" by The Doors


joy n said...

Those two guys with the dead body definitely have a couple of screws loose. I read about that over on AOL News and have to admit it gave me quite a laugh. They must have watched Weekend At Bernie's one too many times.

What an absolutely wonderful son Patrick Dempsey is to do so much for his Mom when she needed him. I'll bet he's a fantastic Dad to his twins, too. All that and gorgeous, too.

I am so ready for BB9!

Sydney said...

When I first saw your picture, I was looking for Roofus! Lol

Jackie said...

Heh. The ex-furniture store is about a block away from Roofus. I haven't seen Roofus lately, but the pigeons haven't been on the roof of the tall building, either. I think their presence, as well as Roofus, has a lot to do with warming sun when I see him in the morning. It's usually too dark in the evening when I pass through there.

terry in ca said...

thanks Jackie, your newsy bits always get me going! I have to say Patrick Dempsey is one great guy. I thought he was a great actor, easy on the eyes, but now a good son! Does his wonder ever cease?
Yes, I too looked for Roofus..hope he's doiing ok.

Loren said...

Thank YOU, Jackie! Can't wait for BB9!!

Zoetawny said...

Great photo, Jackie. I really enjoy your sharing some history from your neck of the woods with us.


I was looking for Roofus, too. LOL

joy n said...

Just read on ABC Primetime Newsletter that LOST returns with a 2 hour Premiere Event Thursday, January 31, at 8pm. Probably a 2 hour recap, but after all this time, I'll need to watch just to remember what the heck was going on.

It will conflict with Survivor. Everybody get your VCR's DVD recorders and TiVo's ready. I have a feeling I'll be using mine a lot in the coming months.

joy n said...

Just now saw a video clip on TMZ,com showing Omarosa and Nely of CA very buddy-buddy, laughing and joking with the papparazi and each other before entering a restaurant. O was teasing that she knew who won, but was obviously BSing. She's too smart to break a contract. They were acting like close friends. I didn't think Omarosa would have a friend. Unless, """horrors""", Nely turns out to be another O !!! I thought I caught a gist of admiration for O coming from Nely on this last episode. The poor deluded woman, tsk, tsk.