Friday, February 22, 2008

BB9: Live Feeds Bulletin

Amanda had what appears to have been a seizure and passed out. Joshuah pushed the panic button which summons the police. The feeds were blocked, when they came back Amanda isn't in the house. She's in the hospital. Allison might be, too. Alex said her face was full of hives and swollen so he hardly recognized her. She seems to be missing from the house, too.

Josh thinks Amanda was overreacting. Sheila wonders if Jen or Parker will return.

I thought Allison's symptoms sounded like an allergic reaction and someone said she had peanuts and she's allergic. Amanda said earlier she had hypoglycemia issues.


Delee said...

Per last blog...I think what happened in the house was not faked. If this was a ploy to bring back ousted hamsters, I think that would be so sick.

Also Chelsia being so callus and saying Amanda was just being dramatic. Also for Allison and her hives, that is hard to fake if your face and lips are all swollen and you have difficulty breathing.

Can not wait to see the outcome of this...for sure this is a BB 1st

Zoetawny said...

YouTube has a video of Amanda fainting.

If Allison is allergic to peanuts wonder why she ate one?

I think this group loves the hyper drama. At least they used common sense and did call 911 or hit the "panic button."

Jackie, I'm sure you'll be posting on this as soon as you have some informaton. I know it's almost 11:30 p.m. there so hope you don't miss getting the rest you need to beat that darn flu bug.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone figured out that Sheila is really Evil Dick's sister? Can't anyone see the difference. Said she had been estranged from some family members for several years, like Dick. Skin tone is very similar to Dick's. I think that's the other twist...

Anonymous said...

u know i thought the same thing about sheila maybe being related to evil dick LOL
debi in calif

Patty said...

I have a son that has hypoglycemia. The first few attacks scared the heck out of us.
There were many times we had to give him hard candies or half cup of regular soda or juice and once it was stablized, we would give him half of a sandwich.

If Amanda is having problems with hypoglycemia, she cannot be on the slop diet in the house.

The HG did the right thing by getting medical attention if she was not responding.

As for Allison if she is allergic to peanuts, she does not have to eat one. She could have a reaction if she came in contact with the surface of something with peanut or peanut oil on it.

Hopefully both gals will make a good recovery.

PlaidChick said...

I have low blood sugar issues, and you can have seizures if your blood sugar drops too low.

As I said before, if she wasn't eating the slop or enough of it, or whatever else they can eat, your blood sugar can drop. But she needs more food than that

For me I have to have a banana or peanut butter, or OJ.

The pre-Amanda faint is on You Tube too

PlaidChick said...

I just watched the faint-- that was no fake.

I'm sure the people behind the walls were scrambling, but it sure didn't look like it.

Shelia is saying placebo pills in birth control pills would of helped because they're "sugar pills".. OMG not even close

BB needs to change the TV schedule-- there is too much time between Wednesday and Sunday-- this won't be shown on TV until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Gayle said...

I heard BB speaking while the trivia was on telling the HGs that both Amanda and Allison are fine and coming back. They decided to take their suggestion and get both of them flowers.

Patty said...

Plaidchick-thanks for the link to watch it on you tube.

She definitively needed someone to get her blood sugars stablized.

We too have done the fruit and peanut butter. Only once did we do the tsps of sugar. He told us never to do that to him again.

PlaidChick said...

Amanda is back on BBAD

Allison is still gone

PlaidChick said...

Allison is back, something in the slop she ate

Tom`S said...

I actually liked Amanda..her emotional background events touched me...and that doesn't happen very often, in fact when Denise who was on Survivor shared her story about having lost her job, my first response to my brother was; I don't believe she's telling the truth " my intuitions screamed, Denise's back story wasn't genuine, as it turned out, Denise admitted to Julie Chen while on the Early show, she had lied, perhaps next time Mark B will check into an individuals story prior donating a hefty lump sum. I'll share a story with you all, basically it involved helping small business owners in East Austin Texas, one in particular, requested help promoting her BBQ restaurant, my sister met with this business owner three times in the BBQ restaurant, My sister donated several printing items, this business owner wanted my sister to print her T-shirts, two sided, not to mention, it was a difficult graphic design photo with multiple colors, this restaurant owner stated she'd pay for the T-shirts, because my sister wanted to help, she planned on surprising the business owner by footing the entire bill, this past Wednesday my sister stopped by there, my sister wasn't feeling good, plus she hadn't eaten all day, I joked, if the BBQ owner gives you a free sandwich, ( but she won't despite everything you've done ) I'd pay for the T-shirts, my sister asked for a sandwich, adding she had left her purse elsewhere, I'm talking about a two dollar sandwich, haha the BBQ business owner flat out told my sister, I'm sorry, but if I gave you a free sandwich then others will come in here wanting one too, however this wasn't a money issue, tomorrow I'm going to explain to this BBQ owner, sometimes even the smallest gestures, can mean the most to a person.

Anonymous said...

I watched Show2 last night and caught the aftermath of the hospital visits. Amanda and Allison have bonded over this experience and sheila has made it all about her. Nat is also sick but its probably from sucking up to Matty to much.
Allison is to have allergy test this a.m. and Amanda will also see the doctor.
Matt told Adam to talk to Sheila and clear the air even if he doesn't want he did. This is the jist of the conversation.
Sheila.blah blah me me blah
Sheila.blah blah adbusive blah me i'm 45 years old blah blah

I think everyone has BB flu and poor Jackie got it too.

meb said...

Thanks everybody for the catch up on what's going on in the house (and out of the house).

donna in al and Sharon... responding to comments from a few posts back re Lost. Sharon... my whole family agrees with donna in al... they said Kate called the baby Aaron and that it's Claire's baby. So... now I'm really confused. If it's Claire's baby, it doesn't make sense that Jack would refuse to see him. I could understand if it was Sawyer's that he wouldn't want to be reminded of Kate and Sawyer's affair. And Kate could have named the baby Aaron out of respect for Claire (if Claire and Aaron didn't make it off the island)?

Oh Well... guess that's why they call it Lost. Loving it just the same.

Anonymous said...

2/23/2008 7:42 AM Anon, I don't know your name, but you described Sheila and Adam's convo to a T. You got to the essence of Sheila (or is it Me-la?). Alcohol is a problem with with hypoglycemia, isn't it? Has Amanda had any thing to drink? I don't mean to say it caused her collaspe, just for the future of the game and how much drinking plays a part in it. Because of the medical drama, I went to a feed board, and read what James and C. talked about. They talked of their background and weren't blacked out by BB as they named names and insulted their families. They didn't paint a pretty picture, but both could have been lying through their teeth. Be Well Jackie, Sue

Patty said...

Nana, Meb, JoyN, Orkmommy and all the previous commentor from previous seasons-Are you all still game for being in the BB House for the "senior" games? I think that we could be more entertainment than this household just swapping eye wear!

Going back to a post earlier, I agree that the kids on Kid Nation were worth watching more than BB9, not to mention more mature.

Come on CBS, show us something worth watching. Jackie's blog has more than your show and is way far better than anything out there.

We raise our glass(I'm not talking about our eyewear)to you Jackie. Hope that nasty cold/flu has left you and your back to good health soon.

meb said...

Patty... I'm game (pun intended). But I don't think you can include orkmommy as a senior... her mom might want to join us though... Barbwire I think is her blog name if I remember correctly. What do you say Barbwire... want to come with us. That should be the most interesting BB ever. LOL

Us old foggies..trying to keep away from the cameras as we try to change clothes so no body sees our boobies hanging down to our knees or our sagging butts in oversized underwear. Well, I speak for you older guys, cause surely I don't look like that. Hmmmm.