Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What? A Blog Contest?

Yes! It's a contest! With a prize even!

Author Becky Anderson, whose new reality television based first novel is out on the market, sent me two autographed copies of IN STEREO WHERE AVAILABLE.

While one copy is specifically for me, the other will go to one of the blog readers here. I've just started reading the novel and I plan to talk about my impressions after I finish. But an author who has never missed an episode of Survivor and found this blog is already a hit with me.

How can you win? I've decided to list five questions based on reality television shows. I ask that you do NOT answer them in comments, but in an email addressed to jackiestvblog at gmail dot com. (The contact email is also in my sidebar. Make sure you do the @ and the . to make it work -- I'd rather not get more spam for having it in the right format in this entry.) Please give the email a topic of Blog Contest Entry to make sure I don't overlook it.

Because the timing of the Internet isn't the most fair to all, I won't be taking the first entry with the correct answers. Instead, I'm putting a deadline for entries of midnight (ET) on Wednesday, January 16, 2008. I will put all of the correctly answered entries in a hat (or more likely a kitchen bowl, to be honest) and pick one with my eyes shut. How more fair can I get, huh?

I will contact the winner at that time and ask for information to ship the autographed novel to them. There is no need to give me your personal names or addresses in your submissions -- I'll contact the winner via email and, trust me, I won't share that information with anyone. I do ask that a screenname, or commenter name, be available for announcing the winner although I won't post any email addresses or real full names of the winner or any entries.

Are you ready? The answers to these questions can be easily found by using a search engine or you might even know some by memory. Copy and paste these questions with your answers into an email and let's go!

1. Who was the first person ever booted on Survivor?

2. RealNetworks has provided the live feeds for Big Brother since the second season. What company supplied the live feeds for the first season?

3. Which American Idol past contestant is slated to start a run in Broadway's Monty Python's Spamalot beginning January 18th?

4. What Amazing Race 5 contestant yelled that his ox was broken, thus giving the title for My OX IS BROKEN, the book?

5. What is the name and real-life occupation of the Survivor contestant who, during the first season of the show, voted others off in alphabetical order?

Remember -- do NOT answer these questions in the comments, any answers in the comments area will be deleted. Email them to me at the address above with a subject header of Blog Contest Entry. The deadline is midnight (ET) on Wednesday, January 16.


ORKMommy said...

Wow...these are hard questions. I have the answers for all but the Big Brother Season 1 live feeds.

Where'd you come up with these things Jackie? You're making me work for this! And on company time no less (he he he).

Good luck to everyone!

dgmommie said...

I think I got them all. I hope the answers are right. :)

joy n said...

Sheesh, I'd have to look them all up!

Delee said...

I am done too....thank goodness for the internet...I knew 3 of them, but the other 2 required some research!!! Still not sure of one of em!!!

Nana in the NW said...

OK Jackie--where's the senior version of your contest??? Some of us don't have very good "long-term memory" anymore!! Thank goodness for the internet! This is what makes this blogsite FUN!

I'm a few days behind on commenting so I need to play catch-up.....

Welcome aboard Boo--this is a really good site to visit and become a part of---just wait till BB starts.

I was watching Dr. Phil earlier this week and kept wondering who the guest Dr. finally hit was Travis Stork from The Bachelor a few seasons ago!!! He has written a book called "Don't Be That Girl"(I think). He was giving girls advice as to how to act with guys!!!LOL

As to your "neighbors" Jackie--you are lucky people weren't making Meth in there. Several years ago we had a house behind us that was a morning at 4a.m. the whole house blew up!! We called 911 and went outside to help; hiding in my yard was the renter who told us to go back in the house and we wouldn't get hurt; just as the police and fire dept. arrived. The renters were making meth in there and evidently got some chemicals mixed-up. The renter ran from our yard and was caught a few blocks later. The entire house burned to the ground!! The rest of the story......the owners sold the property and the renter was severly burned and went to the hospital and then jail. I live in a nice residential area and never would have suspected something like this!

Congrats to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on having a baby. I've always liked them both and know how much Nicole has wanted to have a child.

I was sad to see the Golden Globes cancelled but understand the reasons. I just hope the same doesn't happen to the Oscars. I love to watch the red carpet pre-show and then the Oscar show.

A new Criminal Minds tonight--yeah!!

monty924 said...

Well, one of them is a real booger. I'm sure you can all guess which one. Sadly, I only knew one of them without looking the others up. :( I wasn't always a Surviver and TAR fan so I had to take my case on the road to the internet for help.

Fun contest, Jackie! Thanks, and if I don't win, I'll probably buy the book anyway. Awaiting your review.

Sydney said...

Hey Jackie = I'm waiting for your review too. I would have to look most of them up, as I'm with Nana on the long term memory. My plate continues to be stacked miles high so for now I'll enjoy the fun from the sidelines.

I too hope all the awards shows aren't cancelled. But good for the writers to have so much power instead of the big studios. Now if only we taxpayers could figure out how to do that with our politicians...

meb said...

Jackie...what a great idea... I'm with the bloggers whose memory is left wanting (senior version...good one nana in the nw) Orkmommy,dgmommie and delee...are you kidding me. You all must be younguns that you could remember all that. And joyn, I expected you to be the first to post and say you had them all...

I, too, have so much going, I yield to all you brains out there. Good luck!

Criminal Minds was awesome! I stay amazed that there really are people out there who are like that, i.e., the witness protection guy, the "other" murderers ...frightening.

nana in the nw... Wow! Some story... The only encounter I've had with bad neighbors was the police arresting the neighbor's son for ?? I didn't ask...

Hey Sydney... good to see you're still around. Looking forward to BB.

ORKMommy said...

Meb - I didn't know any of the answers, I looked them all up! Are you kidding me..I'm in my late 30's and early signs of some-timers are showing! :-)

boo said...

I love contests-------but this is way to advanced for me! (I'm on the senior end of things!) I do hope that one of you 'regulars' win. You a have given me such pleasure that you deserve it. Jackie, looking forward to your review of the book.

See you tonight for Celebrity Apprentice.

Sharon said...

Me too,I'm sitting this one out. Things like that make my brain!No,I think I just have the winter doldrums and it's only the beginning of January.

I'm with you,Meb,I thought Criminal Minds was really good last night. It is shocking and so true that we never know who could be living right next door to us.Poor Reid,he just keeps getting the bejeesus shocked out of him. I imagine those people(BAU's)see things we can only guess at. I want this writer's strike over so we can have more exciting shows like this.

Anybody else following Project Runway? I was really sad to see Kevin go last night,he was one of my favorites and I thought there were a couple of others that should have gone instead of him. And I was disappointed for Sweet P that she didn't win the challenge. Her dress fit that kid perfectly and all Victoria did was sew some sequins on her dress and those snotty judges went gaga. That dress Christian made was butt ugly,too. It made that poor girl look like a battleship.

Delee said...

Meb/Sharon...I am a huge Criminal Mind fan and have not had one show disappoint me yet. Reid got caught again as you mentioned, I would love to see what his life is like outside of work, but he probably only works!

P Runway and the prom dresses...I agree SweetPea was cheated last night. Victoria's dress was nice, but did not fit and move like SP's. Who would wear a dark brown with black-lace accents to a prom? Kevin had a good idea but the dress ended up looking like a hand-me-down from the Salvation Army, expected more from him.

New CSI tonight, I know what Jackie will be watching and I will have 2 VCR's running for NBC/ABC shows.

Merrilee said...

Oopps! Unstead of your "blog entry contest" in the subject line, I put "trivia answers". Oh well.

I knew them all except number 3! Who would have thought the answer would be that person!

Sydney said...

Hi Meb/Sharon/Delee --
It was a really tense ending last night. This means so much to each contestant but both Kevin and Chris looked utterly devastated and on the brink of tears as they stood there last night waiting to be put out of their misery.

Can I mention how much I dislike Nina Garcia? Who the heck are you anyway... Editor of Elle but it's just one magazine! For all her judgment I don't ever find her looking that fabulous clothing OR accessory wise. Whatev!

Welcome BOO!!!

Nana in the NW said...

Good to see a few familiar names back posting. I know sometimes life gets so busy you only have time to read but not write.

So glad to see many of you watch Criminal Minds, too. It was very good. I told myself to head to bed when it was over....but instead I changed the channel to Law & Order. Another good episode....I know this is just TV but some of these storylines could be real life. I can't imagine terminating a pregancy because the child carried a gene for homosexuality?!
It makes you realize our country hasn't come as far as we would think in acceptance of "all kinds of people".

Well, it's dance class for me tonight and then CSI:Las Vegas.

dgmommie said...

Meb, who said I remembered anything? LOL I'm middle age, so not young but not old. But I do know how to use the internet, so that's what I did. :)

Delee said...

Sydney...I know Nina G is probably the Simon C and some judges on Top what the heck...they are not TOPS in their field just trying to get there.

I know I like seeing folks that have not been here for awhile and the acerbic wit of most of us. :)

Jackie have you seen Roofus? Someone left a small white rabbit loose here, I saw it for the 1st time yesterday and tried to get it to come to me, but no go. It will have a hard life and I am afraid for it. I put Wobbles travel cage out and put some food in it and just maybe I will find it in there sometime sad and it is so cute!

joy n said...

Meb, I'm with you and the others who would need a senior version of this contest. Seems once the season is over, my brain deletes the info as unecessary for retainment. Honestly. I'm too lazy, I guess, to search the internet. It does sound like an interesting read, though, and I also look forward to the review. Hoping that one of the regulars wins it.

Welcome, Boo, it IS a nice place to visit.

I've been wondering about Roofus, too. Bet he loved the couple of days of great weather. Yesterday, we had wind gusts of up to 75 mph. SCARY! 24,000 people are still without electric. Fortunately, we were lucky this time, but there are lots of downed trees all around us. VERY unusual to have a windstorm like that in January.

Good luck to all on the contest!

joy n said...

Have you heard that Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks and now Katharine McPhee of AI have all been dropped by their respective labels in the last week?

joy n said...

A very interesting episode of Celebrity Apprentice. I love Gene Simmons, but found myself yelling at him a couple of times to just shut up a little bit. I really thought he and Stephen may have bitten the bullet with their arrogance towards the "company man" and especially Gene's towards the Donald's precious daughter, particularly with Omarosa trying to fan the flames. Plus, them putting the rest of their team out to pasture, so to speak.

In the long run, however, I think they deserved the win. I was genuinely touched by Hydra's ad and thought the singer's voice (why can't I remember his name?) was perfect for the voice-over.

I don't see what the big deal over Nadia was. I thought Nellie or Marilu should have been fired. I actually agree with the Donald that Carol shouldn't have been picked at all. Nellie was closed to suggestions and Marilu did a lousy job. Why won't these women use the celebrity angle to their advantage? Methinks they are influenced by Omarosa too much. SHE'S A LOSER, PEOPLE!!!

I don't know if it's egos or what, but teamwork seems to come hard to these contestants. Then again, I guess that is the name of this game. The guys do it better than the gals, but I have a feeling when the guys do lose one, their claws will come out just as easily. I'm grudgingly having to admit, I'm liking this season so far.

Maybe Omarosa will get canned next week. The roach needs to go.

sharon said...

Great to see Orkmommy popping back in.Ork,I know you are a big ER fan,as am I. I'm kind of disappointed in the new stuff they have had this season. I thought last year,they were good and had bounced back after some mediocre times,but now they seem to be back in that old rut.I wish Luka was back and am not impressed with all these new faces that they've brought on. I found myself jumping over to the supermodel show on Bravo(how shallow am I?)instead of being riveted to ER.

I thought CSI was good last night. It sure kept me guessing whodunit until the end. I'm glad it looks like Warrick is coming back,I miss the old gang being together,except for Sara,still glad she's gone.

Zoetawny said...

WOW! Jackie! How cool is this!

I'm never good at these questions.
You did a great job composing them.


FOTFLMBO!!!! I always blame my long term memory recall challenge on having too much on my mind.

If we look the anwers up would that be cheating? LOL J/K
I don't have much pc time to search the net so I think I'll just kick back and watch all the fun.

There's always a nice surprise here when I visit. Jackie ROCKS!

Zoetawny said...

Hey Boo! Forgot to give you a hug and a welcome. You'll love it here.

joy n...

My husband made a point to tell me about Reuben and Hicks getting droppped by their record labels. He strongly disliked both of them and had to gloat over it. ;) He's a huge Carrie Underwood and Pickler fan and has every CD. Ironically he was never a country music fan until Carrie.

Zoetawny said...


I've been a fan of "Criminal Minds" since the very first episode. The entire cast is amazing. The lead characters are so complex and fascinating. Who knew that Gibson would be such a good serious actor after "Darhma and Greg". I have to admit I have to cover my eyes during certain scenes. LOL